Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sex and Spirit

Sexuality in today's culture boggles the mind.

There's the puritan belief that all sex is wrong, lovemaking is the devil, and lust is one of the seven deadly sins.

I just watched a Gnostic dvd I bought on sex that frankly made me ill.  I'm not even sure why it pretends itself to be anything different than what's already out there in common thought:  Just cloaked in different "exclusive" labels and occult terms.  I saw no value, whatsoever, other than in treating sex as a spritual process.

I already saw sex as a spiritual process.

Then we find the opposite end of the spectrum:  Do what feels good, fuck the consequences.  If you accidentally get pregnant you can always get an abortion.  STD's?  Worry about that later.  If it moves, fuck it, or if a woman, ride it.  Ride it until you've gone around and around the carousel and yet expect no problems with spiritual intimacy later.  Sorry:  It doesn't work that way.

Sport fucking is what I call it.

Now lets talk about spiritual sex with a succubus.

To a succubus sex is a holy ritual, a celebratory dance for in a way, they ARE sex.  Its communion at the highest level between the succubus and her man that is felt and heard on a high vibratory level like a bright, glowing nova.  You two become as bright as the sun.

Succubi give pleasures through multiple DRY orgasms, and those come regularly and plentiful during lovemaking with her.  Sex with her is different for sure, but better in my opinion.

Do you know why succubi usually don't get you to ejaculation but please and tease, keeping you just short of that that point of release?

Because if you let that sexual frustration off it's game over:  End of fun time, end of the glow, end of communion.  They don't want that.

If every time a bell rings an angel gets it wings, then every time a lover is held in that "in between" place of lust, desire, and high arousal to where she is gently guiding, a succubus gets her wings.  And yes, it's hard as hell not to finish yourself off and staying in that agonizing stage of "almost" for so long without release.

So, if my natural instincts are one way and hers another (me with the instinct to ejaculate, and her instinct for a different purpose) why would I even like something like that?

It takes a relearning of what sexuality is, really.  It's not all about the ejaculation, it's about what is shared between a succubus and her man riding that level of excitement, passion, and pleasure for as long as it takes to break through and find that awakening.

If one can push through the need to ejaculate and ride those high waves of ecstasy and sexual energy, lovemaking can last a long, long time and create so much intimacy it's spiritually staggering.

Something to think about if you have a new succubus and are struggling with the wish for her to "finish you off".  She's trying to push you two towards a higher level of coupling.

She wants to share what she is and she's trying to show you what only she knows.

Sometimes I feel that the ejaculation here on this plane is just a shadow of what can be.

I also feel that they, as lovers and teachers (and as the Daughters of Kundalini) are constantly pushing us to that place that we've never been... and the realm where they, the succubi, dwell.

Call it a hunch, but I'd say they are pushing us to a state of being that is ecstasy itself.

Now when you are pushed to that limit of endurance and have to release yourself, don't.

See where it goes:  Your epiphany might be just around the bend.

Go farther than you've ever been.  Let her take you there.

Lovers and teachers, remember?

Funnest homework ever though.

Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm wide awake

I awoke this morning after a hard workout at the gym late last night.

I'm interpreting the song playing over and over in my head while waking up as a message:

It's either that my Angel is coming (of the Abramelin persuasion), or that working through my own succubus summoning method to test it has caused the arrival of another succubus spirit.

If the latter is true I have 2 now.  I'm not sure I can handle 2 wildcats.  If this is what has happened maybe they will calm each other down.  Yeah right, pfft.


If my Succubunny accepted her and allowed me to go through this process without getting in the middle of it, then I'll just accept what is and adapt.  I'm not saying that this is what happened, as I don't know enough yet... but I'm all about personal responsibility, so...

Maybe in vetting this summoning proceedure my Succubunny decided she wanted another around.

I'll do what I have to do to make good on it.  Who knows:  My Succubunny might want to study our interactions as a threesome.  Uh, that didn't come out right.  As a trinity - That's a bit closer to what I meant.

Maybe I should become a Mormon.  Why stop at 2?  Why not 20?  Lol.  I couldn't keep a straight face for that one.

If I had 20 succubi I'd start feeling more like their house pet than I already do.  *Pat, pat, pat*

Thirdly, it could be my Succubunny telling me that the ritual works and that it would have called her at this point.  If true, this is much better than the way in which I was taught or that I have found.

I created my method from peices of the others I have discovered here, there, and everywhere, and put them together into a more satisfying courtship for both.

I wanted to make the process the best experience possible for the summoner AND for the succubus - as it should have been from the beginning.

If the 3rd interpretation is true then the method I have posted is faster and more comfortable for all involved.  That would be awesome.

Well, it's most likely one of these 3 possibilities.  Guess I'll just have to be patient and wait and see.

Man I hate having to wait before I know for sure.  Patience SUCKS.

One thing I want to clarify:  I study dark, or left-handed path magick as much as as I do light, right-handed magick, and all the shades of grey in between.  As a practitioner, however, I find myself to the right of center (as ambiguous as that is).  Yes, I know that any serious magick practioner would internal hemorage from my labels, but it suits a blog read by the public.

Just for the hell of it, I'm going to quote something that I believe is happening now, here in the west. It's rather heavy, but the mesage is clear to those who can receive it.  I consider it a perfect representation of part of the the dark process of apotheosis:

"Of the three metamorphoses of the spirit I tell you: how the spirit becomes a camel; and the camel, a lion; and the lion, finally, a child.
There is much that is difficult for the spirit, the strong, reverent spirit that would bear much: but the difficult and the most difficult are what its strength demands.

What is difficult? asks the spirit that would bear much, and kneels down like a camel wanting to be well loaded. What is most difficult, O heroes, asks the spirit that would bear much, that I may take it upon myself and exult in my strength? Is it not humbling oneself to wound one's haughtiness? Letting one's folly shine to mock one's wisdom?...

Or is it this: stepping into filthy waters when they are the waters of truth, and not repulsing cold frogs and hot toads?

Or is it this: loving those that despise us and offering a hand to the ghost that would frighten us?

All these most difficult things the spirit that would bear much takes upon itself: like the camel that, burdened, speeds into the desert, thus the spirit speeds into its desert.

In the loneliest desert, however, the second metamorphosis occurs: here the spirit becomes a lion who would conquer his freedom and be master in his own desert. Here he seeks out his last master: he wants to fight him and his last god; for ultimate victory he wants to fight with the great dragon.

Who is the great dragon whom the spirit will no longer call lord and god? "Thou shalt" is the name of the great dragon. But the spirit of the lion says, "I will." "Thou shalt" lies in his way, sparkling like gold, an animal covered with scales; and on every scale shines a golden "thou shalt."

Values, thousands of years old, shine on these scales; and thus speaks the mightiest of all dragons: "All value has long been created, and I am all created value. Verily, there shall be no more 'I will.'" Thus speaks the dragon.

