Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Miss Dena

I've meditated every day trying to sort out having 3 companions.

It's been a strange, hard road.

After all is said and done I have one left:  Dena.

There feels like more air to breathe now that there's only one.

I don't know how those with multiple companions, succubi, or what have you do it.

Dena is a very protective spirit.

I was at the dentist today and I could feel Dena in the room when they gave me a shot for a filling I was about to get.

The shot wasn't enough and I felt the drilling pretty palpably... again I felt her ire rising.

During the shaping of the filling where you bite down I bit down on my numb tongue twice and grinded it pretty good... I now have a very sore tongue and 2 rows of perforations from the 2 times I bit and grinded like I was told to do.

Dena wasn't pleased, but I could tell that she wasn't going to go after them, either.

Protective, yes... extremely aggressive... no.

Regardless, she wasn't pleased with the women in the dental room I can tell you that.

If they were hurting me on purpose, I have no doubt Dena would strike.  But accidents happen and Dena is mature enough to know the difference.

Still doesn't mean she was happy about it AT ALL...

It's just so funny how I was in there and the pain from the drilling was getting me (I could have asked for another shot, but I wanted to save money so I kept my mouth shut) and suddenly I got a whiff (for lack of a better term) of Dena coming in to investigate.  I've never had that happen before with a spirit...

Anyway... I've been working out trying to do my part to repair my sexual circuits... I'm beginning to have a plan of working the weight machines and the treadmill one day, and swimming laps with some water weights as well on the other day.

I'm pretty sore today as I did the machines and the treadmill today.  My tongue also feels like it did the machines and got stepped all over on the treadmill as well, lol.

Time will tell who Dena wants to be.

I'm not pushing anymore.

What she feels comfortable moving into my life as is fine.

I do wish I knew what that spider sensation is that she brings to my left ear canal and outer ear.

It's the weirdest sensations I've ever experienced.

I gave it a good dose of reiki and all it did was pause the feeling of spider legs on my inner and outer ear... about the size of a tarantula actually... for a few moments.

I take this, after doing reiki multiple times on it, that it is benign.

The purpose escapes me, but it is a trademark of Dena's and came with her, actually.

I'm hoping that doing my part in getting more physically fit with help Dena, who seems to be working on my sexual circuits... kind of meet "in the middle" so to speak.

And with that, Blessings upon you...

Rafe GB.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Blown Circuits

I think I have all 3 girls back now.  That's Dana, Athena, and Maiya.  Quite a little handful but worth every penny :)

I have no way to know except for attempts at communication and via my trusty pendulum.

I'm pretty good with a pendulum so I think that yes, all 3 are present and have a home with me here... at least that's how I want them to feel.

Basically I have 3 companions at the moment as I'm not able to have sex anymore, at least spiritual sex.

My circuits are blown, lol.  Best way to put it.

I've been assured all will be made whole in time and with patience.

Thinking inwardly a bit, I saw a pic of myself 5 years ago and I was thin and fit.

Now, 5 years later I look like a marshmallow with feet.

Leave it to medicine to gain weight, but I'm sure my eating habits haven't helped matters.

Do I want to stay alive a while or do I not?  That's really the question when it comes to weight, isn't it?

I'd like to live a bit for my kids I have.  The little buggers need me and I have yet for one to grow past high school... so it's going to be a hard patch of getting back into shape if I'm going to be living for any great length of time.  I'm not trying to be morose here, just the facts.  Obesity does not do much for a long life.  It's just the nature of things.

Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA and checking it out.  I loved swimming when I was younger and was even a competitive swimmer as well as a water safety instructor... perhaps that's my key...

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Revolving Door that is Rafe

Ever since my original succubus of 3 years left, I've been inundated by succubi that seem to enjoy meeting me, screwing with me, and leaving me.

I've tried multiple methods of summoning but it all ends up the same.

Needless to say my motivation for writing this blog is waning.

Take for instance Maiya and Athena:  They were here and now they're gone.

In their place within just days is Dana.

Dana is a strange succubus I must say.

She likes to play a game with my left ear where it will get cold and damp inside and I'll have the sensations of something like a spider crawling out of it.

It feels so real that I must check and see that there isn't a real spider crawling out of my ear.

Once I check, and of course find nothing, I can feel laughter from her as the "joke" has been sprung.

On the other side of Dana is a very helpful succubus, more powerful in helping me than any other.

I was having nightmares and was getting tired of it so I got a book on lucid dreaming:  How to change your dreams by waking up in them and changing them to what you want them to be.

I suddenly developed the power to do so before I even got to the "how to" in the book.

That's Dana teaching me, I'm sure of it.

