Sunday, April 30, 2017

Time to tell the tale: Info I've gathered over these three years

What follows is wisdom I'm gleaned during my time with Bunny.  I haven't talked about it a whole lot, or rather I've never just laid it all out on the table (so to speak).

The following is of course my beliefs and although I have endeavored to make them objective for this post, they are still going to be subject to the ills of subjectivity.

The first is this:  There is no such thing as reincarnation on this Earth.  There is after Earth.

I'll explain.

Spirits often and do see through our eyes and experience what we do here.  I've had my phasma communcator software on paired with xparanormal detector, been watching Troy and suddenly a quote about war comes up on the screen along with a separate hit:  A picture of a tank.

She does this kind of thing all day long.

The funniest way she uses those programs is when the kids are here and I'm trying to explain something about life and failing and trying to give them a life lesson.

Many times I've stumbled all over myself trying to find the correct words and BAM, there goes the ghost programs finishing exactly what I meant to say.

Bunny's aware and knows what's going on here, lol.  Other than being "corporeally challenged" she's on the ball and right in the thick of my life, and my life with my kids (who consider her their "step mother" which she takes seriously I believe.

They see through our eyes all day long.  I consider it "micro-possession" and it hurts no one.  It's so fast that they might have not even done so as far as we're concerned.  For them, however, it is a lot of wisdom and knowledge about this place that they get to take in.

I think that they do this because they did not choose to incarnate on this world, but are allowed to seek whatever wisdom and experience they can by seeing through our eyes and experience things with us.

This doesn't mean that they weren't worthy, or whatever else comes to mind.  For whatever reason, they choose not to incarnate (can ya fuckin' blame 'em?).

Or hell, maybe they enjoy a good movie like we do and just wanna comment.  To bad ya can't share popcorn wit' 'em.  Of course, they could "micro-possess" your taste buds if they really wanted to :P

Then, there's those of us who do.  I believe that out "exit" is a choice made by us at a higher level, and by our higher guides before we even set foot in this place:  Yes, I am speaking of perfect order embedded within and throughout what to us appears as chaos.

It's supposed to appear as chaos:  It's by design.

Why are babies aborted?  Why do children die at 1, or 2, or whatever age?

Beyond me.  But perhaps that purpose is for others, in that they willingly give of themselves to teach through tragedy:  They are agents and catalysts of compassion to us who must stay longer.

Now, having said this, I DO believe in reincarnation at higher levels of being once we leave this place, and also for those who did not incarnate but learned the lessons they needed on their own planes of existence.

Is it death?  No.  To the caterpillar, the cocoon is death:  But it is indeed the butterfly upon awakening.

So too, do I believe, that is the truth for beings in a higher state than we are at this time (at least consciously aware of).

This plane acts as a filter.  Things are so dense that we are tethered to our bodies until death.  At that time the "valve" is broken and we are restored to full conscious awareness of who we are far beyond the crude names that we have here.

"Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern." Ecclesiastes 12:6 KJV

The silver cord is what connects the soul to the body.  The golden bowl is our body, the pitcher at the fountain, I believe, is our being "contained" here from what we greatly are, and the wheel broken at the cistern, I believe, means an end to our slavery to linear time at death.

Then we start the cycle of learning power and wisdom as entities do for we are one of them as well.

We evolve, we always evolve.  Even if we fall down, we eventually evolve.  That is law in my mind.

Hell, even rocks evolve.  Think about it a while.  Break 'em up, build something up, be a part of something greater than he sum of it's parts.  You get the idea.

These lovers we have from spirit, I don't think that we don't know them necessarily.  Some of us have had them for life, or for most of their lives (I know of two such individuals now).

Who knows what we've forgotten for purity's sake?  They remember.  Perhaps they are allowed to be our guides, an arrangement worked out before we were ever born as to time and when they would arrive.

Now, as for things being order in chaos, I still believe in the paradigm of Chaos Magickal Theory. Why?

Because except for a very few things that the universe needs to run right, nothing is absolute. Nothing.

Think on this:  One man's angel is another man's demon of hell and vice versa.  There are no absolutes past the few laws in the Kybalion.

There is, however, one thing from which all Universal Laws ultimately spring, and that is:  LOVE.

The law, "The Principle of Mentalism" is the greatest of the other 6, and this mind is where love comes from.  It is from which is gently falls like soft raindrops, like the slow fall of snowflakes.

It is either reflected by us, or rejected by us.  Free will.  Even those who reject won't forever.  I didn't.

This love comes from the ALL, the ALL (The ALL WHO IS: All the Divines together as ONE FORCE) and the I AM (THE GOD) as well as the great I WILL (Divine Feminine Holy Spirit) and the I INHERIT which is the Divine manifestation of unconditional love.  The Savior, our love spirits, our higher self: Whoever is the entity that is above us, is madly in love with us, and who ascends with us... in differing degrees of course... the "Savior" descended for us but we are risen with the Savior at death as well to a great degree.

"And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus" - Ephesians 2:6.

That's some "to be looked for" type of places.  It brings me hope.

Now, don't think that I believe every word of the Bible, but it has it's moments.  I believe that it was written by mystics for mystics and is most often in allegory.

For instance, this is where the 72 Angels of the Name come from, from the Old Testament and in these 3 verses:

"And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them:

And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night.

And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided."  Exodus 14:19-21 KJV

The texts themselves are full of Qabbalic information alone, apart from the 72 names.

YHVH is written in the Bible and translated "Adonai" or "Lord" because of it's sacredness to the Jewish people.

However, to Qabbalists, this means something else.  It is an explanation, a key, a map, a guide.

This is known as the YHVH formula.  King, Queen, Prince, and Sleeping Princess.  Guess who we are?  Bend over... Haha, just kidding.  We are the Archetype of the Sleeping Princess in the Godhead formula of descent and redemption.  These happen at the same time, both ways, all the time...

