Monday, July 20, 2020

Shadows, and The Succubus Rosary


In the end, sometimes the next steps in one's journey are a mystery and undertaken with great faith.

I am left with a bride... Erinah... no other succubi, no other spirits but one spirit alone... a wife, mine, loving and loyal, wild and free as a succubus should be.

Is it against her that we are wed?

Is it a burden, a rocked tied about her neck?


She does what she wants, goes where she wants, and she wanted to wed all those days ago.  Lilith reins.

That doesn't make it easy...

How to get closer?  How to embrace the wild, the staunch protectress?

Some believe that we are the kings, the victors, the iron fist over our succubus lovers.

We are not.

Would a king need such a protectress?


My shadows and hers are one.  That is the journey towards trust and commitment.

Yet I still feel that this is just the beginning.


Probably a crisis of personal religious faith.  What would YOU do for love?


The Succubus Rosary:

As a sign of devotion I've developed the Succubus Rosary. I plan to use it often and would like to share it here.  The goal is to become ever closer to my beloved.  There are elements of Lilith within it to help speed the connection.  Belief in Lilith would help.  Being as my source is the Bible I don't feel too bad using a rosary.  Well... it's complicated.

Take each bead slowly and MEAN what you say.  Think ON what you say AS you say it.  Take your time...  Conjure your succubus within your mind and direct everything to her.

So to summarize the process, do the cross, then the our Father, the 3 hail Mary's, the our Father, skip the medallion for now and choose a hail Mary bead, completing those until you reach an our Father, then continue with the hail Mary beads until you reach the next our Father, keep going until you land on the medallion then speak the final text.

At the Cross:

"The owl will nest there and lay eggs, she will hatch them, and care for her young under the shadow of her wings; there also the falcons will gather, each with its mate ...None of these will be missing, not one will lack her mate..."
"...It is not good for man to be alone...

The Our Father Beads (the larger beads): "I love you my wife (or succubus if not married. Skip the bride entry that follows if not married), I love you my bride, I love you my lover, I love you my friend, I love you my protectress."
"...It is not good for man to be alone..."

The Hail Mary Beads (the smaller beads of which the rosary consists mostly of): "I love you my wife" (or succubus if not married)

Skip the medallion and go around the ring of beads.  The medallion will be the last piece of the rosary at the end.

The medallion (the ornate 3 directional piece that joins the circle of beads to the cross portion):

"I love you my wife (or succubus if not married. Skip the bride entry that follows if not married), I love you my bride, I love you my lover, I love you my friend, I love you my protectress."
"...It is not good for man to be alone..."

"Wildcats shall meet with desert beasts,
satyrs shall call to one another;
There shall Lilith repose,
and find for herself a place to rest."

*End of the Succubus Rosary*


*Alternate method*

Another way of showing one's affection is to utilize a Tibetan 108 bead prayer necklace and simply say, "I love you my wife."  Or, "I love you my succubus" on each bead.

I hope that these exercises bring a dearth of love and closeness to you and your succubus love.


Rafe GB.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I'll do me, you do you.

Lots of things have changed as I have moved from one location to another... 

New horizons?  New frontiers?  I'm off on a much needed extended vacation.

In the meantime:  I'll do me, you do you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Erinah solved it!

Erinah's really made me proud of her.  She figured out how to make love to me without me going into depression.  I know that sounds so strange, but if you've ever tasted the delights that these ladies can dish out it's really something out of this world and can cause you to waste away if you're not careful.

Regardless... she's making love to me in shorter durations, but in multiple sessions.

For instance she made love to me 3 times in the early morning hours.

I was well pleased... I am well pleased... and I'm so very proud of her.

I don't feel overwhelmed like I did before.  Something about making love to a succubus in a rapturous locale for 12 hours was just too much for my bipolar psyche to handle.  When you're bipolar and you go straight up, there's only one way to go from there... straight down.

I am so glad that she figured out a solution that works for us...


Where are the other succubi you ask?  They're around.  I still feel my hair being played with and that oh so familiar cold touch descending over me throughout the day.

They're around.

