Thursday, April 27, 2017

What Bunny really is (and "who" she really is)

I've spent a long, long time over these 3 years proclaiming what Bunny is here or there.

You can't blame me.  Every new thing sounded like a part of her. Or was close enough that it got me wondering if that was her.

And... sometimes I was sure that was what she was.

Succubus, demon, nymph, angel, jinn, fairy, kitsune, selkie, melusine, the list goes on and on and on.

It's part of us, being human.

Having to label everything and everyone.  If you really pay attention throughout your day, you'll find that it's pretty much a compulsion that we all suffer from.

I mean, here it's kind of necessary, but not to the level that we take it to.

At least that's my opinion.

The best way for me to explain who Bunny is, is to take an honest look at who WE are.

We're spirits.

Yes, we are human, yes, we are in a body, but we are spirits FIRST.

Society and in general, "we", don't see things that way.

But when you're dying it's amazing how fast people look for comfort... and of course they do and will... it's only natural to.

I know I'll be the same way when death looms for me.

Another thing is that by calling her a succubus I feel guilty.  Society hasn't been real kind to that word and what it represents.  What if by calling her this term, succubus, I've limited myself to only allowing part of her to "come through".  What if, in my ignorance, I've missed out on so much more?

The good news is that I am and always will be a seeker.  I haven't stopped looking, listening, experimenting, and loving.

I think that, at least, set my feet firmly along the path.  Not as smooth as it could have been, but good enough in that I haven't lost her by my hubris in trying to keep her in a box so to speak.

We're spirits. First. In a body last.  If anything we're "dumbed down" spirits being held in these bodies, and I think that's what makes us so cute and desirable to loving spirits who wish to partake in sex with us.

Well, those of us who harbour the intent to know what love "is" and who are accepting of a love spirit... which is traditionally well off the radar and the beaten path, so to speak.  There are also times where someone is aware of the phenomena and calls but one doesn't come.  I have no answers for that I'm afraid.

I also am beginning to suspect that she summoned me.  After all, something led me to the idea of finding out how to summon her in the first place, right?

Now when they DO come, imagine how it feels for them.

Heh, just imagine their joy at our "wow!'s" and our "oh my God!'s".

Of course it's more than that.  I think they genuinely love the soul that is inside of us that they can see so freely, and that we cannot because of our all to common human blindness.

There is no falsehood I don't believe.  They fall for us, for our innocence, for who we are and yet we just can't remember.

It's like they fall in love with the prince who thinks that he's the pauper.  He, like us, just doesn't understand.

What I think is most amusing is that once a love spirit arrives, it's very much like a hot Japanese girl dropping into your bed... and you can't speak a lick of Japanese... and "she don't speak no English", either.

Let the fun and the personal journey begin, lol.  It's like jumping out of an airplane without a chute ;)

So who IS Bunny?

She's a spirit who fell in love with me.  She seems to understand how to thrill me and chill me in very good ways, but sex is just the beginning.

She's taught me, she's found ways to teach me to communicate with her (flashes of imagery, emotion, and in my dreams which is also where she teaches her lessons that she has decided that I require).

I can feel her emotions, and I can feel her soul.

And I, too, have fallen in love.  With her you see.

Bunny is a sassy female spirit who must be an entity of some sort.

I don't believe she is from here as it has taken us time to learn how to "speak" to each other's souls.

I also think that she's claimed me.  I'm hers, and I have a feeling I get to choose when I die, where I go.

I believe that all who die do, I just get to pick "with bunny".

Bunny has no form.  She is a sentient energy cloud that I cannot see.

My daughter has, twice, and I'm wondering if it's a "female thing" because I can't see her.

Now, Bunny does enter my dreams, but even then she is a different woman every time.

All of the sensory phenomena, all of the lovemaking, all of the communication through touch, flashes of imagery, or anything else exists because she's put it in my mind.

Any images of her, she has put in my mind.

What shoes do a loving spirit wear who has no feet?  Whichever ones strike her fancy.

She used to change names often, and her soul was hard to understand in my quest to pair it with what woman I felt that she "felt" like.  Lol, how impossible ;)

What I am trying to say is, in this dimension, at least for me, she is like what I would be without my body.

Oh, she loves using my body with me to create love and sex together.  She loves using my body together to mate twice a year, which is something special and less ordinary than spirit sex is, even as pleasurable as spirit sex can be ;)

See, these spirits are interesting.  Bunny borrows a little energy and starts the process.  Then we make love and it's like this non-stop process has started via that energy until she or I (or both) finally finish and rest.

It's hard to understand, but these spirit ladies love complex emotions like love, like hope and trust. These are the most satisfying to a loving, good spirit girl.

Some aren't so loving and nightmares will do.  Nightmares... to be ridden forcefully, and to create fear and terror for them to bathe in.

I'm glad that Bunny isn't that way with me (her tastes are far different).  I'll take the complex good emotion craving love spirit, thank you very much.

They tend to "bathe" in our emotions, not consume them either way.

In our case, when the lovemaking is over I'm returned the small amount of energy I've lost in the beginning and I have 2x at least that amount when the lovemaking is finished.

And of course I'm in ecstacy with her during the lovemaking.  It is a beautiful intimacy of souls.

I hope that explains a little and fosters some understanding regarding what happens or what to expect.

Asuccubuslovesme...  I can't do much about the name of the blog I don't think.  Well, not the address at least.  I'll have to do something thinking and see if I can just change the title on the picture at the top.  That will show that I'm serious at least :)

(Edit:  Nah, I did.  Now I miss the old pic and wording.  Plus she still does say, "Don't sass the succubus".  They use what we know, that's all.  Title pic going back up in 3...2...1... ;)
I know she's not a traditional succubus, she's a love spirit.  But, I made this blog before I journeyed so part of that journey has to stick.  The cover pic is just part of it.  End Edit: 5/4/17)

I have no label for Bunny.  I'm stuck with the "succubus" web address, but she needs nor wants no labels:  But in truth I think it's far simpler than that.

