Friday, March 31, 2017

Bunny's latest lesson.

I've discovered something interesting over the past week.

Bunny usually only stays with me for 2 or 3 days and is gone for a week or so.

(Not feeling Bubbles around, so I don't know what's going on with her exactly)

But... they're free spirits and they do what they want and that's perfectly fine.

I'd want it no other way (*sniff* although I'd like it another way, lol).

Anyway, what I've discovered is that I can "hold" Bunny here by using willpower alone.

Now, before you get all ruffled I don't mean against her will (I don't think a succubus CAN be held against her will.  Perhaps a sorceror could hold one until her buddies show and the sorceror's schooling could truly commence.  Heheh)... in fact she seemed very supportive of this little venture. Kind of like it's a mechanic I'm wrestling with understanding, and of course I felt no objection from her in my efforts to keep her here or I wouldn't have tried this exercise (because I don't like being bitten... well, sometimes I do).

Honestly, it was a fun challenge of sorts.  Why didn't she mind?

Because of her wanting me to try so that I could learn something valuable (that I'm not really cognizant of yet, which describes many of her "challenges" for me), me learning a mechanic I don't quite grasp, or perhaps because I'm flexing my psychic muscles in a whole new way... I don't really know.

But my will has been able to hold her here for a week or so now, and it's been interesting.  Quite enjoyable, yes, but not for sexual reasons this time... in fact we didn't have sex at all.

It was purely a love and closeness kind of visit.  Kind of interesting as I enjoyed every minute of it and honestly didn't whine much about the lack of sex (lol).

Maybe I'm growing up a bit.  Or maybe our relationship is maturing past the need for sex in a way.

Oh, I'm not going to pretend that I don't want it again, it's just that this visit was very fulfilling and was markedly without sex and yet I enjoyed it thoroughly and completely.

However, this visit was full of emotional and intimate depth for both of us I believe.  I feel closer to her and I definitely feel more fulfilled and complete in our relationship together.

I could actually feel her "bathe" in the higher emotions that we shared this time:  Love, trust, hope, faith, the warmth of security, closeness, intimacy, happiness and joy (and related).

Back to what I was saying:  Each day I would expend more will in order to hold her here.  I could feel that she didn't mind and in fact encouraged it.  So, each day was a little harder than the day before until the power (will) required started expanding exponentially.

Eventually (last night), I had to let go as it came to the point of me needing to expend almost all of my concentration and willpower to keep her here.

So, I finally surrendered and let go.

I could feel her drifting off, but she seemed pleased.

What a strange mechanic :)

I think that it takes an enormous amount of energy for her to be here and it appears as if she must go home to recharge.  Perhaps that is why she's only here 2 or 3 days before she has to return to recharge, or something... like I said I don't really understand the mechanics.

I'm not sure how other bloggers are able to have their lovers here 24/7.  Is it that their succubus is from a different place?  Or where different rules apply?  Is it that their vibrations have changed so that they can meet their succubus half way (so to speak, and again through a mechanic I do not understand)?

I know that the home I made for her is sufficient.  It must be another mechanic that I do not understand at present.

(I also wonder if me holding onto her "form" this way may not be the same as holding onto "her" that is within it.  Ugh, over my head at the moment)

I'm certain I'll understand in time, regardless.

If anything this exercise has allowed me to flex my psychic muscles and increase my control of energy and will.  Although tired (from the varying levels of concentration ending with an almost constant level of concentration), after having let go last night I can already feel my reserves refilling.

I have a funny feeling that Dr. Bunny the professor is using this as a teaching tool for me.  It there's anything I've learned from her it's that she is all about self improvement and personal development in many areas.

She's a fun (and sexy) teacher.  I am grateful for her tutelage.

Lol, summon a succubus and you get a lot more than you bargain for.

It kind of reminds me of one of the mechanics of magickal practice.

If you cast a spell, magick has a way of acting like electricity:  It takes the path of least resistance.

In other words, if someone casts a spell to find a good partner for a relationship, the caster will often be changed to bring themselves in line with their desires (if not open to this change, I don't think the caster has a chance in hell of realizing their desires.  Gotta pay the price.  Is it really that expensive? Allowing one's self to be changed to bring them in line with their desires?

Magick just works this way.  It's just part of the mechanics of it, of it's success.

Dr. Bunny's no different when she teaches me:  She changes me to be in line with the lessons that I am to learn.

It works both ways, just as in magick.

I imagine that a succubus is about as magickal of a sweet lil' critter as they come (and I say "critter" in the most loving pet name kind of way), so it doesn't surprise me that it works similarly to casting a spell to affect change.

