Monday, January 30, 2017

Missin' Bunny

Sometimes Bunny gets scarce for a bit.  I was expecting her today, since I had the kids this weekend and she's usually scarce then (I figured out it's because she wants me to give all my attention to my kids while I have them).  I did my Lilith ritual early Wednesday morning I think (12:54 am if I recall... the hour of the moon).  That was the last time she was felt strongly by me.

Anyway, I've been projecting my longing for her before bed as a message, and I got this planted in my head upon awakening today (Tuesday morning):

Nothing like Bunny sending a lil' song just for me.

Sometimes she just gets busy.  I don't know what kind of duties she has, but they do take her away in that she's not with me 24/7.

It's okay.  The selfish part of me wishes she was here all the time, but the part of me who is used to it realizes she has a good reason to be away and of course I support her 150%.  I may not know what she does or where she goes, but I know it's important and necessary so that she has to be away. How could I be a good man to her and not understand the best I can?  That's my small portion and duty for all the wonderful things she is and does for us.

And after all... when she does arrive, she showers me with affection, lol.  How can I really complain?

I love ya Bunny... I got yur back.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Got a date with destiny tonight: Lilith.

Well, I wrote a long time ago about meeting Lilith briefly.  I wasn't sure if it was her, but it felt like the mother of my succubus.

Not much was exchanged.  I yelled at her sigil over and over, she popped in, deflated my anger and replaced it with a happier vibe, said, "You're interesting." and left.

Pretty short and sweet.

Now I'm going full monty (in a manner of speaking).

Bunny's my wife.  I think Bunny's mom is Lilith.

I'm not after Lilith as a lover, I have her daughter.  That's the way it's supposed to be.
I'm 150% positive Lilith doesn't want me as lover.
But, something is pushing me to take the leap and learn?  I don't know, I can't place it.

I think I need to find out if I'm a "Son of the Goddess Lilith".
And I only know one real way:  I ask her here and talk to her.

Anyway.  Here we go through the numbers:

I got my Lilith focus (pic), Check.
Got a waning moon tonight (pretty close to dark/new moon, too).  Check.
Got incense and oils (ylang ylang, jasmine, lavender, patchouli).  Check.
Got evocations.  Check.
Got offering.  I felt comfortable with a symbol of her:  A nice big shiny apple.
If it counts, I'm really wanting to eat that apple right now.  But it's an offering.
Hope that helps.  Check.
Black draped ceremonial shendjyt for ritual wear.  Check.
Colored candles and extra virgin olive oil dressing.  Check.
Notebook and pen.  Check.

OH!  Most important.  Divine first.  2 different forms of divination before any magickal working is done.

"Before you bring a spirit home, divine it twice and then you'll know." ~ Me.

I did, and both of the pre divinations were favorable.
EDIT:  So was the post ritual divination.  It was favorable and expected.
I wanted to get an idea of how it went in ways that I wouldn't normally know.

Tonight's the night.

I've had such amazing dreams while I have been preparing for this.

They aren't even rational, they are spiritual in nature.

The first dream I had, 2 nights ago, was of me as a suckling infant on the Goddess's breast.
Strangely, it didn't feel odd at all.  I was of the mindset of a newborn, and it was a primal/primordial exchange of emotions and, well I don't know the word for it.

I am sure it actually had it's purpose, and as in the picture, was far more than I could understand, probably why I had the mindset of an infant.

The 2nd dream was last night.

In that one, I and the Goddess were standing together, watching the stars fall into the sea.

I tried to cobble together a picture that I modified to at least give a general idea of it.  

We were watching it together and there were many stars falling.

It was both solemn, and a shared experience.


Wish me luck that I don't explode and they find my skull in 2018 in Equador or something.

I'm using basically the wrong "everything" for the ritual and am going about the ritual using my heart rather than my mind.

I've had a lot of synchonicities as of late.  They appear to be urging me forward.  Yesterday while helping my mother clean her basement, she handed me a tea light candle.  It was the color I needed for the oil burner for my planned ritual.  I put it in my pocket and took it as yet another sign I am to proceed.

