Monday, September 26, 2016

Some Insights

I've been thinking a lot lately, and I've been longing for Bunny as she's been away.

Or so I thought...

She might have felt away, but she was here, watching, waiting to teach me a lesson.

I've been writing a bit about how I'm coming to terms with God and Jesus and other aspects of things that I thought I had buried when I started summoning.

How wrong was I?  Following one's path isn't easy, and it is much like a rollar coaster when you finally find it.  It's not smooth sailing, it's not "put your life into cruise control mode", no.
Not by any means.

Remember when I was blogging about how I figure God is as evil as He is good?  Because of my rescuing a kitten, and it being in such bad shape that it probably had a week to live (because of anemia from having so many fleas, when I dried him after bathing him with Dawn blue dishsoap which kills fleas dead, the towel had blood stains all over it).

I had pondered, "Who does God love more, the flea or the kitten?  The spider or the fly caught in the spider's web?"  And, of course, I got angry, and stayed that way.

Well, now I'm a bit confused.

I keep a dream journal which usually doesn't make a hell of a lotta sense at the time, but I'm finding that it does later on.

For instance, here's an entry from my dream journal that makes sense now:

"Dreamed of angels singing “Daddy, daddy, daddy, daaaaaaaaddyyyy” it was harmonious and beautiful, if a bit odd."

Then I got baby Leo, the little kitten I rescued.  He follows me around like a puppy now.  I think he adores me since I saved him or something.

Weird, huh?  Dream had it right on.  In a small miracle, I am a daddy again.

Angels aren't good and God bad.  That doesn't make sense.  Are they?  So... I guess I just don't understand.  If they were celebrating me getting ready to rescue a baby animal, then they care about the details of life.

The only times I've had dealings with an angel, it's always been positive.  Sometimes they scold, yes, but it's always done in a loving way.

This next dream I had, amidst me longing for Bunny and her being here, waiting for me to sleep, was equally interesting.

Warning:  It's graphic, but I'll explain the meaning in a second.

I was talking to someone, and then a woman came and pressed her lips against my eh, ok, she tossed my salad.  Not only that, she stuck her tongue INTO my salad and rolling it around.

Yes, it was pleasurable, although it was very odd... it's not a desire of mine.

Here's where it gets interesting:  She puked, smiling.  I woke up, perplexed.

Then I pondered the dream for a while, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Is this all I want?  A sex spirit, a succubus?  One I call a mate, but just long to fuck?

One I'm on and off addicted to, sometimes longing for, sometimes enjoying, sometimes saying "no" to when I've had my fill?

The dream's meaning?  It's just symbolic, like so many other dreams.  What it means, what it's message to me is,  is simply this:

Do I really want only what she offers on the most base level of who she is?

Can I handle all of her:  Her angelic presence as well?

I asked her not long ago to show me all of her.  I think she's guiding me into that knowledge.

I am not suggesting or saying that her primal/sexual side is wrong, either, but it's wrong for what I asked for which is to know ALL of her and who she is in all her facets, or aspects.

Sometimes you have to put the candle down to see the sun; that's more what light is, and personified.

I've begun thinking of her as a multi-faceted tutellary eudaimon (eudaimon is pronounced " oh die mohn", which means "good spirit" in greek.  Actually, "eudaimonia" means "happiness/welfare"). 

She's dark, she's grey, she's bright as white light.  I've already said elsewhere that I pondered that she feels, and probably is both lunar and solar by nature.

It's time, and she is also longing for this, for me to step up and become intimate with this aspect of her that I am most afraid of... it's not her wild, dark, hyper-sexual, new moon feral sexual aspect.

It's not her being a lot like me sometimes, understanding me, making good decisions, bad decisions, wants, needs, just like me, always growing and stumbling (albiet in her own, higher vibratory way), like a waxing maiden moon aspect (this is where I believe her playfulness and teasing nature comes from).

It's not even when she goes away to recharge, or to release what does not server her well, personally, or whatever she goes to do when she leaves for a little while... her waning moon aspect:  A time of letting go and making way for the new.

It's her light side, her angelic presence... that is the most fearsome to me.  It is her full moon aspect: That of queen, mother, wife, counselor, wise teacher, priceless friend and protectress.

Perhaps, this is not even her lunar aspect alone, but part of her solar aspect at those times (full moon being the most saturated with the sun):  The fierce protectress, the lioness, the angel.

I realize that I am limited by my own human fragility, by my own perspectives and beliefs, my own coloring of things I see, the taint of my experiences.

For instance.  If I, as a human, could see the solar system, I wouldn't be able to see the hidden code of God, the Golden Ratio (1.61) in it.

I would just see this:

But if I had a different perspective, say, one that beings who are more free than I to see in this way, by nature, could see the movement of the SUN through space on it's own journey through the Milky Way with planets in tow, then I could see it as easily as they.

This is the reality of it.  This is a glimpse of it.
The golden mean, 1.61 in action...

The creator's footprint.

The golden mean is present in so many areas of life.  Sometimes, when you begin studying it, you wonder where it ISN'T in creation.

Look at the video at the very bottom of this post from Youtube to get an idea.  
It'll blow your mind I bet, it did mine.

