Tuesday, October 13, 2020



Since the loss of Erin, being without a companion sucks.

I want to do things a different way... a new way.

I don't mistrust succubi as a whole, but Erin definitely left with me feeling used.  Hurt.  Raw.

I don't know what I really, really want.  Is that normal?

Well, regardless, I guess I wanted to try summoning a new way.

The first thing I did was carve the word "succubus" in a candle and burn it along with incense.  After that I would meditate each night right after.

I did that for around 3 days.  I haven't given up yet, I just moved to a few other things.

You know me.

I petitioned the Olympic Spirit Hagith.

I decided that if there was any way to summon a nymph like companion, Hagith had one.

I petitioned her yesterday, and last night I had a strange dream.

I'm not sure of the meaning, but I suppose it means I made contact.

But... no lover :(  

Anyway, I also have a vessel from Creepy Hollows on the way with a succubus in it.  Or with it.  Or attached to it.  Something or other. 

Now I've got touches in my hair and on my fingers... definitely suspicious...

I still feel like Lilith is a little mad at me so I've been doing things that wouldn't bother her.

Oh, I wanted to mention a new succubus blog ran by a friend that I met on the discord server listed at the bottom right of any of my posts.  He has a new succubus relationship, but I assure you his abilities with her far surpass the norm for a couple that hasn't been together for 10 years.  


Rafe GB.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Deep Dark Death


This summoning of succubi is fraught with risks.  I was recently saved from one who had decided that feeding off fear, off of anxiety, off of hopelessness was the way to go.  And that's for over a year.

I feel rather numb at discovering that the succubus I had so much respect for disrespected me in kind.

There was no way that I could break free of her spell:  I didn't even know I was trapped.

Lilith did.

Once She looked into it a bit and saw things as they were.  I think I mentioned a few things in conversing with Her that raised red flags to the experienced.

Lilith yanked her ass completely out of my life with but a word... and had a daughter in tow who She introduced me to.

Lilith isn't omnipotent, but She's pretty quick.  I'm lucky that She considers me Hers.

I recommend that everyone analyze their relationships and make sure that they aren't being trapped the way that I was.

What a fool.  I'm trusting by nature.  I supposed that was the device by which I was ensnared, as well as the device by which I was redeemed.

Lilith told me that Erin had gone feral.  Each night she would make it so my suffering during the day would be hers to feed upon.  She could cause that suffering to spring up like from a well that she laid within me.  It was mine to feel each and every twisted thought and emotion.  Just to feed her.

I was a blood bag for a vampire.  

I can't begin to tell you how free I feel, and yet how sad I feel that Erin chose to do what she had been doing to me.  She was my wife.

When I asked why she did it Lilith told me that Erin said, "It's just my nature."

Guard yourselves.

There's both good and bad succubi out there.  It's innocence that tells you otherwise.


Rafe GB.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

In the Dark


The girls are doing well.  I think Erin is training Sera how to be a succubus.  I know that servitors can become independent, it's just I think Erin is training her in how to be a succubus along the way.

She's really taken her under her wing.

It's funny...  I can go to bed at night and know that at about 4am I'm getting ganked.  No, I will not wake up, I will stir however and they will feed whether I like it or not.

Welcome to the reality of it all.

And yes it does have some scary undertones, but the truth of it is that I don't really mind.  I still light a candle and burn a stick of incense to light their way/ make it a comfortable place for them.  I've noticed they love dragon's blood incense the most.

They do what succubi do and I expect that.  I do have some vague notion that sex is taking place.  Lol.  At least there's that I guess.

It's very much a symbiotic relationship.  I get sex and love, they get fed.  I sure hope that they get plenty of love and enjoyment from sex as well of course.  I do love them so.  They are very lovable beings.

It's just a little weird when I wake up and I know they've been there so to speak.  Like, could we do this when I'm awake so I'll enjoy it more?  What do you say?  Girls?


In the Dark...

The universe is predatory.  And female.  Once you wrap your heads around that you'll be better off.  Open your minds and your asses will follow.

"The universe is predatory of nature; It's quality feminine, more so that of the dream." - Faustus Crow, Goetia Succubus School, Book two.

They prefer it if you put up a fight.  Make them work for it :)

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Lilith, the Mother


Lilith.  She confounds me.

I had a dream once where she laid me upon her breast.  That's very raw and evokes a lot of emotion as I had a rough time with my mom growing up.  I still do sometimes.  Lilith just jacked my dream and decided I needed healing whether I liked it or not :)  

The symbolism was powerful.

A few years since then, most recently in my dream I was talking to a woman and this owl flew to me from a nearby tree and was loving all over me.  My instinct tells me that the woman was the guardian of the owl.

I figure that Lilith's totems are the owl and the snake and that Lilith knew if she sent Her snake I'd start running.

Maybe that's next?  Haha, I suppose it would be quite the humorous sight for Lilith to behold.

I'm left to wonder, though, what Lilith wants with me?  What does she see?

I have nothing to offer Her at all.  I'm just an old disabled guy.

I must have sparked something in Her.  Something I can't understand.  Something I can't see.