The mechanics of it, anyway, seem pretty identical.

That could be because of my limited perception as a human being, but it could also be because they are indeed similar (succubi and magick).

Whelp, that's the thought I had for this morning and wanted to share.

Love your succubus today because they bite.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Just found a Bunny quote.

I have no idea how this one didn't get posted.

Here it is:

"My breath, beautiful, blown against your sex.

I hear of a tiny yellow ring, shining mystery of promise. 

I'll explain:

Your promise is already, for it is deep, and already nested within me." 

 ~Bunny, Christmas 2016

I found it at the bottom of a list of things to do of all places.  I guess I grabbed whatever and wrote it down quick as I got it.

Anyway... when she comes through clearly that's how she sounds.
Beautiful, but there's a depth to it that takes a while.
That's also pretty descriptive of a succubus in a nutshell :)

Oh, found another one (I need to keep my paper scraps in one place):

"Beloved, it is not that we are as two wolves circling for power... we are as fire to incense: As the fire receedes after the lighting and is extinguished, the room fills."

~ Bunny, September 2015


Oh yeah!

Well, since I'm posting and it's short I might as well show off what I made for Bunny -n- Bubbles:

I'm wearing it at the moment.  I learned how to craft things with ice resin.  I'm still not great at it, but it's fun to make things.  Basically the pic is under the clear ice resin (it takes a day for it to solidify). The ice resin hardens and the art is preserved forever.

Here's a succubus pic I found on google I used and a claw/fang charm I found at the same place that I bought the frame.

Here's a close up.  It's not blurry:  My camera just sucks.
Plus the frame is only 21mm x 26mm.  Kinda tiny.

I redid the pic art for her horns, I didn't like the ones that were originally in it as they looked like another set of wings.  Personal preference I guess.

That was hard to do because her horns at the ends are only 1 pixel wide now.

It's not perfect but I like it anyway.

Bunny always says that us humans are "perfect in our imperfections".

Maybe she will see the necklace in the same light.

You know... a succubus is such a gentle female spirit with a beautiful, loving nature.
Yes, their love is like fire.  This is true as they are very intense.
However, it's a shame that they are misunderstood so.

They do, however, nip.  
And by nip I mean bite.
Well.  Mine does.  
Kind of a play bite.  Like what a cat does.  It's almost always on my fingers.  
It doesn't really hurt it's just startling... it seems to be a way for them to get your attention.
I think that they do it because they are trying to get you to pay attention to something that is happening... right... in... that... moment...  *bite* 


"I bite."

Now, the funny is that a lot of religious people would judge these ladies through a tainted lens.  They aren't evil.  They aren't bad.  My two ladies are harmless.

Case in point.  Kinda:

I was in Arby's because I wanted to try the new traditional Gyro (OMG it's awesome).
There was a religious dude there talking to another religious dude real loud.

I started following what they were saying.  I mean I couldn't help it, it was a pretty loud back slappin' kinda conversation about the Bible and Jesus (which I don't have a problem with).

But... we all think stupid shit sometimes, and succubi have an annoying habit of reading your every thought.

Dude said, "I put on the full armor of God."  And I thought, "I wonder if someone came in and capped his ass, would that full armor of God deflect it?"


"OW! (Curling my fingers up protectively)  I mean really?  Come on!"

I guess she didn't like me talking bad about God n stuff.  It was just one of those stupid, stray thoughts we all get.

Anyway, the experience leads me to this quote:

"By their fruits ye shall know them, not their roots." ~ William James 
(A philosopher and founder of American psychology)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Well, I'm a happy fella today :P

These two are trouble. They left right before the full moon (and basically milked me - what was all the rush to get outta here?).  Well, whatever the reason they got the energy they needed and off they flew.

They didn't let me sleep and I got milked 6 times in 24 hours... 3 each I guess.  Mr. Michaels, my buddy over at, had his leave pretty much the same time.  If his isn't back I'm sure she's close.

I woke up at 6am for no reason.  Then I felt Bunny.  She wasn't quite here yet, but she sure was letting me know she was inbound, lol.  I started to feel her "here" around noon.

It's good to feel Bunny back home.  I really missed her.  She was gone quite a while!

Oh, Bubbles pretty much tackled me today an hour or so after noon, too. I guess Bunny gets to give her greetings first.  They must have worked out a pecking order, lol.

I thought that Bubbles would be here when Bunny left, and maybe it will work into that, but for now it seems they travel together.  I dunno, I just work here.