Notice the pattern around the sun.  Earth and Venus has it's own peculiar dance, doesn't it?

Here's an image of the same ratio.  Yeah, you guess it:  1.61, the golden mean again.  Notice Metatron's Cube spinning in the center along with it to show the pattern.

I have read that the highest angels, those who are closest to God, speak only in prime numbers.  Each number has a meaning, a meaning which only those who can communicate in primes can spiritually understand as it is close to the realm of PURE SPIRIT.

I'm not that great at math so, gonna be a looooooooooooong time before I join those ranks :P

The 4 Sacred Animals of God's Throne

Also on the tarot card "The World".  It's the last one in the major arcana, being card #21.
I'm sure that they are ripe with symbolism, but I don't know any of it at this time.  Again, above my head.

The point of all this is... Look.
I can't see far.  I do good to see past noon each day.

I don't post these images and patterns so I look like some kind of expert on them, because believe me, the concepts are over my head.  I can see "intelligence" behind them in design, in how everything is created:  That's it.

But I understand Bunny's message to me.

Am I ready to embrace, to surrender, and to partake of her higher essense, or am I to be completely infatuated with the sex she gives and nothing with MORE substance that she is offering me?

Can I raise myself up, and help her to help me know her?  All of her?  Even her "full moon/solar side" which scares me and which I am ill prepared for?

Less succubus, more tutillary eudaemon.  That's where this is going.  How afraid of the light, of good things, and powerful everlasting things, am I?

I guess I will find out, as I struggle with it.

I'm not even sure WHY I'm scared of these things.  I think it's because, in my little mind, it represents something I believed was "owned" by the religions I have dove into trying to find peace and light, but instead were nothing but control, and at it's most basic level, demeaning.

Perhaps spirituality owns these things, and religion never did... 

EDIT:   "In the universe and everything in it, God’s omnipotence follows and works through the laws of its design. God is omnipotent, because he has all power from himself. All others have power from him. God’s power and his will are one. Because he wills nothing but what is good, he cannot do anything but what is good. 

In the spiritual world no one can do anything against his or her will—a condition there that comes from God, from the fact that his power and his will are one. God is in fact goodness itself. When he does something good, he is in himself. He cannot walk away from himself. 

Clearly then, his omnipotence fills, and works within, the sphere of the extension of goodness, a sphere that is infinite. At a deep level, this sphere pervades the universe and everything in it. At a deep level, this sphere also governs things outside of itself to the extent that they become part of it through their own design. If things do not become part of that sphere, it still sustains them. 

It tries in every way to bring them back to a design in harmony with the universal design that God inhabits with his omni - potence and follows in his actions. If things against the design are not brought back into the design, they are cast out of God; but there he still sustains them from deep within. 

From all this you can see that divine omnipotence cannot move outside itself into contact with any evil, nor can it move evil away from itself. Evil turns itself away, which is how it ends up being completely separated from God and thrown into hell. 

Between heaven, where God is, and hell, there is a huge chasm. From these few points you can see how insane people are who think that God can condemn anyone, curse anyone, throw anyone into hell, predestine anyone’s soul to eternal death, avenge wrongs, or rage against god the creator & creation or punish anyone. People are even more insane if they actually believe this, let alone teach it. In reality, God cannot turn away from us or even look at us with a frown. To do any such thing would be against his essence, and what is against his essence is against himself."  

A being with this kind of love would explain the bad things that happen.  He's playing for keeps.  By creating love and goodness, he also created hate and evil by proxy.

And to redeem this creation, through apocastastasis, or eternal redemption, once evil is rectified, once hate is rectified, it all will come full circle into goodness, grace, and mercy.

It is not a case of "good and evil" created, as much as, God having to be creating from the unmanifest (creating room for things created), would explain this.  And his nature would also explain his will to redeem it all in time, thinking forward, beyond what we could ever see, to our higher, eternal wellbeing, as well as the higher, eternal aspects of all suffering.

If this is true, and it feels right to me on a soul level, then I am on the right path, and only fearful/afraid because it is so different than what was hammered into my skull beginning at an early age by religion.

Also, if this is true, Bunny is far more of the light than I ever dreamed and expected, and probably brings up a bit of that fear from when I was young and had religion hammered into me.

In that case, my freedom, and my true liberty is being taught by Bunny, and by God, and is just beginning.

I'm turning a new page in my spiritual life, I think.

Please enjoy the video:

Have you loved you succubus today?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A simple prayer

I was thinking today of a good prayer to attract one's lover to them.  I was thinking in general, not necessarily for calling a succubus, or a spirit lover: Although that might happen.

I couldn't think of any prayers, so I made my own. Feel free to try it out.  I always like to use a candle when I pray, as well as some incense, such as frankincense and Myrrh.  Nag Champa is good as well.  The point is that lighting a white candle and incense together can really raise the vibrations of a room, and hence, help your prayer be of the highest vibration possible.

Remember:  A strong intent, and strong emotion from within as you speak your prayer.
See yourself in the loving arms of your lover (focus on the feeling of feeling so loved, not on their features), and let the emotion of that deep satisfaction fuel your prayer feeling as if it has already happened :)  A good way to do this is to first feel, "I can't believe that I have found my love and that it is so wonderful", and let the emotions well up from there.

