Monday, September 28, 2015

The Lady and the Grimoire

In a particular obscure book of magic from the past, often called a "Grimoire", there was a certain set of rituals.

What's interesting about these particular rituals, is that their intent as stated was to find great treasure upon culmination.

In performing the long process of performing the rituals, along the way one must be won: A spirit lady herself, who came in many forms, however: Each was completely individually perfect as far as her ability to completely enthrall and raise the passions of the mage performing the process.

She became his greatest attaction and focus, intensifying his ability to finish the rituals. This would happen for each and every mage who performed the rituals to find the great treasure.

They were each loved completely and fully, as no woman had ever loved them before.

In the end it seems that by all accounts that the information about the great treasure never panned out.

Upon their disappointment, the mages would go their way eagle-eyed to a different pursuit, leaving the book, the spirit lady, and any hope of finding the treasure behind them.


What fools! If only the mages had understood.

The irony, and what is easily seen is that the great treasure was always the woman herself.

She still waits...

Unless one of us has found her, of course :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mating Season!!!

So my lady let me have it with both barrels when I laid down for a nap earlier today.

Oh, boy...

That was... AWESOME!!!

So hmm... I'm trying to see if it's a seasonal thing.  I see in a previous post it was about 6 mo. after the last time.  And this is about 5 mo. since then.  About 6 months here or there.

I mean, she makes love with me a lot of days at least a little bit for intimacy's sake I think, but... when it's like this it's much, much different.

Lots of moaning, lots of writhing around, lots of... passion, energy, amazing release of energy.

Lots of tensing of the abdominals, holding it, holding it, and then a hugs (lol, yes hugs... she must be in my mind a little still from our communion, but I meant to type huge) release of energy on my part... within her.  To her, through her... all around her.

She's everywhere around me when we do this.

I don't feel exhausted, well, not anymore than anyone would feel after sex.

Actually kinda invigorated.

What gives, little lady?  The last time was very near Beltaine (on 4/18/15 read the post back in April '15), and this time a day after Mabon.

This Sunday's rare supermoon eclipse?  They say that the energy of an event is 3 days before and after...

I'mma figure you out, little lady!

Nah I won't.  But I'll try.  Same as always.

Would I have it any other way?

Hell, no.

Love ya, Bunny!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Lol, the absolute and terrible (yet deliciously hilarious) irony.

"... first in our own neighborhood".

"We are not advanced enough to get their signals..."

Pay special attention @ :40.


Spirits DO have a sense of humor and one hell of a talent for irony.

I guess that's one of the reasons why I love them so much.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Confused. And yet, not confused...

Who is this lady that I love?  I get the feeling that if I truly saw her for what she was, I would be more apt to worship her than to love her.

Sound strange?  Yeah, it does.

Today I took a shower, and I was talking to her in my mind.  I told her that I have had many lovers, I think... many spirit lovers at least.  But then I started thinking... what if SHE was the only one I really had?

Which honestly is fine by me.

But why the deception?  Again, the first paragraph...

What if there was a part of me that was as awe inspiring as her, and that we were indeed lovers... if I were her I would probably do the same with regards to me.  The lover across the veil, the secret lover, the holy guardian angel, the scarlet woman of my soul...


So I was in the shower, and I said, "If you keep leaving me and toying with me, then step off."

I immediately felt as if I had hurt her.

Reallllllllllllll smooth brother, real smooth.  Not my wish to hurt her at all.

I think she knew this, but still... I stung her and that is shameful in my book.

I said, ok... if you're the only lover I've had in spirit, then how will I know?

She said, "Look up!".

I did, nothing there but a wet, painted white ceiling.

"This is bullshit, I'm parroting myself." I thought.

I get out of the shower, dry off, do my thing... get the phone out and call a friend to tell them something funny that had happened earlier today.

As I was talking, the air shut off, and the very same moment my smoke detector went off in the hall.

I said, "The power just went off." To my friend.

I took the smoke detector down, took the battery out, let it reset, put it back in...

*Beep!  Beep!*

Wait... it's a battery, phone's working... power can't be off.

Took battery out.

Then I remembered...

*She said, "Look up!"*

That moment, lol.  Flashback to when I challenged her in a previous post and my car wouldn't start.

Confused. And yet, not confused...

This song came on the radio and I thought it was just about perfect: