Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lil' Nurse

You know.

After a while you start to get used to the cycle of things.

I hope that doesn't mean I'm old and salty yet.

Me and lil' nurse have been getting along very well.

She has healed me in multi-layered ways to stem the broken heartedness I have felt after losing you know who.

Except for sex.

That's off the table at the moment.

There's little hints of it... a little bit of a taste to tease me...

But not sex.

Have you ever seen a cat girl nurse maid before?

You'reeeeeeeeee welcome!

Lil' nurse reminds me of this cute lil' critter.

I guess she's proven herself as sweet and gentle to me.

Lol... I have the ghost box running and she said, "Let us be quite practical."

I promised to tell the tale as it is.

Lets look some more at this cat girl nurse maid some more...

Not bad, not bad...

Mmm.  MMMMmmm.

Ok, where was I?


Oh, so sex seems to be off the table KINDA.  She has stimulated me down there a little.  Then there was this massive twitching fit my privates did.  Maybe it was a twitching dance.

I dunno.  Was fun for me, but probably not pretty to imagine.

Sorry about that.

I've never had a succubus do that before.  

I have a feeling it was a promise of things to come.

Or at least I HOPE so...

Where was I?


Oh.  Well, I'm just hoping that things turn a bit more... yummy.

She's definitely vocal this one.  She's got the nurse's touch, too.

I think that I'm starting to have feelings for her.

This one is smart, though.  Lol, if she was real smart she'd known to stay away from my stubborn ass!

(Nobody's perfect)

The strange thing is that according to my tarot draws she sees me as delightfully innocent... not for her to corrupt or anything, but to enjoy.  I guess I am innocent in a way.  I've always been that way. Hell, I've lost friends out of it before.  It's funny that I perceive her as innocent, while she sees me as innocent in turn.  One of us isn't so innocent methinks, lol.

Perhaps she means with regards to my heart and soul.  I suppose it is possible that I am quite youthful soul wise compared to her.

Ever wonder why spirits bother with us?  I mean, if they are sensuality and sexuality incarnate, why mess with us?

The truth is that they gain from it.  Experience = wisdom, and we think so radically different than they do that we are a plethora, no, a cornucopia of possibility for them to grow.  And we grow in turn just by our experiences with them, and of course from the exchange of energy during lovemaking.

Are we so different?  I think not...
We chose (or SOME one chose) for us to experience this physical realm and to gain experience
from coping with being human and crawling our way back to "us".

EDIT:  Skip this next section to make sense of the part after it.  She's killing me with this lesson in circular time, lol.  Here I am now!  Before the after!  (Or is that after the former?)

          We also, by our penchant for labelling things (which can sometimes be a detriment, but not in this case to which I am speaking) we give them form and new "clothes" to try on.  Our thinking patterns are alien to the world or spirits which tends to think in linear ways.

Isn't that funny?  We think in circular, sporadic patterns yet live in linear time.  They think in linear patterns yet live in circular time.

Lol, she just sent me this picture (which is funny, because we're talking about circular time, and I finished this part in editing after the following paragraph where I am talking about her saying, "field".

Have to admit, she's paying attention... and just taught me a lesson in circular time to boot!

She just said, "field", "raise" and "more" on the ghostbox while I was writing that.  Yes, like a field... growing, and fit to bring a generous harvest of evolution together as we grow.  So... now you know... and you realize (if you ponder a bit) just how valuable we are to a special lil' spirit who's chosen us for just such an endeavor, and how valuable a person who is willing to surrender ourselves to be that catalyst for mutual loving exchange between our world... and theirs. 

(Go back to the italics above then come back after reading ^)

One thing I know though... ever feel you're being hunted?  Not like bad hunted, but that someone had plans for you?

I'm getting that feeling.

Remember the picture challenge I told you all about a few posts back?  Try to animate a picture?

Well, I've been doing that pretty regularly (haven't been able to animate it yet, but I damn sure have
gotten lots of feedback from her right eye).  She's a huntress all right, and I'm the PREY... (I HOPE)

But she's patient I think.  She's waiting until the right time when I can be truly hers.

Gotta admire this one... she's a patient huntress...

I have a feeling that the moment that I'm "clean"/healed, whatever.  She's going to pounce...

When she pounces, it's going to be QUICK.

Like a gunfight at the OK Coral or something.

The stakes?  My heart... and the point of no return... an injection of addictive lust, more addictive than any street drug.

Meh... bring it sister...

I've danced this tune before.

I have to admit, though, lil' nurse is different... 

She's not "Bubbles" like I was thinking.  No, this is a whole new succubus.

Don't ask, because I don't know.  I'm shooting from the hip!

But I hope that this pic above ^ will be my fate.  Once she's pounced it's going to be:


And once that's happened, wouldn't it be a lil' funny if lil' nurse turned out to be a little wild and dark as well (and if she's doesn't turn out that way... that's quite ok, too.  I'll take her any which way that she wants to reveal herself.  In fact I welcome it:  Lil' nurse in all her facets, in all her glory).

Just a lil' more salt and pepper is what her dark side would be.

I can forsee that I could love her dark and lights sides just fine.

In fact, what good would I be if I couldn't?

Yes, this whole post is about hope and what could be, and what might be.  Truth is... I dunno.

But I can have HOPE, can't I?

You watch and see... She's gonna pounce and my eyes will be opened...

I've been wrong before, but you watch and see...

(And if I'm wrong and she's the lil' nurse who healed me, who wants to just stay my friend (as she has been close by me)?

What a blessing!  I mean that.  I had no hope and her tender ministrations have salved my heart. What better manner of friend can one wish for?  Yes, a lover would be great.  But at this point I'll accept lil' nurse for who she wants to be, even if I hope it's a cat girl nurse maid who wants it in the **CENSORED**!

I'm back, baby...

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