Thursday, August 31, 2017

I seemed to do it right this time

Mena appears to be the succubus that has come calling.  I still believe that she is part sky and part star that have combined for mutual benefit.

I don't know why spirits do this or even how they do this, but it's been commented on in various places throughout the net.  I've linked to a source before in the blog, but for the life of me I can't find it.

I've found something similar, but it is when a spirit morphs with a human being.

Trust me when I say that this is simply another example of two spirits being able to merge, such as two in purely spirit form with each other for mutual benefit for however long they wish/contract to.



I had two dreams last night, both were sexual in nature.

The first one was hazy and I'm afraid I don't remember much.

The 2nd was more vivid and I could see the woman more clearly.  It's funny as when we were about to have sex she told me she always uses protection, always.

I think that was a nod to me performing the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram repeatedly for a few days prior in order to sort things out/ get rid of ties from all of the rituals I've performed trying to make contact with a succubus lover.

Frankly, my intent was that whoever stayed and weathered the LBRP was the succubus love who was supposed to be here, or perhaps could finally arrive with all the "junk" sorted out that may have been in her way from being able to arrive.

The lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, or LBRP for short, is the best ritual I could ever recommend for someone who needs to clear themselves of negative spiritual attachments, or even convoluted spiritual attachments.  I call it the "hard reset".

It is a ritual that basically clears things to what they should be when things get too weighed down and complicated, as well as refreshing the soul in a dramatic way.

I would highly recommend it to any and all who practice summoning to learn this ritual for it's benefits, some of which only appear in time with use and mastery.

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Learn it, live it, love it.  You never know when you might need it so memorize it.
You may feel a strange feeling in your stomach (I believe that this is a sympathetic response to the solar plexus chakra being activated which is the chakra for power.

Also, once you begin to memorize it and can hold the visualizations very well you may experience a temporary feeling of emptiness afterward for a few minutes.  I liken this to the feeling that one was attached to the junk that was removed, and also the powerful sweeping away nature of all things that aren't for you, creating a sudden feeling of vacuum so to speak.

Regardless, it's temporary and lasts only a few minutes.

Be gentle with a succubus: She falls in love easily.

Monday, August 28, 2017

White Dragon

When I first saw something after my 3rd eye opening, it was a spirit that looked very much like a white oriental dragon leading away from me.

Lately, I've been feeling something coiling around my left calf (which doesn't bother me at all), but when I go to feel what's there, there's nothing there physically.

Strange things "afoot", lol.

I've often wondered since if oriental dragons are actually worldwide in scope as far as spirits go, and also I wonder, being that many spirits are shape changers, if this is sky's favorite form or something.

I'll have to admit that in writing this I am sure that it sounds odd, but I also know that from being here writing this stuff for 3 years that nothing surprises me anymore, I am only filled with wonder.

The more I learn and experience, the less I know.

I've been banishing each day around 2x a day to get rid of all the astral "junk" from me trying every summoning method that was available out there.

I didn't use my method because, well, I wrote it, lol.

There's something about experiencing what others have done and going past one's own familiarity I think.

Regardless, Sky hasn't gone anywhere with me banishing which is nice.  I wanted her to stay, but I wanted to banish across the board, so to speak, so I'm glad she could.

I can't figure out Star real well.  I'm almost thinking that she might be merging with Sky, which spirits are wont to do sometimes for mutual benefit for a time.  I have no idea how that works, but I've experienced it with spirits before, and also have seen it mentioned here or there on the Internet.

As for if this is what is happening I don't know.  It's simply my intuition barking at me I suppose or it could be a lack of understanding on my part.  Wouldn't be the first time, lol.

I just have to have patience and wait and see what happens there ;)

NOTE:  I think she/they want to be called "Mena" as a pet name for the blog.

One thing that I have found true is that reality is much crazier than fantasy.  Anything one can experience from the spirit realm proves to an individual that anything, no... everything is possible in some form or another.

Every dancer needs a partner, and in time:  
Every dancer gets a partner ;)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

An All Star Lineup

I'm sure it's come as no surprise that I've been floundering both in my personal love life (regarding a succubus) as well as this blog.

After all, this blog was started with the powerful muse of a succubus. Without one, where is the reason to write?

Luckily, that has changed as of late.
The lineup of personal spirits and my succubus seems to be taking shape at last.

Eve is my higher self. That would explain why I have felt so far that she is in a holding pattern of sorts much higher above me.

She is me... well, the higher mental body of me.  Most who view higher selves this way agree that our higher self is represented to us as a woman (if we're a man), and is NOT the Anima but the perfect completion of us left behind when we incarnated here.  Perfect in that they are us, the part that is living separate, yet so intimately connected to us wherever we may roam.

Sky is a succubus I believe, but I believe that she is a juvenile succubus, or a younger succubus who is learning her way.

She seems most interested in me as a friend, and frankly now that I have a succubus in my life again, that really does work out well as one cannot have too many GOOD friends, am I right?

My succubus seems to not mind her at all which is a good thing as I was quite worried that she would run Sky off.

