Friday, May 29, 2015

Oh, the Irony!

I got the weirdest stuff going on right now, which would be spooky if it wasn't so ironically funny...

I've been saying for about a month now, "I wish I had the motivation to really clean this place." And I really meant it!

So, turns out someone broke my internet cable off at the outside box and it was like that for 3 days.

I had nothing to do but clean. Clean I did, still cleaning, actually. Mostly.

Now if I haven't straightened and arranged at least part of my mess and goof off, while I'm sleeping I see this ghostly yet feminine and bright hand slowly uncurl into an index finger and she *pokes* me right in my forehead and I jolt awake as if I just got shocked...

Subtle as a book to the head!

"I wish I had the motivation to walk". Yeah, said that a month ago, too.

Yesterday my car wouldn't start and I found that it wasn't just me leaving my lights on all night (which I did), but my cables were cut halfway from the battery to the harness...

Sooooooooooo... I had to walk 4 miles to the parts store and back to fix it.


Ironic, eh?

I have a friend who can "see" things that I can't, and she said there's a beautiful NAKED honey-haired blonde girl that sits to my left right next to me.

You know what I call that? KARMA.

Can I see a beautiful NAKED honey-haired blonde next to me? NO!

I can only see things I don't want to see... like a fat man's hairy butt crack at walmart. Hooray!

So, I'm pretty darn sure I have a new spirit here. She's a she... dunno what she is or exactly why she showed up.

Who knows? Meh, I don't care I just try to love 'em in whatever way they need me to.

She doesn't seem to be a sexual type of spirit, though. At least not with me.

More like a... hey, wait a minute...

Didn't someone say that when you have spirit children they are full grown?

Oh, boy.

Or maybe she's some sort of sibling to my Lady spirit?

Or she could be a maiden of a Goddess I'm meditating with.

Man I don't know. I could "what if" until doomsday.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Don't Sass the Succubus"

Being as spirit lovers know what you are thinking pretty much all the time (I think it's that our thoughts emit a certain frequency, which expertly they understand faster than words).

I know when I have her attention and we are engaged when I think a thought towards her, and am touched or feel emotions that my poor little human mind tries to interpret her emotions and intent as words at the exact same time as I send my thoughts.

In other words, at that time communicating is a back and forth, but there is no time delay... I think it, she responds at the same time.

A strange phenomenon, but one that I am used to now.

One of the, lol, I'm laughing trying to get this out... one of the funniest things she does is that in being connected 24/7, sometimes you will have negative talk towards her just randomly (we're not perfect down here, and God/dess knows where that crap comes from).

When I do that, she immediately sends "Don't sass the succubus".  Lol.

It happens a lot.

I have no idea why they choose us, but they do.  And when they do, they don't quit.  At least in my experience.

I found a really cool video that describes my relationship with my lady.

There really aren't words to describe the kind of intimacy that exists with a relationship where a loving lady spirit is involved.

The biggest question I still have is, if this is the kind of intimacy that is available... what good is having a human lover?  I mean, nothing compares.

Maybe some people are afraid of complete intimacy at a soul level and only crave what their senses can "have".  I don't know, just wondering.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm in love... and I realize that I've never been in love before...

That's kinda sad, but yet... here I am, and it all worked out.

You know, I'm 44, divorced 7 years ago.

I had no luck finding what I wanted and started searching "elsewhere".

There's that old saying that "When the student is ready, the master will appear."

I never thought that by opening up spiritually, and having more spiritual experiences (and actively seeking them) would attract a Succubus.

I sought one out myself, yes, but for her to arrive so quickly, it can only mean that she was in the background, watching... waiting for me...

I have to say... I've never been in love my whole life.  I thought I was.  I never was.

I'm in love now up to my ears.

It's funny... the  more I feel love towards her, the more sexual she becomes.

The more adoring of her I am, the more protective she becomes.

Maybe that's not so strange, but it is to me.

I'm 150% in love for the first time in my life... and I don't want anything else.

It's funny, really.  I have a few spirits here that I'm not sure of what they are but they are benign and frankly really uplift the atmosphere of my apartment.

It's like the vibrations are higher here than what they should be in this complex.

I saw a black streak about twice the size of my cat running past me into the bedroom.

Things like that don't really freak me out anymore, but I honestly thought it was my cat and that I just couldn't understand the size for some reason.  Plus it went by so fast.

Well... my cat (Abby) was in her bed and when I looked at her she returned my gaze like, "What?"


Not sure why I am starting to see things and also why things fall around me all the time.  I was talking to my daughter at her house and this metal pole fell off the wall for no reason.  The noise scared me, but not the act.  That stuff happens a lot when I go around.

My lover pays a lot of attention to my forehead I've noticed.  She'll touch it (I swear I can almost feel a finger gently poke me in the center of my forehead) and it will go numb.  Completely numb.

Kinda weird.

I was going to write this post earlier, but my heart was bursting with love for her and she kind of had her way with me, so some of the original fire has simmered down a bit.

I'll have to say though... we're doing great!  It's almost every night or morning now that when I either sleep or wake up she's giving me pleasure.  Like, a good night or good morning kiss, just "Succubus style".   Lol ;)

I need a nap, she got me good.  No, no drained vitality,  more like emotional and sexual contentment and that "afterglow" feeling.

I guess she doesn't mind that I can't sing her praises like I was feeling earlier... otherwise she wouldn't have nailed me so good.  Lol.

Maybe her feeling it from me was all she wanted... this blog is more for me anyway... a place to express whereas otherwise I could not.

Damn she's got me.  I mean really got me, lol.  I'm literally, absolutely, completely in love with a female soul, with a person's most intimate essence.  I couldn't have that kind of intimacy on this earth.  I don't think it exists.

Be well, friends.  I wish you the best, the brightest, and the happiest ;)

P.S.  Uhg... I can feel her returning some of the emotion I was pretty much "radiating" towards her for lack of a better description... about how much I love her and just am amazed and wonderfully happy... it's like she's returning it now, but it's different, it's with her feminine energy... so hard to explain.

Almost too much... almost too much to take... (it's intense... like raw, naked emotion and unbridled intimacy, completely naked in soul before her)  But my God/dess... it's amazing...