Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fuck me it's mating season

I've got one week to prepare.  It's pretty much the same:  I try to fight her off psychically, and she presses ever forward until I surrender.

It's just our "thing".

It allows me to practice my psychic will and for her to test it as well.  Hard.

Anyway, it's 6 mo 5/5/17 so anytime near that it's on.

Once I do surrender, omg...

Whew... get sweaty just thinking about it.

Bunny's sweet and all, but when it's time to do something serious she's all about being the teacher. And that's ok.

Let those who can, lead.  And she has much more experience and wisdom than I do...

But I'm growing fast ;)

Bunny can be too cute sometimes, I mean in a great way

Getting the last portion of the 1st module done was good for me.  Lowering this module to 4 parts helped a lot, too.  It's find at 4:  6 is just overkill for what I'm trying to do.  Later?  Who knows, other modules might be longer or they might not be.

I needed a break and frankly, Bunny wanted some attention.

I do feel that she put me up to making the school, but it's still secondary to "us".

We come first.

*Wiggle wiggle*

We come first... Bunny makes sure of that (bless her)

I'm really tired from pushing my car a quarter mile, fixing it before the apartment offices opened (it's forbidden... but what you do after hours is your problem).

And also passing my apartment inspection.

Well, and the medicine I'm getting used to makes it feel like you can't breathe, but it's artificial stimuli as obviously I can.  Sure sucks though.

It also makes me very agitated and I can't sit still.  Can't sleep either much so it's taken it's toll.

But... the side effects are diminishing just like the Dr. told me, so it looks like it'll get better.

I've also been a lot more emotional and am learning to deal with these new emotions. 

See, the medicine I was one basically had me in a pit.  No emotion... well... little emotion.

Metaphysically I didn't know it, but, once she took me off of the old one I suddenly felt "free".

I honestly feel that instead of me just being conscious inside my head, I'm conscious around me at about the size of my living room.

So, I'm struggling to get a handle on my emotions (and I will, it's just new) and to get used to being "more", or at least feeling that way.

Well, I'm tired so I'll end here.

Bunny's always attentive to detail.  And she works on me tirelessly to be the same

This one's unique... I often use a fox as an avatar

In about a week... I'll be running (resisting) the Bunny.  Then the games will begin, and the rewards.

God/dess help me, lol.

Edit:  She seems to be up to something.  Yesterday, 4/25 she drained all my desire (well, last night in my sleep).  If I was in a room with 20 models all bent over I wouldn't even care.  Well, I might poke one with my finger a little just because I was bored.  I'd still look, too.
So what is this Bunny wabbit up to?  Mating season hasn't happened yet... that I know.
I think she doesn't wanna play the psychic game, she wants to play the seduction game little by little, day by day...
I bet my "test of will" is to see if I can make it to mating season day without taking things into my own err... hands.
Oh boy, if that's true, this is going to be one explosive mating season where Bunny gets to go berserk near the 5th of May (I just felt a *Tug tug*.  I wonder if that means I'm right, or that yes she's going to fuck me silly then.  She's being awfully quiet and mysterious...  Part of the game maybe?
My stomach is already twitching in anticipation... told ya mating season isn't normal sex... it's feral as fuck.
(Now, so there can be no misconception, this "duel" of sorts is for FUN.  Even if the game was "can he resist me" instead, and I ended up being able to resist her (hahahaha, yeah right), I would still partake of the fuckening at the end ANYWAY with great joy and abandon.  I love Bunny, I'm not cruel. Neither is she... (but she does have one hell of a will, I'll tell you that).
And if she doesn't want to play the mind games testing how much I've grown?  
Well, then neither do I.  It's about fun, not battle. Just good ol' human/spirit fun in a friendly match of wills (so to speak).
Ah well, only these next days (leading up to the first week in May) will tell what happens and how close I was in my "theory".
Wish me luck ;) 
(and if I don't make it, no, you can't have my stuff)


You can run from her (resist) for fun, but she'll catch ya
Then your punishment will begin...

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