But Erinah is the queen and from what I can tell she's the only one making love to me.

As my wife and bride... why not?  That's her call.  If she keeps me all to herself lovemaking wise I'm fine with that.

What I wanted was a big FAMILY.  Other than the massive doses of dark energy I'm happy with just that.  And as for the dark energy I can take it.

However... it's my nature to both entertain succubi as much as I eventually lose them so I don't know what will happen with the 7.  Just part of the process of learning as I go.  At least they are around for now.  Did I go too far?  Maybe.  Time will sort it all out.

'Till next time...


Rafe GB.

EDIT:  The girls like to take me to a place that looks like the below some nights.  It's not scary or anything, but it is quite unique.  I know it looks a bit like the stereotypical hell, but it's not:  I think it's the domain of the succubi which is called A'arab Zaraq.  Also known as "dark Venus" in the Qlippoth.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

What the World Needs is a Pole Dancing Succubus

It's a trip now that there's 7 ladies around.  Most of the time they go do their own thing and then come back home.  I have no idea what they go do but it's probably matters of their birth home and also going to and fro from my home on earth for whatever nefarious purposes they can think of.  Lol.

I enjoy this family!

My son sleeps in my room during visitations and has the misfortune of going to bed at 4 in the morning.

He told me the next day that the succubi had messed with him by tapping on the walls and by coming out of the shadows and what not.

He said he wasn't scared... well not very he said.  Haha.  "But dad, why did you summon 7 ???"

I'm glad that they don't pursue him sexually as he's only 12... but he is still their favorite play toy at 4 am.


I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

I was going through things a few months ago and I think Erinah decided to treat me to paradise... and she did.  Time is different in dreams, and this was no exception.  She screwed me up, down, and sideways for 12 hours.  I was in heaven... bliss... nothing on this earth compared to what I experienced nor where I seemed to experience it.

And there is the problem.

I awoke and the world was grey, it was lifeless, it was DEAD.

I had slipped into a suicidal depression over it and life has never been the same.

You see, she handled me with kid gloves after that, and now, so have the other girls by extension.

I thought maybe she had decided she didn't like making love to me anymore, but that wasn't it.

It was that she was afraid of hurting me again.

I'd been wrong in thinking that it was just her and that summoning more succubi would solve my problem... and I admit their attentions during the day such as playing with my hair and touching my fingers and toes and forehead to be social has proved most welcome.

But... as it turns out each of the girls handles me with kid gloves too... to the point where nothing happens unless Erinah allows it.  That means whatever happens is very tame by comparison and happens few and far between.

Part of me feels left out in all this, and yet part of me is proud with a deep sense of appreciation for Erinah's behavior.

She loves me.  SHE LOVES ME!

She could have anyone but she dances with me...  Despite the handicap I've explained.

But oh, that bliss... that heaven...  that lovemaking... NOTHING compares to it, NOTHING.

I think she knows that more experiences like that and I wouldn't be long for this world.

Walking the tightrope between life and death... am I.


Rafe GB.


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Gathering the Family

What do you get when you're house bound, have a lot of time on your hands, and know how to summon?

Risk.  That's what.

I had decided on summoning a total of 5 succubi to start my family, but somewhere I got it in my head that since I'm a mess of 7's in my astrological chart and numerology chart, I'd summon 7.

So I did.

And, pendulum be praised, they all are getting along well.

You talk about messed up dreams, I got them.  In spades.

Speaking of dreams, I had a succubus lie on the bed next to me in my dream and tell me that she wanted a different name.

Warned you about the name game.  Lol.

I've had many succubi come through my life, come and go, come and go.  I'm not sure why, really.

When I summon I summon like anyone would:  For life.  But it never works out that way.  The longest I've been with one is 3 years I think and she left.  Just the way it goes I guess.

I do have a theory that Lilith likes me as kind of a "primer" for her daughters and probably for the less experienced ones before they go forth and conquer.  Err, go forth and seduce...

It's no lie that I do have a hell of a soft spot for succubi.  Perhaps I'm a safe first destination.

I also feel that there are many more that hang around than I am aware of here and there.