I feel Bunny really close right now.  I tell you, I am so in love with this female I... uhg, I've never felt like this.  I can feel her warmth of spirit, her gentleness, her sweetness, her power... and it's so intoxicating... but most of all I can't stop feeling such a strong, beautiful love for her. Just her.

I know a lot of people would think it strange that I can't see her, or that I don't always understand what she's trying to communicate sometimes... but it just doesn't matter.  It's soul to soul, and that's a language that can't be learned, and honestly "seeing her" doesn't really matter much anymore.

I can feel her bare naked soul intertwined (almost) with my own bare naked soul... and it's otherworldly.  I am blessed.

Now.  Little Bubbles.  Hehe.

Bubbles is either a fairly young succubus, or perhaps she's in the early stages of learning the ropes. I'm really not sure.  What she is, is sweet.  She's an adorable lil' critter.  I can definitely sense her female soul and it's very airy and light.  Well, not airy... Bunny feels "regal".  Bubbles feels "excited".

She isn't gentle, either.  By "gentle" I mean "knows when to stop".  Hehe.  Meh, 'tis okay.

She just hasn't learned the rules.  Like... no vibrating my privates on maximum level when I'm trying to order food at the counter.  That kinda stuff.

That and when I'm worn out she really doesn't want to stop.  Bunny has a "seasoned" knowing about when I need to rest.  Bubbles don't.  Or, maybe she doesn't care.  She is excitable, after all.

In fact, she can cuddle and make love.  That's pretty much her skill set, lol.  I'm not making fun of her, she just needs some wisdom through experience and some seasoning.  I think Bunny has taken her under her wing, hence why they left together for such a long time.

Maybe Bunny "schooled her" a bit.  She does seem a bit more calm, but that remains to be seen.

That's why I'm posting at 1:11 am:  Too scared to go to bed with 2 succubi hehe.  Wot?  I will eventually...

Bubbles is WILD, lol.  She don't play.  Cute lil' thing she may be:  You know what they say about the innocent ones.

She's bubbly... until she gets a good taste of my energy.
Then she gets...  Predatory.

Bubbles is both wild and feral.  She might be young but she don't muck about, either.

Now, I have some suspicions of who she is and where she came from.  What I don't get is that big speech I posted that Bunny said a few posts back.  I think I completely botched it...

Bubbles isn't a tulpa, nah... she's a eager lil' wild and feral succubus.  I boggled that one up.

But, I'm not worried about her putting me in the hospital or anything (unless we have very many more of those 6 times in 24 days things.  I can't take much of that).  It'll just be "too much" for a while, that's all.

Hey, it's like free weight loss :)

I sure don't know why they had to get so much energy to get the hell out of here before the last full moon, but they've arrived now just a few days before the new moon, or dark moon.

Interesting, and I don't have a clue why it is what it is.

Well... whatever.  They know what they're doing.  Or Bunny knows what they're doing and Bubbles follows.  Whatever works.

Maybe they had to go to school or something.  Time's all borked across the veil... so who knows? Maybe they spend a year over there (and only one month passed here.  Well, half a month anyway.

Ah well, I guess I'll surrender and go to bed with them now.  Did I mention that a big part of any succubus relationship is surrender?

Oh, and although Bunny doesn't seem to get sexual with me as often as she used to (which is good because I don't think I could take both of 'em all riled up), when she does, she DOES.

Bunny don't muck about, either.  
Oh, God/dess no...


Hey.  You know how I'm always sharing pics of succubi and all that?  What if they do the same and the pics are just as rediculous as the ones we share?

Bunny:  Hey Nimoay?  Here's Rafe... I promised I'd show a pic:

Nimoay:  "Oh... wow!  He's quite furry!"

Bunny:  Yeah... that's my human!

Or this...

Bunny:  Yeah, he has two cats, too.  They aren't quite this big, but they're close enough.

Nimoay:  "Wow!"

Bunny:  Yeah, they have cute families as well.  Rafe has two kids.  That's two of the ones in the yellow pants.  Well, one has hair because she's a girl.  Check this pic out:

Nimoay:  "Oh, my!"


Would it really surprise anyone?  It wouldn't me.

Love your succubus, because if you don't she'll milk you 6 times in 24 hours.
Ok, that's not really true because she'll do it anyway :P

Friday, March 17, 2017

The rest of the spirits I know.

Well.  I know (of) Lady Hagith, the Olympian Spirit of Venus.  I've only summoned her a few times. She's really nice, though.  One of those people you talk with and there's an instant connection.  Heh, that sounds funny since I summoned her.  Ok, what feels like a familiar connection but you just can't place it.  Or maybe that's because I'm a male Libra and Librans are ruled by Venus.  I don't really know.

