Sunday, April 30, 2017

Time to tell the tale: Info I've gathered over these three years

What follows is wisdom I'm gleaned during my time with Bunny.  I haven't talked about it a whole lot, or rather I've never just laid it all out on the table (so to speak).

The following is of course my beliefs and although I have endeavored to make them objective for this post, they are still going to be subject to the ills of subjectivity.

The first is this:  There is no such thing as reincarnation on this Earth.  There is after Earth.

I'll explain.

Spirits often and do see through our eyes and experience what we do here.  I've had my phasma communcator software on paired with xparanormal detector, been watching Troy and suddenly a quote about war comes up on the screen along with a separate hit:  A picture of a tank.

She does this kind of thing all day long.

The funniest way she uses those programs is when the kids are here and I'm trying to explain something about life and failing and trying to give them a life lesson.

Many times I've stumbled all over myself trying to find the correct words and BAM, there goes the ghost programs finishing exactly what I meant to say.

Bunny's aware and knows what's going on here, lol.  Other than being "corporeally challenged" she's on the ball and right in the thick of my life, and my life with my kids (who consider her their "step mother" which she takes seriously I believe.

They see through our eyes all day long.  I consider it "micro-possession" and it hurts no one.  It's so fast that they might have not even done so as far as we're concerned.  For them, however, it is a lot of wisdom and knowledge about this place that they get to take in.

I think that they do this because they did not choose to incarnate on this world, but are allowed to seek whatever wisdom and experience they can by seeing through our eyes and experience things with us.

This doesn't mean that they weren't worthy, or whatever else comes to mind.  For whatever reason, they choose not to incarnate (can ya fuckin' blame 'em?).

Or hell, maybe they enjoy a good movie like we do and just wanna comment.  To bad ya can't share popcorn wit' 'em.  Of course, they could "micro-possess" your taste buds if they really wanted to :P

Then, there's those of us who do.  I believe that out "exit" is a choice made by us at a higher level, and by our higher guides before we even set foot in this place:  Yes, I am speaking of perfect order embedded within and throughout what to us appears as chaos.

It's supposed to appear as chaos:  It's by design.

Why are babies aborted?  Why do children die at 1, or 2, or whatever age?

Beyond me.  But perhaps that purpose is for others, in that they willingly give of themselves to teach through tragedy:  They are agents and catalysts of compassion to us who must stay longer.

Now, having said this, I DO believe in reincarnation at higher levels of being once we leave this place, and also for those who did not incarnate but learned the lessons they needed on their own planes of existence.

Is it death?  No.  To the caterpillar, the cocoon is death:  But it is indeed the butterfly upon awakening.

So too, do I believe, that is the truth for beings in a higher state than we are at this time (at least consciously aware of).

This plane acts as a filter.  Things are so dense that we are tethered to our bodies until death.  At that time the "valve" is broken and we are restored to full conscious awareness of who we are far beyond the crude names that we have here.

"Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern." Ecclesiastes 12:6 KJV

The silver cord is what connects the soul to the body.  The golden bowl is our body, the pitcher at the fountain, I believe, is our being "contained" here from what we greatly are, and the wheel broken at the cistern, I believe, means an end to our slavery to linear time at death.

Then we start the cycle of learning power and wisdom as entities do for we are one of them as well.

We evolve, we always evolve.  Even if we fall down, we eventually evolve.  That is law in my mind.

Hell, even rocks evolve.  Think about it a while.  Break 'em up, build something up, be a part of something greater than he sum of it's parts.  You get the idea.

These lovers we have from spirit, I don't think that we don't know them necessarily.  Some of us have had them for life, or for most of their lives (I know of two such individuals now).

Who knows what we've forgotten for purity's sake?  They remember.  Perhaps they are allowed to be our guides, an arrangement worked out before we were ever born as to time and when they would arrive.

Now, as for things being order in chaos, I still believe in the paradigm of Chaos Magickal Theory. Why?

Because except for a very few things that the universe needs to run right, nothing is absolute. Nothing.

Think on this:  One man's angel is another man's demon of hell and vice versa.  There are no absolutes past the few laws in the Kybalion.

There is, however, one thing from which all Universal Laws ultimately spring, and that is:  LOVE.

The law, "The Principle of Mentalism" is the greatest of the other 6, and this mind is where love comes from.  It is from which is gently falls like soft raindrops, like the slow fall of snowflakes.

It is either reflected by us, or rejected by us.  Free will.  Even those who reject won't forever.  I didn't.

This love comes from the ALL, the ALL (The ALL WHO IS: All the Divines together as ONE FORCE) and the I AM (THE GOD) as well as the great I WILL (Divine Feminine Holy Spirit) and the I INHERIT which is the Divine manifestation of unconditional love.  The Savior, our love spirits, our higher self: Whoever is the entity that is above us, is madly in love with us, and who ascends with us... in differing degrees of course... the "Savior" descended for us but we are risen with the Savior at death as well to a great degree.

"And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus" - Ephesians 2:6.

That's some "to be looked for" type of places.  It brings me hope.

Now, don't think that I believe every word of the Bible, but it has it's moments.  I believe that it was written by mystics for mystics and is most often in allegory.

For instance, this is where the 72 Angels of the Name come from, from the Old Testament and in these 3 verses:

"And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them:

And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night.

And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided."  Exodus 14:19-21 KJV

The texts themselves are full of Qabbalic information alone, apart from the 72 names.

YHVH is written in the Bible and translated "Adonai" or "Lord" because of it's sacredness to the Jewish people.