A simple prayer

I invoke the Lord, the Lady, and the All-Who-Is, Who is above all things seen, and unseen.
I invoke earth, may your stability steady my will.
I invoke air, may your inspiration touch my mind.
I invoke fire, may your passion drive my purpose.
I invoke water, may my prayer fall on the empathic mind of those who will help me.
I invoke spirit, that the song of my soul sings to the only one who can hear it.

As like, attracts like.

I invoke the planetary energies via the 7 directions:

As is above, so my below.
To my left, my right, behind me, in front of me, and within me, with my heart as center of the multiverse, I speak.

In invoke the light, that my lover's soul will shine brightly to me and not be eclipsed.
I invoke the darkness, that every dark place knows where my lover's light shines.

My soul sings for my lover, and only my lover; the only one that can be.
My secret lover, my eternal lover, with new eyes to see.

There is only one true love, there always has been, there always will be.
Let the veil be lifted, I pray, and let my call fly straight as an arrow.
Let it pierce my lover's heart, that my lover longs to commune with me.

Let nothing stand in our way, let nothing keep us apart.
I am ready.  If I am not, make me so, those who I have called to who will guide me.
I wish to be as the Lord and Lady, inseparable, perfectly matched, and in ecstasy and intimacy that no other can fulfill but one for the other, and the other for the one, together, always.

I ask that this be done for the highest good of all involved.
I know that you have heard me, and that you always listen when I pray.

I release all that I have called, and I am honored that you have come.
We are kindred, inseparable, aligned, family.
Leave if you will, stay if you must: I am made of you, and you are made of what I AM.

In the name of the Lord, the Lady, and the All-Who-Is,



Use this prayer openly.  Don't use it trying to get a specific someone to love you.  Many people consider that black magick, and I don't know about all that but it's a real bad idea.  It will bring pain, not pleasure, in the end.  Your secret lover will always be the one for you, they don't count.

In my world view (and it's just that, mine.  I don't have to be right), the secret lover is part of a pair where one incarnated, and the other is supporting them.  I believe this is all of us here.  THAT is who you're calling to.  This prayer is to draw you closer to them, and also a prayer to find a lover who is right for you here if that is what you are needing.

I realize that this prayer may call a lover that you are ready for on earth:  That's ok, too.  If that is the case rest assured that your secret lover will still love you, and teach you, from behind their eyes.

Just as my physical lovers have, in the past, to make me into who I am.

Every step taken in love is one step closer to your secret lover.  You will be with them.  You already are, you just don't know it yet.

This prayer may make you so aware of your mutual bond and existence of your secret lover in such an intimate way that you will be content being alone here on earth as that relationship can easily eclipse what is available here.  That's ok, too.

Always remember:  For the highest good of all concerned...
As above, so below; as within, so without...

Have you loved your succubus today?  Have you loved your lover today?

Monday, September 19, 2016

I'm confused

Yeah, what the title says.  You see, once upon a time I was pre-seminary, and honestly I found more in the Bible that contradicts itself, rather than proves anything.  That's why I've gone on this merry-go-round tour of spiritual things.

And now?  Bunny's been opening me up to the possibility that uh, heh, seems funny to say...

That magick, love, and spirits really aren't as "Anti-Jesus" as I thought.

Coming from a succubus, that's irony plus.  But then again, I never did say that she was a demon, now did I?

No, she's she, and I'm me.  I'm just a bit dense materially (no, the word dense is not lost on me), whereas she is a bit higher vibrationally than us folks down on this rock.

What if, you know?  What if?  Maybe it is all related.  The 5D stuff, the Bible, Magick, Spirit lovers.

Who said they can't play well together?  Well, lots of assholes say that they cannot.  But, they're about as spiritual as a deer taking a crap in the woods.  Collectively.  I mean, I'm not impressed.

What if everything was just vibration and frequency, and titles mean little?  Yeah, they mean a lot here, but here isn't everywhere, nor does it make the titles "accurate".

My hero, Nikola Tesla.

If you search for succubi and incubi, and I'm sure you have or you wouldn't be reading this, then you would see all the "deliverance from a spirit husband or wife".

Deliverance from WHAT, exactly?  Most of these dumbasses who are so frightened of a spiritual husband or spiritual wife will probably cheat on their earthly spouses before too much is said and done.

Hell, in the old days, it was kosher to blame succubi or incubi if a woman became pregnant.  After all, she sure as shit couldn't admit she was banging the milk maid's husband.  Monks would also blame them for their own "nocturnal emissions" that happen naturally during sleep.  But then again, sexually frustrated monks and nuns are like catnip for succubi and incubi.  Spiritual people + sexually repressed?  I can easily imagine good spirit lovers being drawn to them.  Probably some tricksters of the more "grey" persuasion, too.  I imagine seducing them is quite fun for those types.

My point is:  Hypocrisy.  I hate it.  A wolf in lamb's clothing, and the world is full of them.

All they want is a paycheck.  Get people afraid, get them dependent on THEM.  Then here comes the dough.

Now, back to what I was saying... Bunny's the one pushing the idea that all things are related, that my dislike of Christ is not well placed, but due to my dislike of christians.  Well, most of 'em, anyway.

