Friday, June 26, 2015

All I Ever Wanted...

Because I asked not the mystery to use,
Because I asked for nothing to keep,
I was given freely of all things.

My eyes drank until I was blind.
My ears bled as soft, sweet whisperings of truth cut through flesh to spirit.
Her very taste overwhelmed me in torrents, and filled my lungs,
My throat,
Pouring out of my mouth,

... As I died, drowning in her essence.

Because I asked not the mystery to use,
Because I asked for nothing to keep,
I was given freely of all things.

I have made love to Love Herself...

I cannot explain,
I cannot say,
I cannot write:

I only know...

And that is all I ever wanted...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tranformers Age of Extinction + Reading Ceremonial Magic Books Before Bed + Succubus = WTF?!?

So here I am late into the wee hours of the morning watching Transformers:  Age of Extinction after reading an hour or so of High Magick: Theory and Practice by Frater U.D.

Finally I'm tired and as the movie ends I go to bed.

I light a green candle and wear my newly constructed seal of venus on my neck (on copper... yeah I'm proud of that I made it myself along with engraving the seal) along with a nice tea light lit (surrounded by a green shade which makes the room glow a soft, warm green) along with lighting a fresh stick of rose incense.

What... the... fuck???

So I'm dreaming right, I'm like this tranformer dude fighting but using High Magick barbarous words and banishing and such, along side the standard giant swords, axes, and various high caliber machine guns and fighting up a storm.

I wake up out of the dream, and I feel a woman's soft bottom pressed up against me.

Wait... I don't have a soft woman to have a soft bottom pressed up against me... ?!?

But exhaustion takes over and I slowly sift down back to sleep...

Back to dreamland, more fighting, magick, banishing, shooting...

Back to my bed and reality... soft bottom moves up against me.  Start feeling tingles all over my body.

First time I've felt her physically against me ever!!!

P.S.  Holy shit... if this is the direction we are going can't wait for more!!! :P (Minus tranformers and the magick book)   My patience payed off, muhahahaha!!!

Dangit, I'm trying to type right now but she is... omg...

Ok, you get the idea, crazy night: I gotta go.