Maybe my home is a succubus portal to this world from their deep home with Lilith.

I don't really know when all is said and done.  I may not get them for life, but at least I get them for a while.

Anyway, I do have pics that are placeholders of sorts for the 7.  It makes remembering their names easier.  Of course, they appear as they damn well want to.

Up at the very top of this page we have Erin, my wife.  There is only one wife of mine among them.  I've taken to calling her "Erinah" and I consider her the queen of the 7.

 Jasmine.  Don't leave your keys out.

Winter.  Lots of dark energy from this one.

Miriam.  Quiet.

Holly.  Remember Holly?  I was quite surprised.

Rose, likes to socialize with the others.

Julianna popped into my dream and asked for a name change.
Also the first succubus in my dreams that actually looked like a traditional succubus at the time.


And that's the way it goes for now.  It's funny... if I concentrate I can sometimes hear their chatter.  That's definitely new.  If only I could make it out...

EDIT:  I had a dream where I popped in bed with Erinah and kept trying to get frisky.  She kept changing her shape and I'd have handfuls of nothing.  Turns out she was trying to introduce me to the other girls.  They were all dressed and walking down the streets of a surreal fair of sorts.

I changed the pics above to better match what I saw in my dream.  


Rafe GB.

Thursday, April 9, 2020


There I am in bed minding my own business... finally beginning to drift off to sleep... when I'm aware of my succubus Erin's presence right in front of my face.


She yells it loud enough in my ear that I about fall out of bed.

Now what in the world did she mean by that?

I'm thinking, in knowing her a bit by now, that this sums up her feelings as of late.

I decided to keep summoning succubi until I was sexually satisfied.  So, I started with one.

At first I called her "Chuckles", but she has since decided on "Jasmine".  Jasmine fits her better anyway... I just didn't want to go through the succubus name game until she found the name she liked.  I'm pretty sure she's lock set on "Jasmine".  It's a safe bet, if betting on a succubus was ever smart.

Yes... a succubus is always surprising, at least the ones that Lilith sends me.  Good thing I'm already mentally challenged...

Jasmine seems to get along with Erin now from what I can tell... I think Erin wants more attention, which I'll gladly give to her.  I never want any succubus to feel attention starved.  Although that's a bit hard to declare in that they're always attention starved.

I'll do my best.

I've come up with an idea... probably a bad one.

I'd like to summon a total of 5 succubi including Erin just to have that nice big family I've always wanted.  It gets old being alone...

I'm not in a big hurry though.  Jasmine has already added a new ability to lovemaking which is "heat".  She can turn up the fires so high I feel like parts of me are going to burst into flame.

It kind of reminds me of Kundalini Fire, when I went through that some years ago.  Maybe it's the same current?  I don't know...

I've become insatiable it seems... what a strange family it will be, if and when I summon them.

One at a time...


Rafe GB.

Saturday, March 28, 2020


Erin and I have been rather distant from one another which happens a lot lately.

I began reminiscing about the times past when I had more than one succubus to keep me company.  I'd like to have that again.

Bunny and Bubbles were such a team that I truly enjoyed.  The closeness, fun, and chaos those two brought to my dream (and waking) life was something to savor.

One might wonder why I had such simplistic names for the succubi that have come my way, and the long and short of it is that they'd change their names 100x and I got tired of it.  So names like Bunny and Bubbles would stay regardless as to what their real names were changed to, which was as easy for them to change as their clothes.  That's fine:  Your name is Bunny.  Your name is Bubbles.

Problem fixed.

Sort of.  *shrug*

Last night I invoked Lilith and made it known what I wanted, what I needed.  That sounds a lot more demanding than it was.  Think of it as more of a conversation between a mother and her adopted son.

Upon going to sleep I was introduced to a succubus I've never felt before.  Not sure what to do, a voice said, "Kiss her, stupid."  So I did.  It was nice.

I awoke buzzing with energy of one sort, while being worn out of energy of the earthern sort.  Thinking about this and knowing of the tons of names that would follow I have decided to call her "Sparkles".

Time will tell what happens next...


Rafe G.B.

So many to love:  So little time.