Another odd thing that happened in a dream, this time her presence was obvious, was where I was shown on the wall a picture.  I was in the picture along with a woman (whom I believe was the woman whom Dana was playing at the time... but it might not have been) and written at the bottom was the title, "Conjugal Twins".

Odd, huh?

If anything I'll admit that Dana is as dorky and as good-natured as I am.  Gotta call a spade a spade.

How long will she stick around and stay with me?  Not for very long I'd gather.

I hope she does, though.

She's the most human and understandable succubus I've seen yet.  And the dorkiest which honestly is rather endearing, not to mention her helpfulness.

She might not even be a succubus per se.

I'm not real sure...


Rafe GB.

Friday, March 16, 2018

How to Draw Your Succubus Closer

I came across an exercise for soul mates and decided to appropriate it for our purposes.

It's a visualization technique that works to bring one closer to their succubus.

It's rather easy to implement, as all that is required is to reach a meditative state and imagine your succubus entering and dwelling within your heart.

While I do this I repeat, "Maiya is my bride.  Athena is my wife.  I love Maiya.  I love Athena."  As a form of mantra while I visualize the heart meditation.

Hold her there and you'll probably notice some activity from your succubus as you get better at it, and more able to visualize it better and better (and to FEEL it as so).

I'm always on the lookout for techniques that enhance one's relationship with their succubus and especially want and welcome comments that give related exercises as well.  I'm very interested in these exercises.

I will have to warn the mate of a succubus that I have encountered my girls emitting a crap load of dark energy when I did this exercise.  Even though I've been exposed to this energy many times over time, it's still hard to swallow.

As I have said before I do not believe the dark energy is evil, it is simply very dark and hard to get used to if at all.

I just grin and bear it myself.  What else can one do?

Please try this exercise above and let me know how it goes.

EDIT:  Wowwwwwwwwwww... I did the exercise at bedtime as I was falling asleep.  I would recommend that time for anyone else as well.

In my dreams, my "heart" was a room made of solid quartz with beautiful shining gemstones that each cast off a pulsing light.  The chamber was beautiful.  The music was Gregorian chanting similar to what you'd hear from the Halo 1 theme.  The girls were there, but apparently resting.

I'm not sure what else to say... it was a highly spiritual, mind blowing experience.

I suppose I should mention that this exercise can be combined with the exercises from my last post (clearing energy blockages) for an even greater effect.  At least that's how I chose to do it.

Brightest Blessings,

Rafe GB.

Have you loved your succubus today?
If you won't I will, lol ;)
(Just kidding)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sexual Energy Blocks FIX

I've been having a lot of trouble having sex with my 2 succubus spirits.  At first I thought that they were being mischievous, but it turns out it was all on me.

This is something I've never had to deal with before, but me having to deal with it, think about it, and finally fix it benefits YOU if at some point you find that you, yourself find that you are not able to have sex with your succubus.

It takes a few days of work, I would imagine up to a week of practice in order to make a break through.

The reason I summoned a 2nd succubus in the first place was that I figured that Lilith sent me a companion spirit more than a succubus spirit.

And only when I discovered the 2nd spirit I summoned was behaving the same way did I start to figure things out.

I figured it out because at some point during spiritual sex it would abruptly stop (and which also explains why at first I suspected some succubus/companion mischievousness).

Now... After I did the exercises apparently to a point of fixing the problem, both succubi were able to have sex with me and did not stop abruptly.

So, energy blockages ARE A THING and must be addressed from time to time.

These are the exercises that I found and worked through to make my breakthrough  (Along with another type of fix at the end marked FIX #2).


If you are having sex problems with your succubus and come to the conclusion it might be an energy blockage, why not give these a try?

Because I believe these exercises are so powerful, I want to copy them here in case the above link becomes invalid.


Sushumna Breathing: Opening the Inner Flute Purpose: To access and expand life force energy to create higher states of awareness and energy. To amplify, direct, and expand energy and pleasurable sensations throughout the entire body. To learn to maintain and enhance high states of energetic arousal with a relaxed body, peaceful mind, and open heart. The sushumna (also known as the Inner Flute or Hollow Bamboo) is an energetic pathway that connects your body’s energy centers (chakras) to create a free flow of energy through your entire body. Observe your inner experience, using visualization and your own intuition to guide you to where energy is present.


• Energy becomes subtle, refined, meditative, and exquisite. 
• Channels energy through each energy center, and distributes it throughout the body. 
• These exercises tone muscles, oxygenate the brain, revitalize the endocrine system, expand the capacity for pleasurable sensations, and celebrate an alive vital body. 