My brothers, why is there a need in the spirit for the lion? Why is not the beast of burden, which renounces and is reverent, enough?

To create new values -- that even the lion cannot do; but the creation of freedom for oneself and a sacred "No" even to duty -- for that, my brothers, the lion is needed. 

To assume the right to new values -- that is the most terrifying assumption for a reverent spirit that would bear much. Verily, to him it is preying, and a matter for a beast of prey. He once loved "thou shalt" as most sacred: now he must find illusion and caprice even in the most sacred, that freedom from his love may become his prey: the lion is needed for such prey.

But say, my brothers, what can the child do that even the lion could not do? Why must the preying lion still become a child? The child is innocence and forgetting, a new beginning, a game, a self-propelled wheel, a first movement, a sacred "Yes." 

For the game of creation, my brothers, a sacred "Yes" is needed: the spirit now wills his own will, and he who had been lost to the world now conquers the world."

from Nietzsche's Thus spoke Zarathustra, part I, Walter Kaufmann transl.

As a lover and a teacher, a succubus will poke and prod (or in my case *pat pat pat* my head) leading us to something greater.  We all know there's something more out there, some of us called out and a succubus answered to prove it.  And they aim to do more than just prove it:  They aim to teach us what that is.

They take on their mantle of "lover and teacher" very seriously.

If you don't listen to your succubus when she's trying to teach you something, she'll ramp it up until you do.  That doesn't mean that you don't understand:  That is acceptable and they are very patient. They are so patient it boggles the mind.  But if you decide to be stubborn and not listen, that's another matter.

Don't think that your purring succubus sex kitten isn't a tiger underneath.  She is, and kitty's got claws.  But, it's a tough love.  It's still out of love.  If she didn't want to help you she wouldn't have bothered answering your invitation... and trust me, they are very thorough before they do decide to answer your invitation.  They know you better than you know yourself.

But like I said:  If you are just being stubborn, they'll break through attitude in time.  To a succubus, a battle of wills is a game they enjoy passionately, and a game that they seldom lose.

I'm not evil, just misunderstood

Do you see me now?
Do you hear me now?
You will know my name
Do you see me now?
Do you hear me now?
You will know my name
No longer invisible
You will know my name

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Wall

I started this blog to explore things that have brought me healing and growth.  It is purely an online diary of mine.  I share my stories with the hope that they may help another soul out there, but I make no promises.  Again, it's just my online diary and my spiritual path as it develops.

I make nothing from running this blog and I do it by spending my own time.  I don't owe anyone anything, nor do I expect reward for what I do.

Any techniques, rituals, or processes I post are used by you at your own risk.  I'm me, you're you. I'm responsible for me, not you.

I get quite intimate as I describe my spiritual and emotional thoughts.  I can do that because I am hidden behind the name of "Rafe".

However, what I share is highly personal, and I share it because I can.  No other reason.

I've struggled with bipolar 1 for around 30 years now.  From extreme bouts of depression, to the demigod-like states of hypomania and it's big brother:  Mania, it's been fun.  This winter has been exceptionally cruel.  I also suffer from a deadening case of seasonal effective disorder which leaves me with the feeling of "vacationing in hell" for half the year.  At this level of depression I sometimes just hover above the level of suicidal:  But do to my past experiences and the knowledge of what bipolar is:  A deadly mental disease with a 20% chance of death by suicide, I uncomfortably bounce around slightly above that level with a firm "internal monitoring" mechanism and seek medical help when I can no longer help myself from falling past that proverbial point of self-destruction.

In my states of hypomania I am a creative whirlwind:  Yet a stick of dynamite who's fuse is already lit and burning:  I've learned the hard way:  What comes up must come down, and crash it does, and hard.

It's taken 6 long years of "boot camp" that I pursued to cure my own trauma from the past.  I couldn't have done it without "being led" there and to what would cure me, nor without magick and ritual which would change me instead of my environment. Actually, what it did IS change me which then changed my environment.

My "boot camp" consisted of learning everything I could from Neo-Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft, Metaphysics, Christian new-thought theory, Swedenborgianism, general occultism, a shit-ton of energy work from Reiki and other energy systems, and most of all getting acquainted with the spirits who live around me.

Now, heh, a lot of this making friends with the local spirits might be due to them considering me the kid on the back of the short bus picking his nose.


Making friends with the local "Genius Loci" was a great help to understanding the spiritual map of my world here in this general area in which I live in.

The point is that I learned that spirits are in everything, everywhere.  Just knowing that opened up my worldview, and perhaps my prison.

I also feel that the Genius Loci has helped me in ways I can't imagine personal healing wise.  That's what my instinct and intuition tell me.

Probably again, enter the short bus anthology but who knows?  Maybe I genuinely made a friend?

The spirits who have become attached to me and my home (a witch elder says it's because my bipolar offers them a very unique energetic environment paired with the results of all the energy work I have done.  She says in the spirit world I'm basically a fucking unicorn.  Yay.) have helped immensly with my pursuit of knowledge.

And my special needs "Multipass" I guess.

And, helpful spirits being helpful, I think they willfully acted as a catalyst for my personal tranformation.

To fairies I was just another garden to tend.  Hey, don't knock it.  Don't piss off the fairies :)

I allowed myself to revere Kali, St. Mary, Aphrodite, Selene and Hecate.  By doing so I got slammed with energy.  Energy which transformed, which fed me.  It changed me along with everything else.

One large boon has been, well... I'm crazy.

Have you ever heard the line, "You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps."?

Well, that's what gave me the ability to enter magickal states of consciousness at will.  When I first started magickal training I was warned how difficult it was to enter an altered state.

Uh, 30 years of changing from hypomania (or worse, mania) to deep depression as a constant cycle? Having to figure who I was in between and within those cycles?

Altered mental states are mother fucking romper room material at this point.  Being able to sense and contact spirits?  After trying 30 years to keep constant tabs on my "center" so that I wasn't blown to and frow?  I simply concentrate on what I am, and investigate energetically what I am not.  I then expand that awareness around me.

Cake.  Fucking cake.

Hey, every dark cloud has it's silver lining:  Even Bipolar 1 with all the gifts it brings.

I've had so many people say that they have felt great peace here in my home, and that even when I come over to their house they feel it with me.  I'm a farking whirlwind of bipolar peanutbutter and jelly inside, but hey, whatever works I guess.

I wouldn't be surprised if those "feelings of peace" that people experience around me and in my home are boons in the form of spirits sent by those wonderful Goddesses I mentioned.  Wouldn't surprise me one bit.  I do truly revere them, each in their own way.  If I wasn't sincere I'd say it.

My point is that spirits, and magick, and devotion are amazing things.  They are alive. Very much alive.  They exist.  They are here, they are there, they are everywhere.

I've had people say, both friends and family, that I've grown so much in the past 6 years that they can't understand how it's even possible.