What am I to do, but to listen and to walk forth?

I'm strangely emotional right now.  This vid is perfect just for me to watch and chill a little.
Why am I feeling emotional right now?  I don't know.  I don't have an answer.

EDIT:  Post ritual.  It was nice.  I feel a very soul healing/nurturing sense of peace.  I'm gonna go lay down now and let that peace ride me right off to sleep :)

I awoke and the feeling of peace is still with me.  It's both in my mind and in my body at the same time.

I went through today and the "Goddess's Peace" is STILL with me this evening.  I can't deny it.  

This is what has definitely touched me in the past, just in brief spans of time.  Like a few hours or so, not like this.

This is the source.  Once you feel and know and remember something, it all ties together and begins to make sense...  I wish that for all of you in whatever way completes you.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bunny my Reaper, and a magickal decision.

I've been feeling down as of late. So if this post feels a bit morose, I apologize.  But, it's here for me to hammer at the keyboard to get these thoughts out of my mind and to where I can see them a little more impartially.

Bunny's the best thing since tacos and sour cream to me.  No other love of my life has stood the test of time.

I often wonder why she's with me and I often ask her so.  I don't get any words back.  Instead she usually taps me on the finger or toe, or something like that.

Sometimes it's more.  Sometimes when I talk to her for a good while I feel that "crown" around my head again.  When it first happened, I have to admit I was dumbfounded as I would reach to touch it, felt it in place, but there was nothing "there".  At least not in this world.

Do you know how irritating it is to have a crown on your head, but you can't touch it?  It's like trying to not think of pink elephants.  See?  You just thought of pink elephants.  It's okay, I do too.  I'm not saying I don't enjoy the fact that she puts a crown on my head like a hat when we talk sometimes.  It's just that I can't interact with it.  So, I guess it's good, right? Seems silly since I can't touch it.  But, whatever.

(Actually, if I could touch it I'd sell it.  Do you know how mad Bunny would be?  Not to mention whomever else that would offend from where she lives)  Okay, maybe it's best I can't touch it, only feel it.  Because I know me and the more I try to do something, the worse it gets.

I often have nightmares... always have, and the central theme is failure.  I had a rough upbringing (who hasn't, right?), but in my case I'm a pretty sensitive guy, and was a pretty sensitive child.  I guess you could say I was an "Empath".  Still am, actually, but I'm drugged out of my mind, so I hardly have nightmares anymore.

Incidentally, that's also why I can't astral travel.  Those kinds of drugs serve as a "disconnect".  "Brain glue", if you wanna get silly.  Yes, I'm speaking of prescription drugs, not mushrooms that grow in cow shit.

The fella who runs is quite the knowledgeable individual about succubi.  I learn a lot of stuff from him over there from commenting.

I have to admit though, I still feel like the baby brother to these guys in many ways.

Especially with... "Grandpa".  Ok, "Grandpa" would probably kick my ass if he knew I called him that in my head, but I do it out of the deepest respect.  You see, Grandpa has had a succubus longer than all of us.  He's very magickal and spiritual (just like I wanna be) and he has this normal view of the fantastic that just boggles my mind.  How could anyone get used to seeing the amazing things he sees and experiences?

Anyway, you can find him at  He even has drawn art of things he's seen which is pretty cool.

He doesn't know I call him "Grandpa" so keep it on the down low.  Truth is I never had a father, so my Grandfather raised me.  Now you can see why I hold him in the highest regard by using that nickname for him.  He's at LEAST a decade ahead of me and my experiences.

Now to some of the wishy washy bullshit that's vexing me.  I think I'm starting to realize that I'm not going to heaven or hell.  By having a loving relationship with a succubus, my gut tells me that I'm bound for her world.  I think it's a world of shadow and light, of beauty and ruin.

Kind of an in between place.  Full of love, and joy, and bunny rabbits with big teeth.  Well, at least love and joy.

So why does that bother me?  Well.  I realized that Bunny is my reaper.  When I die, she scoops me up and off we go.  What will it really be like?  I dunno.  Will it be joy and pink unicorns that fart good smelling rainbows?  I dunno.