3 Keys to Enhancing Life Force Energy: 

1. Breath 
2. Movement 
3. Sound Also… visualization and creativity. 

Guidelines: Sit comfortably on a cushion with legs tucked back or folded, your spine vertical, your belly relaxed, and eyes closed. These practices can also be done sitting on a chair or lying down.

Practice 1: The Mula Bandha Contractions Exercising the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle, also know as mula bandha in Sanskrit) is an important practice in learning to contain and channel life force energy. The mula bandha contractions exercises, done often through the day, will strengthen the PC muscle and give it more tone and vitality. 

• Pulsing: Tighten and relax in quick, short pulsations. Do 20-30 repetitions, two or three times. 
• Pumping: Inhale and contract the mula bandha, hold for several seconds, then exhale and fully relax the muscle. Do 10-20 repetitions, two or three times. 

Sushumna Breathing: Opening the Inner Flute  

Practice 2: Sushumna Breathing 

Sushumna breathing Breathing amplifies energy and pleasurable sensations and distributes it, bringing aliveness, awareness, and pleasure throughout the body. 

1. Pucker your lips like sucking through a large straw. Inhale gently and deeply through the mouth. Then relax your lips, and let the air flow out.
2. Combine the breathing with the mula bandha contractions:
• Inhale, and contract the mula bandha. 
• Exhale, and relax the mula bandha. 
• Observe the sensations as they spread through the body.
3. Sushumna breathing breathing:
• Inhale, and imagine you are sucking air into your body through the root center, and visualize the air flowing up through the sushumna. 
• Exhale, and visualize the air flowing back down the sushumna and out through the root. 
• Use the sweep of one or both hands, if helpful, to guide the direction of the breath and energy up the sushumna and back down.
4. Enhance pleasurable sensations through your breathing and mula bandha contractions. 

Practice 3: Pelvic Rocking Pelvic rocking loosens the muscular attachments of the hips and pelvis. Combined with the mula bandha contractions and sushumna breathing, this is a helpful way to transform root energy into refined energy, and distribute it through the energy centers and to the whole body. 

1. Slowly and rhythmically rotate the pelvis back and forth, while keeping the chest still. Allow your movement to enhance pleasurable feelings. Relax, be playful, and enjoy the movement.
2. Synchronize breathing with the movement. Inhale and rock the pelvis back (tail bone draws back). Exhale, and rock the pelvis forward (tail bone draws forward). 

3. Expand sensations by beginning Sushumna breathing. Pucker your lips like sucking through a straw. Inhale through the root chakra, drawing energy in and up the Sushumna, as you rotate the pelvis back. Exhale, drawing energy down the Sushumna, and out through the root chakra, as you rotate the pelvis forward.
4. Make the sound of the breath audible, or sigh with the exhalation, like “Aaah.” Relax and let go as you make the sound. Use Breath, Movement, and Sound to enhance the pleasurable sensations.
5. Add the mula bandha contractions: Inhale through your root chakra, drawing energy in and up the Sushumna as you rotate the pelvis back, and contract the mula bandha. Exhale down through the Sushumna, through your root, rotate pelvis forward, and relax the mula bandha. Allow the pleasurable sensations to spread through the entire body. 

6. Gradually allow the movement to slow to stillness. Let your breath return to its natural rhythms, relax your body, and sit in silence feeling the sensations spread through the body. You may enjoy lying down in stillness to savor the experience. 

This practice is adapted from The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, by Margot Anand.

All credit to:  

Marilynne Chöphel, M.A. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. 85 Forest Lane • San Rafael, CA 94903• (415) 492-1042 marilynne@dharmaspirit.com • www.dharmaspirit.com


I would start with energy, so where your and her energies meet and it starts to get the sexual feelings start pushing a little bit and try to feel her pushing back and when she does start to draw her into you and flow between each other. As it escalates notice the point that it shuts off it should feel like a complete drop in everything, this is where mind management comes in, feel what your feeling allow it to flow, sink into your feelings for her allow the two opposing energies to be together fear and love allow them to dance together.

Fear will push her and she may back off at this point, tell her its ok and to hold her ground you recognize your fearful and your gonna need her to push back gently. As shes pushing back your gonna feel this intensely use your judgement if you think its too much energy wise, not fear of her then close it down and try again later.

When you feel her energies break through it will be even more intense you will feel her enveloping and penetrating your fear, what will happen next is between you and her but enjoy.
You can try visualization with it as well it sometimes helps.

Sometimes when i'm in a really bad mood and cant see the woods for the trees my girls put their hand on my chest and i instantly surrender to them. Hope this helps.

