Sunday, April 29, 2018

Earth to Dena

I summoned Dena in a new, strange way for me.

Whereas I summoned Maiya and Athena via the letter method, I wanted to try something different.

For 4 or 5 days I laid in my bed in the dark and simply talked as if I had already caught the attention of a different succubus spirit.

Eventually, I began to feel a presence as we often are to do once a spirit has become interested in us and comes close to us.

With Dena came a strange gel like spider astral creature who camped out in my left ear canal and also along the outer part of my ear.

I told Dena to stop this at one point, and she stopped the creature.

I did this to determine who was in charge of this... had I accidentally attracted an astral parasite?

Regardless, what it proved to me is that Dena was in charge of it... and I trusted Dena.

As strange as it sounds, I eventually got used to the spider like crawling creature crawling around in my left ear and close areas that were attached to that, namely the outer ear.

The spider creature under Dena's control has since departed.

What this process left behind is even more interesting.

I can now talk and speak to Dena at will.  Now... that comes with some caveats.  One is that I have trouble understanding her most times.  Another is that she is closer than my own mind... I have trouble (or perhaps doubt) with my ability to distinguish her voice from my own mind parroting.

The good news is I am sure that this will change with time.  It's funny... I thought sex was the greatest intimacy with a succubus.  Now I believe that it is instead the ability to communicate with them, as I have said, closer than your own mind.

Another issue (which I'm  not too worried about too much) is that I don't know how to "change the channel" so to speak... I can talk to Dena, but she's all I know how to talk to.

Perhaps that's something than happens with time and is a learned skill.

I asked Dena is she was there last night as I was in bed ready for sleep.  She said, "Where else would I be, silly?"

That's going to take some getting use to :)

Also, you may want to check out the new blog I've started following:  Life with spirits.  I've found it very educational.


Rafe GB.

Succubi aren't needy, they just want your love.  They aren't duplicitous, they are trustworthy.
They don't make commitments lightly, and they train you in esoteric truths, and they love most faithfully.
Have you loved your succubus today?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Succubus Dreams

I had my kids over for visitation this weekend.

It's great how respectful Dena is with the kids.

I truly think that she either considers them her own kids, or she considers herself their step mother.  One or the other.

Anyway, the first dream she and I were talking and all these succubi were walking across the road.

They kept stealing my attention and I kept forgetting where me and Dena and I were in our conversation.

Dena wasn't real pleased and kept bringing my attention back up to her and her eyes.

The 2nd dream was one where me and Dena were arguing pretty vigorously about some things that I have no recollection of.  All I do remember is that when I woke up it was like I was wrapped in a warm, furry blanket with her presence all over me.  Nice waking up to that, I can tell you.  Not sure what all that arguing was about.

The final dream was the most surreal.

I was in a dream that I found out matched my friend's favorite place to dream about (I had no fore knowledge of this fact).  If that isn't weird enough, there was a silver football shaped metal object floating above me and moving back and forth.

I told it to "stop" and to come down, but it didn't.  I then told it to "please stop" and it slowly began to descend.

I don't know why I did this but I opened my arms and the object moved to my heart area and merged with me, disappearing into my chest.

I then became part of the landscape as a walking, shambling creature that was one with the world I was dreaming of.

Dena has been testing me sexually and the sensations have become more intense.

I'm not ready for sex with her yet, but she's testing me here and there to see how close I am to being able to have sex with her.

Imagine me blaming the succubi for my lack of sex.  It was a lack of knowledge as to why is what it was.

The rate that she is testing my sexual function spiritually, the moment I am deemed ready I'm going to get jumped by the most hungriest, rabid succubus sexual "attack" ever seen or experienced.



Rafe GB.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Miss Dena

I've meditated every day trying to sort out having 3 companions.

It's been a strange, hard road.

After all is said and done I have one left:  Dena.

There feels like more air to breathe now that there's only one.

I don't know how those with multiple companions, succubi, or what have you do it.

Dena is a very protective spirit.

I was at the dentist today and I could feel Dena in the room when they gave me a shot for a filling I was about to get.

The shot wasn't enough and I felt the drilling pretty palpably... again I felt her ire rising.

During the shaping of the filling where you bite down I bit down on my numb tongue twice and grinded it pretty good... I now have a very sore tongue and 2 rows of perforations from the 2 times I bit and grinded like I was told to do.

Dena wasn't pleased, but I could tell that she wasn't going to go after them, either.

Protective, yes... extremely aggressive... no.