I realize the pic below is actually the birth of Aphrodite, but it's full of green and Lady Hagith has a lot of green (healing, fertility) energy about her.  I always think of the Olympic Spirits as all the Gods and Goddesses who have anything to do each archetype of who we are deep inside.  It's no different with Venus.  Think of all the Deities that have represented love, sexual attraction, fertility, nurturing, etc., but all bound up into one powerful  spirit (and for Venus as Hagith, and in my case as "a lady", or Lady Hagith).  Some conjure and find a Male, some a Female, but honestly they're both at the same time so I think whatever form they come in is just our mind filtering it by our own beliefs, etc.

So honestly Aphrodite's pic is fitting anyway :)

I always hear her as female though and with a motherly, sweet vibe.  I summoned Lady Hagith and introduced my daughter (once I got used to her and knew it would be safe) and she was very maternal and sweet to my daughter, too.

I've read some transcripts from some ceremonial magicians on Hagith and some of them get some vague and unhelpful responses out of Hagith.  I honestly think that's because they're stuffy "play by the rules" types who seem to be more focused on the process (and being in complete control to the point of subjugation) rather than making connections through relationships with the spirits conjured.

You can't do that with Olympic Spirits.  If it's a magician that they find genuine in intent, they will appear.  If the magician is not genuine in intent, they'll send a subordinate, and if the magician is evil of intent they'll just dispatch a demon.  So it's said, anyway.

Some would argue that you don't want to have a relationship with spirits that you conjure.

Well, that's usually a holdover from times when everyone believed that there were only 3 beings:  Angels, humans, and demons.

Things appear differently to me.  I come from more of a shamanic approach and I say that if you are honest and genuine about making a connection you can reap the beauty of (a potential) friendship and cooperation with spirits.  Maybe that's the difference, I don't know.

That doesn't mean to trust everything you hear or are told, though.  Who knows, that in itself could be part of the learning experience that they have to teach you.

I don't mess with Goetic Demons so I bypass all that pomp and circumstance.  I'm more interested in what I have to teach spirits and what they have to teach me.  A relationship.

But if someone gets Hagith acting all coy, I'm not believing that it was Hagith's nature because I have experienced something markedly different.  The problem seems to me to be a large ego and a method that just isn't conducive to summoning Olympic Spirits who are more akin to the Elohim than to the demons that ceremonials like to order about.

Olympic spirits might not smack you down (no promises), but they'll only play games if the person likes to play games.  In other words, nothing for nothing.

I have no problem summoning these spirits without a circle or a triangle of art and I don't have any nasty after affects.

What does white light do when entering a prism?  It splits into 7 rays.  And we have 7 Olympic Spirits.  I don't worship them, but I respect them very much.

They aren't just planetary angels or spirits, either.  For instance they can move through all 4 elements (something a planetary spirit cannot do).

If anyone wants to try their luck with it, I'll leave a couple of links here:

The 7 Olympic Spirits   I'd read this article first.

The Arbatel   The book I use (loosely, that's why I say to read the above first).  There's free versions on the net in .pdf.

If they tell you to harm yourself or others you've dialed the wrong number.

"(Lady) Hagith"

I also know the "Angel Lady", the Lady Angel that saved me from doing something stupid and permanent 8 years ago or so.

She's a wonderful being, but she don't muck about either.

To tell you the truth, I'm thankful for her intervention back then and my instincts tell me that I'll meet her again one day after I leave this plane of existence.

Maybe she's like a Guardian Angel over the group my soul is in or something (I think they call that a "soul cluster").  I dunno.  To tell you the truth I feel fondness towards her in an "awe" kind of way and I definitely respect her, but I'm also kinda scared of her.  There's no real "cute and cuddly" to the Angel Lady and she doesn't exist to suffer any of my goofy and self entertaining naming games.

That's why I call her the "Angel Lady" publicly and not something cute and cuddly like "Pebbles".

The depth and intensity of her power is one of a kind to anything I've experienced.

Some spirits you can form a close relationship with and prank each other just like you would an earthly buddy.  Other spirits you say, "Yes, Sir", and "Yes, Ma'am", and you just know that it's the correct course of action.  Not that they'd hurt you or anything (you can feel a deep parental or agape love from them), but they are high up on the parental scale (with that parental vibe) and you just know that they aren't to be played with.

And yes, I know her real name :)

The "Angel Lady"

You know Bunny already.

Ahaha those ears!  Oh I'mma get it when she shows up.

