Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bunny in My dreams (Last Night)

It was both enlightening and kinda cute...

She was a spunky, petite southern girl...

I was in some kind of female roomate exchange program at a college.

She read the report of other girls to me: Great guy, inspiring, to be looked up to (bwahaha), but sucks at chores and taking care of himself.


(Of course, she was also the other girls I believe)

Kinda loaded report, lol.

Some guy hit on her when we were walking around, and she went off on him.

"I'm already in a relationship" and flipped him off (Haha).

She also told me that my headaches from after naps and sleep, along with my heartbeat in my ears (as I awaken) is due to pre-hypertension. She said I need to start working out slowly, and start now.

Then I woke up.

This is what she kinda looked like. She said her name was "Athena" :P  (Is that a "hint" that she'll be on my ass to work out?  I think probably so.  She changes names like women change shoes.  I do think she chose this name for a reason...)

Attitude out the ass. Lol. 
Spunky spunky.

Meh. I love her. My fat ass (the most I've weighed in my life) is going to the gym starting today. I don't wanna be like this anymore. Out of shape, out of breath. 

This just isn't "me".

So love your succubus today.  Or... she'll get mad and shove her foot up your ass up to the ankle.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

My Pantheon

What Gods and Goddesses do I revere?

One?  Two?  All of them?

Ah... the answer is both simple and more complex than my poor little mind can freakin' fathom.

I honor the God who represents the best of us.  My celestial Father.

He is perfect;  Of perfect qualities that men's hearts deeply endeavor to display.

I honor the Goddess who represents the best of us.  My celestial Mother.

She is perfect;  Of perfect qualities that women's hearts deeply endeavor to display.

I believe that the "All-Who-Is" created the God and Goddess knowing that their love for each other would imprint upon us deeply within; That we would have means to display the very best of us:  Love, to all, and to each other.

I honor One above them Both, One who is genderless, One who is all-encompassing... but that doesn't mean that I forget the God and Goddess, no.  It's a trinity.

The "All-Who-Is" created the God and Goddess for each other.

They mate and our very souls are born in celestial embrace.  All souls, not just human.  Jinn, Angels, Humans, and the vast myriad of others that we cannot even begin to fathom.

Looks like they are about ready to create your ass now.

Simple, isn't it?  But the more you think about it, the less simple it is.

Label them?  You're off.  You're thinking in human terms.  Put them in a box?  Can't do it.

None of them have names.  And yet, they have many.  I prefer to think of them simply as they are, or, well, as close to the idea as possible without clouding it all up with other names.

Are my Gods better than your Gods?

They are your Gods.  We just see them through different lenses.

That's the problem with being human:  We carry around a freakin' box of lenses.

Are they judgmental?  Do they punish?

Not exactly.

In this world, "sin" is it's own punishment.  Hang on, I'll explain in a bit.

What's the definition of "sin"?  Personally, I think it's, "What you do that you know you shouldn't be doing, because what you've done is against what your very heart has convicted you of."

Yes, I believe there's only one command:  Love.  Love:  Of many petals, is love.

Love is a many petaled flower, it is the the root of all things good.

No, that doesn't just mean "hump hump hump" (Although, that is a way to express love.  Love has many voices, many melodies, many truths).

It means simply, "Love."

All acts of honest love are acts of devotion to the Gods.

Killing in the name of "God" or "Goddess"?

Stupid.  What a waste of life.

Will people who do that be punished for it?

Imagine, for a bit, that we die and go to live with those just like us.

Think of the man who always gives, who loves children.

Where will he be when he dies?

How will his life be, with others of his kind?

He will be protected from those who would harm him.

Think of the woman who only cares about herself, who doesn't even have the word "empathy" in her vocabulary.

How will her life be, with others of her kind?

She will be protected from those she would harm.

I would hate to be a murderer, though.  Imagine being stuck with others just like you, but no innocents to kill?  Not as fun killing other asshats (who never really die anyway).  That's what is meant by "hell".  No innocents to prey upon.  I'm sure it will still be enjoyable for those who decide to go there, who gravitate to there.