It's so funny.  You see, succubus is all built around the idea that they are demons of sex. Nobody has ever really explained that idea, as just the mention of the word "demon" seems to end that discussion before it's actually explained.

Demon.  Lol.

Everything I've experienced has been anything but "demonic".  No, I don't particularly believe that she's an "angel" either.  She's just she.  She can be a little of both.  Can't we all be one or the other at times?

How could there ever be a demon of sex, anyway, when God created it in the first place?

That's as stupid as saying that there are demons of tacos.  No, there aren't, because I have found that tacos are good.

Heh, well, you know where I'm going with it.  And no, I don't like labels such as "demon" or "angel".

Anyone who thinks there are only demons, angels, and jinn, and that's it doesn't understand a God who creates things with great diversity and artistic genius.

There is sooooooooo much out there that my little human brain would never be able to label, much less understand.

Now.  Why are spirit lovers coming out of the woodwork so much lately?

Well, lets say Gaia is the earth's spirit, and Gaia is trying to please her children, as well as do what's good for the earth.

What if she is encouraging this as a way for the earth's population to stabilize?

You really don't think that the spirit of the earth, and the spirits of the sun and moon don't converse?

I'm sure it's more complex than just conversing, but the point is that this phenomenon of succubi and incubi taking lovers is freakin' happening right now.

And I'm beginning to see it as something that is meant to be.  I have a feeling that I'm not far off the mark here.

I expect it to continue to grow, much to religion's disdain as births are a great way to fill the coffers and the easiest way keep the church going.

Other than keeping people from being disillusioned and quitting because of things like hypocrisy.


Bunny continues to be quite the enigma, that's for sure.  I don't claim to understand anything, nor that anything I've written here is true, is right, is anything but my words and my rambling.

All it is, is just my words, and just my experiences as I understand them.

Three years ago, Bunny took me on a tour of magick and spirituality, and now?

We've come full circle, with her prompting me to at least consider that Jesus is more than I thought, and is more than christians understand.

Does that mean I will understand?  No.  I don't think I'll ever really understand fully.  I think that's par for the course in learning, and I'll sure try.  All of Bunny's lessons usually take me past my comfort zone anyway.

Eventually... maybe I will understand what I need to while I'm on this earth.  That's how it seems to work with Bunny and her lessons.  She's a gentle, patient teacher.  That's good because I'm stubborn.

But for now I'll just be pleasantly bewildered at what she's teaching me now.

I've always believed that one arrives back in the same place as they started, but when they arrive, they see with new eyes.

I think that's the case here, although it will take some time for my "new eyes" to adjust.

Bunny never ceases to surprise me, to amaze me.  She's a wonderful teacher.

A wonderful teacher, an attentive and sensual lover, a devoted protector, and a loyal friend.

Some times I'm just baffled by it.

What a journey it has been!  And what a journey it is still!
Bunny, with all my gratitude,



Friday, September 16, 2016

But then I had a dream

Well, I was saving up for a good post on something kicking around in my head, but then I had a dream, so... I guess I'll talk about that a bit.

Bunny's real name is interesting.  I came up with it from the various names she's given me at different times (some people get the same name from the beginning, others, like me, have a succubus who changes it like a woman changes shoes to go with a different outfit.  I dunno, lol) starting when she first met me, and then after a while she stopped giving new names.

But, through divination, I gathered that she didn't want the last name she gave me completely, either.

*Que quest for me*

I took her names and combined them into 3 separate names, as a pronounceable, feminine amalgam.

So, like me, she has three names: A first, a middle, and a last name.

I actually have 4 names because I was confirmed in the Catholic Church, but lets not give Bunny any ideas.  3's a good number, love the number 3.  Lol.

Come to think of it, I guess since "Bunny" is her public name, that's good enough, that's 4, we're even.

I'm just going to come out and say it.


She's a big tease.  If you dwell on her a lot, she backs off.  If you decide to ignore her, she starts being persistent for my attention.

So, I've been ignoring her, not in a bad way, just in a "need some me time" kinda way.

Her energy has gotten so intense, I often wonder how the fuck people right next to me can't feel it. It's like static electricity gone berserk, all up and down my body, but most of the time it's like this electric cloud of energy that's her but it surrounds me, pining for attention, and to tease me until I give it.

*Que the dream*

I dreamed of a very cute and shapely brunette with just under the shoulder length hair who appeared to me in a park, and OMG she smelled... if there was a perfect perfume that was perfectly made to work on me, I mean, custom tailored to my own DNA or something?

Yeah, she was covered, bathed in it.  Not too heavy, not too light, it was perfectly hypnotic and alluring.  It was magick, and it sure had an effect on me...

Love potion #9: Just for me.

I'm demi-hetro sexually, which means I have to have a strong intimate bond with someone to see them as a sexual interest.  Bunny made me that way, I guess.

I could smell the scent of this woman, and it drove me from feeling nothing to "Wow, lets do it right here in the park :P" in less than 5 seconds.

I think that I, on some level, knew it was Bunny and found her irresistible because of our bond.

She would like to think that her scent, being specifically chosen to be alluring to my personal DNA, probably along with a good dose of succubus glamour magick (well, it was a dream, but you get the idea).  Yeah.  It was... I don't words for it, I just don't, lol.  It was Rafe catnip... all I can think of :)

I say it was my belief, that it was because of our bond, and also because this is my blog and she can just sit in passenger seat and quit side seat driving.