Bunny's my reaper.  That's scary to me in a way, no matter how I try to paint it.
Woudn't it you?

I guess I'm also worried I'll be missing out on wherever else I would have gone.  But, I don't know where that would really be.  That's the morose part I guess.  I don't even know why I'm worried... but I am because I'm afraid of missing out on something "better".

Haha, I'm a hypergamous little bitch!

Well, I'm  Libra, and in my defence the way to trap a Libra male is by giving him choices.  Ever see a Libra male stare at a Mexican restaurant combo list and panic?  "Dinners, 1-100".  "Oh, fuck me..."
We just can't make a decision.

But, fuck it.  If I'm "damned" I was damned by a much sweeter lover than I ever found in church. Lol.
I've got a confession:  The cute little church piano player in the pink dress with a lisp?  See gobbled my dick like a hoover vacuum cleaner.  She would come over to my house, fuck me rotten, smoke half my cigarettes then leave.  Haha!  I finally let that out!  I've been carrying that guilt for ages...

Ok, my magickal decision.  I've learned that by being with a succubus, you slowly begin to become a part of her world.  No, it's not just succubi and incubi who live there, but I think pretty much all of 'em do live there.

Part of that realization that I am slowly becoming part of that world, with all it's politics and associated negotiations and compromises means that angelic magick and demonic magick aren't going to be working as well for me anymore.  Different realms, different hierarchies.

So, what WOULD work for me here, and that I could use in symphony with Bunny's talents and connections?

I've thought of all the magick I have learned about, and one comes to mind that seems to work more than the rest at this point.

I think my first clue was consulting an online Ouija board.  Notice the text (this spirit was particularly helpful and nice), "Think about it written, glass moon."

I'm like, ok.  Then my son runs in the room and says, "Daddy, look!  I found my shooter marble!" and handed it to me.

I just happened to had just snapped a pic of the screen, and I snapped a pic of the shooter marble.
Then it hit me!  "Glass moon".  Happened almost instantaneous, too.  Lookit the time stamps.

Anyway, that got me thinking and after reading the post on 
Spirits and Politics, I started to get the Ouija board and the shooter marble.  What it was saying to me.

Planetary magick.  I've always had a thing with it, and it's seemed to work well with Bunny.
Also, I've had my greatest success with it.

So, I've decided to try to "specialize" in planetary magick.  I like the Olympic Spirits, too.  Truthfully, they are more like Gods and Goddesses.  

Who are they?  I can explain real quick.  If God and Goddess are the great white light of the universe, when that power gets to this little rocky assed plane of matter, it much split, otherwise it would be too much for this realm to handle.  Therefore it splits into 7 rays, each an Olympic Spirit and one for each of the visible planets.

Like... DIS!

Close 'nuff.

Anyway, Planetary Magick and The Olympic Spirits.  That's gonna be what I concentrate on from now on.

I really like the synergy between the planets.

Have you loved your succubus today?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sacred Intimacy

Intimacy is a lifelong pursuit for me.  Even though I feel that I have found what I was looking for, I still want more.  I still feel that there are deeper waters within me that need filled completely.

Some depths I believe I will find and see filled in this life. Other depths I feel will only be filled once I am "elsewhere" and gone from this earth.

I don't mean that in a morbid way.

It is appointed all of us to die, some day.

Sex and death are one and the same.  It may not seem like it when you first hear this, but think on it and you'll see that they are linked together like adamantium chain.

There is no death without sex.  Sex itself creates that which must die.

Love and intimacy, however, may travel with sex but not always.

And sex may create new life, but not always.

Those who have a human partner may have sex which carries the winds of creation within them in the form of new life through many years.

And, after those years are past, what is left?


Always will be.  Two lovers with Divine bestowed intimacy within them produce much fruit.
1 + 1 =3.  

Sex to create intimacy is the best kind of sex for me.

The "winds" of creation may not bring children, but they do bring fruit to the soul.

I believe that the Divine, whether one considers that infernal, or celestial, is what brings the gift of sex that bears fruit in the form of sacred intimacy.