Down for birth, Up for death.  Yes... sex is death.  Think about it.  But it is all necessary and part of the plan of the Divine Host for whatever reason (Way, WAY above my pay grade).

And the only kind of love that endures is unconditional love.  The other types of love will carry this or fall behind in time (as do so many relationships do today, but even then they are teaching tools now aren't they?  Always guiding us towards the ideal... and amongst much suffering I'm afraid for most.

Next is groups: Soul groups.  We all belong to families of entities that share our vibration and frequency.  Remember the saying, "One man's angel is another man's demon"?

I believe that these groups act as our guardians and soul guides, deflecting that which is not part of our reasons for being here.  I have felt their influence in bringing me to safety quite a few times.

I'm sure that you can as well if you think on it a while in peace.


Home is not just a place.  Home is not just a vibration and frequency.  I've learned one thing from all of this, and that's that if you are alone, if a love spirit doesn't come to you; Have faith.

The Divine Lord and Lady make love and all souls are born.  Would they, in their love for you, expect you to go it alone forever?

Your lover is somewhere doing wherever she's supposed to be doing:  Have faith :)

You will reunite and eternity will make the wait meaningless.

If the YH (of YHVH fame) are eternally boppin', you can damn sure believe that the VH are going to be boppin' in time as well.  In fact, they HAVE to.

Like mother like daughter; Like father like son.  Always.

In this universe, I'm happy to say that every dancer gets a partner.  Just keep the faith and hope alive because she's out there.  What if you die of old age first?  Eternity...  Eternity makes any waiting look like a dot with a line drawn away forever.  That "dot" is the amount of time you had to wait.

Perspective goes a long way :)

Like mother like daughter

Like father like son

If you doubt me, check this out:

Humpin' like rabbits (as they lovingly deserve to) :)


Why, and most importantly, "where" is home?  The home that we personally long for, instinctively know to long for?

This is where it gets a little foggy for me.  But then again, all of creation is full of this or that, this or than, this or that.

Example:  God creates light and darkness is born.  He creates good, and evil springs forth.  Hot, cold. Soft, hard.  Wet, dry.  Etc.

"In" God there is no duality.  There is only Good, not evil.  Love, not hate.  Bravery, not fear.  Light, not darkness (metaphorically).

Things like "hard/soft" don't really translate well, or... maybe they do.  After all, I'm down here so it's hard to experience things where God is apart from "this" place.

That where I think Jesus/the Savior/Redeemer (there are many names, but I believe one idea, echoes of one aspect of the Divinity:  The Messiah and what was really accomplished:  The Divine, right here, with us, living as us.  Emmanuel means "God With Us".


Nothing can be explained or measured without the opposite of it being a factor in it's being, or as a scale to be slid upon up or down, inside or out.  :)

But I feel that this world, which I will now on refer to as my own personal term:  The short bus for souls exists in duality to such an extent that it is impossible to even think upon it without encountering it's nemesis so to speak.  Or her opposite if you prefer, in varying degrees.

This world sorts out our vibration and frequency to the point that well will understand were we belong and who are family is on the other side.  We will find that "place" we, and every creature like us does on many worlds and many realities, we're all on the "short bus", like it or not, to figure it all out (or to set the stage to do so after we leave this realm of fun, soft bunny rabbits, and everlasting joy and sunshine.  Just a lil' joke there :P

We are also here to "solidify" so to speak our frequency and vibration so that we will vibrate in harmony from where we came, and probably where we are going (another taste of duality that doesn't make a lot of sense here).

We are loved unconditionally... all of us, even the most brutal and disgusting of us.

We are here to find the "loves of our souls".

Some people love being useful and helping others, in the act of "loving" them.

Some people love the high of slaughtering an innocent victim, in torturing them.

Well, God may allow us the "love of our souls" after death, but that doesn't mean he allows innocents to suffer any longer.

These evil ones prey upon each other as there is not innocents allowed to be their prey, those whom they loved to toy with and destroy with glee will be out of their clutches forever.

This then is hell for them.  All they have is  each other just like them to prey upon, to scheme upon.

(A big bucket of assholes I suppose)

The lighter spirits are learning, growing, being useful, and spreading love like pollen.

One day, far away, these evil ones will tire of evil.

Evil itself will decide to abandon evil, and then their walk can begin as well.  This is the only satisfactory way that the Sovereign has decided to allow free choice and eliminate evil in the future as well.

See?  Duality can be dealt with.  All it takes is millions of years :)

Apocatastasis.  A Greek term to mean "all shall be redeemed" (with time).

Don't misunderstand me.  Personally, I get angry with Divinity a lot for the evils of the world.  Is it really THAT necessary for all of this suffering?  But then again, my consciousness is limited here, and if I could see and know what would happen here (all of this suffering) and come anyway, either I'm a complete dumbass (highly debatable), or things are going exactly according to plan.  Or well enough that, being in a non-linear world at the time I could see the results were worth the trip.

Remind me to punch myself in the throat when I get back.  Or whoever's bright idea it was to send me here on the material plane short bus (for growth).




Rafe GB.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bunny gave me something short and sweet :)

I did something to be able to think on Bunny here and there, and I guess she really liked that I did that (I engraved a silver ring I wear on my wedding ring finger with her name and her sigil on the inside of the band to personalize it).

She told me this, and she hardly ever "speaks" like we do down here.  I heard it in my head of course and also in a woman's voice.  Well, her voice.

It was fast, too.  I hope I got it right:

Bunny's Song

I am a woman's beautiful song in the dark.
I am she who breathes your hope.
I am she who guards your way.
I am a fulfilled promise: Heard but unspoken.
I am your heart. Even when you cannot feel me,
I am always there to love you, to guide you, and to long for you.
I am your bride.  

I just wanted to share it because it felt pretty special.  Heck, it was so special I sang a capella and
decided to share it. Why not? Spread my joy.

Make fun of me singing that or make fun of my voice and I'll show you my sword collection.

