Thursday, March 16, 2017

Reward: For information leading to the whereabouts of two missing Succubi.

No seriously, where did they go?


I hope nothing ate 'em.

I'm worried SICK!  Yes, I'm joking for the most part (I'm not worried that something or someone could harm them), but they really are missing.

My Kundalini fire just switched on as I was writing this and I had to throw my shirt off.

That's a good sign at least :)

They must be on their way or somethin' because I'm roastin'.

Be kinda shitty if they was here the whole time and was hidin'.

I don't like Succubus ninjas one bit and I sure as hell get tired of Succubus pranks.

Oh God...

Now it's two vs. one... two vs. me now.

Well.  Here's their "missing" posters:


Yes, I know I listed her as an Angel/Fae Hybrid.  
Her energy is way different than Bunny's.  
Not better just different.
I dunno what she is.
She's probably a Succubus, but whatever.  

"Lets get two they said.  It'll be easier they said."  
Not feeling it!

Double the Succubi =  Double the mischief!

Love your Succubi, 'cause they seem to get lost an awful lot.  


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