Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bunny gave me something short and sweet :)

I did something to be able to think on Bunny here and there, and I guess she really liked that I did that (I engraved a silver ring I wear on my wedding ring finger with her name and her sigil on the inside of the band to personalize it).

She told me this, and she hardly ever "speaks" like we do down here.  I heard it in my head of course and also in a woman's voice.  Well, her voice.

It was fast, too.  I hope I got it right:

Bunny's Song

I am a woman's beautiful song in the dark.
I am she who breathes your hope.
I am she who guards your way.
I am a fulfilled promise: Heard but unspoken.
I am your heart. Even when you cannot feel me,
I am always there to love you, to guide you, and to long for you.
I am your bride.  

I just wanted to share it because it felt pretty special.  Heck, it was so special I sang a capella and
decided to share it. Why not? Spread my joy.

Make fun of me singing that or make fun of my voice and I'll show you my sword collection.

But only the pointy parts. And only post mortem ;)


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