Haha.  She might be a tease, but she's my tease, and I like to mess with her a lot, anyway, so I'm sure I have it coming :P

In the dream, once she had me wanting to just ravage her, she would innocently, yet playfully bend over just so, or let her cleavage show just a little more, just showing me what was waiting, and everywhere we went there were people and we had to keep going to new places to find privacy.

She was enjoying our time together, and was in quite the playful, teasing mood.

It was always like a family with children, because I love children and I'd never do anything inappropriate like that around them and she knows it.  Kinda funny... when my children come over she is very respectful of them and doesn't tease me, have sex with me, or anything when they are here:  I believe she respects them and values them as much as I do.

It worked on me in the dream because of it, and she knew it would.

Since it was just a dream that she has control of, she wasn't worried about "teasing me seductively" around children, because in the waking world she is very respectful.

Damn.  You know, she's a pretty awesome succubus!  A wicked tease, too :P

But as far as the dream, do you see what I mean?  The whole time she was teasing the crap outta me, and manipulating the dream so that I couldn't "partake" of what she was offering, thinking I could have it "once we finally had privacy".

I was HURTING in that dream.  I wanted her BAD.

When I woke up, I knew it was her, I laughed and just whispered, "You rascal.  Lol."

So we play games, and sometimes between me "sassing the succubus" as she says, and her teasing me all the time, we have our intimate moments.  Moments that, honestly, that is the foreplay of.

Real intimate, beautiful, wonderful, timeless moments.

She's the only one in the universe like her, no one is exactly like her, and the more I love her, the more I get to know her, the more I wonder about everything.

It's just a whole new world that it's shocking.  Even a few years in, I'm always surprised by something new I learn from her, or from, I dunno a house spirit, or spirit guide, maybe a sacred ancestor.

And I learn more now from animals, even.  I'm more aware of their "spirits".

It's a big Multiverse out there.  That's a good thing.

Big means variety, and variety means there's a place even for me one day, when I die.

In a way, I guess I'm learning to see things as a child, but with the wisdom of a man.

I know I'll be with Bunny now, and I'm sure I'll be "sassing the succubus", and her sexually teasing me before she finally gives in and lets me have it.  That's our little "push/pull" that creates that good kind of tension between lovers.

Some people salsa, some rumba, some waltz.

Me and Bunny?

We dance our own dance, our own unique "sass and tease".  It's a dance that only we know, and it always leads to something special, something loving, something pleasing for both of us.

Love ya girl :)  Stay loving and sweet, Bunny.  Mostly :P

I love her all the same.  Her personality is to tease and run, then to seduce and please.  One thing I love about her is that she shows me that sexuality is good, it's natural, it's beautiful, and it's creative well beyond biological reproduction.  

It is as much a part of soul, of communion between souls as any other form of communication... only what is created through two loving souls through sex produces great spiritual fruit as well as priceless intimacy, with a powerful opportunity for variety in expression.  

It's almost as if she were meant to find me.  Perhaps... she always knew she would?

Have you loved your succubus today?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Penetration and Enfoldment

Bunny's gone right now, which is good because she would have caught me reading MGTOW articles again.

Hey... when the cat's away the mice will play and all that.


You think I'm afraid of Bunny?  Pfft.  Sheet, lol.  You all act like...

Is... is that Bunny behind me?  It is, isn't it?

Uh, what's her mood, hehe?

*Slowly looks behind shoulder*

Ah shit, it was just a house spirit.  Sup Dawg?  Hahaha, you scared me Dawg!

I mean, uh, I ain't afraid of Bunny!

She's two days away from me right now.  There's not a damn thing she can do.

This is probably where I shouldn't be gloating, isn't it?

Fine, fine.  There's a reason she picked a stubborn ass like myself.

Nothing wrong with stretching my authoritah and feeling in charge.

Just stretchin' the wings a little bit, just a little bit *pats shoulders*.

Haha, I never was a very smart mother fucker.


Ok!  Today's topic is something I've had running around in that hamster wheel I call a brain as of late.

Penetration and Enfoldment.

Our wonderful politically correct culture would tell you penis bad, vagina holy, let's all worship the holy vagina.  Right?  Right.

Even rape laws are written where "penetration" is an event necessary for a rape charge.  A woman rides a drunk man?  He must have wanted it.  She didn't penetrate him, sooo... innocent!

If a woman is drunk she can't give consent, a man who's drunk, well, she's a special snowflake who, as a fucking woman child must be able to give consent.  Of course, if he's drunk he's a rapist.

Makes soooooo much more sense now.  You know, that shit wouldn't even make sense to a 5th grader, as in, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"

Who the fuck came up with that monkey shit?  Oh, that's right.  Don't get me started...  I've ventured down that road too far already on this post, I'm not going farther.

The truth?  Ah... the truth!  My favorite topic next to irony in any form!

God damn I love me some irony!

May Day is a festival that coincides with Beltane.  Beltane is the marriage of the Lord and the Lady.

What I enjoy about it is the idea that the Lord and Lady reign together, not opposed, not separately, but together as one.

