Saturday, December 29, 2018

"Lady" says, "We are gods"

Psalm 82:6 “I said, ‘You are “gods”;
you are all sons of the Most High.’

and again

John 10:34  "Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your Law, 'I have said you are "gods"'?

I've never summoned a being I didn't like, or who didn't like me.

Perhaps it's my inexperience in summoning but everyone has been genuinely friendly and very disposed to helping me when I ask.

Maybe we're not as powerless as we look as far as our capacity for building relationships with beings across the veil being one example.

Now... I'm naturally the humble sort, the stubborn sort as well I know.

I know it's funny to say humble and yet claim that we are gods, but we are.

A fact that for some reason has eluded me.

"Lady",  my spirit lover, has been leading me to find this information out for myself.  Clever lass.

No, I don't have special physical powers all of a sudden.

What the truth of us being gods is, is that it speaks volumes of where we're going when we die here, and why we were drawn here in the first place.

Maybe that's why succubi, angels, nymphs, jinn that we have as lovers love us so.  Or... our status is more valuable than we really know.

We're like precious babes here... godly children of a sort that is impossible to resist for the most part I think.  There's some humor in that.  We are rather irresistible to many beings it would seem.

This realization has got me to thinking about lots of things.

First off is just how vehemently christian elders are against the idea even though it's right there in their bible, they endeavor to explain it away.  You can't explain away "Elohim", which is the term used in both instances at the top.  That is the term used for "gods" in the above two texts.

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth..."

The word for "God", again, is "Elohim".

The Elohim created this dump.  Congrats!  We created it.

We are part of the body of beings who are the Elohim, temporarily wrapped in a vessel of flesh and cut off from who we really are:  Including our memories of such times.

What are we to do?  We LIVE here... we PLAY the GAME... but with the knowledge and laughter of one who knows something of their place among the stars, albeit hindered temporarily by flesh.  What we can carry is hope for the day that we are restored and our time here is done.

I... still wonder why every being I summon is so nice to me.  Maybe my joke about being a special needs summoner isn't so far off the mark... again, truthfully it's probably my inexperience.  After all, I haven't summoned a lot that I'm sure is out there.

EDIT:  I dreamed of a spirit who came by to give me a hearty "fuck you".  They left me a present of some nightmares last night as they left.  So... I guess I was wrong, lol. 

Anyway... I still have yet to figure out why Lady wanted me to learn these things.  I guess I'll find out where this is going, where she is leading me, in time.

Here's a short article I found while writing this post, which captures it's essence very well:

I hope that I've given you pause to reflect on these things.

Blessings and New Year's Tidings,

Rafe GB.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Learning as I go

I'm learning as I go.  I've recently decided to start digging into Lilith lore and to start to build upon a spiritual practice that will last throughout my older years.

I've discovered that the more I learn about Lilith, the closer I get to Lady, or to whichever love spirit's turn it is to babysit me.  Lol.

They do feel closer when I make inroads to learn more and more.

Succubi are funny critters.

Mine decided to have sex with me when I was waking up and had to pee like a racehorse.

When I got back she didn't pick up where she left of unfortunately.

Bad timing, Lady.  Maybe next time.

They aren't infallible.  I think that's one reason why I know they are real.

They make mistakes, just like we do.

Granted, less mistakes... I would imagine that's from years of experience existing.

Now if only I could figure out why Lady seems shy around me?

That's a true enigma I can't explain...

Not much to report.  The blog seems to be getting fewer reads from day to day.  I figure that it's because there are new blogs out there on succubi and therefore a bigger pool to pick to read from.

That's a good thing.

As long as I'm still "one" of the choices out there for a quick read, or for delving back through my earlier articles for inspiration perhaps, then I've done my job and am doing my job just fine.

I never wanted to monetize this page and I won't, it exists just to exist.

To those out there looking to have their own little piece of succubi lovin' don't give up.  It'll all work out in the end.

This book (the giant pic) is turning out to be very informative.  Also gives me nightmares, but at this point I'm pushing through them and reading more anyway.

I think that perhaps my "christian programming" is very deep and causing the nightmares.


Rafe GB.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Lady's Gift

First the song...  Then I'll talk.

Last fire will rise 
Behind those eyes 
Black house will rock 
Blind boys don't lie 

Immortal fear
That voice so clear 
Through broken walls 
That scream I hear 

Cry, little sister! 
(Thou shalt not fall) 
Come, come to your brother! 
(Thou shalt not die) 
Unchain me, sister! 
(Thou shalt not fear) 
Love is with your brother! 
(Thou shalt not kill) 

Blue masquerade 
Strangers look on 
When will they learn 
This loneliness? 