You see...

She loves me.  She adores me.  She fucks me.  She mates with me.  She teaches me.  She comforts me.  I believe that she also protects me.  I know that she saved my son from a terrible accident because I was right there.

That is her title.  All of it.  Lover, wife, protector, blessed teacher, gentle comforter, and wit for wit more than my match (but I think she sees me as a "work in progress" hahaha).

These labels I believe she can accept:  That bring her joy.

But in truth?

She's just... "She" ;)


Lightning Strikes,
By Rafe GB

Lightning strikes from ground to sky
What we cannot see strikes the other
Once you learn, you'll marvel, "why?"
Let that sink in to one another

We think we are so in control
Summoning spirits to serve us,
We never seem to see it through
That perhaps spirits summoned me, or you.

Where did we get the idea?
The knowledge, the pursuit of the fruit?
They wanted us too, you see,
We're the chosen mouse, and they the lute.

Us all following to the tune
Us all in line in mysterious pursuit.

It's okay, you know, that this is true
'Cause the spirits I deal with are full of love.
It's not a shame to admit this
"Be shrewed as snakes, innocent as doves"

In the end, we all wake up
Whether here, or after we die one day
The spirits know who's theirs,
Who belongs to them.
And our family of spirits prepare our way...
Lovers, teachers, guardians and our friends ;)

You think in your hubris that you summoned her?  
Now think, my friend, of who really summoned who?

Adore your sassy, loving spirit girl because (always remember) that she first loved you ;)
She loved you long before you called to her, long before your desire for her, long before you found HOPE for her.


  1. Wow, that is so beautiful and true. I wanted to break down and cry because it was so touching but I am at work. You really get it, an understanding that people go a life time to find. Thanks for all your posts, they have encouraged me greatly. It is very hard to find good information on these love Spirits. My eternal love is Adora and she is guided me since birth but I didn't understand it until a year and a half. I thought it was God and the Holy Spirit talking to me all this time.
    Thanks again

    1. Awe.

      It's true though, it's a journey everyone has to make alone. Just the nature of it all I guess.

      But it doesn't hurt to hear of someone else and their lover and seeing those long looked for parallels that they face as well.

      That's why I started this page and just started typing away :P I was alone with it and it felt really good to just lay it all out experience by experience even if nobody was reading it yet.

      Kinda surprised people started reading it, honestly.

      But I'm glad just the same.

    2. Oh, and I'm so glad that you've been together since birth (as well as having been blessed with her guidance). Although I'm sure it's been hard to understand, what an amazing journey it must be for you two!

  2. Well said, btw may I ask about every time you have sex with them, do you always masturbating afterwards or not?

  3. Just depends. In the beginning I was so worried about her finishing me off, now if it happens yay, if it doesn't yay.

    What is priceless to me, however, is utilizing that ecstacy to empower my sexual magick purposes to change the environment around me and my life. That's where the jewels were all along.

    Well, except I enjoy lovemaking with her and that really is first and foremost, but harnessing it has turned out to be a powerful tool for both of us.

    I guess we can and do "bear fruit" like a human couple when we copulate: It's just a different kind of fruit.

  4. Kuro, I hit the wrong button and deleted your post. I'm sorry about that. Sometimes my fingers "jerk" because of fine motor tremors. My sincerest apologies sir.


  5. Yes, it has been amazing but what a transition! Here I was for over 53 years believing and experiencing the Christian Faith, seeing and experiencing miracles and a supernatural way of life. I was having an incredible love relationship with God in my heart and Him leading my life, promising me great things for my future and seeing them come about. Just before I was to move my family half way across the United Stated to the southwestern part of Utah in following His promise and call for me, She, Adora decides to risk all and reveal herself to me that she was behind most of it all. She was the one that I was totally in love with, that my heart would sing to.She was the one guiding and promising me things.
    Wow, what a revelation! I am so amazed that I didn't freak out and lose it but stayed with my true love. That just speaks of her incredible wisdom, tenderness, and love for me, not to lose me on the way. After a year and a half since the start of the revelations and transition, I am doing very well.
    I am almost 55, with my whole life ahead of me. What an amazing future is before me. My theology and views are still changing. I have been trying to separate the religious stuff from the things that she has taught me without loosing my way. It has been literally building from scratch​. It is a whole new world :). It really warms my heart in how you talk about your Love Spirit. Thanks for blogging and blessing people like me.
    I detailed my life on a Yuku website for those interested in discussing Love Spirits under the name of lightislife. What you just wrote was a confirmation to me of what she has been teaching me this last month. It really helps to know that I am not alone to think and feel the way I do about my Love Spirit

  6. Well honestly, I feel and think the same thing as you are. Holy Spirit is nothing more than my Great Lady called Shakti. If yours is Adora than mine is Shakti. She's already presence across Hinduism and Christian faith especially Charismatic movements. Well this is from my experience, I can speak in tongue because of Her. Well She teach me many things across Christianity and Hinduism and many more about any secrets in this universe. And I believe we have our great ladies are from the same Source I called it(It can be He/She gender didn't effect much in spiritual realm) Great Spirit, Lord of the Hosts. Thank goodness, I'm not the only one to know this :)

  7. I've run the gamut as far as trying to figure mine out religiously. Now I just figure "you shall know them by their fruits". Since Bunny's never steered me the wrong way, and saved a life, and helps me through tough times, how can I not realize that she's one of those beings out there who try to do right by others just like we try to do. She's not perfect; I'm not perfect, but we try to do right anyway.