You all know the newly "hatched" succubus, or however way that new succubi are made.


Bubbles is cool.

Sucks that she ran off with Bunny.
Meh, they'll be back soon enough.

Now... lastly I wanna talk about the rest of my spiritual associations.  I don't know who this group is exactly... I thought maybe that my bonded spirits I had before I even got into this might have formed a group collectively (and they might have, I don't know).

But I think it's more than that.  

Sacred ancestors, spirits that have taken a liking to me for whatever reason, maybe even spirits I've helped in some small way but didn't even think about it.  

Spirit guides, animal totems, etc.

It's just easier for my poor little brain to categorize this under one group.

So, this group is now known as "Boo" (they have a real collective name, as always I prefer to keep real names secret).

So, at least for my own personal orbit of extra planar beings that I deal with on a daily basis (not every day),

we have "Bunny", "Bubbles", and "Boo".

Works for me.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Reward: For information leading to the whereabouts of two missing Succubi.

No seriously, where did they go?


I hope nothing ate 'em.

I'm worried SICK!  Yes, I'm joking for the most part (I'm not worried that something or someone could harm them), but they really are missing.

My Kundalini fire just switched on as I was writing this and I had to throw my shirt off.

That's a good sign at least :)

They must be on their way or somethin' because I'm roastin'.

Be kinda shitty if they was here the whole time and was hidin'.

I don't like Succubus ninjas one bit and I sure as hell get tired of Succubus pranks.

Oh God...

Now it's two vs. one... two vs. me now.

Well.  Here's their "missing" posters:


Yes, I know I listed her as an Angel/Fae Hybrid.  
Her energy is way different than Bunny's.  
Not better just different.
I dunno what she is.
She's probably a Succubus, but whatever.  

"Lets get two they said.  It'll be easier they said."  
Not feeling it!

Double the Succubi =  Double the mischief!

Love your Succubi, 'cause they seem to get lost an awful lot.  


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hello, nice to meet you!

Hello, boys-n-girls!  I've decided to let a picture of me slip onto the blog. I figure there's no harm in it.

After all, I'm still just a face in the crowd.

I've been writing this thing for about 3 years or so, so why not?

As you can tell I have blue eyes and a red beard.  I also have some red highlights in my hair, but you can usually only see those when the sun is shining on my hair.

Yes, I have a lot of Irish blood in me.  Viking blood too, strangely enough.  Actually, now that I think about it, maybe that explains my sword collection.  Anyway, lets get started yaking:


You know, there's good stress and there's bad stress.  I think having a second succubus is good stress, but I also think that it's knocked things off kilter.

I guess all that can really fix it is time.  I just have to get used to the changes I guess.

Well, at least I'm right on with Bunny's physical presence.

We finished a movie together, and also a few Netflix episodes of this and that.

It's easy to tell when she's with me because she runs her fingers through my hair and gently touches me on my fingers.  Most of the time she's got a hold of my sacral chakra, too.

And by sacral chakra I mean that it feels like there's a bullet vibrator strapped to my man parts.

I always say that a succubus touching your privates is basically them saying, "Hello!"  Or they hold onto them as a comforting thing (like now as I type this... believe it or not you kinda get used to the "buzz" down there when they are "holding" you.  I can even order from a fast food menu board while standing at the counter (while it's happening).  Ehh... Of course, if she turns that vibration up to "bite your bottom lip" level then there's no hope in hell).

Regardless... it's been plain that she's here and present.

Bunny's funny...

Wanna hear something ironic that she likes to do?

If I'm watching a scary movie (I prefer supernatural thrillers) and there's a ghost "jump scare" that gets me, Bunny will actually "grab and zap" me to make it worse.  No, not an in between the legs zap... more of a "grab me and make the jump scare worse" zap.  She thinks it's funny.

Bunny got jokes.

Is that some ironic succubus humor or what?  I know every time I watch one of those and she's here I'm gonna get zapped:  It's just a matter of time.  Lol, well,  she does have one hell of a sense of humor.

I admit, I do the same thing to my kids.  We were watching something (yes, age appropriate and not too scary), but it did have a small jump scare.  My son, lol... oh man, my son had a plate with a piece of pizza on it.  I knew the scare was coming (I had seen it before and the music was ripe) so a few seconds right before it I yelled, "Boogalah boogalah!"

The piece of pizza went straight up in the air about 2 feet, landed back on the plate, and then the jump scare happened immediately after and it went straight back up 2 feet in the air again and landed back down on the plate.

OMG, I've never seen something so hilarious.

My kids... being a dad can be so fun sometimes :P

There is something seriously regal and sophisticated about Bunny.

