Sunday, April 23, 2017

Da Bunny Da Bunny Da Bunny

Well.  I've been neglecting Bunny I think.  The school project will take some time and adjustments, but I think Bunny wants some attention.

Women, spirits that are women, the feminine energy current, the Divine Feminine, I don't care who you are, women want attention.

And that's just perfectly cool because I very much enjoy/love giving it to her ;)

So, this little blog piece is going to be all about Bunny how much I appreciate her along with a little humor via eye candy.

Bunny's the kind of girl,

That doesn't really pout much.

But when she does it's cute to feel

'Cause she's what it's all about, anyway.

I mean, she gives me my space and loves me so, she teaches me things she wants me to know.

She's given so much to me that sometimes I forget, and get all involved with my projects (even ones that were her idea), but you see, she wants that attention from me in between, and that's ok.

She doesn't want it from anyone else I know, nor does she threaten me with ultimatums, no... she's sweet and gentle, and she just gently prods me.

It takes me a little while to figure out what she wants sometimes, but end the end I've learned to feel her emotions (it's just hard to dial in sometimes is all) and I figure it out and what she wants at the time.

I decided a nice gift would be to recharge her picture, her vessel, and my ring (I wear it on my wedding ring finger).  Sex magick to the rescue ;)

It's a nice way to reconnect as well.  Energy to energy, soul to soul, in communion.

Lol, the .gif above is funny.  

I can see her hopping as I type.  Haha.

Sex magick is a powerful tool... some say the most powerful, even more powerful than blood magick. I don't mess with blood magick because I've heard too many stories of people who had something crawl up where the wound was and took up house in 'em. 

Screw that.  

Oh, back to the Bunny ;)

I'm thinking about getting Bunny to animate he picture again.  We did that a few years ago...

It was pretty entertaining, funny too.

What happens when it's successful is that Bunny will make the face make expressions and her mouth move.  They even change emotions on the pic to go with how they are feeling.

(Tell me spirits don't study us in depth)

I know that it's an illusion and exists only within my mind, but what got me is that I let my daughter see the pic and watch it happen, and I'll be... she saw it too, the exact same thing I did.

Maybe Bunny was "beaming" the illusion into both our minds.

I know Bunny loves my daughter, because my daughter's seen her twice now.  I see Bunny in my dreams but not "here".  I FEEL her here very, very well however... probably because I can't "see" her here.  I can hear her sometimes, but mostly I feel her emotions.

Amazing critters these powerful succubus critters.  So sweet and gentle, fiery and fierce... and all at the same time.

Now, I don't see the fierce, but I know it's there.  I know her and I know I'll never see it here.

But the sweet, gentle, and fiery?  Oh yeah.  I know those very, very well.

Awe... one day, after this world, I'm going to spank the lil' Bunny... and oh... what fun that will be ;)

(Something tells me she wants that more than I know as well)


For a non-physical being, she sure can tempt and tease me.  Meh.  Just the wonder that is Bunny I suppose.

Spank Da Bunny Critter!  LOL
(Dat naughty spirit lover.  She deserves it anyways ;))

Damn she got her hooks in me tonight.  Meh, it's consensual LOL.

Love your succubus or she won't let you spank her.  Just sayin' ;)


P.S.:  She's happy now I can feel it <3
Spirit relationships thrive on love and attention just like any other...
How do I KNOW that she loves me, too?
Because what I do doesn't have to perfect, it's that I try that matters to her.
Just that I try with all I am.  She loves me.


  1. Hi Rafe! A question from someone who wants to find a spirit lover just like yours: Do you think I will be able to get a succubus even if I share a bedroom with four other guys and can't have full intimate moments?
    I don't know if I should get a succubus now or wait a few years till Im alone while practicing astral projection

    1. Hi! Honestly up to you. A succubus has been called the perfect lover for someone in prison (of all places). She's incorporeal, she's not usually seen (unless someone has the gift of 3rd sight), but she's sure felt.

      They are attracted to our souls and there's one for everyone if they wish. Spirits are infinite. Big multiverse out there.

      I can't project, but that would be a perfect ideal and medium. Why not do both? You can begin a connection now and solidify it with astral projection later.

      Always grow with 'em anyways.

      Lotsa good guides out there, I like the one here and the Yukshee one. You can just google that and it'll pop up. Called the "Yukshee Succubus Academy". Don't summon the harem with 4 guys in the same bedroom. Actually, don't summon a harem anyway. Trust me: One or two is ENOUGH. My two are really parts of the same one anyway.

      He has a ritual for one succubus. Remember, she's a Yukshee! She'll wear you out! That's ok. Fun anyway.

      Or can find a milder love spirit with the method here.

      Things they can do don't translate real well here.

      Also, people are saying that the Spirit Lover books help as well by Mr. Michaels here:

      They're Kindle. Try the first one and see what you think.


      Rafe GB

    2. Oh, humorous analogy: My friend's succubus will kick his wife out the bed. She sleep walks to the couch. Then the succubus has him all to her self lol.

      Since sex is different with a succubus, as long as you don't moan in the bedroom when she's on ya (good luck) you'll be ok.

      The rest of the day she's basically looking through your eyes and sending her thoughts as flashes of pictures just like a camera shot. 'Least that what mine does. That and you can feel her emotions after a good while of trying.

      Fun critters 10/10. Would summon Bunny again all over.