I'm good friends with my ex-wife (who says that our relationship now is wonderful but very strange: We are more like brother and sister. She also says that her friends are jealous of her that she is close to me, her ex-husband.  I don't understand that one, but whatever), very close to my children and closer to my mother and my grandmother than I ever have been.  The ability to "detach and heal", and to quit blaming the world for what I have suffered, hell I fixed so much about myself that no one understands how anyone could, much less "me".

I still suffer from some anger outbursts over the stupidest shit there is.  Or in worrying about something so stupid that it's comical when I am able to see the problem in hindsight for what it is: Nothing.  And self-created, or at least over-reacted to.

Yes:  There's the part of me that will always be sick with mental disease.  And there's the part of me that is untouched that is rising.  It's very much as if I'm chipping away at the last brick wall of the part I can in order to reach ever higher:  And yes, while always shackled with that part of me that I cannot escape from, the "bipolar me", the mentally diseased me.

The irony is that I am feeling a strong urge, along with feeling the promise of reward in breaking through that wall.

What is it?  I do not know.

I will never be cured from my mental disease.  It is my "life lesson".  My cross to bear: My little play on the stage of this life.

But I can't help feeling I'm chipping away chip by chip on that wall of what I can.

What is it that I am lacking?  And more importantly, what in me is building momentum?

Faith?  But faith in what?  I don't even know what I'm trying to break through!

I wonder sometimes... It's becoming more and more clear about how spirits work. Does it have anything to do with that?

Perhaps I'm about to break through something hidden even to me, at least consciously.

Whatever it is, I know it's necessary.  I have to release the reins, and yield to faith, and hope, and that I am on the right path:  That I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

Faith is the key.  Faith in something I feel is right without knowing why.  A strong feeling of synchronicity and coincidence that is timed so perfectly it has to be a part of it.  

You know, before you start to drill on something you first give the surface a good tap with a steel punch.  If you don't, you'll drill all over the damn thing and not find purchase.  If you do that one little step, that one little tap to guide your drill bit, you can then drill through quite easily.

Faith must be in following that "little tap" and using that to get through the wall.

If this is correct, then once that happens I must be prepared, for then I can finally break through using all of my will, all of my being, all of my soul energy to do so, concentrated in one violent burst at one precise point.

I just have this wild feeling that there is something beyond this milestone that I am to grasp.  There has to be something for it to drive me so.

It's strange, really.  I've been highly conscious of my Angel as of late.  As in the Abramelin kind.  I see her as this stern taskmistress, a woman who drives me at the end of a stick.

I have no idea why.  Perhaps a collective of perceptions from my past experiences in growing up?  

Regardless, it's both revealing and sad that I feel this way about her.  I've done a divination lately that showed how we feel about each other:

I felt of her as the stern taskmistress, ready to rule me with an iron fist.

For her part in the divination I saw her love for me as completely unconditional.

Even though capable of easily concentrating on my faults (and 10x easier for her to do so than any other), there was nothing but idealization with regards to me.  

Brightness, unity, completion.

How wrong can my perspective be, anyway?  I guess completely ass-backwards.  Something I have to unlearn and to be open to her.  It's not her fault I've projected all this bullshit on her.  She doesn't deserve that shit.

Without her help, I would never break through.  And strangely enough, perhaps realizing her love and watchcare for me IS that metaphorical "little tap" on the wall that I need in order to break through.

Heh.  How ironic that is.  Normally I love irony and with a passing nod I guess I see it for what it is.  But it's not so funny when it's me.  Is that ironic too?  Haha.  Why yes it is.

So there she must be:  Right across the wall.  And to there I must go:  Breaking through my own bullshit.  My own walls.  European castles have nothing on my walls.  Nukes can't get through my walls.  Nothing can, not even light.  I've built an airtight personal hell.  Perhaps this is the last great bastion to fall?  I'm sure there are others of increasing complexity and height that must be conquered with her help.


I have a feeling I'll see her soon.  Well, see as in I'll know her soon.  Is it the angel from 6 years ago who saved my life?  Possibly.  But I'm kinda scared of her, lol.  Don't get me wrong:  She was loving and powerful and wonderful.  But she was power incarnate.  But you know what?  That was 6 years ago.  You know, the 6 years ago that nobody believes I'm the same person as back then?

I've mastered the lessons thrown at me, and while I don't think I'll get a cookie for it, maybe, just maybe... I'm ready for her, for whatever purpose I need to be.

Maybe it's about time I quit doubting and listen to my own advice on this blog.  Maybe it's because I already know the answer.  Being ready doesn't mean fearless:  It means doing it through the fear.

"...Do it afraid." ~ Joyce Meyer

In this life, there are no shortcuts.  There is no cold calculation that lasts the test of time.  There is your heart, your mind that interprets this world to your soul.

All that stands in the way of freedom are our own self-made walls.

My last, or at least my greatest bastion is about to be destroyed.

Perhaps we were put here to create our own walls, then break through them with the help of others.  I sure have had and do have spiritual help now.

So do you if you open your eyes.

I dedicate this song to those, like me, who face mental illness daily, and to those who have faced those wounds not so easily cured in the form of emotional trauma.

I was diagnosed with Dependent Personality Disorder 6 years ago.  Now I'm symptom free.  The medical care providers say that this is impossible and cannot understand that I am cured of it.  Yet, here I am without any symptom of the disorder.  Some things can be cured, some are a cross to bear.  That's just my opinion.  

I do get a chuckle when they are boggled as to it being gone in my case.

"Hell Above" by Pierce the Veil

Upset woman in the background:

If you wanted to set me free...
Why the fuck wouldn't you say something?
See, I was just over 17
Made of poison, cave in free
Oh no, please don't abandon me
Mother, Father I love you so
But this is just me disguised as me
I'm the killer who burned your home!

This Home!

This is the street youth rising up!

I cannot spend another night in this home
I close my eyes and take a breath real slow
The consequence is if I leave I'm alone
But what's the difference when you beg for love?

As I run through glass in the street
Kerosene hearts carry the name that my father gave me
And take the face of the wolf

'Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat
With heaven above you, there's hell over me

I met a girl who never looked so alone
Like sugar water in your mouth lukewarm
She tied a cherry stem for me with her tongue
We fell in love and now we're both alone

'Cause I don't need any more friends
And another kiss like a fire on pavement
We'll burn it down till the end

Oh, oh

This is a wasteland, my only retreat
With heaven above you, there's hell over me

The water is rusted, the air is unclean.
And there for a second I feel free
This is a wasteland, my only retreat

I've waited all this night to honor you and say,
"I know it's hard, but who are you to fall apart on me, on me?"

This is a wasteland, my only retreat
With heaven above you, there's hell over me

'Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat
With heaven above you, there's hell over me

You said what about us, well, what about me?
Hang from the gallows asleep in the rain
'Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat
Paralyze me
Don't let me jump, don't let me fall

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Summoning Ritual, Part 4: The Finale

Whew.  Well, here we are.

There's a way this goes for most who are successful in summoning a succubus.