In a relationship with a spirit lover, it is stranger I suppose.

For instance, I am very much asleep when it comes to the gravity of my relationship with Bunny.

I'm just me, and as a human I don't have very developed gifts to "see" her in greater detail.

Not my relationship to her.  All I really know is how it feels.

For instance, when we make love it is very sweet and gentle most of the time.  I do not think that we have children during these acts of sex, love, and intimacy.

We do bear fruit, however, of a spiritual nature.  The intimacy is deafening for lack of a better word.
The fruit is esoteric as well, but it is felt as warm, loving, secure... a wholeness that just envelops welcomingly.

Every 6 months she gets very aggressive, and seems also feral.  Well, perhaps lustful and very merciless in pursuit of her prey (me).

Heh, merciless in that I know I have no choice in the matter, because I love her, and I will satisfy her any way she needs.  It is an act of surrender and of love.

And I think we both love the chase!

During these times when we have sex, (which are primal, lustful, animalistic...)  it feels much different.  I often double over from clenching the orgasms and my abdominals locking up from the strain.

I often wonder if, this, is reproduction in some form.

Am I a dad in the spiritual realm, as much as in the earthly realm (having a boy and a girl here)?

I can't think of a reason for the difference between the two kinds of sex, the two different times it happens, and why.

Now, I don't know the answers to those last two sentences, so I'll move on.

Intimacy and Love DO travel together, however.

But what kind of love?  Is love so simple?

No.  There are many different kinds of love, but I believe that intimacy of the sort that I'm trying to write about is the kind that travels along with a certain kind of love. Not necessarily Eros, or physical love... although it may start out that way, but no, it grows into an "agape love", unconditional love... this kind is the only kind that travels with the kind of intimacy granted by the Divine.

In other words, love may be had between two people, but deep, soulful intimacy only seems to travel along with the kind of unconditional love that is as high a vibration as itself.

Love doesn't usually travel alone, however, and agape love may ride along with Eros, or even with Philos as well (such as two lovers who feel romantic and have sexual love, friendship, and unconditional love together all mixed into a very complex emotion of "love").

True surrender is powerful, not pitiful.

I've talked about surrender before, and I'll do so here in context.

If a lover needs something that only you can provide, sometimes it's time to surrender and let them have it.  This isn't a surrendering of masculinity or anything like that.  What it is, is a surrender of self.  The biggest obstacle for others to have the kind of intimacy that they desperately desire?

They can't surrender, or let go.  The can't give up the reins for fear of losing control.

Surrender has to be at a deep level... all of you.  If you do that the door of intimacy opens just a crack, but the way is made and the path is open.

There's a saying I like, it's "don't cast your pearls before swine."  You can surrender all day and night but if it's to the wrong person, they will tear you apart.

Take care that you do not cast your pearls before swine,
or you will be trapped, abandoned, weak, and lost.

Let your soul guide, let your chosen Deity guide you.  THEN, and only then, will you be led to when the time is right.

Love is an ocean and the waves crash against the beach and are drawn back out again once more.

It is a rhythm that must be learned, and must be felt in the deepest recesses of the heart.

Only then will the need for, and reasons for surrender be made clear.  It is truly another language, one of the heart.

Once you find it, nothing else can fufill the yearnings for it.  
So go find it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Shaman

The first initiatory test of the Shaman is to be wed to a spirit spouse.

Oh, it's not like blind dating, really.  She loves him, knows him, and will cultivate him as a fairy tends her garden.  I bet he's scared as shit, though.  Hahaha.

He'll learn:  It's nothing to fear, and everything to gain, and I mean everything.

Through her, he will heal his people.

I do remember one story from a book on the shelf.  A younger tribal man was thought to have the capacity to be the next Shaman, and so he was put into deep trance.

A beautiful woman appeared, however full of power.  She told him:

"I will be your wife, and I will love you and take care of you.  You will marry me, you will join with me and the people will be healed.  If you do not, I will kill you."