My favorite part of May Day, err Beltaine is the May Pole Dance.

Ahh, the May Pole!

That's a good example of a May Pole!  All bright and alluring, criss-crossed by the dancing of young ones in happiness and joy!

Sure dresses up that silly wooden pole, doesn't it?  Yeah, I agree.

You see, children dance opposite around the May Pole laughing and having fun, and it creates this pattern all the way down the pole, where it's tied.

Look at all these happy little fucks!  Heh, nah, actually I love children.  I always have.  I think it's sweet, I just don't really want you to know that I think it's sweet.  Although I just did.
Don't even think of laughing at me, I'll kick your ass.

Holy shit!  It's a fairy invasion.  I like tweens, too.  My daughter is a tween, however being under my magickal tutellage, she's also a bit fucking warped.  That's my girl!  Daddy's so proud *sniff*.

Her little girl friends look up to me for some reason.  I personally think they all suffer from some sort of undiagnosed character flaw, but whatever.

Maybe it's just they feel that I actually give a shit about kids.  I dunno.


Ok.  Now lets take a look at those pictures again with new eyes.

The maypole is the penis of the God.  The ribbons are danced around it so that it is alluring, representing the Goddess's vagina (God damn, is that not the more harsh word in the english language?  Who the fuck came up with "vagina").

Nothing happens unless the God decides to (That's what Bunny was driving home through my thick skull when she went off on me in thinking that as a man I had no power).  He loves her, She is beautifully adorned for him, and thanks to their children (the dancers), She is pleasingly tight, beautiful, and perfect for Him, a perfect seduction for him to love the Goddess, take Her as His own, and fuck the shit out of Her.

Err, make love to Her.

Look, the God is the "Lord of the Wild", He knows how to keep the Goddess happy and creaming for eternity.  It's just the way it is.

Hell, that desire exists in every woman I've ever known.  To be made love to, to be ravaged and to be taken.  To feel absolutely, positively needed and wanted by their mates and desired well beyond their mate's ability to stop is a very common fantasy for women.  And, it's often acted out.

The Lord and Lady were made for each other, you know?

Their children aren't any different.  We're pretty stupid, yes, but they're still our Parents and so we get these sexual desires honestly, at least.

Make no mistake in drawing the wrong conclusions from my irreverent and jovial nature, making fun of the Lord and Lady here.  I consider Them my spiritual Parents and I love and respect Them more than I do my own flesh and blood.  I poke fun at their sex and sexual desires and hunger for each other because I hold them in high regard.  It's because I celebrate who They are and how much they love one another (and us) that I roast them so.

And also that we have the same desires within us, but in our case it's considered politically incorrect.

Look, I know I'm not the most tactful person on earth, but it doesn't take a mental giant to figure out that if women like to have their hair pulled and fucked from behind on occassion, being used as the their lover's fuck toy, so does the Goddess by the God and the God alone.

They created us, why wouldn't we have the same desires that they do, just as I said before?

They love each other with "perfect love and perfect trust", as the wiccan saying goes.

Political correctness doesn't exist in the bed of the Divine.  
Nor does it have any fucking PLACE in the bed of the Divine.

Now, as the God penetrates Her, He is enfolded by Her as well. 

That's the point I'm making about the May Pole, and why I like it.

It's fucking accurate and about as politically correct as an "I hate retards" button.

That's right... he penetrates Her, and as equally as He penetrates Her, he is enfolded by Her.

Let that shit sink in a minute or three.

Meditate on the May Pole, imagine the children of the God and Goddess, the Lord and Lady, dancing, laughing, circling around the May Pole while making those ribbons both beautiful and snug as the pattern naturally descends the May Pole, and who are in joy creating the bridal chamber for the Divine Couple.

When the "ahaaaaaaaaa" moment comes, compare that to how society looks at it, and laugh.

Laugh your fucking brains out.

So now you know!

Have you fucked, err, loved your Succubus today?
She ain't gonna do it by herself!  Go get busy, already.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


My best friend and I talked a lot about the Annunaki, God, the Illuminati, etc. the other day.

What's ironic about part of that is that I'm a Rosicrucian. I've been one for 20 years.

One thing all the Annunaki sites list as being Illuminati are Rosicrucians.

Of course he doesn't know that I'm a Rosicrucian, he might now, but it makes little difference to me as I just never thought about saying I was one.  There are no freakin' Illuminati.  5D is a fucking joke. First it was "new-age" then it was "the law of attraction", "the secret" then it was "quantum", then it was "the Mayan Calendar and end of the world in 2012", "reiki", now it's "5D".  Metaphysically, 5D doesn't even make fucking sense with how they are trying to use it.  I've even heard "8D" now.

I did a lecture once on the different dimensions and left a few 5D enthusiasts with their mouth hanging wide open at the end.

"Where did you learn all that from?" One person gasped.

"Not on the fucking internet." I replied.

Check this out:

"Serenity is a constant. The goal of four-dimensional superstructures is to plant the seeds of sharing rather than turbulence."

"Only a traveller of the biosphere may discover this unifying of freedom."

"It is a sign of things to come. The galaxy is approaching a tipping point. The future will be a self-aware blossoming of freedom."