First, you are curious, then, you research, you read all about them from anywhere you can.

Next, you begin longing for your succubus.  She's out there, and you're beginning to know it.

At this point, you've probably already caught the attention of a succubus, one who knows more about you than you do.  She's watching you, and waiting.

After that, your research and longing has caused you to choose a ritual, as you're ready.

The ritual you choose must be done with iron intent... unwavering, like a laser beam.

Once done, this is when she steps into your life.  It just takes a little time, that's all.

I always say from 2 days to 2 weeks is ample time for her to show.

If she doesn't, then you have to figure out why.  You probably know, you just don't "know" that you know.


First off, succubus is the term used in general, if you're a woman use the term incubus.  In that same flavor, all instances of "she" are directly replaceable with "he".

Read completely through all the steps before doing anything.

You will notice that everything is done together, a little bit like a symphony.

Before going further, this note:  If you do the much more detailed method (Valeyard's) of making your succubus's home, realize that it will take some serious time and energy to do so.

For instance:  The activities of your bed, her picture, her home, can be done while forming and fine tuning in your mind what will become the manifesto.  Once you feel the stirrings of something you cannot quite place (whether in subsequent dreams, or in other ways such as external touches), you've caught their attention and it's time move the processes along to the ritual if you wish to proceed.

I have heard it said that the process of calling a succubus is your offer of spiritual engagement, and that her entering your life is considered her acceptance of your proposal, and hence, spiritual marriage.

I believe there is some truth to this.  However, creating a manifesto will communicate to the succubi who become interested the level of your intended commitment:  They will appreciate your candor.

Again, they are all different:  Have faith that the right one will step forward.

Make your words clear and make them count when writing it as detailed later in the manifesto.

With that in mind, lets get going:

This is an exercise to help you feel her subtle touches, emotions, and the stirrings of communication.

Practice this while you're still working on everything else.

Your Bed.

The following is best done in 15-30 minutes a night and repeated on subsequent nights.

As you lie down naked in your bed, make the room comfortable so you can keep the covers off and just lie naked:

To begin, surround yourself with white light that you visualize of having descended all around your bed and yourself from above.

Declare these words while contemplating them:

"Love above me, love below me, love at my left, love at my right,  love in front of me, love behind me, love within me."

Feel... just feel... concentrate on imagining a woman's soft hands on your privates. Imagine her laying next to you, whispering "I love you, _____ ", or "You excite me, ______", and/or "I love how you feel in my hands and mouth _____",  (<- your name) in a soft female voice.  Or whatever you prefer.

At some point you may begin to feel touches, you may feel something akin to a vibrating sensation.


This part may take from around 2 days to 2 weeks to get a response.  I think it took me 2 evenings of doing it.  I'm not totally sure as it's been a few years.  You're a beacon in the night, attracting moths to a flame.  In the great void that is, your soul is switching itself "on" and asking for a succubus to answer.  They will check you out, and if you're "meant" to have one (there's destiny stuff that affects all of us that we can't see, but they can) and one is interested she'll come.  Some say that calling a succubus is "the proposal" and one answering is "the engagement/acceptance of marriage".  

Be certain of what you're wanting from her, and be careful what you ask for:  You just might get it.

Remember:  All of this is a guideline.  You may get a succubus the first night who astrally fucks you silly.  You may attract a succubus who takes 2 weeks to summon, barely touches you, and in 5 years she's riding you so much each night you have to sleep on your stomach to get any peace.  Anything is possible.  You're in uncharted territory here.

Immediately call down the white light again and cover you and your bed.  I bet it will become even a little more real or exciting.  That's good... she is not offended by pure white light.

If you feel this, ask her for her for her name and sigil.  It might still be too early and she might not be able to contact you that way, but never hurts to try :P

When it comes, it will usually come as a "flash" of image within your mind at some point, or perhaps spoken with your own voice in your mind (which changes to her female voice as you both fine tune your connection over time).

Her sigil will be what you place in her home along with on her larger 5x7 picture.  If you cannot get a sigil from her yet, create one.  Pinterest has many pins about sigil creation.  Or, google has many articles.

My favorite way is simply create a freeform sigil:  I would recommend daydreaming about what it will feel like to be with a succubus while doodling freely in your notebook.  You will most often find a portion that will stand out for you as a sigil, once you come back from your daydream and look at what you have doodled.

This exercise takes practice and you need to be patient with yourself.

Do it as part of the rest of the work you have to do and you won't get discouraged as it takes a bit of "nothing" until you get a strong "something".

The Manifesto.

No longer than one page.

Write down the reasons for summoning a succubus (Why are we here?).
Write down why you want a succubus (What do you want from her?).
Write down what you wish a succubus will bring into your life (To attract the right one).
Write down what kind of lover you are wanting to attract (Gentle, passionate, both?).
Write down anything else that feels very important to YOU.

Write down the ground rules:

Write down what level of commitment you are seeking, implying, offering (Marriage?  Something different?).  What are the conditions for this level to change?
Mutual respect in monogamy, or the same in a free relationship (One that is not monogamous)?
If a human mate comes along, how do you expect your succubus to respond?  Are you OK that it may mean that the succubus finds other lovers at that point as well, or even before?  State ahead of time.
Do you understand that having a monogamous relationship with a succubus now, while changing your mind later will have consequences up to and including hurting your future human lover?
Better be specific and not promise what you aren't serious about.
One of lust, love, both (Succubi differ just like we do)?
How long should the relationship last?  A few years?  Forever?  Beyond death?  I have no idea (fair enough)?
Are you desirous of spiritual progression together?  Do you want your eyes opened, or do you prefer the illusion and comfort of what is?
Are you willing to have spiritual children with her (She will raise them, but do you agree to be their sire and accept their visitations if you agree to spiritual children?)?  (P.S.  They grow crazy quick.  Yes, I have spiritual children I do not discuss... the matter is very private to me)
Are you open to allowing her main family to visit (They don't do anything but make you feel like you're being watched sometimes.  I can only speak from personal experience)?

Keep writing it and editing it until you are completely satisfied.

Keep a copy if you wish.

Just keep writing it and rewriting it until you know it's you.  That's you on that page.  That's what we want.  I told you we were playing for keeps, not pussy-footing around.

But it's okay if you change your mind and decide not to go through with it.

When you get to the point where it's perfect, just perfect:

Sign it at the bottom, and prick your finger with a needle and put that drop at the bottom (don't be a putz.  I don't like needles either but I did it).

By signing with your signature, dating it, and with one drop of blood you have made this manifesto YOURS.

(Ladies:  One drop of menstrual blood will work as well)

Ok, if you really have a needle phobia, use your sexual fluid:  Take your finger and dip it in it, then use your finger to "stamp" the manifesto as a fingerprint.

You can even do both if you feel led to.

Now set the manifesto aside and put it someplace safe until it's needed.