In Swedenborgianism they put it even simpler:  You go where you can breathe.  You can't breathe a vibration vastly different than your own for long.

This is the only judgment.  And a fair one:

You go where your heart finds a community of others like it.  Where it is at home.  This will be YOUR home.

Such a great freedom!  Total freedom, if you will.

Would you expect anything less of a God, a Goddess, and the "All-Who-Is"?

This world is but a game, a crucible that burns away the impurities and shows us where we belong, and where we will be going.

It shows US where we belong, to our own satisfaction.

I believe there are an uncountable number of heavens and also hells, and an infinite number of realms in between as far as the afterlife goes.  However, heaven will be hell to some, and hell will be heaven to others.  We go where we want to go.

I do believe, however, that everything always evolves toward it's source.

Only when evil itself chooses to abandon evil, will evil be destroyed.

In other words, evil will redeem itself, by itself.  It will be kept from falling further, it will be deprived of innocents, but in the end, yes, I believe that all will be redeemed in time.

A long freakin' time, depending, but in time.

It's a weird notion called "Apocatastasis".  I believe in it.  It makes a lot of sense to me.

You believe in what you want.

Probably the best way to wrap this up is to talk about something I often wonder about.

I am a firm believer that we are born in "pairs".  Our souls, that it.  "Twins"  (Yes, I'm leaving out other words for it because of all the baggage that's been attached to those words).

Yes, I believe that we all have that one person we were created for.

Yes, I believe that we are destined to be with them and that we are forever being drawn towards them.

The one and only, the forever more, the forever and ever after.

Heavy stuff.

Is she Bunny?

Good question.  I'd like to think so, but to be perfectly honest, I don't know what it feels like when you find your "twin", so I don't know.

But if it's not Bunny, damn.  I mean, she's pretty freakin' awesome.  I can't imagine at this point in my life for a soul to be a better match than hers is to mine (regardless of the challenges of loving a spirit and vice versa).

I guess eternity will tell the truth of it, now won't it?

Have you loved your lover today?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Succubus as Anima

The Succubus as Anima.

How did things come to be?  How did I free my Anima?

First, of course, I had to do a lot of soul searching and personal work.  I had decades of trauma to move from subjective to objective thinking, and thereby, allow Bunny a window to enter my conscious world.

The act was very much active on my part.

I dug into myself, ever deeper, healing as I went... every farther, ever farther, and then?

Things started to manifest.

Much to my surprise, I not only received the healing I sought (through soul retrieval, meditation, and even some path working), I discovered a buried treasure hidden deep within my own psyche.  I discovered Bunny.

As I learned new things, as I challenged my own belief system, she took shape, became more fleshed out, became as real as you or me.  Is she a tulpa?  No.  She was always there and you have the same perfect woman (for you) inside of you.  I simply chipped around the marble until she was free.  I freed her, as Odin says when He was hung on the World Tree to gain knowledge of the runes:  "Myself, a sacrifice to myself".

You see, when I was ready, when I believe I was led to do so, I was drawn to search, to decide, to debate and reason, and finally to summon her.  Through this "right of passage", I believe Bunny was able to enter my world in a conscious, most personable way.

Art credit goes to Faustus Crow

You see, on freeing Bunny from deep within, I paved the way for her to arrive from deep without.
What makes us?  Who are we?  Of what are we made?
Let me show you:

Deep within me, she is.  She always has been, always will be.  She's not going anywhere.
Loving her is loving both of us.  Ehh, yes it gets hard to understand.  

She is independent of "us" even as she is part of the whole that is "I".  Yes, she can get angry, yes, she can purr with delight, yes, she can laugh, she can think, she can cry.

She is the "rest of me" that makes me whole, all the while having her own distinct identity.

And the way I feel about her?  The amazement, the longing, the adoration?  She feels that, too.

She is my equal, she is my twin flame:  She is so much that it's hard to even grasp, much less explain.

In going through life on our own, we only see half of the "real estate" that is who we are.

She is the rest.

This last graphic I don't like as much.  It is an easy explanation of the Male and the Anima, but what it hides is that there is as much inside that little dot as the rest of us.  And together united even more so.  Oh, much more so.