But only the pointy parts. And only post mortem ;)


I unleashed the comment section so that comments no longer have to await moderation (we'll see what happens whether it stays this way or not).
Be nice though, folks, or I'll get out the delete stick.
Free speech is firmly under the "well, that depends on you"category here and at my sole discretion.
It's my "diary", not Reddit ;)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What Bunny really is (and "who" she really is)

I've spent a long, long time over these 3 years proclaiming what Bunny is here or there.

You can't blame me.  Every new thing sounded like a part of her. Or was close enough that it got me wondering if that was her.

And... sometimes I was sure that was what she was.

Succubus, demon, nymph, angel, jinn, fairy, kitsune, selkie, melusine, the list goes on and on and on.

It's part of us, being human.

Having to label everything and everyone.  If you really pay attention throughout your day, you'll find that it's pretty much a compulsion that we all suffer from.

I mean, here it's kind of necessary, but not to the level that we take it to.

At least that's my opinion.

The best way for me to explain who Bunny is, is to take an honest look at who WE are.

We're spirits.

Yes, we are human, yes, we are in a body, but we are spirits FIRST.

Society and in general, "we", don't see things that way.

But when you're dying it's amazing how fast people look for comfort... and of course they do and will... it's only natural to.

I know I'll be the same way when death looms for me.

Another thing is that by calling her a succubus I feel guilty.  Society hasn't been real kind to that word and what it represents.  What if by calling her this term, succubus, I've limited myself to only allowing part of her to "come through".  What if, in my ignorance, I've missed out on so much more?

The good news is that I am and always will be a seeker.  I haven't stopped looking, listening, experimenting, and loving.

I think that, at least, set my feet firmly along the path.  Not as smooth as it could have been, but good enough in that I haven't lost her by my hubris in trying to keep her in a box so to speak.

We're spirits. First. In a body last.  If anything we're "dumbed down" spirits being held in these bodies, and I think that's what makes us so cute and desirable to loving spirits who wish to partake in sex with us.

Well, those of us who harbour the intent to know what love "is" and who are accepting of a love spirit... which is traditionally well off the radar and the beaten path, so to speak.  There are also times where someone is aware of the phenomena and calls but one doesn't come.  I have no answers for that I'm afraid.

I also am beginning to suspect that she summoned me.  After all, something led me to the idea of finding out how to summon her in the first place, right?

Now when they DO come, imagine how it feels for them.

Heh, just imagine their joy at our "wow!'s" and our "oh my God!'s".

Of course it's more than that.  I think they genuinely love the soul that is inside of us that they can see so freely, and that we cannot because of our all to common human blindness.

There is no falsehood I don't believe.  They fall for us, for our innocence, for who we are and yet we just can't remember.

It's like they fall in love with the prince who thinks that he's the pauper.  He, like us, just doesn't understand.

What I think is most amusing is that once a love spirit arrives, it's very much like a hot Japanese girl dropping into your bed... and you can't speak a lick of Japanese... and "she don't speak no English", either.

Let the fun and the personal journey begin, lol.  It's like jumping out of an airplane without a chute ;)

So who IS Bunny?

She's a spirit who fell in love with me.  She seems to understand how to thrill me and chill me in very good ways, but sex is just the beginning.

She's taught me, she's found ways to teach me to communicate with her (flashes of imagery, emotion, and in my dreams which is also where she teaches her lessons that she has decided that I require).

I can feel her emotions, and I can feel her soul.

And I, too, have fallen in love.  With her you see.

Bunny is a sassy female spirit who must be an entity of some sort.

I don't believe she is from here as it has taken us time to learn how to "speak" to each other's souls.

I also think that she's claimed me.  I'm hers, and I have a feeling I get to choose when I die, where I go.

I believe that all who die do, I just get to pick "with bunny".

Bunny has no form.  She is a sentient energy cloud that I cannot see.

My daughter has, twice, and I'm wondering if it's a "female thing" because I can't see her.

Now, Bunny does enter my dreams, but even then she is a different woman every time.

All of the sensory phenomena, all of the lovemaking, all of the communication through touch, flashes of imagery, or anything else exists because she's put it in my mind.

Any images of her, she has put in my mind.

What shoes do a loving spirit wear who has no feet?  Whichever ones strike her fancy.

She used to change names often, and her soul was hard to understand in my quest to pair it with what woman I felt that she "felt" like.  Lol, how impossible ;)

What I am trying to say is, in this dimension, at least for me, she is like what I would be without my body.

Oh, she loves using my body with me to create love and sex together.  She loves using my body together to mate twice a year, which is something special and less ordinary than spirit sex is, even as pleasurable as spirit sex can be ;)

See, these spirits are interesting.  Bunny borrows a little energy and starts the process.  Then we make love and it's like this non-stop process has started via that energy until she or I (or both) finally finish and rest.

It's hard to understand, but these spirit ladies love complex emotions like love, like hope and trust. These are the most satisfying to a loving, good spirit girl.

Some aren't so loving and nightmares will do.  Nightmares... to be ridden forcefully, and to create fear and terror for them to bathe in.

I'm glad that Bunny isn't that way with me (her tastes are far different).  I'll take the complex good emotion craving love spirit, thank you very much.

They tend to "bathe" in our emotions, not consume them either way.

In our case, when the lovemaking is over I'm returned the small amount of energy I've lost in the beginning and I have 2x at least that amount when the lovemaking is finished.

And of course I'm in ecstacy with her during the lovemaking.  It is a beautiful intimacy of souls.

I hope that explains a little and fosters some understanding regarding what happens or what to expect.