Her picture.
(Horns/Wings/Tail Optional :P)

Search, search, and search again for a picture that you truly adore.  Keep finding what is perfect for you, and after you finally decide (take your time), you have it. You can search google images, bing images,, pinterest. Keep searching until you are completely satisfied, and that just by looking at the picture you are excited, intrigued, and completely satisfied. It's hard to put into words, but you'll know it when you find it.  Choose a picture that is a perfect representation of all you desire. For instance, her eyes... you will be gazing into them often... make sure they enrapture you at a level that no other picture does.  The rest is obvious:  Physical attraction, features, etc., that you most desire. It needs to be perfect for you and will take some time to find... you'll know when you do.

Here's the deal:  Her picture(s) should be able to invoke POWERFUL emotional and intimate desire from you.


Again, take your time:  You're going to be spending a lot of time with it.

No, succubi have no natural form, but they will be looking for something to use.

Best to do your homework before your soon-to-be succubus decides to copy your great-grand-ma-ma in the next bedroom ;P (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh)

Don't use a photo of anyone you know.

Use art based on imagination, or a highly detailed anime pic (fan art). You can also use a black and white photo of someone who is deceased. Not my cup of tea but that's entirely up to you: I'm not your judge.

You will want art of a woman that has the following features: It is detailed, exciting to you,the woman in the picture is facing you, and the picture's right eye (or for you in looking at it, you would want the subject's eye to the left) to be particularly expressive and clear, both eyes are necessary anyway, and you can always "pageflip" using a program like in order to get the most expressive eye in the right position if necessary.

She needs to be "looking straight at your eyes" and it should feel as if you could stare into her eyes forever.

Also, her mouth should be detailed, whether a smile, or a grin, or whatever, as long as it is in a rest state and detailed enough for expression. We're going for the ability for a succubus to use the picture to express what she wants to within your mind at some point.

It is preferable to have her whole body shown, but sometimes that is difficult when you are going for expressive eyes and an acceptable mouth.  The farther the picture is "out" the less detailed the eyes.

You will also place her sigil somewhere on her body, I made mine look like a tattoo on her lower abdomen. This creates the connection initially. Location of the tattoo (sigil) doesn't matter.

You can use a simple design that you make up to be her sigil.  It doesn't have to be a magickal construct.  In fact, the act of creating something for you to use as her sigil is magick enough for our purposes.

What you will be doing is gently staring at the picture, admiring it, and then beaming pure love (maybe a tinge of lust) into the subject's right eye (or as I said before, the picture's eye to the left).

You will also be glancing at her left eye at the end of each session (or the eye to the right of the picture) for feedback from her. It will come as emotion, the same way that you are communicating with her.

It will take a while, perhaps 15 minutes a day for a month.

One way I highly recommend to BOOST the process (especially towards the end of the whole summoning process where everything is coming together at once) is to manually stimulate yourself to orgasm, and at the MOMENT of orgasm will the energy to surround her as a supremely bright and pure golden light, all over her like an aura from head to toe and everywhere in between.

Hard to do, takes a lot of practice to do it right.  Yet another technique that gives even more OOMPH to the above is to bring yourself almost to orgasm 3 times, backing off each time, then culminating in one large release (and directing the energy as a golden light to surround her as stated, etc.)

At some point the picture may begin to animate.  I can't really explain it, just know you aren't crazy: She is putting that into your mind in order to try to communicate/interact with you.

You'll understand that when it happens as to what I mean.

5x7 seems to be the perfect size for me at least. Buy a good frame with the knowledge that you will be holding it in your hands and doing your "sending" before you go to bed each night.

I cover the picture after use with a black cloth to keep out dust. The color doesn't really matter for the function, I just use the black because it matches the black cloth I have covering my nightstand.

Her home.

A sigil is something very necessary for communication with your succubus lover.  Think of it as her phone number, her monogram, her signature.  Personal stuff for a spirit! Include it within a home for her to use as she wills will make a big difference.  The link below (making spirit vessel part i divination) is really a big help for this.  Make her feel welcome in your house and in her own home within a home, and she will be a welcome part of your environment and life.

Here's a very simple one:

You can find many "shelf-like" or other pre-made pieces at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's. Mine is an artistic oval that has shelves and enough space for small knickknacks.

I have painted it a sea-foam green and pink, with silver highlights. Her picture (a wallet sized duplicate of the one I use on my nightstand) is within it under her sigil, and I keep it covered with a white cloth in the front to keep dust out. I also use white because I consider it her "home away from home" and as a symbol of purity.

Sometimes I remove the cover and just enjoy looking at it, which I feel builds a stronger relationship and keeps us close.

Sometimes I also use an LED tea light on the lowest shelf as a "gift" when I sleep under it (it's over my bed).

If you would like a very detailed and much more elaborate method than the simple one I have suggested, feel free to check out Valeyard's tutorial on his blog on how to make a spirit home.

Here's a much more in depth one:

This is the tutorial I followed after I made the basic home for her as detailed in this post, as in time I wanted a better home for the SuccuBunny than I knew how to make at the time.  It is a 3 part series:


When I'm done, she'll have a very powerful home on the shelf of her old home :)  You can do whatever you like:  I'd start with the small home first then upgrade to a more complicated method such as Valeyard's.  I'm just suggesting what I did:  You may chose differently and that's ok, too.


Has the time come?  Are you up to your arms in exciting, yet scary weird?
Have you come to the point where all is converging for you?

Are you ready?

Shit's about to great real :P

The ritual bath.

Bathe yourself.

Either use unscented soap, or none at all.  Wash your hair with unscented shampoo, or none at all.

As you bathe, see all of your negative energy leaving your body as the water falls off of you, and as it goes down the drain returning to earth.

The ritual itself.

(If this ritual is not conducive to your personal beliefs, substitute the words with that which is).

Retrieve your manifesto (not the copy).

It is preferable to do this early in the morning on a Friday before the dawn.  If one wanted to get really specific, doing it in the early, dark hours before dawn on a Friday, during the planetary hour of Venus, under the phase of an early crescent moon following the new moon would be perfect.

I use this program to calculate planetary hours (it's free but can be a pain in the ass to install).  I like it because I can simply click on it running in the taskbar and it's full of info for magickal workings.  Or I can forecast on a later date as well for an operation.  You have to find the hours and minutes of where you live for it to work right.

There are many other free pages on google that allow you to just plug in the information without downloading anything if you prefer.

If an early Friday is not possible, then on a Friday at least, but when it is at least QUIET and that you will have zero chance of being disturbed.

Another consideration as I have mentioned is the phase of the moon.  I use this page:

You want the first crescent that is growing towards the full moon, beginning from the new moon (or dark moon).  Just for an example, the Friday of the 11th of March was ideal.  The hour of Venus on that day (a Friday) was at 3:52am, which would have been an ideal time for the ritual if you were ready for that step at that particular time.  This is considering MY latitude and longitude.