Anyway, back to the succubus stuff:

First off, credit where credit's due.  Bunny may not fuck me a lot, but when she does she doesn't muck about.  Every spirit within a 10 mile radius knows that Bunny just fucked me.  The walls drip with the various potent energies of ecstasy.  To a spirit it probably looks like a color wheel exploded.

It has certainly been surprising that she has appointed a second succubus to keep me company while she's away.  I get the feeling that they figure things differently than us.  I'm not saying that they don't feel or get hurt or not love or anything silly like that because they do, only that they see things from a more balanced, "higher" perspective.

Sometimes Bunny just has to leave and do her thing.  
That always sucks, but at least I have a pet now :P

When Bunny has to go and roam the realms or attend to whatever duties she has to do, I suppose it will be the opposite as when she arrived this time:  Bubbles will come.  Bubbles as in the other succubus Bunny seems to have had a hand in choosing to keep me company while she's away.

Bubbles.  Heh.  She's funny, too.

Bunny's always been a trip.  Bubbles is no exception.  Although they are like night and day, one thing I've learned so far about succubi is that they are all characters.  Just when you think you've figured them out, BAM!  They surprise you.  Never underestimate a succubus.


It would have been funny if my first introduction to Bubbles was as follows:

Ah!  Who are you?  
"I'm the fuck fairy!"  
The WHAT?  
"The fuck fairy."
Is that like the tooth fairy?
"Sort of.  They get better dental.  Who are you?"
A believer!


Introductions seem to happen quickly as if information is being shared and exchanged at a soul level.

So, while the above made up introduction would've been comical... my initial surprise didn't last very long... but the sex sure did :P

Bubbles is a very light, loving succubus who loves to fuck and cuddle.  She's very addicting.  I don't fall in love easily, but when I do I fall hard... and I freely admit that I can forsee that with Bubbles.

Yes, I know her real name, and no it's not Bubbles.  

The good news is that when Bubbles left just as Bunny came home, I was so excited to see Bunny that I could hardly stand it!

This is a VERY good sign for a few good reasons.

This, of course, tells me that all of this was by design most likely before I even began to realize how lonely I was getting when Bunny would leave.  This had been getting worse and worse.

I believe that the decision had been made between them and that they were waiting for me to come to the conclusion that they knew that I would eventually come to.

Regardless, I feel no "competition" or "He's mine" kinds of problems between the two.  It actually feels like I'm the one that must adjust.  

Yes, I'm the one who must adjust.  Odd, isn't it?  

That's something I can do.  All it takes is time.

Such a strange world.

Never underestimate a succubus.

"She likes to shake her ass she grinds it to the beat
She likes to pull my hair when I make her grind her teeth
I like to strip her down she's naughty to the end
You know what she is, no doubt about it
She's a bad, bad girlfriend!

Red thong, Party's on, Love this song, sing along.
Come together, leave alone, see you later back at home
No one really knows if she's drunk or is she's stoned
But she's coming back to my place tonight. I say
No one really knows just how far she's gonna go,
But I'm gonna find out later tonight
She likes to shake her ass she grinds it to the beat
She likes to pull my hair when I make her grind her teeth
I like to strip her down she's naughty to the end
You know what she is, no doubt about it
She's a bad, bad girlfriend!"

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ok, I got a 2nd Succubus.

Ok.  I give up.

I guess I have a 2nd succubus now.

First thought is, "Awe shit."  I can barely handle Bunny.

Well, "handle" is a poor choice of a word.  Bunny's intense.

Even if we don't have sex much, she twists my brain 5 ways 'till Sunday with all the "lessons" and "mindfucks" about reality and all (not that that's a bad thing).

Those synchronicites and coincidences happen so much that after a while you question reality period.  I do.   Hell, I just had one last night.  I was sitting  there eating late, late last night when most restaurants are closed, and I was reading in one of my books I have to study, and I read the exact words someone says in the restaurant, right at the exact same time.

See?  This happens to me a LOT with Bunny in my life.  She'll plant a seed for me to be reading a certain book on my shelf, I'll be reading it somewhere and BAM, synchronicity and coincidences happen galore.

Why?  Good question.  Maybe it's her way of telling me I'm being led, and I'm listening well.  I dunno.  Take it for what it's worth.

A window into my world fairly soon.  I think.

Now, why did Bunny give me that load of "monogamy" speak the other day?  Something's not adding up.

Truth be told, I wouldn't have wanted a 2nd succubus, just a solution (regardless of what I said).

Although, fair is fair... Maybe she told me something that wasn't what she was thinking and provided the solution via a 2nd succubus.