Asuccubuslovesme...  I can't do much about the name of the blog I don't think.  Well, not the address at least.  I'll have to do something thinking and see if I can just change the title on the picture at the top.  That will show that I'm serious at least :)

(Edit:  Nah, I did.  Now I miss the old pic and wording.  Plus she still does say, "Don't sass the succubus".  They use what we know, that's all.  Title pic going back up in 3...2...1... ;)
I know she's not a traditional succubus, she's a love spirit.  But, I made this blog before I journeyed so part of that journey has to stick.  The cover pic is just part of it.  End Edit: 5/4/17)

I have no label for Bunny.  I'm stuck with the "succubus" web address, but she needs nor wants no labels:  But in truth I think it's far simpler than that.

You see...

She loves me.  She adores me.  She fucks me.  She mates with me.  She teaches me.  She comforts me.  I believe that she also protects me.  I know that she saved my son from a terrible accident because I was right there.

That is her title.  All of it.  Lover, wife, protector, blessed teacher, gentle comforter, and wit for wit more than my match (but I think she sees me as a "work in progress" hahaha).

These labels I believe she can accept:  That bring her joy.

But in truth?

She's just... "She" ;)


Lightning Strikes,
By Rafe GB

Lightning strikes from ground to sky
What we cannot see strikes the other
Once you learn, you'll marvel, "why?"
Let that sink in to one another

We think we are so in control
Summoning spirits to serve us,
We never seem to see it through
That perhaps spirits summoned me, or you.

Where did we get the idea?
The knowledge, the pursuit of the fruit?
They wanted us too, you see,
We're the chosen mouse, and they the lute.

Us all following to the tune
Us all in line in mysterious pursuit.

It's okay, you know, that this is true
'Cause the spirits I deal with are full of love.
It's not a shame to admit this
"Be shrewed as snakes, innocent as doves"

In the end, we all wake up
Whether here, or after we die one day
The spirits know who's theirs,
Who belongs to them.
And our family of spirits prepare our way...
Lovers, teachers, guardians and our friends ;)

You think in your hubris that you summoned her?  
Now think, my friend, of who really summoned who?

Adore your sassy, loving spirit girl because (always remember) that she first loved you ;)
She loved you long before you called to her, long before your desire for her, long before you found HOPE for her.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fuck me it's mating season

I've got one week to prepare.  It's pretty much the same:  I try to fight her off psychically, and she presses ever forward until I surrender.

It's just our "thing".

It allows me to practice my psychic will and for her to test it as well.  Hard.

Anyway, it's 6 mo 5/5/17 so anytime near that it's on.

Once I do surrender, omg...

Whew... get sweaty just thinking about it.

Bunny's sweet and all, but when it's time to do something serious she's all about being the teacher. And that's ok.

Let those who can, lead.  And she has much more experience and wisdom than I do...

But I'm growing fast ;)

Bunny can be too cute sometimes, I mean in a great way

Getting the last portion of the 1st module done was good for me.  Lowering this module to 4 parts helped a lot, too.  It's find at 4:  6 is just overkill for what I'm trying to do.  Later?  Who knows, other modules might be longer or they might not be.

I needed a break and frankly, Bunny wanted some attention.

I do feel that she put me up to making the school, but it's still secondary to "us".

We come first.

*Wiggle wiggle*

We come first... Bunny makes sure of that (bless her)

I'm really tired from pushing my car a quarter mile, fixing it before the apartment offices opened (it's forbidden... but what you do after hours is your problem).

And also passing my apartment inspection.

Well, and the medicine I'm getting used to makes it feel like you can't breathe, but it's artificial stimuli as obviously I can.  Sure sucks though.

It also makes me very agitated and I can't sit still.  Can't sleep either much so it's taken it's toll.

But... the side effects are diminishing just like the Dr. told me, so it looks like it'll get better.

I've also been a lot more emotional and am learning to deal with these new emotions. 

See, the medicine I was one basically had me in a pit.  No emotion... well... little emotion.

Metaphysically I didn't know it, but, once she took me off of the old one I suddenly felt "free".

I honestly feel that instead of me just being conscious inside my head, I'm conscious around me at about the size of my living room.

So, I'm struggling to get a handle on my emotions (and I will, it's just new) and to get used to being "more", or at least feeling that way.

Well, I'm tired so I'll end here.

Bunny's always attentive to detail.  And she works on me tirelessly to be the same

This one's unique... I often use a fox as an avatar

In about a week... I'll be running (resisting) the Bunny.  Then the games will begin, and the rewards.

God/dess help me, lol.

Edit:  She seems to be up to something.  Yesterday, 4/25 she drained all my desire (well, last night in my sleep).  If I was in a room with 20 models all bent over I wouldn't even care.  Well, I might poke one with my finger a little just because I was bored.  I'd still look, too.
So what is this Bunny wabbit up to?  Mating season hasn't happened yet... that I know.
I think she doesn't wanna play the psychic game, she wants to play the seduction game little by little, day by day...
I bet my "test of will" is to see if I can make it to mating season day without taking things into my own err... hands.
Oh boy, if that's true, this is going to be one explosive mating season where Bunny gets to go berserk near the 5th of May (I just felt a *Tug tug*.  I wonder if that means I'm right, or that yes she's going to fuck me silly then.  She's being awfully quiet and mysterious...  Part of the game maybe?
My stomach is already twitching in anticipation... told ya mating season isn't normal sex... it's feral as fuck.
(Now, so there can be no misconception, this "duel" of sorts is for FUN.  Even if the game was "can he resist me" instead, and I ended up being able to resist her (hahahaha, yeah right), I would still partake of the fuckening at the end ANYWAY with great joy and abandon.  I love Bunny, I'm not cruel. Neither is she... (but she does have one hell of a will, I'll tell you that).
And if she doesn't want to play the mind games testing how much I've grown?  
Well, then neither do I.  It's about fun, not battle. Just good ol' human/spirit fun in a friendly match of wills (so to speak).
Ah well, only these next days (leading up to the first week in May) will tell what happens and how close I was in my "theory".
Wish me luck ;) 
(and if I don't make it, no, you can't have my stuff)


You can run from her (resist) for fun, but she'll catch ya
Then your punishment will begin...