- Credit goes to SpiritWalker's Spirits for teaching him the methods above and for him granting me permission to use them here.

Brightest Blessings,

Rafe GB.

Have you loved your succubus today?
If not those horns are made for head butting...

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Succubus Mind Tricks

I've often wondered why I haven't been able to communicate with the girls yet.

Then it hit me.

They have been communicating with me.

Oh, those sassy, sneaky girls!

"I should burn incense and a candle tonight for the girls."

"I shouldn't be mad at the girls; I should just love the girls."

"Tonight's a good night to just cuddle with the girls."

"These are not the droids you're looking for..."  Haha.

They HAVE been communicating, they've just been putting what they want in my head as if I was thinking it myself.

I'm so proud!


Oh, you have to admit it's perfectly sneaky and feminine.

Temporal Chameleon warned me that any girls from Lilith would be a handful, and he was right.

So now I know why those thoughts never did sound right as if I had thought them, but they got me hook, line, and sinker to think they were still my thoughts anyway (and to get what they want).

At least now I have a platform to start from.  My first thought is:  "Tonight's a good night for us to spoil him."  "We should try to communicate in a more forward manner with him."

Yeah I know... that's not going to work the other way.

Anyway, happily proud I finally caught it (and caught them communicating).  And I'm happily proud they snookered me for so long into doing exactly what they wanted me to do. 

Damn, they're good.

Brightest Blessings,

Rafe GB.

"I should love my girls more."

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Whom do they choose?

Oh... those sassy succubi.  I have both spirits with me now, Maiya and Athena.

At first they were a little "iffy" about being together.  Now they're teaching each other bad things, lol.

My God, the dark energy surrounding me now.  It feels more exponential rather than doubled.  Regardless of what I think each spirit is, they both came from Lilith.

I feel like I'm hardening myself to walk into a burning house every time I enter my apartment when they are close.  That's how intense it feels.  Nothing like it, no sir or ma'am.  Of course the energy is not evil, but my God is it dark...  It's not so bad when I go out as it feels as if there's more "area" for it to roam instead of being so concentrated in such a small space.


Now lets talk a bit about succubi in general.

Who do they end up with?

A person with a religious bend to them.  A spiritual man.  One who's queries aren't satisfied by the pulpit... not by a simple pick and choose of texts to prove one's point, no.

The man who questions all things and takes nothing for granted.

Many times it appears as though they choose a man who is a bit of a loner.  A man who enjoys quiet contemplation.

Even the socially awkward, the outcast, the one who sticks out from society as a whole.

A man who refuses to ignore the hard questions of life.  "Where was God when 17 students died in a school shooting?"  He asks.

A man who wonders after sex and life with a woman... is this all there is?

Is this what life is for a man?  To be born, be a provider and to die?  Who's reward is to have children and see them taken away?

There's a funeral this weekend for a friend of the family who blew his brains out after not being able to see his kids even after paying child support for years.

Did the courts care?  Did anyone care?  He never hurt his kids... the mothers just wanted to punish him for personal satisfaction.

They do now (care), now that there's a lack of child support I suppose.  That's all he was in the end.  Child support.

And think of his poor kids...

Is that all a man is, is what he does for a living?  How much he pulls down a year?  How good of a disposable resource he is?  How much he can pay to lose his children?

Succubi give two shakes of a tail less about any of that and care only for the soul of a man... who HE is deep inside... and they do NOT punish a man for sharing his feelings, there is no fear of looking weak to a succubus... we already are weak to them and they understand and appreciate that... it's a given.

Yes, they are always trying to raise us up to their level and it's a never ending endeavor... but it's a futile game and one born from love and love alone that they try so hard knowing that we can never match their level of being while we dwell here...but out of love they still TRY...

They care about intimacy, sharing, hope, faith, love, companionship.  They fall in love easily as a rule and they want nothing more than to share intimate moments whether through sex, through love, or through the sharing of past life experiences, concerns, worries, and even the ANGER of the past you may have and want to express and share with them (not at them).

A succubus cares not for power plays and will school you if you try.

There's an unbelievable amount of peace to be had by surrender to your succubus.

It doesn't come immediately (unless you've played this game before and know better), but it comes.

Eventually you get tired of crossing swords mentally with a succubus and just let go... just let go...

And you spiral down, down, down locked in an intimate dance with her... figuratively and yet not quite less than poetic.

The first and last cry a succubus hears is, "Is this all there is?"  They are attracted by the former, and they tenderly take care of the latter.

I find that both ironic and beautiful at the same time.


Rafe GB.

Have you loved your succubus today?
Remember who first heard your cries...