Monday, October 27, 2014

The Selkie!

Peter Kagan and the Wind

It is said that the seals have the ability to take on human form. The seal people, though they like to live near the sea, dare not ever go back into it, or else they immediately revert to their original form and lose the ability ever to take on human form again.
Peter Kagan and the Wind
Peter Kagan was a lonely man in the summer of his years. One day he got tired of being lonely, and he went away, off to the east. And when he came again he had a wife. She was strange, but she was kind and people liked her. She was good for Kagan. She kept him company and winter come to summer they were happy.
Kagan had a dory then, with a lugsail on her mast. He used to go offshore three, maybe four, days at a time setting out for the fish. Oh his wife was sad then. She didn't like to see him go. She'd go down to the sea sometimes and call to him:
Kagan, Kagan, Kagan,
Bring the dory home.
Wind and sea do follow thee,
And all the ledges calling thee.
He said he could hear her calling twenty miles to sea, and when he heard her, he would come home, whether he had fish or none.
She was a seal, of course, everybody knew it. Even Kagan. He knew that, but no one said anything to him.
Then, one day, in that year's autumn , Kagan said ``I've got to go now. Go offshore and get some fish.'' But his wife said ``No! Please don't go!'' She started crying. ``The winds are coming and the snows are coming.''
Kagan, Kagan, Kagan,
Don't go out to sea,
Stormy winds and snows do come,
And, oh, but I do fear for thee.
But Kagan wasn't afraid of snow, and it was early in the year. So Kagan put in his oars and went out to sea. Kagan sailed in the middle ground. The Wind was west all day and the fish were coming to him. Kagan read the writing on the water and in the sky. He saw haze very high up above the clouds and said ``That's all right for autumn -- only a change of wind. I'm not afraid of wind.''
But Kagan read it wrong, this time. The Wind went away, and then it came back, Southeast. And the fog came round.
Kagan said, ``I've got to go now. I'll find that gong buoy off the sunken ledges and then I'll know the best way home.'' So Kagan put up a sail and bore away to the Nor'ard for the gong.
But, oh, the Wind was watching.
The Wind backed around to the East'ard and came breezing on, against him. He sailed for a long time. The sail was pulling very hard. Finally the Wind was so strong that the sail tore out, so Kagan took it down and the dory went drifting.
He thought he could hear that gong buoy. It wasn't very far away.
Kagan, Kagan, Kagan,
Bring the dory home.
Wind and sea do follow thee,
And all the ledges calling thee.
But the dory went drifting, and by and by the gong buoy went away. Kagan said, ``All right then.'' He put in his oars and started to row back up for the gong.
But, oh, the Wind was watching. The Wind back around Northeast, making the seas confused. The Wind said, ``Listen! I have something to tell you.''
Kagan, rowing, ``I don't want to hear it.''
The Wind humps up then, making the sea short, making it hard for Kagan to row. Finally the seas are so steep that Kagan knows he isn't getting anywhere. So Kagan takes in the oars and again the dory goes drifting...
Kagan said, ``All right then. Now I've got something to show you.'' He took a slip of wood for a needle and waxed up a hand line for a thread and he sewed the sail up smaller -- sewed a reef in it.
The Wind said, ``What're you doing?''
Kagan said, ``You keeping watching.''
So Kagan put up a sail and again he bore away to to the Nor'ard for the gong.
But, oh, the Wind was watching.
The Wind backed around North-Nor'east. Kagan can't hold his course now. Kagan said, ``All right then.'' He brought the boat about. Now he's steering East'ard.
``You're heading out to sea.''
``I'm not afraid of water. I'll bring this boat about when I can fetch that gong buoy.''
``I'll veer on you; I'll go East.''
``You do that and I can hold my course.''
``I'll back on you.''
``You back too far and you've got a clear. You know that. I can keep ahead of you.''
``You may be smarter but I'm stronger.'' The Wind grew bigger then and the Wind blew harder. Finally the wind was so strong that the Sail said, ``I can't make it, Kagan!'' And Kagan said, ``I know that. Thank you.''
So Kagan took down the sail, and the dory went drifting.
Kagan took the sail off the yard and put it about him. ``Sail, keep me warm!''
``The sail can't keep you warm.''
The Wind snatched off North by East. ``I'll freeze you.''
``I'm not afraid of cold!''
But Kagan was afraid. He didn't know what to do. And oh, the Wind is working now. The Wind brings ice and snow. The Wind blows long and long and black.
Kagan says, "I'm dying. Sail, keep me warm!" and the sail said, "I can't do it Kagan."
Kagan dying, and the wind blowing.
Kagan, Kagan, Kagan,
Turn ye now to me.
Turn your back unto the Wind
And all the weary windy sea.
Kagan, Kagan, Kagan,
Lay ye down to sleep.
For I do come to comfort thee
All and thy dear body keep.
So Kagan lay on the bottom of the boat, and he tried not to be afraid of the dying, and he dreamed of her then, his wife. He dreamed she was coming to him, and he heard a long calling down the wind and he raised himself up, and he saw her. Down the smoking, storming sea she came. Over the rail of the dory she came, laughing to his arms.
And all in the night and in the storm they did lay, and the Wind went away, and the storm went away, and in the morning they found him...
...asleep, with a sail wrapped around him. And there was a seal, lying there with him, curled over him like a blanket, and the snow was upon the seal's back.
Kagan, Kagan, Kagan,
Bring the dory home.
Wind and sea do follow thee,
And all the ledges calling thee.
© Copyright 1977 Gordon Bok