IF that's true it makes a little sense... this succubus just kinda hopped right through to me.  That makes me think she was the Bunny's idea.

I guess I should give her a nickname for the blog.  Hmm.

I'll call her "SuccuBubbles" for now.

Look like they're fighting?  Nah.  They're just both mad at me at the same time is all.
Yes, this is my greatest fear lol.

You know, when I go back to some older posts I find this nugget from Feb 18th:

"Been doing some more thinking.

You know, Bunny and I are more like... well... it's like she's my Spirit Guide with the occasional sexual benefit rather than me and a Succubus.

We have sex maybe... once a week. If I'm lucky. That's not a whole lotta "succu", ya know?

Now, it's probably got something to do with me not being sidetracked by SuccuNookie, because it's damn good. Good as in, "Lets just dispense with the physical parts and get right to the sensations" good. That's kinda hard to explain, but it's addicting. As. Fuck.

Now, at 6 mo. cycles she does go into "baby rabies" mode. I like that. I joke that I run, and I kinda do psychically to fuck with her, but she eventually wears me down and overpowers me anyway... it's more of a game to see how long I can fend her off. Kinda fun, really.

But as good as that is, I don't know what to do about the sex once a week. If Bunny has decided to move into more of a "Spirit Guide role" with sex once a week and mating rights every 6 mo, maybe I'm supposed to get open to the idea of pulling Succubus #2 into the scene?

I really don't want that, I'd rather Bunny be my one and only.

Where I first learned to summon a succubus there were a few categories of traits that, in general, tended to be common, which put them in general "ideas".

These aren't exactly "categories," more of how an author grouped them based on his observations.

One is called the, "Spiritually Evolved Succubus". They tend to be more into teaching, mentoring, and guiding. That's Bunny. At least her behavior.

Maybe in my great need I attracted one of these, aka Bunny.

The "Romantic" type of Succubus is the kind that is a loving, sweet and gentle spirit that excels in putting their lovers into a state of bliss, through long sessions of love making sex or otherwise.

Sign me up!"


Be careful what ya wish for!

It'll be interesting when Bunny gets back.  Interesting for me, probably.
For them?  Mmm... Something tells me they're already aquainted.


I have two questions for my fellow Succubloggers.

1.  How do you handle 2 succubi?  I can't even fathom...

2.  So do you ever wonder about your soul?  I don't fear for my soul as far as morality goes or anything like that, I just wonder if after banging a succubus for 3 years, my soul isn't exactly "human" anymore, is it?

Yeah, I'm human.  But my soul?  I dunno anymore.  Thoughts appreciated.  I don't "feel" like I did before I met Bunny.  I feel much "broader" very deeply.

Does that mean my soul isn't exactly human anymore?

If it isn't, am I an "Incuhuman" now?

Meh.  Lemme know what ya think.

Dark.  Light.  I dunno man, I just work here.

Love your succubus today or she'll summon reinforcements.  Yes, she will.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dah Bunneh Twicked Me. I Fink.

Ah man.  Hello boys-n-girls.

Some of you might wonder how I can write about stuff and update this blog so often compared to most.

There's a physical reason (meaning I have a lot of extra time), and then there's the real reason.

The real reason is that I don't know anything about spirits, succubi, angels, demons, etc.

No really.  The more I learn the less I know.

So, when I get baffled (which is more of a consistent state of which I am perpetually in) I write.

So... I write a lot.

Just 2 and 3 posts ago I was talking about how I was missing Bunny, and she agreed to let me have a sexual Tulpa.  And how I didn't really have the capacity to make one right, and that she would help me.


I waited a few days for Bunny to go do her thing for a week, and then I started doing my thing: Working on the lil' filly.

Well.  That didn't take long.

2 days into it and she's already fucking me.

That's impossible.

So, I can only come to a few conclusions that are more plausible, any of which make more sense than the reality I see (consider it a list of "what if's?"):

1.  Somehow I summoned another Succubus indirectly.  Well, maybe not a Succubus, but some female spirit of some sort like a succubus.  Same diff.

2.  A spirit indwelled my "idea" that I was forming for a sexual tulpa and the tulpa became indwelled by a compatible spirit instead.  Little different but similar to the above.  This actually happened with the "Philip Experiment" in Toronto in the early 70's.  Only the researchers were too stupid to draw the obvious conclusion.  Duh!