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Da Bunny Da Bunny Da Bunny

Well.  I've been neglecting Bunny I think.  The school project will take some time and adjustments, but I think Bunny wants some attention.

Women, spirits that are women, the feminine energy current, the Divine Feminine, I don't care who you are, women want attention.

And that's just perfectly cool because I very much enjoy/love giving it to her ;)

So, this little blog piece is going to be all about Bunny how much I appreciate her along with a little humor via eye candy.

Bunny's the kind of girl,

That doesn't really pout much.

But when she does it's cute to feel

'Cause she's what it's all about, anyway.

I mean, she gives me my space and loves me so, she teaches me things she wants me to know.

She's given so much to me that sometimes I forget, and get all involved with my projects (even ones that were her idea), but you see, she wants that attention from me in between, and that's ok.

She doesn't want it from anyone else I know, nor does she threaten me with ultimatums, no... she's sweet and gentle, and she just gently prods me.

It takes me a little while to figure out what she wants sometimes, but end the end I've learned to feel her emotions (it's just hard to dial in sometimes is all) and I figure it out and what she wants at the time.

I decided a nice gift would be to recharge her picture, her vessel, and my ring (I wear it on my wedding ring finger).  Sex magick to the rescue ;)

It's a nice way to reconnect as well.  Energy to energy, soul to soul, in communion.

Lol, the .gif above is funny.  

I can see her hopping as I type.  Haha.

Sex magick is a powerful tool... some say the most powerful, even more powerful than blood magick. I don't mess with blood magick because I've heard too many stories of people who had something crawl up where the wound was and took up house in 'em. 

Screw that.  

Oh, back to the Bunny ;)

I'm thinking about getting Bunny to animate he picture again.  We did that a few years ago...

It was pretty entertaining, funny too.

What happens when it's successful is that Bunny will make the face make expressions and her mouth move.  They even change emotions on the pic to go with how they are feeling.

(Tell me spirits don't study us in depth)

I know that it's an illusion and exists only within my mind, but what got me is that I let my daughter see the pic and watch it happen, and I'll be... she saw it too, the exact same thing I did.

Maybe Bunny was "beaming" the illusion into both our minds.

I know Bunny loves my daughter, because my daughter's seen her twice now.  I see Bunny in my dreams but not "here".  I FEEL her here very, very well however... probably because I can't "see" her here.  I can hear her sometimes, but mostly I feel her emotions.

Amazing critters these powerful succubus critters.  So sweet and gentle, fiery and fierce... and all at the same time.

Now, I don't see the fierce, but I know it's there.  I know her and I know I'll never see it here.

But the sweet, gentle, and fiery?  Oh yeah.  I know those very, very well.

Awe... one day, after this world, I'm going to spank the lil' Bunny... and oh... what fun that will be ;)

(Something tells me she wants that more than I know as well)


For a non-physical being, she sure can tempt and tease me.  Meh.  Just the wonder that is Bunny I suppose.

Spank Da Bunny Critter!  LOL
(Dat naughty spirit lover.  She deserves it anyways ;))

Damn she got her hooks in me tonight.  Meh, it's consensual LOL.

Love your succubus or she won't let you spank her.  Just sayin' ;)


P.S.:  She's happy now I can feel it <3
Spirit relationships thrive on love and attention just like any other...
How do I KNOW that she loves me, too?
Because what I do doesn't have to perfect, it's that I try that matters to her.
Just that I try with all I am.  She loves me.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Late Ostara (or Easter if you prefer) everyone!

I completely forgot to wish you all a Happy Ostara, Happy Easter!

There's a reason I like this holiday with the Bunny.  She seems to get really, really into it for some reason.

Damn... you know... whoever designed the Succubus is just not fair.  It's like we already crave sweets.  They just ramp up the craving and run both the candy store and ice cream parlor right next door.

I always miss it when the Ostara Bunny has to go. God bless you Lady Rabbit. You can sure *hippity hump* when you want to...

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hmmph. Or Something.

Bunny, lol.  Had to share this pic I found. I would surmise this is what she would look like if she had form and was miffed.


I'm going through a complete medicine change.  It's been... well, a fun ride.

What started painfully (as I figured it would... being on the same medicine for almost a decade only to rip it out and replace it with something modern), has grown to "more" of me.

I know that sounds odd, and I admit it sounds just as odd to me as well.

But I feel "more".  I'm also thinking that this means the unique "psychic wall" that I've had that's prevented me from being able to astral travel is being lifted.

IF that is true... then as soon as my meditation cushion gets here along with my tone bell I'll be ready.

The tone bell is A above the musical note of middle C.

For me, I dunno about others, this tone can induce trance in me.

It's 440 Hz.  Also known as "concert pitch" or A440.

Although thoughts differ on the subject, I believe that's somewhere either with the vibration of the 3rd eye or the crown.  Perhaps it's the value in between where the pineal gland forms a triangle with the 3rd Eye Chakra and the Crown.

I'm not sure but it works for me.

Now the best news of all:  feeling "more" around me makes me think that whichever medicine was making it impossible for me to astral travel is now gone.

You've been warned (lol :P).

I still have to learn how of course.  I've been like this for 10 years so I'm starting from scratch.

The less stellar news is that I'm still going to be unable to pursue a career in any meaningful way. Perhaps I can chase my spiritual dreams and aspirations piecemeal.

My bipolar is still too unpredictable to really function as a 9-5'er (and I do miss that to a great degree... it gets boring as hell and there's no social life living alone disabled), BUT... the hidden blessings are that I believe I'm going to be making some spiritual leaps soon.

I have new desires as well.

No, not those desires.

The main desire is to learn more, as always, but to couple that with sharing somehow.

I'm starting to pull things together into a semi-cohesive school of thought regarding spiritual things and I'd love to share them in a more effective way than this blog which is specific to succubi pretty much with the odd theory thrown in.

