Thursday, May 4, 2017

Choose your master wisely

Everyone who has a human mind has an underlying, controlling archetype.  What we do with that information can greatly affect how we control our own personal place in the world, as, when our archetype changes, we change.

It is estimated that we act/react to stimuli a full 90 percent of the time due to the underlying ruling archetype that we have buried deep within our subconscious minds, which is connected like a river to all of the archetypes available to humanity as a whole.

A man seems to only attract women who cheat on him, women who treat him badly.  He begins to introspect and decides then and there that things are going to change.  Wishing for change is one thing: Demanding it is another.

Formerly ruled by the Seductress archetype (Helen), he is now under the influence, the rulership of an archetype of Mary.  Oh, no worries:  Mary can seduce when she wants to please the husband she loves.

Now he begins to attract more women like his underlying Mary archetype that he finally meets a good woman and his relationships last.

Over time, he has need of Wisdom.  Enter the Sophia, the final level of the male "Anima" if his desire is powerful enough she will rule over him.  If his wife is as developed as he and her Animus is at the "man as spiritual guide" phase (or close to being ruled by) they will be just fine and as right as rain ;)

Archetypes are so powerful that I thought Bunny was my Anima for a long while.  She wasn't, although she seems to encompass all the feminine archetypes which makes me believe that she is a Sophiac reflection of my archetype of Sophia I believe that I am ruled under.

This means that, as it would be had I a human lover, that I am under the Sophia archetype at this point, not that Bunny IS that archetype.

I added a mythology part to the SASPA course list for mythology.  There you will find a great deal of humanity's archetypes... at least where their names came from ;)

Religion is powerfully built upon archetypes, especially for women as their  "Anima" is male.

I hope that you can use this information to make changes in your life as you wish.


Rafe GB.

(Source:  I'm doing my master's level metaphysical degree homework again, lol)

May you find the "best of both worlds"

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