Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Lovers

I'm not sure why spirits "crown" you when they are interested in you.

Is it something that has meaning across the veil?

In the cultures that these spirits come from?

I'm not sure, but it's unmistakable when you feel that crown on your head.

I can't see it, but it sure feels real.  Can't touch it, either (at least I can't), but it's there.

It's almost as if it exists in another dimension and you can just feel it there on your head, but if you try to touch it you can't feel anything at all.

Now with Bunny it was there a lot when she was there.  But now that she's gone I feel it being slipped on my head a little and then a minute later the sensations are gone (and then might come back a minute later feeling a little different).

Wait... am I being fitted?

Lol... I dunno the answers to this one.

Regardless, I chalk it up to yet another example of things that I experience but just can't understand nor really communicate the experience very well.

Meh.  Whatcha do when dealing with this kind of stuff?

Anyway, this post is actually about something else...

I did a couple tarot draws to see what's going on in my future love life and to kind of get an idea of where I am headed once I've healed.

Yeah, I know... wait until I've healed so I can concentrate on healing.

Well, I'm stubborn ;)  Plus I gotta know... just gotta know.

I realize as well that none of this comes to pass until I've healed.

But isn't it nice sometimes to just gain a little HOPE inside with one's healing?

To be able to gain a little trust inside that everything will turn out ok?

The following are two draws I did about my love life in the near (I hope I can heal quickly.  I guess we'll see) future.

Yes, I know, I know... it depends on my healing.  I know.

Here we go, the pics already have comments on them so:

(If the wording is too small in the pics, click on the pic to make it bigger and more readable)

The second draw I wanted to see what was behind this:

Interesting, is it not?

I can't recommend enough in learning two different sources of divination to help you gain understanding of spiritual things and forces in your life.

My 2 of choice are tarot and the pendulum.

In this case the pendulum agreed with my assessment (mostly... at least didn't disagree... but I could feel some thinking going on about some of my questions before it answered).

That's really all for this post.


Rafe GB

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