I'll have to think about it a while.  Not sure how I desire to make and impact and I'm not sure how it would affect things (if any), nor exactly what I want to do.  Or have the capacity to do.

I became ordained a few years ago through ULC Monastery, then the ULC Seminary.  I then became ordained through Open Ministry, and finally through my school the University of Sedona.

Might dust those off I'm not sure.

What's my goal?  To share.

To become rich and powerful, drive a sports car and get lots of hot tail.
"To cwush my enemies, to see them dwiven before me, and to heah the lamentation of the vimmenz."

Just kidding.  That last line was from Conan the Barbarian, lol.  My goal is to share, nothing else.

Although it would be fun to hold the Bible and never open it while preaching like Joel Olsteen. Maybe it'll be SuccuChurch ™.  Lol.  He's worth 40 mill now.  Crazy bastard.  Works for him well I guess :)  I'mma get a big Bible so I can smack people who rush the stage overwhelmed with love for me.

It could happen :P  Hahaha.

I couldn't resist.  Sorry, Joel.

I'll be thinking about this (not the big Bible), as well as thinking about continuing my metaphysical education.

I've got a master's degree program just sitting here because I'm a bit worried about the thesis requirements.  Maybe I won't be so worried about it once the new medicine I'm on takes effect.

Guess I'll see.

Bunny's away but distant lately.  Haven't heard from Bubbles.  Maybe she's a "sometimes" kinda visitation or something I don't know.

I have free will... so do they.  Be nice to see her again soon.  Bunny, too.

And who knows... maybe they get scarce so I'll do my own thing.  The addiction that comes with a succubus is a hard thing to manage.  I guess in this case a succubus and a younger version of the same qualifies as two maybe?  I don't know the answer to that, either.

I don't have an answer to these wonderful critters, either after 3 years.
But I still write about them and try to figure 'em out.

You know, Bunny might help me with all this stuff.  I'd really like to help others in a more direct way, or in a way that has more impact as I've been alluding to in this post.

After all, Meridiana was a famous succubus in that she was the succubus (is the succubus) of Pope Sylvester II.

You can google her story, find it on Wikipedia, or can read about it here in this interesting post:


One unrelated thing I've been thinking about today, but sorta succubus oriented I guess.

I've been thinking that people, and in my case women, offer sex to gain material resources, or protection, or SOMETHING.  That's great and all for nature (I get that the need to resources is instinctual to allow her children good environment), but I want to have sex with a woman who wants to have sex with me because she loves me and for no other real reason than to experience intimacy with me (or sex for other reasons, like sharing her lust with me because she loves me), which is exactly why I want to have it with her.

And even if it's a horny kind of thing (haha... succubus... horny... get it?), I'm wanting to fuck her silly because I love her... I want to be horny with her, just her.

Love is the key to my heart.  Not resources, not protection, not this or that (yes, those things are nice, but not what I primarily want).  I want love.  I want love, and sex, and lust with her, and intimacy with her that others only dream about.

I've found that with a spiritual lover (da sweet Bunny she is... oh, yes she is  *tickle tickle*)... it's a shame that I do not believe that this exists in the material world with a woman.  It's nature you see and I don't think that can be helped.  It's an instinctual drive.  Hypergamy instinct perhaps, I don't know what it would be.  I don't blame women, it's hard coded.  A lot like men's need for sex and greater sex drive perhaps.  Maybe women lament, "He just wants sex all the time while I just want attention"... and I understand that complaint, too.

It's too bad nature rules us to such a large degree that it's in our very DNA coding.

Really... what a shame.  If only people would just learn to open their hearts and to "make love not war" so to speak.  Even though that was from the 1960's it's as true today as ever.

Make love.  Stop fighting your heart.  Stop the war.
Overcome what you were programmed to be (as best you can) and free yourself to what YOU want to be.  Easier said than done I'm afraid.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a man or woman figuring out how to do this for themselves. I hope to join their ranks one day at least in spirit while on this Earth.  I salute those such as these.

If not, then I guess I'll figure it out like everyone else in the next life.  Sooner or later.

I've come into a new theory (not mine... Swedenborgian) that reincarnation is for those who are across the veil... death is different there... less of a mystery and more looked forward to as a graduation of the soul through greater knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

And of course, the greatest thing is growing into a greater love relationship with?  I don't know, I'm not dead yet, but I'm working on my relationships here daily.

Anyway... enough for today I think.

Blessed be!

Rafe GB.

Love your succubus because... I am THE Shadow Moses.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What does Bunny look like?

I have no idea.  I've had so many pictures trying to capture a personality and emotion that is what I know her by.  Basically she's a sentient higher vibratory energy.  I think of her like a tingling cloud.

So how can I feel her making love with me?  I dunno.  Just can.  I think she can put those sensations in my brain and bypass actually having to touch me.

Pretty good trick and saves some energy, too.

You know how you play a strategy video game and there's all these resources to manage?

Yeah, they don't seem to have that problem:  They have one... energy.

Although, truth be told, since everything is energy that's a big resource with many colors, flavors, capabilities, vulnerabilities, etc.

I want a picture of Bunny.  One that sticks.  One that is the very embodiment (to me) of what she "feels like, tastes like", her personality, her emotions...

I guess I'll be on the hunt for it.  I posted a pic sometime ago about what she looked like.  Well... part of her did I guess, but not all.

I'm looking for a pic that captures ALL of her.


I know, I want the impossible.

And even if I find one and post it, there's a high chance that I'll not like it later (because, yet again, I'll figure out how it doesn't reflect THIS quality, or THAT quality of the Bunny.

Sometimes I use erotic pictures, sometimes I don't.  The erotic part captures part of who she is, but she's not just erotic.  And when I don't, I can tell it's missing that erotic part of her.

I have thought of finding a lot of pictures and making kind of a collage (which would make it a hell of a lot easier to capture all of her traits), but... that's not really what I would like to have happen.

