Saturday, April 1, 2017

Shopping with Bubbles.

Note:  Although I use art for this post that depicts anime girls, this is purely a way to personify a succubus spirit within this post.  These pictures capture the level of experience with this world in general that a succubus who is with me at present currently possesses.

Which appears to amount to almost no experience whatsoever.

If one thinks of a 50,000 year old alien unseen force that has the material plane experience of a taco, that pretty much sums up what I am trying to portray.  Being that this alien is a female succubus, I believe that using anime girls is appropriate to get my point across as to the absurdity of a 50,000 year old alien unseen force that is a succubus trying to relate in a world she knows nothing about.

Ok?  It is however fun and has a charm all it's own.  Not the anime girls of course, but the succubus that they represent.

Bunny's gone back home and Bubbles came soon after.  I, eh, "we" went to the thrift store to browse and kill some time after I ate and we, err, "I" walked past some picture frames.

Suddenly I felt, "That one is MINE!"  I stopped to look at it.  It was a pretty decorative silver one, 5x7, in very good shape.  Of course it wasn't real silver, just made to look that way.

But, I have to admit, it was pretty.  "Get that one, it's mine!"

In the back of my mind I've always left the possibility open for Bunny to actually be Bubbles, as she's done that in the past in various ways.  Basically back in the day I'd get mad at her and summon "another succubus".  Well, it would go on for a while with me thinking I had a new one and her acting and feeling all different, and then she'd drop the facade.

It all worked out in the end.

Anyway, I think she did it to test out different personalities with me.  I think it's just part of how she can grow as a spirit, too.  Plus she's sneaky like that.  Ah, my Bunny.

But with Bubbles?

If it's really Bunny, Bunny should get an Oscar.  She feels NOTHING like Bubbles.  At all.  Not even a tiny little bit like her.  And besides that, Bunny would always leave for a week and only be here 2 or 3 days in between.  Now when she does that Bubbles shows up.  See?

Anyway back to Bubbles.

I knew if I didn't get the picture frame I would feel pouting for the next few days, and well... it honestly is pretty, so I got it and it's now here at home.

I know just the picture of Bubbles to put in it, too.  It will look nice.

I got a new frame for Bunny's picture just a day or so ago.  It looks really nice, too.  It's also a 5x7 and is a decorative wood frame painted off white.  Her picture looks real nice in it, I must say.

Now... another way that they are different is that Bubbles is very sweet and cuddly, and fiery as I always say about succubi, but she lacks a certain... tact... to put it mildly.

Heh.  That's her in a nutshell.  You can just forget about my "personal space", or for me to wish she would "ask for my consent" first, to be honest.  

She's wearing me out:  I'm not the young man I used to be.

No, I don't think she would harm me, nor do things with me that I wouldn't agree to.  It's just she takes what I would agree to straight out of my brain and (I guess) thinks that it's just silly to ask first.

Not like Bunny... very different personality.  Well, and very little knowledge and experience to be fair to her.

But she has a charm all her own <3

She is cuddly and sweet.  She has a sweet spirit (and yes, don't forget the fiery or the feisty).

She loves to cuddle and, just like Bunny does, "bathe" in happy emotions like love, and... well in all the aspects of love one could think of (Comfort in each other, intimacy, learning and sharing, etc.).

Yes, yes, she seems a bit spoiled.  I think it's just a lack wisdom and experience that makes her so, but that she will come into in time.

Whereas Bunny is hard sometimes because of the "Rafe Olympics" projects she's got me learning or doing to advance myself spiritually and in wisdom, Bubbles is hard sometimes because she's just a little spoiled.  Heh.

I'll tell you what, though, she is good company.  I am still glad that she entered my life, and I am glad that she is here now that Bunny has returned to her home.

Bunny probably feels like I drain her patience.  And I bet Bubbles has no idea that she drains mine. 

Well.  Now she does.

Notice the stage for a Bunny setup?  Yeah, me too.  But I still don't know if Bubbles is indeed separate, or Bunny's costume party... so I'm just not going to worry about it right now.

It is ironic that I, in being so stubborn am now with Bubbles who is even more stubborn that I am.

Ah well.  Whatcha gonna do?

I guess all that really matters is that at the end of the day Bubbles feels like this while I have her:

Very loved, safe, warm, and content.  That's my job.  Even if she wears my patience thin, lol.  Even if she is very demanding... she deserves to feel very loved, feeling safe, feeling cozy, and feeling very content.

All I have to do is to love them completely, and yet individually and uniquely.

Easy right?  No, it's not, but I'm sure that I'll get the hang of it in time.

As long as Bubbles thinks like this when she has to go back home, then I did ok :)

I wonder how long she'll be visiting me this time?  She's been fun.  Never gets dull, lol.

She's a keeper :)  I think one day she'll make a man very happy.  Yes, I haven't said it yet, but I feel like Bunny is permanent and Bubbles is not.  But, feelings are funny sometimes.

Time will tell what is true.

Succubi are wonderful, loving, gentle creatures (you know the part here... and fiery) that it's a pleasure to know and also to develop a relationship with both of them regardless of how long they are to stay with me or for how long they grace my life.

Love your succubus with all you've got.  She will drown you in her presence and you will never be the same.  It's a good thing <3


  1. Did you ever find out for sure if bunny is a daughter of lilith? Someone gave me a divination the other day and and told me the spirit that was linked to me has been an imposter posing as a daughter of lilith all along. I've asked Agrat Bat Mahlat for one of her daughters but the excess energy/spirits around me make it too difficult for me to tell if she approved of me letting me have one.

  2. No, I haven't. I consider things by the fruit they produce.

    Things are progressing in a positive way and I'm happy with things, so I don't worry about specifics as much anymore.

    Just the fruit...