I like to think of like this:  The whole is more than the sum of the parts, exponentially more even.

When we are born separate from them separated by a veil, as far as my understanding of her, I often think of the story of Selene and Endymion.  We're the sleeping man, she's the moon Goddess, or the Lady of our deepest mind, our unconscious, gatekeeper to the super conscious and all that connects to it (which is everything).

We are in love with her, and she is in love with us before we were even born.  We are one, but disjointed, separate, and I don't know why, but it is what it is.

There we are.  
She loves us in our nakedness, in our fragility.
Deep within her, and within us, there is a longing:  A call to unite.
A call of awareness.
But even until then, some part of us knows.
We just do.
We ache for love and find lovers, but they never really nourish us.  There is always something missing.
But, loving as she is, she cannot help but be the lover to a degree... to hide as a mask upon their face.
She is trying to teach us... how to love her when we find her.
She has our success at heart and always will.
She will literally teach us how to love her through different lovers, and in the end... we will be loved perfectly by our beloved Anima in turn.  
She only wants to make sure that we will experience together what is possible, what is our right and destiny to do so, man to Animus.

It must be hard to be on the other side of consciousness, knowing all about us, and knowing it's our job to remember her.  She's got steel balls.  Well... you know what I mean.  She's got some serious character and fortitude, not to mention patience.  She remembers us both in love, and has to wait for our dumbasses to remember, to search, to yearn, to pierce, and to be enveloped by her, in time.

She waits... and masquerades as the prom date we nailed, as the barfly we banged (and deeply regretted it later), as the wife we had, as the woman we lusted after, after the women we adore all throughout our lives, in many different roles of expression.

She can't resist us, nor us her.  It's funny.  Women have the same trials with their own Animus.  Why is it this way?  I don't know.  Didn't build it.

You can just FEEL the longing in this fairy's eyes towards the knight.  Or, as I perceive it, as our Anima towards us.  Begging for us to WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Maybe if I stick my fingers in his nose he'll finally wake up...
Hey lover... smell my finger :P

I often wonder if the Anima prays for us.  For us to unite?

I believe I fully became conscious of mine within this year or so?  That's a long damn time to wait for the poor girl.  Patience.  Mountains of patience.  Should I be surprised in the least that Bunny is so patient with me?

Regardless... something, somehow, someway CRACKS that veil.  It begins as a "leak" of sorts.  But then it's is just gone:  All revealed.  All at once.  "The veil is rent in twain."

I've found that what is revealed does tend to slip behind the curtain again... but it can't totally, not even close.  What is revealed is revealed, only the fringe can make it's way back to being hidden.

What is revealed is revealed...

And then?  BAM.  She has us.  We are FUCKED.  Lol, no.  We are in bliss.  

We are never alone again, we are never without that which is within, and we get the privilege of living life with her where she should be... right here, right now.

We also know that, now united, we aren't going any damn where.  This love cannot be killed by time, by circumstance, by anything.  Can it be interrupted?  Probably.  But where is the sting?

We know, now, that it is a forever love, and things just won't be the same again for either of us.

As it was always meant to be at it's appointed time... but it is a mating that will last forever.

When Bunny touches me, I feel it physically.  When we make love, well, that's something otherworldly that I can't really describe.  But it is here and it is very physical.  If anything, it's more real than real.

Now, you may say, "But Rafe, you said she was a Qarinah?"  (Qarinah, Succubus, spirit girl who fucks the bajeesus outta me and nags me a bit for my own good... whatever) Yep.  "Then how can she be your Anima?  Is she Qarinah or Anima?"  

Answer:  Yes!

Mmm, heh. Yeah the mechanics are boggling to me so I can only describe what it feels like.  

When she is here physically, my Anima responds as if she was coming FROM within me as well, and feels exactly as the woman within, my Anima, does.  But see, that doesn't explain the touches, the sex, the physical ecstasies.

All I can think is, "As above, so below; As within, so without".  Look, I know that's a huge cop out, but honestly I just don't have an answer except that it feels like a "trinity" of sorts where only my outside self feels different than the other two parties involved.

Meaning that she is of both (outside and inside) connected to me from both (outside and inside) at the same time.