However, to Qabbalists, this means something else.  It is an explanation, a key, a map, a guide.

This is known as the YHVH formula.  King, Queen, Prince, and Sleeping Princess.  Guess who we are?  Bend over... Haha, just kidding.  We are the Archetype of the Sleeping Princess in the Godhead formula of descent and redemption.  These happen at the same time, both ways, all the time...

Down for birth, Up for death.  Yes... sex is death.  Think about it.  But it is all necessary and part of the plan of the Divine Host for whatever reason (Way, WAY above my pay grade).

And the only kind of love that endures is unconditional love.  The other types of love will carry this or fall behind in time (as do so many relationships do today, but even then they are teaching tools now aren't they?  Always guiding us towards the ideal... and amongst much suffering I'm afraid for most.

Next is groups: Soul groups.  We all belong to families of entities that share our vibration and frequency.  Remember the saying, "One man's angel is another man's demon"?

I believe that these groups act as our guardians and soul guides, deflecting that which is not part of our reasons for being here.  I have felt their influence in bringing me to safety quite a few times.

I'm sure that you can as well if you think on it a while in peace.


Home is not just a place.  Home is not just a vibration and frequency.  I've learned one thing from all of this, and that's that if you are alone, if a love spirit doesn't come to you; Have faith.

The Divine Lord and Lady make love and all souls are born.  Would they, in their love for you, expect you to go it alone forever?

Your lover is somewhere doing wherever she's supposed to be doing:  Have faith :)

You will reunite and eternity will make the wait meaningless.

If the YH (of YHVH fame) are eternally boppin', you can damn sure believe that the VH are going to be boppin' in time as well.  In fact, they HAVE to.

Like mother like daughter; Like father like son.  Always.

In this universe, I'm happy to say that every dancer gets a partner.  Just keep the faith and hope alive because she's out there.  What if you die of old age first?  Eternity...  Eternity makes any waiting look like a dot with a line drawn away forever.  That "dot" is the amount of time you had to wait.

Perspective goes a long way :)

Like mother like daughter

Like father like son

If you doubt me, check this out:

Humpin' like rabbits (as they lovingly deserve to) :)


Why, and most importantly, "where" is home?  The home that we personally long for, instinctively know to long for?

This is where it gets a little foggy for me.  But then again, all of creation is full of this or that, this or than, this or that.

Example:  God creates light and darkness is born.  He creates good, and evil springs forth.  Hot, cold. Soft, hard.  Wet, dry.  Etc.

"In" God there is no duality.  There is only Good, not evil.  Love, not hate.  Bravery, not fear.  Light, not darkness (metaphorically).

Things like "hard/soft" don't really translate well, or... maybe they do.  After all, I'm down here so it's hard to experience things where God is apart from "this" place.

That where I think Jesus/the Savior/Redeemer (there are many names, but I believe one idea, echoes of one aspect of the Divinity:  The Messiah and what was really accomplished:  The Divine, right here, with us, living as us.  Emmanuel means "God With Us".


Nothing can be explained or measured without the opposite of it being a factor in it's being, or as a scale to be slid upon up or down, inside or out.  :)

But I feel that this world, which I will now on refer to as my own personal term:  The short bus for souls exists in duality to such an extent that it is impossible to even think upon it without encountering it's nemesis so to speak.  Or her opposite if you prefer, in varying degrees.

This world sorts out our vibration and frequency to the point that well will understand were we belong and who are family is on the other side.  We will find that "place" we, and every creature like us does on many worlds and many realities, we're all on the "short bus", like it or not, to figure it all out (or to set the stage to do so after we leave this realm of fun, soft bunny rabbits, and everlasting joy and sunshine.  Just a lil' joke there :P

We are also here to "solidify" so to speak our frequency and vibration so that we will vibrate in harmony from where we came, and probably where we are going (another taste of duality that doesn't make a lot of sense here).

We are loved unconditionally... all of us, even the most brutal and disgusting of us.

We are here to find the "loves of our souls".

Some people love being useful and helping others, in the act of "loving" them.

Some people love the high of slaughtering an innocent victim, in torturing them.

Well, God may allow us the "love of our souls" after death, but that doesn't mean he allows innocents to suffer any longer.

These evil ones prey upon each other as there is not innocents allowed to be their prey, those whom they loved to toy with and destroy with glee will be out of their clutches forever.

This then is hell for them.  All they have is  each other just like them to prey upon, to scheme upon.

(A big bucket of assholes I suppose)

The lighter spirits are learning, growing, being useful, and spreading love like pollen.

One day, far away, these evil ones will tire of evil.

Evil itself will decide to abandon evil, and then their walk can begin as well.  This is the only satisfactory way that the Sovereign has decided to allow free choice and eliminate evil in the future as well.

See?  Duality can be dealt with.  All it takes is millions of years :)

Apocatastasis.  A Greek term to mean "all shall be redeemed" (with time).

Don't misunderstand me.  Personally, I get angry with Divinity a lot for the evils of the world.  Is it really THAT necessary for all of this suffering?  But then again, my consciousness is limited here, and if I could see and know what would happen here (all of this suffering) and come anyway, either I'm a complete dumbass (highly debatable), or things are going exactly according to plan.  Or well enough that, being in a non-linear world at the time I could see the results were worth the trip.

Remind me to punch myself in the throat when I get back.  Or whoever's bright idea it was to send me here on the material plane short bus (for growth).




Rafe GB.

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