Wednesday, May 17, 2017

An experiment in love

Man.  Bunny really IS busting her ass to get back.  I thought travel beyond the veil was instant.  Yeah, whoever started that bullshit was lyin'.

Maybe it is on certain planes or something.

I dunno.

Anyway, I'm beginning to feel her begin to caress my hair which is a huge bunnyism.  Oooh, and that cold chill grabbing my ass.

No, was the cat.  Just kidding... it was Bunny :P

But she's not here yet... not completely.  Kind neat she can do what she does when she's close to be honest.

When she's away it's mostly thoughts, emotions, and finger touches on my hand and such.

Anyway, enough about that... I want you all to try an experiment.  This is straight out of Donald Tyson's book Sexual Alchemy.  Only for this experiment we don't need a full body shot, in fact, that would make this harder to do.

So, grab your pic of choice and either get one in black and white, or make it black and white.  It's rather common courtesy to flip it horizontally (so as to separate the pic from the original person), and I've done that with this pic.  As you can see it's still perfect for gazing into her left eye (on your right) and her right eye (on your left).

I'm going to put up a sample pic which would be ideal (all flipped and turned to black and white):

Walla!  (Don't use this pic, get your own so everyone won't be using the same damn pic)  

Now what you do is choose a time where you can spend some time (whatever you want, I do about 5 minutes at a time) staring into her left eye (that's the one on the right to you looking at her).

Once you begin staring, begin to think of unconditional love and how pretty she is (choose your own pic), and project that into her left eye (one on the right! :P ).  After a while it will begin to flow as energy.  Put some wicked sensation in there if ya can.  Full body pics are better for that but the eyes are small because of the smaller space.  I prefer an active imagination and expressive eyes myself...

I know what a woman looks like better than she knows what she looks like.  I've licked places so deep up inside I found Victoria's Sec... oh, never mind.

Now, unless I have superpowers that you don't (and I highly doubt it), you will feel those energies going into her eye and some lil' filly on the other side will be receiving it... in a few sessions.

When you have done this a couple times, stand back (no, not really, but brace yourself if you aren't used to energy work) and look left into her right eye.

She will beam the SHIT at you exactly what you've been sending... along with a very feminine presence.

How is this possible?  Oh, and if it "animates" it's an illusion the spirit sends, just turn the pic upside down if it freaks ya out and it'll quit.  Only you can see it anyway... usually...

If you get good results, where do you go from here?  The experiment is straight out of Donald Tyson's Sexual Alchemy, readily available on .pdf by googling for the download.  Watch your ass:  If it's a risky site try another one.

Eh, not that I'm advocating you actually DO download it as .pdf after you find it.  Do what ya wanna do.  Maybe buy a used copy!

It's pretty available on the net lately because the damn thing goes for 150-300 dollars in print usually (I just checked:  It's 120 at this moment) as it's out of print and frankly it has things in it that work like a motherfucker.  

I don't believe in everything in that book (not by a longshot), but I'll tell you what:  Dude was a pioneer, what can I say?

Now after this experiment (should you choose to end it), what's goin' on?

That's for you to answer for yourself... don't look at me to.

It's YOUR universe seen from your eyes:  Not mine...

"Well I'm searchin'... for this feelin'..."

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