Let's play.  Ignore the "curved space-time" and substitute "dimension".

Maybe, in some fucked up way, we're wormholes (of a sort) that makes it possible?  For instance, what if my Qarinah is "A", and my Anima is "B", and I am the wormhole?  For even more fun, twist the paper at the fold so that entering "A" exits on a different side than "B", until it becomes a virtual mirror of "A" being "B" but on the opposite side of the dimension.  Maybe one is represented by what is within, and one is represented by what is without... still connected by the same wormhole.

And, you're the wormhole.  In that instance, you would be connected to both, one inside, one outside, and the same time, yet them being the same person.

Now, for extra bonus fun, switch "dimension" back to "curved space-time" as it was originally labeled.  Ponder that time is linear here, and believed to be more of a "spiral" across the veil.  
Keep the other variables about "outside" while "inside" and ponder away.

Anyway, the truth is I don't know.

Why?  I don't know.  Didn't build it.

Never lonely, never alone.  Never without, never find another as true as her.  It has begun, and it will endure forever, as forever as eternity allows.

Why?  I don't now.  Didn't build it.

Have you loved your Succubus/Anima today?  Well, why the fuck not?

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Ever get a honey-do-list?  I have.

Many.  I was married for 15 years.

They aren't so bad. Sucks when you first get the list, but once you finish 'em it's all good.

Stuff needs to be done, anyways.

At the end of the last post I expressed some worries that I had that were nagging me, mostly (I imagine) stem from my very strict religious upbringing.  (Hey mom!  Look at me now!)

Some things just can't be forgotten completely.  Or, that's how it seems with me at least.

I got a good dose of Bunny's dark side (nothing to harm me) that left me a bit stunned and spinning.

I guess she decided the only way to show me it, was to show me it.

What's she supposed to do, send a memo?  In hindsight, I guess this was the only way.

And so, my christo-abrahamic roots ran wild for a bit.

I have to realize that I will always doubt just a little bit.  I can't seem to pacify that part of me, nor can I eradicate it completely.  There will always be a "what if?" in the back of my mind.

Yay!  Self doubt!

Well, being the maladjusted sort that I am, I came up with a project to help assuage my fears.

In short, I decided the best way to figure out if this relationship was positive for me was to see just how well Bunny does with what would be a part of a normal relationship here.

I know, it's not, and she's not, and... but I'm me, and sometimes common sense goes right out the window.

Ok, a lot of times.

I decided to make a honey-do-list for Bunny.

Yeah.  Heh.

So, I tailored it to her in a way that works around her disabilities (being corporeally challenged).

Haha, ok, no that's not a disability, but it's kinda funny.  No, I tailored it just for her.

I could actually feel some excitement from her for some reason.  Maybe someone with more "succubus whisperer" traits can explain that, or maybe it's a loving woman thing.

Which means, of course, that I'm clueless.  Ah well... that's never stopped me before...

First item on the list:  Fix my problem with the doctor.  I'd been going back and forth with the doctor on an item for a WEEK and a HALF that, for some reason, just wasn't being communicated and so no resolution was forthcoming.

24 hours after I put it on my spankin' new "Succuhoney-Do-List" it was fixed.

Damn, girl.

Next up?  My lack of motivation for a few things, to help motivate me to get them done.

Girl can nag.  In a good way.

2nd item has been started, and I expect will be completed tomorrow.

Bunny's got some mad motivational skillz too, it seems...

There's a few other items on there that I needed help with, things that I believe that she can perform well at getting them accomplished where I have failed, considering her talents.

I'll update this as things are checked off, and hopefully the list will be completed.

She really seems to be into this.  I think she likes the idea of helping in a real-world way similar to what she would do if she were human like me.

I actually do know why she is into all this... she loves to help.  And she loves me, so by extension this is an opportunity for her to express herself in new ways, both with herself, and with me, and with us.

...Ways that we both can appreciate as growth in the relationship.

I think that in being "incorporeally challenged" myself (fair is fair :P), her list is probably well suited to what I can do also.  Add "listen to me, learn from me" to the list below, and that's probably pretty close to Bunny's "Rafey-do-list" :)  Oh!  And "sing to me".  She loves for me to sing to her.