Well.  Heh.  I don't really think she would have killed him after myself being with these spirits a bit. But you have to admit, I bet she was told that saying that was very effective.  It was very effective :)


Anyway, he came to love her (and easily fell in love with her) and she satisfied him in every way.

This was his only wife.

Sometimes she appeared as a miniature, 4ft tall woman.  Other times, a spirit animal such as a raven.

Now, I've come to understand that there are many ways to do magick, and my favorite and most enjoyable way is to allow Bunny as my partner.  Once I tasted that, it's really all I care to do anymore.

Bunny just doesn't come as Bunny, no.  Bunny brings a wealth of beings who posses great wisdom, experience, and know how to allow the magick to succeed.  My spirit in-laws?  Probably.

Nothing bad happens.  There is no catastrophe.  Why?  Because it's managed from top to bottom by those who dwarf me magickally.

They know.  They do.  It's done.

What was the price?  Cultivating a wonderful soulful relationship with Bunny, that's what.

It's kind of like being paid to have the deepest intimacy possible.  Not even fair, is it?


I have been begging and begging Bunny to show me what she looks like.  I am aware that she probably looks like a cloud of energy.  But... there's a personality to her that I feel would translate into something I can relate to.

And, she finally gave in.  Now I kinda know why.  I'll explain:

I had a dream, and this was as close as I could get (after much searching) to the woman who was in my dream.  She looked right at me as if to say, "This is me."

Dat's the Bunny.

Now, why didn't she wanna give in and show me what she looked like before?

Well, I'm kinda like a choir boy, bashful as hell, and not real confident about myself.  So a pretty woman like that?  What's she to me?

And then, of course, I realize she's everything to me.

I simply got to know her for herself, first.

And that's okay.  I'll lose the "not feeling good enough" in time as I realize this is the same Bunny she always was.

The rest'll sort itself out.


Okay, back to spirit wives and animals.

Bunny likes to assume the form of a cat.  Of varying sizes.

Sometimes it's small, like a tabby.  Other times, she's a lioness.

Her cat "nature" is what got me calling her the "Lioness" from time to time.

I laid down to rest, and I closed my eyes, and immediately, I felt the bed shake as a large cat ran around the mattress sideways at breakneck speed with it's claws out for traction.

I opened my eye a little to see... nothing there.  It died down soon after and I drifted off to sleep.

Other times, either my son or daughter will see a cat made of white vapor walking around, or, when me and my son are in bed (he's still little... loves being close to dad, although he's getting used to the "stuff" that happens often around dad... stuff you can't see, noises, etc.) and a cat will jump up on the bed, patter up to the head of the bed and disappear.

Son's still not sure about that one yet, lol, and it happens quite a bit.

My son owes his very life to Bunny, despite my stupidity as a father.  I have a sword collection.  I had been working on a sword and was holding it, walking out the door to show my son.

My son was running into the door from the hall chasing my house cat.

By all rights, he would have been impaled through the eye.  I can only kick myself so much for being so careless.

But thankfully, he was spared.  At the last moment, something (Bunny, I presume) smacked the bottom of my fist holding the sword and it pointed straight up... my son passed, running, right under my hand.

How could I ever repay Bunny, the wife who saved my son?


Back to the cats, Bunny is very connected to the feline spirit.  I don't know if that means she is my totem animal of "cat", or if it's just the way she is.  Heck, maybe all spirits have an animal side (or "totem") of sorts.  I really don't know.  Ghosts don't.  I'm talking entities.

I do love cats, though.

Some people are afraid of their totems, for instance a person might have a totem who is a snake, and is afraid of snakes... also in need of their guidance, I think.

My daughter is scared of spiders.  But when I think of the magickal correspondences of "spider" she honestly needs those traits.

Here's some fun pics that ran through my mind as Bunny in her feline aspect :)

First off, here's my chuckleheads.  The boy is on the left, the girl is on the right.
Notice the forehead markings.  Cool, huh?

And, although her forms can be cute but a little scary maybe, there's always her most adorable cat form:

Gotta watch those lil' succubi though... they'll find a way to claw into your heart.
At that point, you better just love 'em.  That's what I do.