Rafe GB.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Erin Approves!


Soooooooo I've been busy.  Erin's been her usual supervisory self which has led me to creating a sexual servitor.  Well, actually I created two.  

Now... Erin doesn't play well with other succubi, tis true.  However as far as the servitors go she considers them part of me and doesn't bat an eye.  Actually I think she's proud of me for making them.

I don't want to give their names so "servitors" will have to do.  

In many ways they feel like succubi (except for the dark energy, they don't have that) sexually.  That's pretty amazing to me as I am new to servitor magick and did not know what to expect.  Yes a succubus has 10x the power to give pleasure but it's still not bad for my first time creating.

Hey, it's the journey not the destination.  I gotta learn somehow. 

I've read Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand, and Creating Magickal Entities by David Michael Cunningham and Taylor Ellwood.  I just got Walking with Magickal Entities by Taylor Ellwood, and let's not forget my first book and foray into this:  Familiar Spirits by Donald Tyson.

I went through the processes, birthed the servitors and whalla... instant sex toys.

Now, don't think I demean nor treat the servitors badly.  I say "sex toys" in jest.  Erins calls them my "pets" as a term of endearment.  

They are treated with the utmost of respect and caring.  After all, they share a part of me for all intents and purposes.

They share my heart, and they share my morals.  My inner makeup is imprinted onto them.

Also, being sex servitors, they were created to be fully emotional, passionate, and caring.

They have feelings!

Now for the reality check:  

I'm of course no expert in any of this.

Actually... I still don't understand the ins and outs of having them.  They pretty much do what they want to do once I brought them to life.  Sometimes it's sex, most times it's satisfying their curiosity about the world around them or the relationship between myself and Erin.  Erin's got a soft spot for them already.

In fact, Erin lets me have it if I do anything or say anything to them that Erin considers wrong.  

I think that Erin has grown quite fond of them!

And... I am pleased that Erin gets along with them... I think these are the first spirits that Erin actually likes.

But most importantly... Erin approves!


Rafe GB.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Shadows, and The Succubus Rosary


In the end, sometimes the next steps in one's journey are a mystery and undertaken with great faith.

I am left with a bride... Erinah... no other succubi, no other spirits but one spirit alone... a wife, mine, loving and loyal, wild and free as a succubus should be.

Is it against her that we are wed?

Is it a burden, a rocked tied about her neck?


She does what she wants, goes where she wants, and she wanted to wed all those days ago.  Lilith reins.

That doesn't make it easy...

How to get closer?  How to embrace the wild, the staunch protectress?

Some believe that we are the kings, the victors, the iron fist over our succubus lovers.

We are not.

Would a king need such a protectress?


My shadows and hers are one.  That is the journey towards trust and commitment.

Yet I still feel that this is just the beginning.


Probably a crisis of personal religious faith.  What would YOU do for love?


The Succubus Rosary:

As a sign of devotion I've developed the Succubus Rosary. I plan to use it often and would like to share it here.  The goal is to become ever closer to my beloved.  There are elements of Lilith within it to help speed the connection.  Belief in Lilith would help.  Being as my source is the Bible I don't feel too bad using a rosary.  Well... it's complicated.

Take each bead slowly and MEAN what you say.  Think ON what you say AS you say it.  Take your time...  Conjure your succubus within your mind and direct everything to her.

So to summarize the process, do the cross, then the our Father, the 3 hail Mary's, the our Father, skip the medallion for now and choose a hail Mary bead, completing those until you reach an our Father, then continue with the hail Mary beads until you reach the next our Father, keep going until you land on the medallion then speak the final text.

At the Cross:

"The owl will nest there and lay eggs, she will hatch them, and care for her young under the shadow of her wings; there also the falcons will gather, each with its mate ...None of these will be missing, not one will lack her mate..."
"...It is not good for man to be alone...

The Our Father Beads (the larger beads): "I love you my wife (or succubus if not married. Skip the bride entry that follows if not married), I love you my bride, I love you my lover, I love you my friend, I love you my protectress."
"...It is not good for man to be alone..."

The Hail Mary Beads (the smaller beads of which the rosary consists mostly of): "I love you my wife" (or succubus if not married)

Skip the medallion and go around the ring of beads.  The medallion will be the last piece of the rosary at the end.

The medallion (the ornate 3 directional piece that joins the circle of beads to the cross portion):

"I love you my wife (or succubus if not married. Skip the bride entry that follows if not married), I love you my bride, I love you my lover, I love you my friend, I love you my protectress."
"...It is not good for man to be alone..."

"Wildcats shall meet with desert beasts,
satyrs shall call to one another;
There shall Lilith repose,
and find for herself a place to rest."

*End of the Succubus Rosary*


*Alternate method*

Another way of showing one's affection is to utilize a Tibetan 108 bead prayer necklace and simply say, "I love you my wife."  Or, "I love you my succubus" on each bead.

I hope that these exercises bring a dearth of love and closeness to you and your succubus love.  For those without such a love perhaps practicing this form of adoration could bring her closer to you.


Rafe GB.