Friday, March 31, 2017

Bunny's latest lesson.

I've discovered something interesting over the past week.

Bunny usually only stays with me for 2 or 3 days and is gone for a week or so.

(Not feeling Bubbles around, so I don't know what's going on with her exactly)

But... they're free spirits and they do what they want and that's perfectly fine.

I'd want it no other way (*sniff* although I'd like it another way, lol).

Anyway, what I've discovered is that I can "hold" Bunny here by using willpower alone.

Now, before you get all ruffled I don't mean against her will (I don't think a succubus CAN be held against her will.  Perhaps a sorceror could hold one until her buddies show and the sorceror's schooling could truly commence.  Heheh)... in fact she seemed very supportive of this little venture. Kind of like it's a mechanic I'm wrestling with understanding, and of course I felt no objection from her in my efforts to keep her here or I wouldn't have tried this exercise (because I don't like being bitten... well, sometimes I do).

Honestly, it was a fun challenge of sorts.  Why didn't she mind?

Because of her wanting me to try so that I could learn something valuable (that I'm not really cognizant of yet, which describes many of her "challenges" for me), me learning a mechanic I don't quite grasp, or perhaps because I'm flexing my psychic muscles in a whole new way... I don't really know.

But my will has been able to hold her here for a week or so now, and it's been interesting.  Quite enjoyable, yes, but not for sexual reasons this time... in fact we didn't have sex at all.

It was purely a love and closeness kind of visit.  Kind of interesting as I enjoyed every minute of it and honestly didn't whine much about the lack of sex (lol).

Maybe I'm growing up a bit.  Or maybe our relationship is maturing past the need for sex in a way.

Oh, I'm not going to pretend that I don't want it again, it's just that this visit was very fulfilling and was markedly without sex and yet I enjoyed it thoroughly and completely.

However, this visit was full of emotional and intimate depth for both of us I believe.  I feel closer to her and I definitely feel more fulfilled and complete in our relationship together.

I could actually feel her "bathe" in the higher emotions that we shared this time:  Love, trust, hope, faith, the warmth of security, closeness, intimacy, happiness and joy (and related).

Back to what I was saying:  Each day I would expend more will in order to hold her here.  I could feel that she didn't mind and in fact encouraged it.  So, each day was a little harder than the day before until the power (will) required started expanding exponentially.

Eventually (last night), I had to let go as it came to the point of me needing to expend almost all of my concentration and willpower to keep her here.

So, I finally surrendered and let go.

I could feel her drifting off, but she seemed pleased.

What a strange mechanic :)

I think that it takes an enormous amount of energy for her to be here and it appears as if she must go home to recharge.  Perhaps that is why she's only here 2 or 3 days before she has to return to recharge, or something... like I said I don't really understand the mechanics.

I'm not sure how other bloggers are able to have their lovers here 24/7.  Is it that their succubus is from a different place?  Or where different rules apply?  Is it that their vibrations have changed so that they can meet their succubus half way (so to speak, and again through a mechanic I do not understand)?

I know that the home I made for her is sufficient.  It must be another mechanic that I do not understand at present.

(I also wonder if me holding onto her "form" this way may not be the same as holding onto "her" that is within it.  Ugh, over my head at the moment)

I'm certain I'll understand in time, regardless.

If anything this exercise has allowed me to flex my psychic muscles and increase my control of energy and will.  Although tired (from the varying levels of concentration ending with an almost constant level of concentration), after having let go last night I can already feel my reserves refilling.

I have a funny feeling that Dr. Bunny the professor is using this as a teaching tool for me.  It there's anything I've learned from her it's that she is all about self improvement and personal development in many areas.

She's a fun (and sexy) teacher.  I am grateful for her tutelage.

Lol, summon a succubus and you get a lot more than you bargain for.

It kind of reminds me of one of the mechanics of magickal practice.

If you cast a spell, magick has a way of acting like electricity:  It takes the path of least resistance.

In other words, if someone casts a spell to find a good partner for a relationship, the caster will often be changed to bring themselves in line with their desires (if not open to this change, I don't think the caster has a chance in hell of realizing their desires.  Gotta pay the price.  Is it really that expensive? Allowing one's self to be changed to bring them in line with their desires?

Magick just works this way.  It's just part of the mechanics of it, of it's success.

Dr. Bunny's no different when she teaches me:  She changes me to be in line with the lessons that I am to learn.

It works both ways, just as in magick.

I imagine that a succubus is about as magickal of a sweet lil' critter as they come (and I say "critter" in the most loving pet name kind of way), so it doesn't surprise me that it works similarly to casting a spell to affect change.

The mechanics of it, anyway, seem pretty identical.

That could be because of my limited perception as a human being, but it could also be because they are indeed similar (succubi and magick).

Whelp, that's the thought I had for this morning and wanted to share.

Love your succubus today because they bite.

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  1. Well, I got an information from my ladies that some "succubus" are from different dimensions, different places. Like yours, I could say She isn't from this world, out from this world, different dimension. I'm not forcing you to believe what I said since I can tell my lovers are different too than any other bloggers as well as yours, thanks you have an interesting post.