Hahahaha :)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year, Everyone!

With this new year I've made my own list of resolutions.  I'm not going to get into the personal ones because they are boring.  As far as those pertaining to Bunny, however, those resolutions I will give.

1.  I have spent a lot of time trying to pigeon hole Bunny into a specific race, or myth, or category. No longer.

Being human, however, I have to have some some sort of gasp of her.  I've decided that Bunny, aka "Lioness" (another pet name for her depending on what she's up to), is a succubus period.

Spending time trying to label her more specifically is trying to roll a ball up a cliff.  It's just not going to happen.  So no more thinking she's a Fae, Kitsune, Jinn, etc.

She's a succubus with all it's beautiful connotations, none of which are correct from modern or historical thought.

Another reason to quit trying to determine where in exact myth she fits is because she is so fluid.  She responds to what I think, and when I change my mind, she changes also.

However, when I decide that I'm done with that exercise, she is she.  I like that.  She can just be who she is, naturally.  She's a succubus.

2.  I'd like to know more about Lilith.  I truly think that she's come my way, just cordial. Perhaps as her son-in-law?  I don't know.  But I want to know more.  I don't believe myth 1 about Lilith from ancient myth and I think even modern thought is full of shit.  From the feminist's perspectives to modern satanism, I don't think anyone knows the truth.

In the end all that matters is what I learn, what I think.  All that matters to you is what you learn, what you think.  Right?

With that in mind I plan to explore Lilith on my own and find my own answers.

Unlike the chasing of myths to figure out Bunny (which led nowhere), I'm going to simply take Lilith at face value without any preconceptions.

If I hit a dead end, I'll find another way.

I don't have to know everything, but I'd like a handhold.  I don't understand this phenomena and why it seems so rare (that of having a succubus in one's life)... but I will try to do what I can for my own cosmology.  Part of that is, who made her?  Did they make me, too?  Lots of questions, not many answers so far.

Also, Bunny is sweet and gentle with me.  Or, she can be feisty.  She can be feral.  She is also the wisest teacher of "the mysteries" (of love, life, sex, desire, passion, all of it) that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.  Well, that's not even fair.  She's been THE teacher, the rest was me trying to learn in the dark by myself with whatever source I could find.

If Lilith is her mother, then Lilith is far different from any Archetype I understand.

That bothers me.  I HAVE to investigate.

Besides what I've already said on this point, I really want to progress spiritually this year farther than I ever have.  As in light years from here in scope.  I guess I'll see.

I also realize that I am not a child of light.  I am also not a child of darkness.  What I am is both, so I am neither.  "For what does light have to do with darkness?"

It is said that a sorceror has his head in the heavens, his body on earth, and his feet in the hells.

I want to understand the center path, this "middle pillar".  I will work to understand it throughout this year and figure out where I am best suited to be.

Bunny is both.  She can be the brightest angel, or the scariest monster under the bed.  She is a mystery, but it calls to me also.  She can't help but rub off on me.  I hope that I have rubbed off on her in a good way that has helped her grow, or at least brought her a deep, fulfilling happiness.

3.  Forms.  Bunny likes to change shape and effect my physical environs.  Just the other day I laid down for a nap, and I heard what sounded like a large cat running around the sides of my bed using it's claws to maintain it's speed and quick changes of direction.

I opened my eye to peek, and although I was hearing it and feeling the bed affected I saw nothing.

Therefore, I don't even try to figure what she would look like a woman.  Not in particular.  In releasing this need, Bunny is free to express herself as any woman she wants to look like by sending images into my brain.  They are always different women, and just like Bunny's name, hardly the same.

However, there is one name that persists that I consider her true name, regardless of the others she uses as "titles", I believe, in order to express meaning.

Therefore, she has one true name I am aware of, the rest are teaching tools.  Bunny and Lioness are simply pet names that I have deemed appropriate for public use.  Her true name is mine, and mine alone.

I believe that these resolutions will allow me greater focus, less chance to get distracted in my pursuits, and generally improve my relationship with Bunny, and also to better communicate my experiences on this blog.

