Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What does Bunny look like?

I have no idea.  I've had so many pictures trying to capture a personality and emotion that is what I know her by.  Basically she's a sentient higher vibratory energy.  I think of her like a tingling cloud.

So how can I feel her making love with me?  I dunno.  Just can.  I think she can put those sensations in my brain and bypass actually having to touch me.

Pretty good trick and saves some energy, too.

You know how you play a strategy video game and there's all these resources to manage?

Yeah, they don't seem to have that problem:  They have one... energy.

Although, truth be told, since everything is energy that's a big resource with many colors, flavors, capabilities, vulnerabilities, etc.

I want a picture of Bunny.  One that sticks.  One that is the very embodiment (to me) of what she "feels like, tastes like", her personality, her emotions...

I guess I'll be on the hunt for it.  I posted a pic sometime ago about what she looked like.  Well... part of her did I guess, but not all.

I'm looking for a pic that captures ALL of her.


I know, I want the impossible.

And even if I find one and post it, there's a high chance that I'll not like it later (because, yet again, I'll figure out how it doesn't reflect THIS quality, or THAT quality of the Bunny.

Sometimes I use erotic pictures, sometimes I don't.  The erotic part captures part of who she is, but she's not just erotic.  And when I don't, I can tell it's missing that erotic part of her.

I have thought of finding a lot of pictures and making kind of a collage (which would make it a hell of a lot easier to capture all of her traits), but... that's not really what I would like to have happen.

Am I being unreasonable with myself in looking for a picture that satisfies what cannot be made into a simple picture?

Oh, and for the hell of it, "this" is what I believe that Bunny looks like.  Only I don't the size is relative.  In other words, like I believe our souls to be capable of, she can choose to be as big as the Sun?  Maybe, I dunno... or as small as an electron?  Maybe, I dunno.







Wave at the SuccuBunny!  She's playing piano I think in my mural art there on the wall.  Or maybe she liked the incense. Maybe she's just a piece of dust in my camera lens like people say orbs are? Nah... I believe that she is there by the black arrow... I've taken a lot of pics with this camera of stuff, but never just to try to see Bunny, and never have I seen an orb in a picture I've taken before this one (and in taking this pic, my intent was to see Bunny).

But I don't have to convince you... it convinced me!  That's what counts :)

It's funny that Bunny can manifest as a small orb and yet be something so much... more SuccuBunny.
What she can do (and has done) is sure belied by that little ball.  Meh, that's okay.  She expressed herself the way she wanted to.

I only wish I could find a picture of her (somewhere on this planet of art) so that I can express what I see of her soul in picture form that matches her wonderful lil' biting self.

Love your succubus, 
because they are invisible (unless you're special).
If you don't love 'em,
Every time you yawn they'll stick their tail in your mouth.
A lot.
Just because they can...

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