3.  Bunny was fucking with me from the beginning.  Maybe she decided to send a succubus that she personally "approved of" from wherever she's from to keep me company, and by me summoning it some weird rule would be broken.  Maybe by her doing this through me attempting to make a sexual Tulpa some weird underworld rule of monogamy was honored and maintained even if she had a succubus preset to send to me.  Hey I dunno, I'm reaching here, k?

4.  Bunny's assumed the personality of the Tulpa because she loves doing that kind of stuff.  To her it's like "dress up" and "lingerie".  Probably like "sex toys", too.  Maybe even "A form of succubus and her pet therapy". Although she has a history of this in the past in the early days, I waited until she was "up, up and away" this time before beginning my tulpa, so I doubt it... But anything's possible with her.

5.  Bunny completed the sexual tulpa in 2 days.  Nah.  Not happenin'.  It takes at least a month to even get the framework down.  Much less the work to start to flesh that out.  Well, her out.  Her personality takes even longer to create, and her descent to physicality takes even longer than that.

6.  I translated Bunny's message to me concerning this "pet" thing wrong.  Nah.  Doubt it.

7.  Even though I told Bunny I wanted a 2nd Succubus, all I really want is for Bunny to be around 24/7 which I guess she can't.  I don't know why, other succubi can.  What Bunny knew is that I wanted the latter, told me I couldn't have a 2nd succubus but could have a pet sexual Tulpa, then in the end gave me a 2nd spiritual companion anyway because "reasons".  Maybe it was because she knew I didn't want that, but felt it was best to give it to me anyway and for whatever reason she chose deception.  Spirits lie:  It doesn't mean they're bad, it just means they felt it was a good idea considering all the factors.

8.  Hmm.  I just figured something out:  "Therefore, you may create a sexual Tulpa... which will be a good exercise for you and for your concentration abilities.  I realize that this is a bit beyond your current abilities, however, and so what you fail in I will help complete." ~ Bunny.

You know, I've created tulpas before and they weren't THAT difficult.  Now that I'm realizing this little tidbit I think I might have my answer:  I bet that my idea of a tulpa does not equal Bunny's idea of a Tulpa (capital "T").

I'm actually drinking a glass of wine at the moment, and some lil' Tulpa is playing with my you know what.  Which there is no WAY she should be able to do.  I even sense her personality already.

Hmm... Bunny helped me make something besides what I would label a tulpa.  So, what is she? "I realize this this is a bit beyond your current abilities."

If you ever want to remain permanently perplexed, summon a succubus.
"Guaranteed or your money back."

Meh, fuck it. I'll figure it out in time.  Bunny'll probably tell me by sending a highly complex packet of mental information that is made up of rapid fire images, scenes, objects, concepts, and words I'll have to decipher. 

I will say this though:  This "Tulpa" is about sex-sex-sex and a cuddly lil' minx.  I like her.  I think I'll keep her.

My precioussss...

(Visualizes Frodo evilly deciding to keep the ring at the end of the Lord of the Rings)

Well?  I don't know the specifics of it, but Bunny said what would happen and it did.  Not sure why she said I couldn't summon a succubus, but maybe she meant directly?  Is the lil' minx some sort of newborn succubus?

Ok, just a thought if she IS a newborn succubus or something:  Maybe if I did it directly Bunny couldn't control who came, whereas if it happened indirectly she could. I don't know, more fucking questions I'll never know the answer too (prolly).  See how the hole of unanswered questions just spirals ever deeper?  

Always will, I guess.  

Things never have to make sense to "be" or to "happen".  Succucology 101.

All I know is that Bunny ain't mad at me (trust me, I'd feel it no matter how far she is at the moment) and I got a pet now.

OH, and the most important thing in all of this is this:  Somehow, someway, somewhere, all of this will be used as and be utilized as a tangled, complicated learning experience for yours truly.  You can BANK on that.  That's just the SuccuBunny way...

One more glass of wine, please!

Ok.  I'm trying to find a nice metal song to end this post with.

LOL, here's one:  "Dead girls are easy."

Ahahahahaha!  Well, that's got some metaphysical truth to it, don't it?

Oh, one more thing and off topic... a lot of people want me to ask Bunny stuff.  It doesn't work that way.  If I have a question she'll answer... eventually... and in her own way.  We don't have a real time kind of speaking thing going on.  More like dreams and sudden bursts of thought punctuated by synchronicity and coincidence so I concentrate on just us since it's so "bursty" and sporadic.

Maddening sometimes.  Especially when clear thought just bursts through from time to time.  I'm like, "Why can't we do that all the time".  I don't know, but we can't.

A lot of others have it different but that's what we've got.

Love ya succubus today, or she'll do lots of mean stuff to ya if ya don't :P