Regardless, she wasn't pleased with the women in the dental room I can tell you that.

If they were hurting me on purpose, I have no doubt Dena would strike.  But accidents happen and Dena is mature enough to know the difference.

Still doesn't mean she was happy about it AT ALL...

It's just so funny how I was in there and the pain from the drilling was getting me (I could have asked for another shot, but I wanted to save money so I kept my mouth shut) and suddenly I got a whiff (for lack of a better term) of Dena coming in to investigate.  I've never had that happen before with a spirit...

Anyway... I've been working out trying to do my part to repair my sexual circuits... I'm beginning to have a plan of working the weight machines and the treadmill one day, and swimming laps with some water weights as well on the other day.

I'm pretty sore today as I did the machines and the treadmill today.  My tongue also feels like it did the machines and got stepped all over on the treadmill as well, lol.

Time will tell who Dena wants to be.

I'm not pushing anymore.

What she feels comfortable moving into my life as is fine.

I do wish I knew what that spider sensation is that she brings to my left ear canal and outer ear.

It's the weirdest sensations I've ever experienced.

I gave it a good dose of reiki and all it did was pause the feeling of spider legs on my inner and outer ear... about the size of a tarantula actually... for a few moments.

I take this, after doing reiki multiple times on it, that it is benign.

The purpose escapes me, but it is a trademark of Dena's and came with her, actually.

I'm hoping that doing my part in getting more physically fit with help Dena, who seems to be working on my sexual circuits... kind of meet "in the middle" so to speak.

And with that, Blessings upon you...

Rafe GB.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Blown Circuits

I think I have all 3 girls back now.  That's Dana, Athena, and Maiya.  Quite a little handful but worth every penny :)

I have no way to know except for attempts at communication and via my trusty pendulum.

I'm pretty good with a pendulum so I think that yes, all 3 are present and have a home with me here... at least that's how I want them to feel.

Basically I have 3 companions at the moment as I'm not able to have sex anymore, at least spiritual sex.

My circuits are blown, lol.  Best way to put it.

I've been assured all will be made whole in time and with patience.

Thinking inwardly a bit, I saw a pic of myself 5 years ago and I was thin and fit.

Now, 5 years later I look like a marshmallow with feet.

Leave it to medicine to gain weight, but I'm sure my eating habits haven't helped matters.

Do I want to stay alive a while or do I not?  That's really the question when it comes to weight, isn't it?

I'd like to live a bit for my kids I have.  The little buggers need me and I have yet for one to grow past high school... so it's going to be a hard patch of getting back into shape if I'm going to be living for any great length of time.  I'm not trying to be morose here, just the facts.  Obesity does not do much for a long life.  It's just the nature of things.

Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA and checking it out.  I loved swimming when I was younger and was even a competitive swimmer as well as a water safety instructor... perhaps that's my key...

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Revolving Door that is Rafe

Ever since my original succubus of 3 years left, I've been inundated by succubi that seem to enjoy meeting me, screwing with me, and leaving me.

I've tried multiple methods of summoning but it all ends up the same.

Needless to say my motivation for writing this blog is waning.

Take for instance Maiya and Athena:  They were here and now they're gone.

In their place within just days is Dana.

Dana is a strange succubus I must say.

She likes to play a game with my left ear where it will get cold and damp inside and I'll have the sensations of something like a spider crawling out of it.

It feels so real that I must check and see that there isn't a real spider crawling out of my ear.

Once I check, and of course find nothing, I can feel laughter from her as the "joke" has been sprung.

On the other side of Dana is a very helpful succubus, more powerful in helping me than any other.

I was having nightmares and was getting tired of it so I got a book on lucid dreaming:  How to change your dreams by waking up in them and changing them to what you want them to be.

I suddenly developed the power to do so before I even got to the "how to" in the book.

That's Dana teaching me, I'm sure of it.

Another odd thing that happened in a dream, this time her presence was obvious, was where I was shown on the wall a picture.  I was in the picture along with a woman (whom I believe was the woman whom Dana was playing at the time... but it might not have been) and written at the bottom was the title, "Conjugal Twins".

Odd, huh?

If anything I'll admit that Dana is as dorky and as good-natured as I am.  Gotta call a spade a spade.

How long will she stick around and stay with me?  Not for very long I'd gather.

I hope she does, though.

She's the most human and understandable succubus I've seen yet.  And the dorkiest which honestly is rather endearing, not to mention her helpfulness.

She might not even be a succubus per se.

I'm not real sure...


Rafe GB.