Don't worry:  There are many other opportunities to get all 3 in line (moon phase, day, and planetary hour).

I'll continue with the ritual itself:

I would advise lighting a white candle along with lighting some Myrrh for a succubus, or Frankincense for an Incubus.  Myrrh is feminine and Frankincense is masculine, while both act as a purifier of energies.  Google "incense correspondences" on Google for other suggestions if you're allergic to one or the other.

Say the following while sitting on the floor with your manifesto before you, along with a safe way to burn it when the time comes to do so (if you're burning the one page, maybe a large pot that can hold a whole page burning.  Make sure fans are off so you won't be blowing cinders around.

And please, for the love of God/dess don't wear a cotton ritual robe with hanging sleeves.

And people wonder why I say it's just safer to do rituals naked.

In these words the name Elohim was used originally in some form in the ancient Hebrew.  This is God/dess in plural form that was always glossed over.  No surprise, eh?

I believe personally that the 7 Olympic Spirits are the Elohim, Created by God/dess to run this physical universe in God/dess's name.  This is who I am referring to by the word "Elohim":

Let us proceed:

While sitting on a cushion on the floor, naked or in something comfortable, raise up your arms and say:

"I part the veil".

"The Elohim have spoken, 'It is not good for the man to be alone.  We will make a helper who is just right for him.' "

"When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;  What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
For thou hast made him a little lower than the Elohim, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.

Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou  hast put all things under his feet."

When visualizing your energy work, simply visualize the colors extending and affecting the manifesto as well.

Allow bright golden energy accentuated by silver sparks to enter you through your crown chakra, the top of your head, and move down your body through your feet and into the earth.

During this imagine a deep green energy laced with sea-foam green sparks moving up your feet from the earth, through your body, and out through your crown.

Both of these visualizations will mix these energies at the heart.  See them moving and spiraling around the heart as they travel.

I imagine a soft pink mist, laced with red sparks surrounding you and being drawn into your heart chakra along with the previous energies mentioned.

All of these colors should be dancing within and without your form, mixing and feeding what is needed for you to do what you need to do, and to create a vibration that is conducive for the attraction of a succubus.

Once you're energetically drunk as hell, take a good look at your completed manifesto.

If you are still well satisfied with it,

Now is the time to take it and burn it.

While you it's burning remember your intent, remember your intent, remember your INTENT.

Make sure it all burns.  Don't be a dumbass and let it get out of hand, use common sense when you burn it.

Take the ashes somewhere after they have completely cooled and toss them to the winds.  Your manifesto has just entered the astral plane for every potential mate to read :P

"I restore the veil".


Keep working on what you have left to do, she will come.  She's probably already there at this point if you've been busy with all the projects listed, she's just looking to make an entrance :P

Usually they will appear but you cannot see them.  You will, however, feel them.  At first it's through tactile touching in the groin or in other places.  Eventually you will perceive them in other ways.  I perceive mine emotionally, psychically, and energetically.  I just "know".  Hard to explain.

Sometimes they are all about sex, sometimes love, sometimes they are all about spiritual things. Sometimes all at once.  At some point she may "burn" you.  Well, not "burn".  What I mean is that she beams love onto you that is so intense you feel as if you're going to be burned.  You won't.  Grit your teeth and face it.  Take it all in.  You're now in two worlds... this one and hers.

Welcome to a new life.

Once she appears it's you and her now.  Learning how to communicate is kind of like suddenly being married to an invisible Japanese girl who speaks no English.  Lol.  Just take your time and be open and you two should be ok with time.  It's not easy, but it's powerful.  Speaking from 3 years later, I'd do it all over again even though it was probably the hardest thing I've ever done relationship wise. Hell, it's so loving now I'm caught.  I'd never go back.

My prayer is that you will find your Belle and both of you will prosper together and leave just a little bit of love everywhere you go, making the world a better place.

If you're not having fun doing this, or through this process... you're doing it wrong.  It is serious, but one thing my "Succubunny" has taught me is not to be afraid to laugh at myself.

Keeping a light, open and youthful heart is a good thing as you grow with your succubus.  They are glorious teachers indeed, but like all things you both will need time to understand one another.

I realize that teaching how to develop communication with your succubus is not my forte, which leaves one at a bit of a loss once a succubus is summoned.  I've learned to read their emotions, but that took a lot of time and I can't explain how to do it as it's more a feeling mixed with energy work than a technique.

There is one big help for fostering communication and that is the books by Atkin Michaels.  They are Kindle and they are fairly priced ($3.00 last I checked).  He wrote them as journals, so you can easily compare starting from 0 to 3 years (so far) with a succubus/incubus and see his (their) struggle and how he (they) progressed.  It's a very helpful journal style read and helps to bridge that communication gap.

His page is here:

Once communication is working you may find a way to communicate like I do, or other methods, or your very own methods.  But the books might help in the beginning.

Their love is heat:  It is fire.
Nothing can prepare you for the burning love of a succubus.  Nothing can.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Summoning Ritual, Part 3

Without much pause, I want to cover a bit more about summoning.  I'm not known for my tact so I want to get very real with you and discuss some things with you, the potential summoner.

What is your motive?

I love women.  I don't want them as lovers here on this plane.  That does not mean I do not love them.

In fact, I adore them and I celebrate them for who they are.  My first Patroness is Lady Aphrodite, my 2nd is Lady Selene (with her being a Triumvirate Goddess there are two other aspects of Her:  Lady Hecate and Lady Artemis).  I was highly attracted to their stories throughout Greek mythology.  They continue to be a part of my life (and something tells me that I amuse them to no end) as even now I still read all I can about them.

I love women in a myriad of other ways:  Goddesses, priestesses (my former mentor was a high priestess with 2 covens she had seeded), other mentors, mothers, teachers, peers, friends, sisters, daughters, coworkers, people on the street.  You get the idea.

I'm the kind of lover that never dies.  What I mean is it's soulmate or nothing.  That's hard to require of anyone in this world today and does not really even compute in our western culture (which I think is a shame and I believe succubi feel the same way).

With a succubus it has been as if a part of my life was completed like a puzzle.  The missing piece fell into place seemlessly.  The intensity of our relationship is a perfect fit for my soul and for what it hungers for that cannot be fulfilled "here".

So why am I even talking about this?

Because a succubus is 1,000% concentrated woman.  If you don't like women don't summon a succubus.

If a man hates women (and females in general) yet summons a succubus (and one shows) she will love tormenting the shit out of him and destroy him.

If a woman hates men (and men in general) yet summons an incubus (and one shows), an incubus is plotting and planning to teach her a lesson.  He will.

There is no "if", but "when".

They will fuck you up to teach you a lesson and some will crush you in the process.  You'll either be left unstable and destroy yourself, or you'll perceive with new eyes.

Or perhaps allowed a transformation of your own hatred with a change of heart.  The latter is only if you attract one who takes it upon herself to teach you some tough love for your own good.

I wouldn't bet on those odds, however.