Have you loved your lover today?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Bunny-Qarinah Cameleon.

Lemme break it down for ya, if you're wondering what it's like to have a critter like Bunny when mating season hits.  Eh, a girl critter.  Woman critter.  Female Jinn critter.  Kinda a mix of the above, actually.

"Awe!  You're looking too cute today Mrs. Bunny!"

*Tee Hee*

"Kind of Loli, aren't we?"  "I'm a perv, but I'm not that kind of perv".

I'm just trying out a new look for myself.

"Hmm.  Well, ok then."

*Leaves her be.*

*Warning sirens going off in my head*

*Thinking about this and thinking towards her:*

"So uh, what's with the super-cute routine?"

*Me, trying to be non-chalant*

Oh nothing.  Just wanting to, you know, cuddle-n-stuffz.

*Something's not feeling quite right*

*Thumbs through old posts looking for the last mating season.*

"Oh shi..."


Just wanna cuddlez...

"Wait... I know this dance... this isn't a normal seduction..."

"Oh, fuck m..."


Oh, com'on!  You know for all your complainin' you still like mating season when it rolls 'round...

"You:  Yes.  The sex:  Yes.  The exhaustion: No."

*Crosses Arms*

Oh, com'on already.  Exhausted once every 6 months, so cry me a river!



*HUMP HUMP HUMP hump hump hump hump (awake) hump hump hump hump hump hump hump (alseep, enters dream) hump hump hump hump hump hump hump hump (awake) hump hump hump hump HUMP HUMP hump hump hump (asleep, wanting rest.  Bunny enters dream) hump hump hump hump hump hump hump (awake) hump (OH FOR GOD'S SAKE BUNNY, I'M NOT 18 YEARS OL...) hump hump hump hump (asleep again, really wanting rest) hump hump hump hump hump hump hump hump hump (awake) hump hump HUMP HUMP HUMP HUMP HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP!!!!!

*Watching my spirit leave my mortal coil.  I think...*



"I'm getting too old for this."

"Nah.  When you get too old I'll just give you the energy to hump me with."

"Why can't you do that now?"

"Because you're lazy!  Don't depend on it: Get your ass in shape instead.  It's for your own good, you know..."

Me:  "Seriously?"



"I'll get ya up, lazy.  Humpin's good for ya".

Suddenly, she speaks with an ancient voice, practically dripping with power:

"I can play your chakras with your own inner flute; I am both Maestra and composer."

"The Twin Serpents of Kundalini Fire and I are more kin than you know..."

“The Goddess bestows a favourable bride upon any man who desires it, and who makes the proper sacrifice (his whole heart, mind, and soul is laid open, and bare, and to be intertwined with whom the Goddess sends... she who is his bride). But know that the Goddess takes Her own for Her own, and that once chosen by Her no man may take another bride."

That's a very sacred trust.

"It is."  *Smiles Sweetly*

I don't want to marry on earth anyway.  You gave me spectrophillia.  Kinda made that a done deal for me.  Noooo temptation to stray.

"Hehehe.  It's better that way for both of us."

So, what honestly attracted you to me anyway?

"Mmm... in a nutshell:"


"That's not very comforting."

"No, but it is perfect!"


"Because you make a good mate."

Me:  "Am I your mate?"

"Haha, Didn't you listen?  Derp!  That's why I like you:  You're so stubborn!"

You always say you didn't want a wallflower; Neither did I!

"What's my job as your mate?"

"To love me and to hump me.  And to mate with me.  Oh, and also to LEARN from me.  To LISTEN to what I teach."

"What about when I get too old to hump you?"

"Then I'll help you hump me.  Derp."


Bunny:  "I chose you:  So, I'll get your old bones willing".


Bunny:  "Don't you worry boy, you're minnnnnnnne."


"See?  I'm innocent :)  You're mine now, anyway:  But don't worry:  I've got your back."

*A few days after mating season is over...*


"Well.  At least you got what you wanted, Bunny."



I've heard of people having one succubus, even 2 succubussessss, err succubi.