Kitsune revealed: Ki Tsu Ne (Come, Love, Sleep)

Succubi have many different cultural stories and myths surrounding them differing by the society that they are identified with.

For instance, In Japan, China, and Korea there are mentions of the "Fox Lady".  Oftentimes the stories have a tragic ending, or a sorrowful one.  Honestly I don't think the public can understand what isn't seen, what isn't heard, what isn't felt like everything else.

In many oriental cultures, having a Fox Spirit lover was considered a blessing.  But the normal stories are hard to dig through to find that point of view.  Just like anything else that goes against social mores.

Honestly, the narrative I seem to get from reading everything I can find on them was pretty succinct:
They are hungry... and that hunger is for love.

Here's an interesting tale about how the word Kitsune started, which interestingly enough you can't really find it anywhere else:

"It was very long ago. The Emperor Kinmei reigned over this country. A man lived in Minonokuni (Gifu prefecture). One day, he rode on a horse and went out to looking for a beautiful girl. By chance, in a spacious field, he met a lovely girl. This woman looked bewitching and coquettish. She was trying to entice the man with her charm. She approached him in familiar manner. The heart of the man was filled with joy, so, he gave her a wink.

He asked, “I say ! Where are you going?” The woman answered, “Well, I’m going around looking for a nice husband.” Then, the man asked her, “Could you be my wife? “The woman accepted his proposal. ” Yes. I will be. ” The man came back to his house accompanied by this woman. They got married, lived together.

The passage of months, several days elapsed. The woman became pregnant and gave a birth to one boy on the day 15 December. Well, well, in the same day, on the same time, a bitch that the man kept bore young. This puppy, day by day, when he looked at this woman, he opposed her, felt hostility toward her, was angry at her, growled, bearing his teeth. The puppy barked at her, flaring up. The woman was very frightened, trembled with fear. One day, she entreated her husband. “My dear……, kill, beat that puppy ! Please ! ” But, her husband, of pity for this puppy, he could not decide to kill it.

The time had passed, it was from February to March. It was the season of rice polishing for refine it in a mortar. At the time, the wife entered in a mortar cabin to prepare afternoon snacks for young girl workers. Suddenly, the mother bitch of the puppy, began to pursue with growl. Barking, flying into a rage, jumped, sprang on the woman. The woman was in fear, trembled with terror. At once, she transformed herself into vixen, immediately run away, climbed onto a bamboo basket, and sat on it.

Her husband’s eyes caught her. He said to her, “My dear, …… I love you……, honey…… We… you and I, we are living together, we are going well, having good close friendship……, don’t we ? Luckily, we were blessed with a child like this ! I never forget you…… Come to me, as you want to see me, anytime…… I want press you to my breast, in my heart. I ardently wait for you……” And. Thus, that’s why a vixen often visited this house and met a man who was her husband. She had remembered his words. So, she stayed at night with him. Since then, this woman was named kitsune (ki-tsu-ne) which meant “come, love, sleep”.

One day, this wife came to his husband. She wore a beautiful long skirt colored pink of dawn. Her skirt was shading into a dreamy rose. She had an air elegant, grace. And…, she went away somewhere no one knows. Swaying in the wind, she disappeared from view with her long beautiful skirt of rose. After that days, the husband never forgot her. He longed for her figure, embraced her in his deep mind. He had been lovesick. He composed one love poem and sang it for her: “In my heart, has been left entangled many languorous paths, because of you; you left far away, fading away in the faint sun shine; eternally, I miss you”.

So, The boy who was born of the man and his wife vixen named “Ki-tsu-ne”. He also called “Kitsune no Atae” : fox officer. This boy was so strong, herculean, run very fast as speed of a bird in flight. Here is, the origin of the name of “Kitsune no Atae” (Nihonkoku Genpō Zen’aku Ryōiki, 8th Century A.D.)"

Do I believe that she stopped visiting him even after his acceptance of her?  No, I do not.  I believe she found peace and visited him nightly.  Probably in a dog free house I would imagine :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Faery Lovers of Gaelic Scotland

I've been looking for this.