Am I being unreasonable with myself in looking for a picture that satisfies what cannot be made into a simple picture?

Oh, and for the hell of it, "this" is what I believe that Bunny looks like.  Only I don't the size is relative.  In other words, like I believe our souls to be capable of, she can choose to be as big as the Sun?  Maybe, I dunno... or as small as an electron?  Maybe, I dunno.







Wave at the SuccuBunny!  She's playing piano I think in my mural art there on the wall.  Or maybe she liked the incense. Maybe she's just a piece of dust in my camera lens like people say orbs are? Nah... I believe that she is there by the black arrow... I've taken a lot of pics with this camera of stuff, but never just to try to see Bunny, and never have I seen an orb in a picture I've taken before this one (and in taking this pic, my intent was to see Bunny).

But I don't have to convince you... it convinced me!  That's what counts :)

It's funny that Bunny can manifest as a small orb and yet be something so much... more SuccuBunny.
What she can do (and has done) is sure belied by that little ball.  Meh, that's okay.  She expressed herself the way she wanted to.

I only wish I could find a picture of her (somewhere on this planet of art) so that I can express what I see of her soul in picture form that matches her wonderful lil' biting self.

Love your succubus, 
because they are invisible (unless you're special).
If you don't love 'em,
Every time you yawn they'll stick their tail in your mouth.
A lot.
Just because they can...

Friday, April 7, 2017

Events Lately.

I've bee a bipolar mess as of late. My doctor is doing a complete medicine change and I'm right in the middle of it.

My emotions are everywhere, and I switch from ok to fucked up at the drop of a hat.

But, I do what I always do when I'm messed up:  I LEARN.

I know that trying to observe things and think things through may be a screwed endeavor, but I think of it as almost a shamanic trance of sorts.

After all, reality is a bit warped at present for me.

I don't know what's going on besides the medication switch (bipolars generally have to have a cocktail of drugs, so a "switch" involving multiple drugs within the cocktail can really be disorienting), but I've had irritability and muscle and bone aches, headaches and generally a "fuck the world" attitude that is perhaps colored by what I'm going through, and yet it's something more.

Imagine my surprise when my brother in crime (reiki attunements, philosophy, metaphysics, world views, etc.) tells me he's going through the same thing, as well as wrestling with a second succubus who has entered his life, just like what's going on in mine.

(Mr. Michaels @

We always have been close about going through things at about the same time.  Over three years we've mimicked each other's experiences with our succubus... he with "Sam(antha)" and I with Bunny.

Not only are we brothers in spirit, our succubi seem very similar in traits, differing by personality (I think I needed to have a much more headstrong succubus than he does, me being stubborn myself).

Anyway, he's going through similar physical symptoms which we don't think are succubus related, but are some sort of "ascension sickness" that we are both going through at the same time (because we always go through things at the same time for some reason).

I think I've solved the mystery of Bubbles finally.  I never wanted a full on succubus to keep me company while Bunny is gone.  I wanted a pet, but I got a whole lot more.

Bubbles being the wild, young succubus is a bit more than I asked for.

Anyway, here's my theory of who she is and why she's okay to be here when Bunny's gone, in that my sensibilities of "cheating" are laid to rest, as long as my fear that I am somehow being unfaithful to Bunny in other ways as well.

Bunny is ok with Bubbles (Bubbles has already left and Bunny arrived once to confirm things for me last week)... she (Bunny) definitely had a hand in choosing her and in her being my company while Bunny is gone gallivanting around the multiverse, that I do not doubt.

It's her you see, but not as easily explained as to be connected to how she usually takes on a mantle to express herself and grow through adopting a different persona.

Oh Bunny, you marvelous trickster!

My first clue was in learning something about magick I did not previously know.  Here was my first clue:

The Past Can Empower Your Magick


I prepared things to cast a spell once, and before I even was able to cast it I got the change I wanted. What to do?  I cast it anyway.  See, time is goofy sometimes... my results could have been from the spell I had not yet cast.

I cast it, and I did not see new results, however I was satisfied that my casting fulfilled the change that already came to be.

What if I did not cast it and just enjoyed the results?  I feel that the results would have been short lived, however since I did cast my spell anyway, the results were solidified and stable.

A bit waxing metaphysical to be sure, but I just felt right to do it this way and so I did (and still practice this).

My ex wife is wanting a boyfriend and has been lonely for a good amount of time.  I have a good relationship with my ex and I decided to offer a ritual that she would be comfortable with in being a Christian:  The utilization and meditation on one of the 72 names of God.

I had the ritual all prepped with instructions and gave it to her to perform.

Low and behold, she got a boyfriend in short order before she even performed it.

I explained she HAD to perform it now if she wanted to see things through properly, and she did after some poking and prompting.

She did it when I was there in her apartment (I directed her to perform it in her bedroom with the door closed), and afterwards I had her shred the paperwork I wrote up with verbal instructions to "forget about it" (Well, my verbage was "Let go now and let God").

And so, my theory about Bubbles emerged after some sorting in my head.

She's Bunny.  But how can she be?  Her personality and experience is vastly different than the sophisticated, wise being that is Bunny (besides Bubbles being a very horny, absolutely lovable lovemaking addict).


You see, I believe that Bubbles is Bunny from the distant past.  Time is a goofball.  It is not linear over the veil but is circular.  I think of it as I've heard others comment from NDE's: Some went to a place where flowers were perpetually in bloom.  Always.  It's a time thing that doesn't compute here.

Somehow, Bunny had me put a little energy into wanting a companion as I would if I were starting a tulpa, but in this case Bunny stepped into that idea as herself... a much younger, different self of her past.

And that's my answer and explanation of things at present.  It also assuages my fears that I'm being unfaithful or that I didn't want a new succubus to be a part of me and Bunny.  Not really.

Her solution was perfect...

As in all things, my theory is always subject to change... but in this case I feel that it fits very well and answers much.