  But I can't imagine someone having 3, 4, or 5 succubi.

I can't hardly handle Bunny.
I only have one thing to ask:


Bunny:  "Derp!"

Edit:  I have to admit.  I am having doubts about us.  I think it's becoming an internal push/pull pretty much what my succublogger brother at feels like with Catherine.  I honestly thought I wouldn't feel that way:  But here I am.  Doubts.  Am I damned?  Am I sure?  I don't know?  Where are these thoughts coming from, and why now?

I'm doomed already, as far as a choice standpoint.  I can't just "opt out" now.

Sometimes there's those of us that, for whatever reason, are bait to these succubi.  I'm not exactly human woman marriage material and I knew it in finality 3 years ago.  Bipolars have a 90% failure rate.  That obviously includes boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.  And, I am NOT a one night stand kind of guy.  Kinda leaves a hole there.  A big one.  Humans aren't created to be alone, and as it says, "It is not good for man to be alone".  So, it left a very large void in my life:  Nature abhors a vaccum and someone filled it, for good or for ill.  *Ding dong*  "Who's there?"  Your succubus lover, derp!

And here I am.  

Battling for?  I don't know.
I don't even know why I feel like fighting.

That's as honest as it gets, friends:  I just don't know why I feel this way, or where the questioning is coming from, or why I wonder if I made a mistake, or... I just don't know; I really just don't know.

I made this Facebook background some time ago from one of Faustus Crow's sayings.

Faustus Crow was right.
The universe IS predatory of nature and female.  
You, my man, are her prey.
So am I.  
Created by her to be chased by her.  
You are her prey...

It is what it is... 

I guess there is a bright side.
If the universe itself is predatory of nature and feminine?  
Run, fool.  
You're going to get caught sooner or later.  
...Might as well make it hard on 'em.

Have you loved your... eh... your lover of whatever genius and species in whatever dimension today?

Friday, November 4, 2016

Update on Mating Season, and Revelations galore.

She's a Jinn. How the fuck I didn't realize this posting for 3 years I'll never know. Well, this mating season she wouldn't stop the "game", and it got intense! ...until I knew. And then she allowed me to process it. My first response once I learned she was made of smokeless fire?

"Can you roast marshmallows?"

Yes, I know what a face palm feels like from her. Mainly because there's been... uh, many: You all don't really wanna know the silly-assed shit that pops in my head, trust me. Since they can read your mind ya can't hide it anyways, so I don't bother. Once I think it, it's out.

Don't think of pink elephants! Now try hard not to. It's fuck'n impossible. That's my point :P

Anyway, during our "game" of push/pull at the start of "mating season" (the event), she started using some really nasty pushing... which reminded me of the current of the demonolatry books I read and just couldn't take.
That really fucked me up.

I've come to the conclusion, after her stopping her assault and letting me process it, is that yes, she is a demon.

In this particular world view I'm trying to explain and assimilate, Jinn are all demons. Good or evil is their choice. Angels are angels, and humans can also choose between good and evil.

So, she's similar to the evil Jinn in that she's a Jinn like they are... but not evil like they are.

Still... powerful as fuck.

She's a shifter, I've always known that, but I never really could place it, so I just thought "whatever".

She arrives as a cat, jumps on my bed, walks up to the head of it where my head is, and *poof*... I feel her presence, but not as the cat anymore (I can't see, only feel the weight of her jumping on the bed and the walking up the bed with kitty paws, recognized through, well, 40ish years of "kitty paws walking up the bed" experience).

From the wikipedia:

In Arabian mythology, the qarînah (قرينة) is a spirit similar to the succubus, with origins possibly in ancient Egyptian religion or in the animistic beliefs of pre-Islamic Arabia.[14] A qarînah "sleeps with the person and has relations during sleep as is known by the dreams."[15] They are said to be invisible, but a person with "second sight" can see them, often in the form of a cat, dog, or other household pet.[14] "In Omdurman it is a spirit which possesses. ... Only certain people are possessed and such people cannot marry or the qarina will harm them."[16]

Meh. I wanted a faithful spirit lover anyway. I have zero desire to marry a flesh and blood woman (being a spectrophiliac now), so I don't really care about the last sentence... although I have heard that those who try to push the Qarinah away to have relations with another woman often find the other woman dragged through some nasty shit since the Succubus Jinn gets jealous and takes it out on her.