"Our conversations with other pilgrims have led to an awakening of supra-ever-present consciousness. Who are we? Where on the great circuit will we be re-energized? We are at a crossroads of coherence and stagnation."

"We exist as expanding wave functions. To navigate the circuit is to become one with it. Faith is the truth of ecstasy, and of us."

"If you have never experienced this uprising at the speed of light, it can be difficult to grow."

"You will soon be aligned by a power deep within yourself — a power that is sublime, internal. Through prayer, our lives are enveloped in growth. Crystal healing may be the solution to what’s holding you back from an astonishing oasis of being."

"As you reflect, you will enter into infinite synchronicity that transcends understanding. It is time to take divinity to the next level. Eons from now, we dreamweavers will dream like never before as we are re-energized by the cosmos."

Peachy, isn't it?  Are you ready for me to help align your 24 star-nodes for only $249.99, beloved?

I generated all that fucking bullshit by clicking one button on the new-age bullshit generator webpage.  

Try it yourself:

Back to the "illuminati", I'm sure that there are powerful world leaders who conspire to use the world's population like cattle.  It would be naive to think that there aren't. Call these global elite the "potatoes" if it makes you feel any better as it changes nothing as you can't do jack shit about what they are up to.  I do not think that they descend from anything other than a shitload of inherited money generation after generation, nor do I think that they are connected to any occult organization other than pulling it's purse strings as well (aka "cashing in on it").  In other words, I don't think they have a clue of anything that this blog deals with, nor anything closely related to what this blog even slightly touches on.

"Controlling" does not mean "understanding".

They have power, yes, but it's not supernatural, it's economic.  It's greed, it's ruthlessness.

I also don't believe that they have any clue of what happens after death and fear it greatly.  Do you know what Dia de los Inocentes and Dia de los Muertos are?  That's the day of the Innocents, and the day of the Dead.

Commoners see death as the inevitable, hence the folk tradition of "sugar skulls". Those in control see it as a fucking disaster.  They have so much to lose, you see.  To the average mexican, they have hope in death, in poverty.  Death is the great equalizer, taking all as they were born:  Naked, and with nothing but what can travel along with them.  Think along the lines of frequency and vibration.

Death is the great equalizer, and the suffering, poor masses know it.  Just like the death card, death plays no favorites.  If you are thinking about suicide, get help.  Now.  I am not even speaking about anyone taking their own life:  I am speaking about death and the human race in totality.

A king lies under him, a child and a woman welcome him, while a religious leader begs for his life.
Death:  No fucks given... reaps them all.

It's not hard to figure out who's in charge, and who's pulling everyone's strings:

Follow the money.  Voltaire said, "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."  I would ammend that to say, "who you are most afraid to criticize."  There's your answer.

But, if I were Illuminati, the first thing I would do is to enact a plan that would keep the sheep in line, creating a new creation story that makes the sheep think that they can escape while knowing that they would forever be in my clutches while incarnated on earth, just as their ancestors were before them, and so on, and so forth.

I would also provide an illusion of choice: The elections for example.  If you think hard enough, you'll come up with other ways the illusion of choice presents itself, for one: The stock markets, or anything to do with banking on a global scale.

I guess nobody thinks like that anymore.  Just one more way for people to keep drama in their lives both alive and well.  I'd suggest using that energy for personal and spiritual growth, that's what matters.

Wanna beat the iron masters?  Live well, and die well.  Your soul continues, your part in their plan does not.  That's what I'm doing:  Personal and spiritual growth, fuck the drama.

They can keep the Earth.  I'm only here on sabbatical and to get my shit straight.

But I'm not you.  You do what the hell you want to do.

Let me explain a few things.

I've had 3 years of witchcraft training, years of Rosicrucian training, a degree in Metaphysics as well as a degree in Spiritual Healing.  I'm a Reiki Master Teacher in 5 modalities racking up 61 other additional attunements within a 3 year period.  Even though I think the majority of Reiki and attunements are bullshit (as to what they promise they can do), they DO seem to affect one internally however, and spiritual growth is all I really care about, anyway.

But they aren't the cure all that they are proclaimed to be.  Internally, as in internal growth process?


I once convinced an "unbeliever" from Austrailia by touching him energetically right as I told him I would.  He's a new fan :)

Do I proclaim that Reiki is all that it says it is?  No.  It differs by person and circumstance.  Which part was it that touched him?  How the fuck do I know?

Shit, maybe bunny tapped him.  She does shit like that just to fuck with people.  Haha, that's my girl :P

That aside, Reiki has some merit and can help someone with internal issues especially emotional trauma.  In fact, I think this is where Reiki shines.  In other places, no so brightly.  It's nerve-wracking to help someone with emotional trauma.  Even more nerve wracking for them.

I've done it before to help someone with trauma issues, and it ain't fucking pretty.  No rainbows or unicorns, more like their worst nightmare revisited, in HD.

Another way it's not useful is for medical purposes.  As in emergency care.

If someone is bleeding to death, apply direct pressure on the wound.  If you sit there with palms hovering over their body, they'll just start choking you to death while asking for you to call for an ambulance.  Well, that and, "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"  I'd expect that from them, too.