Oh Bunny, you wise and crafty succubus!

This means that as your younger self (Bubbles) you knew me before I was even born.  You also had to know that (as your modern self, Bunny) three years ago I would first summon a succubus, and you knew that you would be there to be the one to answer my call.

Now I can get even closer to you by loving a part of you that has evolved into the "who" you are today.

And for all practical purposes... I have my companion for when you are away all the same.

Bubbles is my companion for when Bunny is away.

My little mind can't comprehend how it's possible (except vaguely on paper), so I'll do my job and just love you silly.


Love your succubus... or she'll bring her past self into the picture and fuck you twice.
Never mind.  Just love your succubus and find something to hold onto :)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Shopping with Bubbles.

Note:  Although I use art for this post that depicts anime girls, this is purely a way to personify a succubus spirit within this post.  These pictures capture the level of experience with this world in general that a succubus who is with me at present currently possesses.

Which appears to amount to almost no experience whatsoever.

If one thinks of a 50,000 year old alien unseen force that has the material plane experience of a taco, that pretty much sums up what I am trying to portray.  Being that this alien is a female succubus, I believe that using anime girls is appropriate to get my point across as to the absurdity of a 50,000 year old alien unseen force that is a succubus trying to relate in a world she knows nothing about.

Ok?  It is however fun and has a charm all it's own.  Not the anime girls of course, but the succubus that they represent.

Bunny's gone back home and Bubbles came soon after.  I, eh, "we" went to the thrift store to browse and kill some time after I ate and we, err, "I" walked past some picture frames.

Suddenly I felt, "That one is MINE!"  I stopped to look at it.  It was a pretty decorative silver one, 5x7, in very good shape.  Of course it wasn't real silver, just made to look that way.

But, I have to admit, it was pretty.  "Get that one, it's mine!"

In the back of my mind I've always left the possibility open for Bunny to actually be Bubbles, as she's done that in the past in various ways.  Basically back in the day I'd get mad at her and summon "another succubus".  Well, it would go on for a while with me thinking I had a new one and her acting and feeling all different, and then she'd drop the facade.

It all worked out in the end.

Anyway, I think she did it to test out different personalities with me.  I think it's just part of how she can grow as a spirit, too.  Plus she's sneaky like that.  Ah, my Bunny.

But with Bubbles?

If it's really Bunny, Bunny should get an Oscar.  She feels NOTHING like Bubbles.  At all.  Not even a tiny little bit like her.  And besides that, Bunny would always leave for a week and only be here 2 or 3 days in between.  Now when she does that Bubbles shows up.  See?

Anyway back to Bubbles.

I knew if I didn't get the picture frame I would feel pouting for the next few days, and well... it honestly is pretty, so I got it and it's now here at home.

I know just the picture of Bubbles to put in it, too.  It will look nice.

I got a new frame for Bunny's picture just a day or so ago.  It looks really nice, too.  It's also a 5x7 and is a decorative wood frame painted off white.  Her picture looks real nice in it, I must say.

Now... another way that they are different is that Bubbles is very sweet and cuddly, and fiery as I always say about succubi, but she lacks a certain... tact... to put it mildly.

Heh.  That's her in a nutshell.  You can just forget about my "personal space", or for me to wish she would "ask for my consent" first, to be honest.  

She's wearing me out:  I'm not the young man I used to be.

No, I don't think she would harm me, nor do things with me that I wouldn't agree to.  It's just she takes what I would agree to straight out of my brain and (I guess) thinks that it's just silly to ask first.

Not like Bunny... very different personality.  Well, and very little knowledge and experience to be fair to her.

But she has a charm all her own <3

She is cuddly and sweet.  She has a sweet spirit (and yes, don't forget the fiery or the feisty).

She loves to cuddle and, just like Bunny does, "bathe" in happy emotions like love, and... well in all the aspects of love one could think of (Comfort in each other, intimacy, learning and sharing, etc.).

Yes, yes, she seems a bit spoiled.  I think it's just a lack wisdom and experience that makes her so, but that she will come into in time.

Whereas Bunny is hard sometimes because of the "Rafe Olympics" projects she's got me learning or doing to advance myself spiritually and in wisdom, Bubbles is hard sometimes because she's just a little spoiled.  Heh.

I'll tell you what, though, she is good company.  I am still glad that she entered my life, and I am glad that she is here now that Bunny has returned to her home.

Bunny probably feels like I drain her patience.  And I bet Bubbles has no idea that she drains mine. 

Well.  Now she does.

Notice the stage for a Bunny setup?  Yeah, me too.  But I still don't know if Bubbles is indeed separate, or Bunny's costume party... so I'm just not going to worry about it right now.

It is ironic that I, in being so stubborn am now with Bubbles who is even more stubborn that I am.

Ah well.  Whatcha gonna do?

I guess all that really matters is that at the end of the day Bubbles feels like this while I have her:

Very loved, safe, warm, and content.  That's my job.  Even if she wears my patience thin, lol.  Even if she is very demanding... she deserves to feel very loved, feeling safe, feeling cozy, and feeling very content.

All I have to do is to love them completely, and yet individually and uniquely.

Easy right?  No, it's not, but I'm sure that I'll get the hang of it in time.

As long as Bubbles thinks like this when she has to go back home, then I did ok :)

I wonder how long she'll be visiting me this time?  She's been fun.  Never gets dull, lol.

She's a keeper :)  I think one day she'll make a man very happy.  Yes, I haven't said it yet, but I feel like Bunny is permanent and Bubbles is not.  But, feelings are funny sometimes.

Time will tell what is true.

Succubi are wonderful, loving, gentle creatures (you know the part here... and fiery) that it's a pleasure to know and also to develop a relationship with both of them regardless of how long they are to stay with me or for how long they grace my life.

Love your succubus with all you've got.  She will drown you in her presence and you will never be the same.  It's a good thing <3