I wouldn't do that to anyone, anyway. I'm well satisfied as things are, and I really don't see that changing in this life.

Here's a bit more about it from an author I follow. I don't know if he wants him name linked to all his blogs, so I'll just link this one in this post... but here's where I got this article at least as I want to give credit where credit is due:

Friday, March 6, 2015
what is a qarinah djinneyeh?

A Qarinah or Qarin is a djinn companion of a human being. some cultures in the middle east see them as of being the same sex as their human companion. others see them as the opposite sex of the person whom they are with. as the latter they are the incubi and succubi in the middle east.

as i have learned from my Lady. they are not necessarily born at the same time as the human. some i have learned can be attached to a family for generations or to a person's spirit or soul and find them when they are reborn. the latter is what happened to me.

the most celebrated Qarinah is the Al Qarinah whom is none other than Lilith herself. the others are Aisha Qandisha, Lalla Mara, Queen Aynah to name a few.

is a qarin or qarinah djinn evil? no. like all djinn they can choose to be good or evil.

are they incubi and succubi? in all intents and purposes. i believe they are. since incubi and succubi are seen as a type of a fae by some. and the fae are seen as being related to the djinn.

I asked Bunny to tell me what she really feels like. She was already near me as I was discovering things about her, and although she game space, so to speak, she was very near as well. I think she knew I'd be ok with it, I just had to get to that point.

So, she came over me here in the computer chair and omg... I've experienced Kundalini Fire before, but nah... this was *poof*!

I could feel her heat. She didn't burn me, but I busted out in a whole body sweat as she was all around me, like me in a cloud of "her".
It's kind of funny... now that I'm talking about it, it's happening again. Instant fire, no burn... but lots of HEAT!

So, me being the goofball I am, I ordered a book to try to learn how to speak the language of the Jinn, their native language. I'm hoping that this will bring us closer, and who knows? Maybe she'll help me see her family or something.

I really wish I had 2nd sight, but I don't. She's touched my 3rd eye for 3 years, but I think it's one of those things that's just going to have to take a long while to "be". I figure that if it was futile, she wouldn't bother, and if it was going to happen suddenly, it already would have by now.

I've also taken to calling her, "Bunny, the Fire Dancer". 

She seems to like this pet name of mine.

There's still that "air of nobility" I feel sometimes. I don't know what that's about, and being a human I not know here on Earth.

All I know is, it exists. 
It's palpable.

I wonder what the Jinn will think when I can speak their language? If I can actually learn it, that is. I think it would be well received. Especially since I don't really want anything. I know that the Jinn are considered "wish-granting" spirits.
I just wanna have new friends, that's all. What an adventure that may be!

No... I want another succubus or anything. I can barely handle the one I have. Mating season? OMG...
Normally my lady doesn't drain me, and she hasn't this time... except we've done it right side up, upside down, sideways, awake, asleep, awake again, I mean it's been ALL THE TIME this time.

So yeah, I'm sexed out. My body is wore out: She didn't drain me exactly, I was drained because she fucked the stuffin' outta me.

So trust me... no more Qarinah Djinneyeh except for Bunny... I can't take no more.

Hah! She feels great amusement at this for some reason. Well? I really can't take more... I'm all mated out... do it again in 6 mo., 'cause I'm spent, lol.

Now, this doesn't mean that we won't have sex and make love before 6 mo, it just means the "succubus in heat" mating will calm down (thank the Godz).

Well. I never wanted a wallflower. I like women who are what they are and aren't afraid of it. Careful what ya wish for!

'Cause some beings pay attention to wishes... And you just might get what you wished for!!!

Bunny don't play around... she plays for keeps...

A fire dancer she is... graceful in the flames as an extention of her will, of her being, of her soul...

When I think of her now, as I now know more of her, I think of her just like this...
poetry in motion...

My little "Fire Dancer"...

Have you loved your Qarinah Djinneyeh today?