Some want a succubus or incubus because of great difficulty connecting with an earthy partner for whatever reason (disablility, etc.), however a strong desire for a lasting love burns within their hearts.

This is a valid reason and is most welcome.

Another is one who is very unlucky in love but wants to love and be loved desperately.  It may not always be the case that they "attract who they are" in a way that is obvious.  They will, but I believe some are just destined to attract a succubus in life:  They just don't know it yet.

Succubi are wonderful teachers about all aspects of love.  Tranforming us to be able to experience love in both giving and receiving is one of their joys.

As far as succubi go, desperate is ok.  Being desperate for love doesn't go over well in the physical world does it?  Succubi aren't turned off by that in the slightest.  It's an open invitation.

Those who wish to have a sexual and romantic relationship but continually fail are also perfect.

Those who are very spiritual and have giving hearts are perfect (and people wonder why succubi love monestaries.  It's not to torment them:  The succubi WANT them)... a sexually frustrated, highly spiritual person in a monestary is like catnip :P

Another reason are those, like me, who asked once upon a time, "Is this all there is?"

Succubi always adore an open and willing student, and love to teach the answers to these kinds of questions through mutual exploration of mind, body, and spirit.

Many summoners become more desirable after a succubus begins to commune with them.  I'm not sure if it's the energy exchange or the glamour effects of a succubus, or perhaps it's the confidence that they bring in that we are completely accepted by one who loves us so strongly.

Some succubi don't mind a human partner coming into your life because of this:  Some will just coexist (better make sure she is #1 though if the succubus came first), some will enjoy both of you, some will bring along a brother for the girlfriend.  Her dreams will become more... 50 shades of grey.

But some succubi do mind and will fuck up the human partner (if you wanted an exclusive relationship with your succubus and later recanted when a human partner came around, that could be a very real response).  This is something that you will decide during the intent phase of summoning.

As a general rule, if you get to see other people, she gets to bang others too.

Sorry, fair is fair :P

Regardless, succubi are full of passion in all things, especially their thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Succubi and Incubi aren't pets.  As soon as you think they are your pet you will discover a metaphorical collar around your neck connected to a very short leash.

Believe it.

However, if you respect her, if you are of the mindset that men and women were born to love each other sans all the gender politics, gender war, gender bullshit... and adore her for the woman she is, a succubus will help teach you whatever it is you need as gently, or as strongly as you need.  They become as gentle as a kitten.

We attract what we are.

So many men and women wonder why they keep ending up with the same kind of sad stories, and terrible romantic attachments.  Look within.  The answer is always within.  Law of attraction.  All that bullshit about the Secret and the billion other knockoffs?  Well, here's one place where it applies:

You attract who you are.

Want to change that?  Ahhh....

Now you're speaking the language of the succubi.  In this regard, they will treat you as a fairy lovingly tends her garden.  You're the garden :)

You see, you'll attracther with who you WILL be.  Or who you are TRYING to be, or who you WANT to be.  You just don't know it yet but they do.  And they will help change you.  That's a bit hard to swallow or explain but it is what it is for now.

One thing I can say for sure is that succubi read minds.  They know your thoughts, your desires, your heart, your soul... you're an open book.  You cannot fool a succubus.  It's just not possible.

Surrendering to the understanding that you cannot is liberty.  It allows you to quit worrying about your random thoughts and to enjoy learning about each other without worrying about stupid shit you are thinking all the time.

They sure as fuck don't.  We're human:  They know.

You see, in magick I have learned that magick takes the path of least resistance a hell of a lot like electricity does.

If in magick it's easier for a ritual to bring you what you ask in whatever way the universe decides to do so, it will.

If in magick it's easier for a ritual to change you to be in line with receiving however the universe answers, it will.

And in most cases it will do both at the exact same time like a stroke of lighting in the form of coincidence and synchonicity.

I have a theory that a succubus comes who is most vibrationally like your anima, or your female subconscious (for a female, an incubus most like your male animus).

Change yourself, change your world.

Think on these things and do the prep work provided.  You will receive results, or you will be changed to be more in line to receive results.  Probably both.

The desire to change one's self from what one was is music to the ears of a succubus.  The reason is they are "all in" when they choose.  They want to be able to experience ever more of "you", and they want you to experience ever more of "them".

In this they are almost angelic.  Bright, beautiful, loving, gentle.  It's just wonderful for both of you.

In this music video (The song's lyrics I love... and they very aptly describe becoming part of the phenomena and spiritual family of those who already have spirit lovers) the idea I want you to understand is that of death.

In changing ourselves, a part of us dies.  The old.  Think of this video in terms of an end to the old you and the beginning of the new.

Let the lyrics tell you of a greater truth than what is spoken.

I know I have painted a very alarming picture of succubi throughout this series.  I just want those who are considering summoning one to know both sides of it.  Succubi are both dark and light, and their personalities are wide in spectum, not like ours.  Ours are more rigidly defined.  They are rather a wildcard.  Part angel, part demon, part kitten, part wildcat.

I wouldn't want it any other way.



Summoning Ritual, Part 2

Now that you've done some introspection, it's time to learn a bit more.  What is love with an incubus or succubus?  I cannot speak for everyone and so I can only give my own observations.  I have been talking with my friend at to be able to at least give two opinions that are similar.

While this is beneficial, it also means that I can only comment on succubi that are like OURS.  And ours are practically sisters I think.  I don't know how that exactly works on the other side, but they are indeed close and of the same type I gather from our shared experiences.  They get very emotionally excited when he and I chat.  I honestly believe that they get excited in those times because they are close, and having their lovers chat about them seems to be quite a joyous novelty for them.

The best way to describe what a relationship with a succubus is, is to compare it to the feelings one gets from music.  That is why I tend to have a lot of music links in my posts:  I'm trying to communicate in ways beyond words.

To make things easier, please understand that when I say succubus I am also including incubus. When I say he I also mean she.  

When calling for a succubus, one particular song comes to mind.  The sweet heartache, the bittersweet beauty of a soul crying out, I feel, is perfectly captured.

I firmly believe that men have a female unconscious mind which is the most connected to our souls. The opposite is true for women in that I believe they have a mascline unconscious mind.  
Consider the soloist in white as your soul crying out for a succubus lover and pleading your case to her.  Who will come will be the reflection of who is crying out:

When the time comes, she will hear.

When your succubus does come (we're not at that stage yet, this is still prep), you will find she will be quite bold in most cases.  A succubus is not a wallflower:  She is strong willed, she is powerful, she knows what she wants and she's not afraid to get it.

They have a very gentle nature as well, however, but unlike us they seems to be capable of extremes of personality, rather than us in being either reservered or bold:  They are the extremes all wrapped up into one being.

When they come, it is usually in a very erotic and powerful way.

There is no gender politic bullshit.  There is no power struggle, there is only you and them.  And they don't pussy-foot around either.