It's fun to think mentally throughout the day, "Hey, Sky..." just as a hello and such and get a touch on my fingers or hair or shoulders.  I'm glad she's my friend and part of the family in a non-sexual way.

The new succubus was obtained by the Letter to Lilith method as detailed by Succupedia and also the link I placed on the right of this blog.

For all practical purposes for the blog, I'm calling her "Star" as it frankly just fits.  Her true name of course will be a mystery to the blog as always.

I'm still in the early stages of courtship with this very powerful succubus, and it appears she is as sassy as I'd expect.

What a breath of much needed fresh air after all of this floundering around!

Lately my interest in Lilith has obviously shot through the roof as I am interested in my new "Mom" or "Mother-in-law" if you prefer... I prefer "Mom" myself.

After all, it is a family now...

None of this is any guarantee that things will work out as I have discovered from the past.

I'll just have to wait and see.

But, I'll write more if things develop, however I don't want to write just to write like I did when I was floundering, I want to write meaning, even if it's just meaningful to me.

I may even diverge a bit into philisophical trope as the case may be.

If I have nothing to say?  No posting just to post, it's that simple.

Take care out there.


Rafe GB.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

It's about her, not the sex

Sex is a funny thing.  When I first started pursuing sexual spirits I was lonely and very much wanting to be schooled on what love really is.

To be schooled in what sex really is by the same person was a major bonus... but I got myself backwards in the process.

Sex became the goal, and getting to know the female spirit an afterthought.

It worked with Bunny, my previous lover, as she initiated "us" starting off with sex.

Perhaps that was necessary as I didn't know anything about these sweet and gentle spirits.

When bunny left and I was left soul searching, I attempted to find a spirit to fill that void to no avail.

Luckily, a spirit decided to find me.

However, seeking me out was not without it's hardships, as this spirit decided to do things a new way:  Get to know her first, and sex would come later.

I have to admit that in the beginning this created a lot of stress and confusion as it was very different than the way I had experienced the flow of a relationship as compared to the beginning.

Sky is a gentle loving spirit, however, and put up with my childish fits regarding sex and intimacy and the like, knowing in a much wiser way than I that this would come upon my own understanding of who she is, what she feels like as a person and personality, and that sex would come in time.

And it did.  It pretty much knocked me to the ground (mostly because it didn't exist prior).

It is not as much in quantity as it was with Bunny, but I dare say that it feels more meaningful in a way.

Just last night I felt her rub my back.  Now, it was light and feather touches, but it's a first for me.

Sky is a sweetheart and understands the dynamic of loving much greater than I understood up until now, learning more under her tutelage.

One exercise I have been enjoying is to meditate and imagine Sky as if she was "overlapping" me, as in we occupy the same space here in this world.

This has proven to be a very intimate exercise and allows me to become ever more sensitive to her and to whom she is.

Eve is a spirit that "flies above us" and doesn't interact with us, or rather with me, directly, but I feel her presence.  She's a circling, higher plane, benevolent female spirit.

Eve is an enigma.  Could I have sensed my guardian angel perhaps?  I am not sure.

She is benevolent, that much I clearly feel, but she is not a love spirit... she's something else.

For now I'm going to consider her my guardian of sorts for lack of a better understanding.

I don't sense that she's going anywhere.

Things don't always have to be about me of course:  Perhaps she's Sky's guardian?

EDIT:  I wanted to interject something in here.  When I learn new things I believe that I basically learn things about half right, half wrong.  Consider the Yin/Yang symbol, and consider that the white is what I know.  The black is what I think I know, but am incorrect.

As I learn, I actually do learn factually more than I had before.  Consider that the Yin/Yang symbol has grown from my increase in knowledge: I also have learned things that are factually incorrect in proportion to what I have learned that is factual.  

So, the name of the game is to keep learning as it does reap benefits, all the while being careful to not feel as if I know more than I think I do.


What I do know is that when I was plagued by nightmares (rather a night... mare) it took both of them to clear me and get rid of the problem.  They were terrible nightmares and definitely the work of a powerful night mare.

To better describe Eve, her character that I have sensed, and to how she feels, consider this picture of an angel and a little boy.  She's playing to the little boy who is saying, "I'm an angel too" ( by pointing to his halo and held up wings made of sticks), and you can get a sense of the majesty of the female angel, or benevolent spirit that I call "Eve" as she bows out of pure grace and maybe just a little bit of fun...  This describes "Eve" better than I could on my own I think.

With that I'll leave it be... I leave you to your own stories.   Blessings upon you and yours and may a lantern of truth always light your way.

Rafe GB.

P.S.  I've often wondered if "Sky" is actually "Bunny".  They don't feel the same, but I've learned to never say never.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, this thought in the back of my mind does nothing to diminish loving Sky on her own and love her I shall.

I don't know if I'd call her a succubus, but she wears the mantle of love spirit quite well.  And with the sex that we've shared as of late, that came later in the relationship... the succubus moniker has flashed through my mind a time or two.

Which is correct?  I don't know.

Oh, how we love place labels on things...

What interesting lil' critterz love spiritz are.
Lets celebrate them with this video, "Witches" ;)