"Succubus" is just a label.  There are many, many different kinds of spirit lovers.  Here's an interesting account from history of lovers who were Fae:

"Writing in his notebook, around 1692, the Reverend Robert Kirk stated that sometimes his parishioners could pay no attention to Sunday morning sermons, as they were exhausted by consorting with their faery lovers during the previous night. This matter-of-fact statement is especially curious because it is not a myth, a story of origins, or a poetic hyperbole. He merely reports the consorting along with many other aspects of the faery tradition. For Kirk, it was a feature of life in the Gaelic culture of Scotland: people made love with faery lovers until they were exhausted."

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What a nice day :P

I noticed my lady spending a LOT of attention on me today.  I started getting pretty sleepy and running out of excuses to ignore her (hey, I'm not perfect).  Finally I went off to bed and lit some nice lavender incense and started some relaxing sounds via my marvelous digital clock that plays nature sounds and started meditating.

My lady doesn't have "sex" with me much anymore, and even though I miss it sometimes I still have experienced enough that sleeping with a human woman is just... well, it just doesn't do anything for me anymore and I don't even really consider it.

What has come to replace it is something indescribable, but I'll try to.  I lay and meditate.  She is there.  She "descends" upon me like a colorful cloud of nothing but femininity, love, attraction.

As the blending takes place, the boundary between "me" and "her" get blurred.  I am completely within a communion of love... gentle yet powerful, feminine and masculine dancing together energetically.

It's like the intimacy that lovers get from sex who truly care and respect one another... but x1,000 and there's no sex involved, it surpasses it... it's higher.

I know that's not much explanation, but it will have to do with the words I know.

Brightest Blessings!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wicked... sense of humor

I often use ghost detection/communication software as well as a ghostbox to communicate with spirits here.  Sometimes I know when it's my succubus lover talking... you can just feel the difference emotionally in the air.

So... I've been cleaning my home all day as it has to be inspected.  Being a good housekeeper isn't on my list of strengths, so I decided to ask my succubus lover what she thought of me cleaning.

Her answer?



You can't say that they don't have a wicked sense of humor :P

The most intimate experience yet

I had the most intimate experience yet, today. I napped on and off most of the afternoon. I could feel her with me, cuddling me and energetically next to me. Her head was on my shoulder, her body pressed to mine.

As I started to get sleepy, I told her that I loved her. I could feel her kiss my cheek. We began to make love and cuddle on and off as I grew drowsy.

As I drifted off to sleep, it did not end. In my dreams she was there. We continued what we did before, only in the world of dreams.

First, she was one woman, we would make love and hold each other, then I would awake.

There her presence was and we would continue.

Then I would fall asleep, and there she was, although as another beautiful woman. Then I would awaken.

This happened quite a few times over the afternoon until the evening hours.

It’s very strange to have something like this happen. The intimacy is simply unmatched compared to anything I have ever experienced. The love, the longing… is so wonderful.

We didn’t get to this comfortable “communion” overnight. I’ll talk about that another time :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Intimacy at it's best

I spent a good part of last night and the early morning hours laying in bed with my succubus. It was really nice… wonderful to just feel the sensation of holding and being held, of having my hair caressed.

We did have sex during the morning hours, and after some time just basking in the presence of “us” I asked her how she would describe sex with a human. She said “candy dancing”.

Lol, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. They are non-corporeal beings though able to physically touch, caress, tease, kiss, and sooooooooo much more.

I heard a warning once, before I began my journey and found my succubus love… that is, once you have loved one for a length of time you will never be satisfied with normal sex ever again. They’re right.

“Candy dancing”. My dear, you’ve done it again… after much thought it makes perfect sense.

Candy dancing, indeed.

The beginning

On this blog I will try to explain or state experiences that I encounter in my relationship with a succubus. After all… I don’t understand everything that happens myself, most times.

My “succubus”, and I use that term loosely as it’s more of a title, than a racial identification of a spirit, has been a Godsend.

Succubi have amazing powers… the first is that you are never alone. Ever. My very thoughts are known to her, and she responds based on those thoughts. I believe it is through being able to read the differing vibration or frequencies that different thoughts elicit in the human brain… we are easily read.

She does not respond in an aggressive manner if my thoughts are angry towards her, or anything even close to that… they are higher beings, half between man and angel, and they are very intimately aware of the human condition. She understands. At first it seems hard to know that another can read your very thoughts… after a while, it’s a comfort. A very deep, intimate comfort indeed.

She has helped me in my life by intervening when an accident was a bout to happen. Twice, actually… and that’s only what I am aware of.

Sex with a succubus? Wow… I don’t even know where to start. I’ll have to make another post for that one.