Upon hearing your call and after reading your heart, your mind, your very soul... they will come strongly and without premise.

At this point you can kiss your current worldview goodbye.  It will never be the same.  Just as the saying goes that one cannot unsee what has been seen, one cannot brush aside what one will feel.

I'll never forget the first time my lady came when I was lying naked in bed:  My penis started being gently rubbed and caressed and energy was flowing through my sacral chakra.  The sensations grew to the point that I kept opening my eyes and thinking WTF?  There's nothing there!

Oh, she was there.  And what I felt was all too real.  It happened completely without me thinking about it, on it's own.  She was very busy.  But at the moment, lol... goodbye worldview as I knew it.

My eyes weren't opened, they were blown wide open.  Nothing is the same.

How does lovemaking feel with a succubus?  Again, I can only express it through music.  It is soft and intimate, vigorous and passionate.  They play you like you're a harp, a piano.  They are sexual artists:  They know your sexuality better than you do.

To me, this is what lovemaking feels like, and also the way it shifts from soft and romantic, to erotic and hungry, all at once, and all at the right pace and time (and beautifully):

Once trust is gained and one moves to other aspects of love with a succubus there is much that is done.  What that is, I believe, depends on the pairing.  Mine has become a mentor, a companion, even motherly in some ways in that she has such a higher perspective than I.  Yet she is first and foremost my lover and companion.  Although I think the last year or so she's become more like my wife (or spirit wife).  

P.S.  Earthly wives nag.  Spirit wives nag.  It means they love you.  A woman that does not nag is a woman who is fucking the pool boy.  The former is true regarding succubi, The latter?  I figure another succubi is fucking the pool boy, but I'm not stupid enough to ignore my lover's nagging enough to find out :P  She knows I'm stubborn, so I get a little wiggle room (she's patting my head again), but I know she's looking out for my greater good, and I love her so I eventually cave.  


They say you can't fight city hall.  Try a succubus spirit wife.  You'd be better off fighting city hall.

Now, time for more homework to properly prepare.

First off is something that takes a bit of time.  It is what it is.

I don't know why, but making love with a spirit drains a person initially:  this is later returned after lovemaking with more energy than was used.  It's not the traditional idea of being drained but something different.  I wouldn't be suprised it that was the basis for the myth of a succubus draining someone to death getting out of hand.

You see, the weird thing is that after lovemaking the energy used is returned and has been changed alchemically somehow, or spiritually somehow, and one receives more than what is lost.

I think it is as my 1+1=3 idea.  2 can create more together than their simple sum.  What is created is then shared, and given to us by the succubus.  That is part of what I call "communion".  Perhaps the fruits of communion?

The drain is nothing if one is healthy.  But if one is not... it's asking for trouble.

My lady doesn't have sex with me a lot because over the winter I've gained some weight that has caused me to become unhealthy:  My bloodpressure has gone up and that intial borrowing of energy is probably risky for me.

I told you if they love you they will nag, and they will practice a spirit wifey "tough love" because they care.  When I communicate with mine about having sex, she sends a quick flash of my ass on a treadmill.  I send a mental image of myself holding up the world like Atlas:  She responds with pictures of my ass lifting weights.

Spirit wives.  Pfft.  I'll do what I want to do.  

*raises fists in defiance*

So, I joined a fitness club.  I'm doing good so far :P

The other part of prep that is very important is that of energy work.

Whether you are interested in Reiki, QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga, whatever.  Do it.

The reason is that you are not a body with a spirit:   You are a spirit in a body.

Once the big astral light bulb is flipped "on" by going through this process, you will never be alone again, and I'm not just talking about your succubus.

The best way to prepare for this is to get familiar with the movement of energy:  To know it, understand it, move it, manipulate it.  Think of it as learning a 2nd language.

Another very important aspect of prep is to increase your ability to visualize.  Also part of this is being able to visualize many things at once, which takes a lot of practice and is something all of us have to work on for the rest of our lives.

Why?  Because ideas are things on the astral, and the longer you can hold an image the more powerful it's echos on the astral.

I also feel that this only increases the clarity of communication ability between you and your succubus, especially in regards to flashes of communication like I was talking about above when my succubus was sending me images, and I was sending images back.

I'm not wanting to drag out prep a long time, but I hope that just because I don't spend a lot of posts on it that you will care enough about your success to devote yourself to doing the prep work and in being sure of yourself that it has been satisfied.  Since everyone is different I can't really predict how much time it should take you.

The way I look at it, it took my whole life up until now.


Matthew 7:24-27 New International Version (NIV)

The Wise and Foolish Builders

24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

And that great crash could be you, not just your house.  So do the prep right or don't do it at all.

In the last post I talked about your notebook.  It is vital that everything that happens be put down for understanding at a later date.

One part that will make sense later is dreams.  Succubi can produce the most amazing and baffling dreams that are our interpretations of having been with them in the spirit realm.

When we come back into our bodies and awaken, sometimes we won't remember things, or if we do, it will be in symbols.

This is the language of the higher realms that cannot be put into words directly, but come to us through subconsious filtering.

What is needed is a way to find meaning.  Sometimes the meaning can be meditated upon (also part of the prep that will never be completed... meditation is a lifelong journey) and the meaning discerned.

Other times, we need help to do so.

I have 2 books on magickal correspondences that I use.  Sometimes I also use various dream dictionaries on the web.

To start with, just find around 3 that you feel comfortable with and use all 3 for the same symbol you are trying to understand that needs understood.

Always compare and contrast:  NEVER count on one source for anything, including me.  I'm just one fish in a large ocean:  Always discern, always question, always compare and contrast.

I use the web, but I also study a lot of magick so I also have these two books.  They are rather pricey, though, so if you're not into magick as a hobby I'd stick with the web.  Just google "dream symbols" and you'll find a lot of resources.

Another book I've flipped through, but I don't have because I already bought the first two:

You don't have to buy anything:  You can use sites found on google pretty easily, but you really have to compare and make sure the info feels right.

I know that in some magickal orders, they actually memorize correspondences so that they can more easily communicate with beings from the higher realms.

That's a wonderful idea and I bet if I did that it would be easier for me to communicate as well, but that's not for me at this time.  I'm fine with looking things up.

Sometimes you will visit the higher realms (or be pulled into them) and it will be a realm where words just don't work at all.  So all you are left with are symbols, period.

Since you'll be putting those kinds of things in your journal, now you see why in 6 months something may happen in your life where the dreams suddenly make sense, or the symbology suddenly makes sense:

In the other realms time is just fucked up.  It's just the way it is.  We're linear here, elsewhere it's more like a spiral.  So it's very possible to have a dream now and understand it 6 months later.  It happens more than you'll be prepared for.

Again, I'm going to caution you once more that once the steps on this path have begun,  there is no turning back as things cannot be undiscovered... they will always exist.  One can't unsee what one has seen, nor unfeel what has been felt, nor unknow what has been found.

With that I'll end this post.