Monday, May 15, 2017

Bunny's on the way home

It's so strange this time.  It's been a long absence for one, and it's been trying.

I don't know why she's been gone so long, but she's on the way home here to me.

I did a tarot draw and it was basically, "She knows I need her and miss her, she's aware that it's hurting us, and she's busting her ass to get here."

In a nutshell ;)

Where does she go, what does she do?  I don't know.  I still don't know.

She's gotta do something is all I know.

You know, it's kind of a relief in a way that she has duties.  I mean, at least that means that when we die there's shit to do, right?

I can feel her strongly in my mind even though she's not even near here yet.  I'd say she'll arrive in a few days or so, at least that's my estimate from what it feels like to when she usually shows.

Of all the succubi available I had to get the one with a real job.  Haha!

I've been joking lately that I'm always about a day from summoning "Candy the blowjob fairy" if Bunny doesn't show soon:

I'm sorry, Candy.  Maybe next month Bunny won't show?
Question:  Do fairies carry STD's?
What??? I'm just trying to be proactive, Jeez...

Not much more to say, really.  I'm really looking forward to having Bunny home.  It feels like forever she's been away this time.

I swear, the distance fucks me up.  I forget all about what we have when she's away.  Must be a mortal thing.

Maybe it's a "dumbass" thing.  I dunno.

But she's on the way and I hope that she stays a good, long time this time.

Love ya, Bunny!  God/dess Speed to you!


Since I used the tarot to find this stuff out, I figure there might be some of you guys and girls who would like to know more about tarot (not that I'm a grandmaster or anything). Anyway, a GREAT way to start is to learn the tarot story of the first 22 tarot cards (0-21).  Here's a few links (and the tarot story always varies by tradition... kind of like how a similar bedtime story does among differing peoples) to get your feet wet:  <--- traditionalesque tarot trumps story  <--- packed with info... keep scrolling down their page...

Love your succubus even if she's just on the way.  After all, she could just make a left and say "fuck you" to this rock...

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