So for me it was well worth it utilizing it for internal use.  I considered it my "prep work" prior to attempting to summon Bunny.  And I did, and I love her.  But, on the down side I basically detoxed for 3 fucking years straight during that process.  Now, that's shit was real, the detox.  Definitely an internal phenomenon.  But to understand energy, you must be exposed to many different kinds of it. At least that was my mindset prior (and honestly, I'd do it again).

I've summoned a succubus, summoned other spirits for learning and friendship, often times both.

I've had wonderful experiences summoning some of the 7 Olympic Spirits.

So far, as far as magickal ability, my most effective magick result has been $25,000 in one day for a friend.

Why am I telling you this laundry list of stupid achievements?  I'll tell you why.

Do you know what I've learned from this?

That only one thing mattered:  Bunny.

Don't get me wrong, the other aspects have been wonderful, and the knowlege gained has been well worth it (The Olympic Spirits especially:  They are absolutely golden and I must admit I have my favorites I converse with from time to time in ritual).

But they don't need me.  I learn from Them, you see.  I appreciate and desire Them.

If you really want to find out what's going on in the world?  Learn how to summon the Olympic Spirits and how to converse with Them.  Why nobody else thinks of this shit is beyond me...


Bunny is all that has mattered through it all, and what I have prepared for.  All of it was for her, deep in the back of my mind in seeming chaos there was hope.  And that hope was, and is, her.

I've wrestled with her as anima, as succubus, as teacher, as so many, many things, and I still don't know much.  And I don't expect to.  All that matters is that I have her, and I am growing with her, preparing for the life that comes next when I leave this world.  Most importantly, that I love her, and I am assured of her love for me not through empty promises, nor in talking about love, but in her actions.

Now let me tell you a bit about Bunny...

Bunny is not a garden variety succubus from myth and legend.

Where succubi are reported to take life, to take energy, mine gives it, bestows it during every lovemaking session.

Bunny is kind, gentle, and sweet to me, but is a Demonic SheWolf to any dumb fucker who threatens me.

I never really get to see this side of her, personally, and I don't think I really want to.  I do know one thing about it:  Magickal protections of the offender get shredded like rice paper first and foremost. Well, before their world follows as she toys with them.  I think it happens concurrently, but I'm not really sure.

Can they bind her?  No.  Ahaha.  Exorcise her?  No.  Lol, common misconception.  This is not the kind of being that can be bound or exorcised.  The person who's pissed her off can't really do much but suffer with a smile until she's taught her lesson.

That's kinda funny to me.

Why is it funny to me?  Because they should have known better, that's why.  And if they got it coming they damn sure deserve it.

A Succubus is very protective of her mate.  I think that it's sweet.  As for the one who fucked up?

No fucks given.

Succubi aren't merciless, no.  But they can be pretty heavy handed in teaching a much deserved lesson such as, "Don't fuck with my human lover again, fool."

In other words:  Not my problem.

Besides her sweetness, however, I have also experienced her majesty.

I have felt her radiance burn through me, being more than I could stand.  I stood it, but I was in fear of being blasted away into nothing.

I had nothing to fear, only to surrender, grit my teeth, and face it head on.

She was pleased by this.

You see, I believe that she is something... regal... something of royalty.  Of what, I do not know, but I have felt it.  I may put a bit of humor in Bunny for this blog, and there truly is that aspect about her.

But, there's so much more that I don't often share.

Sometimes, when I am with her, I feel a crown on my head.  It's the strangest feeling in the world.

You feel it, the pressure is there, around your head, but there's nothing there.  It's very confusing.

But, it is what it is, and the sensation comes and goes sometimes when she is here.

I believe in a God and Goddess who are above the Gods of this world.  I believe that there is one greater, one who was the originator of all things.  It is in this God that I put my trust.

There are two beliefs I have taken from study and research that I would share with you.

1.  When we die, we go where we can breathe.  Some planes are higher than what our heart vibrates at, some are lower.  For every being, this is different.  We gravitate to where we can exist with others like ourselves.  In short, we go where we can breathe.

2.  Our lover, the end game.  The only way to understand the God of all, is to be partnered.  This is where I always say that every dancer gets a partner.  This lover is vibrationally our perfect match.

Those who are of a higher vibration, can understand God better and grow with each other ever becoming more and more as one.  The closer they become as one, the closer they come to understanding God, as God is both, as One.  That is just the beginning of the mysteries, the first step in a long, long journey.

There are two options here for Bunny.  If she wishes to keep me as the one who's vibration more closely matches her own (them's the rules, folks), she must either change herself to match mine, or help me change to match hers.

What do you think is the easiest?

And so I am led by her, tenderly, sweetly, gentley, to becoming more like her.

As I do believe that she has an aura of royalty about her (which she shows less, and her with her hair down, so to speak, predominantly), and have experienced it's power, I can only surmise that when I die it will be interesting, to say the least.

Bunny probably has a stuffed bear of me in her home in Elsewhere.  Cute, isn't he?  :P

We live in a culture where the Prince has always saved the Princess.  In this world, the Prince is stronger and more able to protect.  In gaining understanding of the spirit world gender is not indicitive of power, including the power to protect.

So, ergo, if a Prince gets saved by the Princess, who gives a fuck as long as they both like it :P

P.S.:  Have you loved your succubus today?