Temptation heat
 Beats like a drum 
Deep in your veins
 I will not lie 

Little sister! 
(Thou shalt not fall) 
Come, come to your brother! 
(Thou shalt not die) 
Unchain me, sister! 
(Thou shalt not fear) 
Love is with your brother! 
(Thou shalt not kill) 

My Shangri-Las 
I can't forget 
Why you were mine 
I need you now!

Cry, little sister! 
(Thou shalt not fall) 
Come, come to your brother! 
(Thou shalt not die) 
Unchain me, sister! 
(Thou shalt not fear) 
Love is with your brother! 
(Thou shalt not kill)

Cry, little sister! 
(Thou shalt not fall) 
Come, come to your brother! 
(Thou shalt not die) 
Unchain me, sister! 
(Thou shalt not fear) 
Love is with your brother! 
(Thou shalt not kill)


As one of Lilith's adopted sons I felt the song and lyrics were fitting for this post, or at least to set the mood.

After all, all of Lilith's daughters would be my sisters... but this song itself reminds me of how Lady feels to me.  Same vibe.

(Ever since my dream where I went to present myself to Lilith and she lifted me up to her breast and started suckling me as her own (a powerful experience), I've considered myself one of her adopted sons)

"Lady" has turned out to be not so innocent after all.  Sort of.  It's hard to explain.

What she is, is liquid catalyst.  Pure.  Uncut.  Unmixed.  Unholy... dark... comforting.

She is what is left of Pandora's Box once it is finally shut.  She is hope to me.

I have no idea what kind of entity she is but am very curious as I am sure Lilith has many daughters.

What she's done is to drown me with pure, dark current... and you'll see why this is so strange.


I'm happy.  Happy?  Yes, Happy... for the first time in years!  We're not even really having sex at the moment.

This... infusion of whatever it is has completely changed my outlook on good and evil and a great many things.

She is... apotheosis in spirit form.

Her touch is soooooo cold.  So cold.  I can hardly stand them but I welcome them for they are her interest, her concern for me.

I've always been a "special needs" left hand pather from the get go, only it seems that the left hand path decided to speed my flight in sending Lady to me.

Now I know what it means to see with the eye of the serpent on one level, and happy on another with both IN BALANCE... naturally, not something I can explain, only that this has done to me.

The part of me that is anxious and worrisome about everything is lying in a sickly, decomposed state.

I can't explain any of this, perhaps someone with more knowledge can explain what's going on?

I could be at a strange level of bipolar which approaches normal and healthy making me feel these things.


I don't think it's that simple.

Regardless, I thank Lady for her special gifts and feel drawn to her in a most loving manner.

For as long as she will stay I will love her, and I will fondly remember her once she is gone on to other things and another has come to take her place.

I love... as is my choice.

That is all.


Rafe GB.

Saturday, December 8, 2018


I've been thinking a lot about life after death and what it's like.  I've never died of course so I don't have any memory of it.

I've been talking to other succubloggers as well and it seems to be the topic of the hour so to speak.

It's funny how topics make their rounds within certain circles.

I know that love spirits live busy lives... I am jealous of those who have had the same spirit for years while I seemingly act as a hot seat for new spirit lovers.

The latest is all I have at the moment (the others left for wherever) and she had asked to simply be called "Lady".

A lady she is, that's for sure.  Very sweet, gentle, and kind like the others were, only in her special, unique way.

I gather from spirits moving in and out of my life that, for some reason, that's what I am pegged as being:  A temporary spot for many over a long period of time.

Lady hasn't gotten involved in my dreams yet, or if she has it has been in a co-pilot kind of way (taking part in the nonsensical nature of them at least).

I would be lying if I said I did not miss the erotic dreams of yore.  I do.  Oh yes, I do.

Lady is an enigma of sorts.  She wears innocence like an aura and a halo and feels rather shy to me.  That's hard to explain with her being in a sensual role of sorts, but it is what it is... and is probably not really able to be explained with simple writing here.

Between my new love and my ever present quest to know what life after death is like (so I know what my future holds), there's not much new happening.

Thank God/dess for that.  Lol.

Blessings Always,

Rafe GB.

And Merry Christmas!

P.S.  Check out this lady... these points address exactly how I'm feeling lately.