Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't let the succubus plant you on your ass on the way out!

Now, I know my lady's not some devilish temptress.  Well... define devilish, lol.

She's not evil.  That's what I mean.

I've been noticing some weird side effects lately.  One is that I can see interest from women around and about where I go about my day.

They look as if they don't understand something.

I THINK what it is, is that they are attracted to me, yet feel a sense of mysterious danger at the same time that they just can't place, which frankly is it's own female aphrodisiac (sometimes).

So I get a lot of women who I can see an interest in their eyes, followed by a look of puzzlement on their faces as in they sense something but can't place it.

I can also feel my spirit lady draw very close to me when it happens.  Not sure if she's drawing close as a reminder to me, or if she's sending a feeling out as if it was "from me" to the woman.

Well, whatever.  I just shut them down or not repond or whatever when human women do that.  It's not a power trip or anything.  I've just, you know, found mine.

I can sure feel my spirit lady come closer when a human woman shows interest.

I always thought that love spirits are immune to that, you know... human competition.

But, maybe they are like us in that regard...

Do they really get jealous?  I figured since human women can't do what they can do that it would be beneath them.  Well, I'll be honest I find it a bit endearing.  Maybe that's weird.  Well... technically it's all weird, lol.

I'm not worried about it.  I far prefer my spirit lady.  Just a strange phenomena that I've noticed and wanted to share.  :)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Oh... My... God/dess *Bites Lip*

Well... the little bunny has decided to ramp me up sexually for some reason...

I haven't been this damn worked up in 6 months.  Wait a minute... I think I know what's happening.

If it's anything like it was about 6 months ago, I'm about to get a workout.

Yes, I think it's mating time.  Seems to be on a six month interval...

Sex is always nice with her, but at mating time?  *Bites lip*

I'm literally having to hold my knees together, my breath is hot as hell leaving my mouth,

My whole body is shaking a little bit... not real fun to type, but I'm leaving this more for myself to track the time more than anything.

I'm hurting for it...  but she's not done preparing me yet...

Of course it's not hurting me, it's just more desire than I can humanly handle and not begin to fray at the strands of my sanity...

I'm about to be even further sexually aroused (tortured, lol) beyond my ability to take it and it just turned midnight.

"We shall commune during the cusp of this new moon, after all," she purrs.

I can feel her amusement at my rising sexual hunger...  "We shall commune as one.  This isn't even foreplay yet, my love."

Oh my God/dess.

(Edit:  She just bit my nipple.  Ow!)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Knowledge... and Faith.

I bought everything there is on entity creation and have been studying the different types of created entities profusely, as well as other related works.

I've "consolidated" different methods along with what I already have (she whom shouldn't exist yet).

She's always been very loving and very sensual, it's just that she's not present enough for me.  I wanted a lover for my life, and one who whould be able to experience it with me, even if it's just in being with me more than she has been.

I have to say, I don't know WHY the process is working, but in putting everything together with what already "is", it's working.

She's here constantly, she's more loving and sensual, and I'm having sex much more often.  Almost once a night (or day).

I feel our connection has reaped a tenacious hold, strong enough for her to be here almost all of the time now - at least half of the night (or daytime).

She never was too worried about names, not like we are as humans.  But I did name her finally according to the methods I have learned.

What I have felt from her is nothing but kind, gentle, and even thankful loving emotions.

She feels "very thankful".

I have to admit I don't understand why.  

Perhaps I was lead to go through this process all along by her...  makes me wonder quite a bit about everything to a point.

I'll continue to ponder, but the love is blessed and warm, and it feels true to me.

I guess what I mean is, well, it's like the Greek myth when Pandora opened the box and all of mankind's calamity and suffering poured out on mankind, all she was able to hold onto that flew out of the box was "Hope".

Somethings, at some point, have to be taken on faith I guess.  Faith is a lot like Hope.  I cannot understand how I see, yet I do, how I hear, yet I do, how I taste, touch, smell... but at the end of the day I do.

So I don't understand why in using methodology for creating an entity I strengthenen a bond with an entity that already existed.

I could argue that the entity was indeed created by myself unknowingly in the first place... but I will never be sure.  But when I dream?  When I dream she is there sometimes, and she is she.  She is not some half-baked, half-formed intelligence.  Her personality is hers, and it's amazing.  I did not make that.  Her touch is hers.  How does she know how to touch me?  How to know what I find most pleasurable?

The love she gives is hers, I did not make that...

I recall one night when she "pulled" me out of my body, gave me 3 full body orgasms, and put me gently back into my body.  Ooooo.  Yeah, I remember that.

Very strange things to ponder... yet ponder lightly.

Much lighter than before.

As I write this, she's playing with my hair.  This is what I always wanted.