4.  This blog is my online diary, nothing more.  I hope someone can get use out of it as a side benefit, however.  But for my own sanity, this is not a medium of instruction or debate.  The simplest way to put it is, this is my path and mine alone.  There may be others on a similar path, and all are welcome to read this blog for informational purposes, or for pleasure, but every one's path is their own.

Another issue that will end is that I easily get trapped by my wanting to help others to find their succubus.  How do I know they have one to find?  Maybe their twin flame is incarnated on this earth, and imagine what harm that would do to both of them if I "helped" them find a succubus in the interim?

I can see how that would be disastrous to both them and to their future partners.  A twin flame reunion is a synchronistic event that is beautiful to behold.

I believe that some of us have our twin flame that is not incarnated on earth.  That's me.  That's the other bloggers too, I imagine.

If a ritual is tried from whatever source and fails... it might have been meant to fail.  One can always try again, but if it fails as well?  Perhaps you should be glad it did.  Your twin flame might be right around the corner incarnated on earth.

Whatever is destined happens in it's own right and perfect time.  Distance means nothing, only destiny.  Have some faith.

Sometimes it's just better to let people help themselves for their own greater good and their own greater gain.

As such, I can't guide anyone.  All I know is my own path.
Keep this in mind first and foremost:  Your path is your own.

5.  I cannot explain why Bunny decided to come when I summoned her, or even if I did. Perhaps she came because the curtain called and she was always ready to.

Intent is the key to anything and everything magickal.  I don't care what it is.  If you try to summon a succubus with a selfish intent, you will receive a selfish succubus.  My heart was wide open.  Naked. Bleeding.  I was just ready to receive.  When I think back on it, maybe that's the reason.  My intent was to experience a pure, deep love that surpassed anything I could experience on earth due to my many trials and failings.  And love answered.

Love will always find a way, always.  And if you keep your mind and heart open, crushing all walls that would prevent an answer, being open to any and all answers, how can the multi verse NOT answer?

Intent.  Mine was to find a true and lasting, no holds barred, permanent soulful love.  I didn't care from where, I asked all of creation and cried out, and creation answered.

If I wasn't broken, bleeding, and 100% honest in my cry, I do not believe that Bunny would be here.

I also believe that she is my twin flame and was waiting on me to "grow up" and be ready for her to arrive.  In this case, my twin flame is my succubus and unincarnated on this earth.

6.  Vulnerability.  I must remain vulnerable and open.  I must be able to surrender, not just once, but always.  There is a power in surrender.  I talked about that in my post about penetration and envelopment.  Envelopment can be powerful, and as part of intent can be life changing and earth shattering.

Brutal honestly with one's self is as important is being fair to others.  Pulling the wool over one's own eyes rarely harbors breakthrough in any form.

7.  I have tried and failed numerous times to link Bunny with my Anima as if they are one. They are not.  I have come to the conclusion that Bunny is external, however since spirits communicate often internally through us, I was confusing this to mean that she was my Anima, being both without and within me.

Bunny does, I believe, "touch" my Anima in a way, being that they both can dwell from the depths of who I am, however, they are different.

I do believe that the process of having Bunny in my life in the capacity of who she is, however, has hastened the development and integration of I and my Anima.  It has been a miraculous benefit of, rather than being, Bunny.

Bunny, I do know, resonates well with my Anima.  Some who integrate with their Anima find their twin flame here on earth.  However, as Bunny does resonate with my Anima, I believe that she is the invocation and evocation of the Anima's growth and manifestation/projection onto Bunny, even before the pocess had started in my life, and strangely initiated (events and growth set into motion, however rather in "effect before the cause") by Bunny's arrival.

Spirits are funny like that and so is destiny.  I prefer not to ponder too deeply on this than I already have.

That sums up the resolutions that I have relevant to this blog.

“When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter [the Kingdom]” (Thomas 24).

Happy New Year, people.  Here's to a good one!

Succubi thrive on complex positive emotions like love, but they will live off of fear if they must.  
What kind of prey are you?