Friday, March 20, 2015

It's MY game!

Been a bit since I'm written here.  Truth is I've thought myself into a corner.

Who is this lady?  Is she real?  Was she real before I called her?  Did she become real once I send my call out into the multiverse?

Questions, questions...

I decided to use a form of magic where a familiar is created.  I will re-create her THIS way (and maybe answer a question or two in the process).  Which is not without it's problems as she is kind of... eh... already here :P

So, I'm following the steps, deciding on a goal.  Got that done.

Then I'm thinking of a name... she's silent on that one.

Then I find a picture (no, the one I'm posting at the top isn't it, that one's just for flavor).

Picking through pictures I get "Do this one" in my head, in a female voice.


"Ah, comon, well then I want this one to be me".

You're not supposed to be here yet, this is MY game, now scram!

"Hmmph", she huffs.

I begin to visualize and do my part to make her real.  To cross the veil, to gain substance in our world.

*Gentle probings between my legs, a soft brush against my cheek*

Stop that!  You're not supposed to be created yet when I just started.

*Soft, knowing smile*

There.  Now let me get back to creating you.  I mean (I slowly exhale).  Look, just play along...

By the way, you're my servant and I'm the master.

"Ok."  *Feminine smirk*

Well, way it's gonna be.

"Ok."  *Bigger smirk"

Me <--- shaking my head softly.

Back to what I was doing, quit touching me until I'm done and you're created.  OH, you know what I mean!


Me <--- Feeling her gaze of amusement.

Me <--- Concentrating intently on the process.