Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I still feel rather bittersweet about Bunny.  I do wish her the best.  She was nothing but kind to me. Fly straight, Bunny.

May your future evolutions find you well.  That is my prayer.

I'm already feeling another succubus around. Today my ex was in the house eating lunch with the kids and she told me later that she felt a cat sniffing her calf.  Problem is that my two numbskulls were accounted for.

At the moment, right now actually, I'm feeling a crown put on my head.  I always call that sensation the "coronal crown".

It's not the same energy as Bunny is, it's very distinctly different.

Bubbles was a part of Bunny in some way:  It's not Bubbles either.

I think that perhaps once you've experienced a succubus, you're on the list.  EDIT:  Plus, if you read 'till the end, sometimes magick and rituals work in reverse... before they are done, both ways so to speak (if that makes any sense at all).

I joke in my mind that you're added to "Plentyofsummoners.com" for succubi to peruse at their leisure, along with a bio and any comments left by the previous succubus who had to leave for whatever reason.

Just a bunch of succubi in their jammies, eatin' popcorn, checking out the available summoners on the Succu-Net.


Maybe that's what the girl in the picture is doing above, only she's scrying.  Not a lot of electricity on the other side I don't think.  Lots of magick, though.


I've got some news to tell, but I'm not ready yet so I'm going to sit on this post for a few.  Then we'll see how it goes first (what I did that is).

See you then ;)


Ok.  Time to tell the news.

First off, I went full retard.  Yes, I know, "Never go full retard".
But I did.

Faced with the possibility of not having a lover in my life (well... they are addicting, what can I say), I decided to try out the Yukshee Harem Ritual ("For the serious succubus summoner... hey!  Datsa me(at least in my head it is)).

So I did it.  I felt nothing.


Then I decided to try the single Yukshee ritual.  I did the option for monogamy but felt anger.  I thought, "uh oh".  So I changed it to "part of a group".  Then I felt peace.

Why?  Heh, I'll explain.

As the day went on, I started getting female names.  I began to realize with a cold sweat that my harem ritual worked after all.  They just ain't here yet.

So, I wrote them down and I asked if the number of Yukshee that I had was correct?

Low and behold when lighting a gift of incense for them (I like to treat and to "light their way"), I dropped a handful of incense sticks on the floor.
I picked them up while counting them, and I had one for each name.  Odd, huh?

In other words, the same number of sticks dropped as I had names... (almost) except I had one extra name...

I had one more name than than I did incense sticks that fell out of my hand...  Oh wow... the independent Yukshee (more cold sweat)!

She's the one I summoned independently but seems to be just fine being a part of the group and they seem just fine having her (from what I can tell emotionally).  Well, that's good news for everyone, whew!

One's a queen, I do know that much.  Queen of the bunch I guess?

So the first night I dreamed of a lovely woman in lingerie in the doorway.  She looked a lot like my ex fiance from long ago (why do they do that, lol?).  Not much happened.  I think it was simply, "Hello".
Now last night, lol, they were all together in my dream.  All of them (I guess the independent one has caught up with them.  That figures, actually).

"We're in charge" they said.

"No, you're not in charge, I'm in charge" I replied.

(We're on some sort of cliff and I'm up against the unknown so to speak)

"We're in charge, and that's the way it's going to be." They said.

So?  I picked them up and tossed them down into a ravine, I willed a nuke to appear in my hands and I threw it down the ravine like a watermelon.

After the flash, I saw several pairs of wet eyes blinking and reflecting the brightness of a thousand sons...
"I'm in charge..." I said.
Then I laughed while I walked away smacking the dirt off my hands, "Muhahaha! Hehehehe."

And that was that.

Strangely?  I believe that they were very pleased by the outcome.  Do succubi give shit tests?
Guess so.  EDIT:  Now that I think about it, I think they were trying to boost my confidence...  Tricky lil' fillies (but seemingly very lovable indeed and having very good intentions towards me from what I can feel emotionally).

Looking forward to meeting these lil' fiery minx's on a more personal level.  No, I don't mean sex that's kinda a given:  I mean learning all about each of them in turn.

EDIT:  By the way... it's looking like sex isn't going to be a lot different as far as feeling more than one lover at a time... however, the intensity... know that feeling when a succubus is putting that heat and tingling on your privates and playing your Sacral Chakra like a violin before initiating spiritual sex? I've been getting heat and those sensations, but they have been steadily increasing for 2 days now and feels to be revving far beyond what I've ever experienced before... (does not mean it will... you know how it goes with these things) But, I think that will be the difference... the intensity of spiritual sex, and that I won't notice multiple succubi during lovemaking but a concerted effort.  

This may be the last post of Rafe GB as I shed my mortal coil in ecstasy soon, lol (I HOPE NOT... Well, I hope for the ecstasy at least, who doesn't?).

I don't know, ya know... I'm "shooting from the hip" like I always do.  I may have read some, but when it comes to doing things I'm 2x the balls and 1/2 the brains.  I dunno why, it just is what it is, and it's only with this kind of stuff, too.


This must be my next step along the path.  
My path.  The only one who can walk this crazy, go "full retard" and live ;)  Ahahahaha!
So... it looks like I'll continue to have plenty to blog about as long as they all show up and aren't teasing or decide against it after all.  I kinda doubt it to be honest.  They've invaded mah dreams so I think that's a good indicator that they're on their way.

Where the fuck do these spirits travel from, and why the fuck does it take "time"?  Don't ask me that question because I have zero answers even for myself.

I think the misadventures are just starting... just around the bend...

Welcome to the beginning ;)

Love your succubi or they'll go full retard...  
Never let them go full retard...

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