Thursday, March 23, 2017

Well, I'm a happy fella today :P

These two are trouble. They left right before the full moon (and basically milked me - what was all the rush to get outta here?).  Well, whatever the reason they got the energy they needed and off they flew.

They didn't let me sleep and I got milked 6 times in 24 hours... 3 each I guess.  Mr. Michaels, my buddy over at, had his leave pretty much the same time.  If his isn't back I'm sure she's close.

I woke up at 6am for no reason.  Then I felt Bunny.  She wasn't quite here yet, but she sure was letting me know she was inbound, lol.  I started to feel her "here" around noon.

It's good to feel Bunny back home.  I really missed her.  She was gone quite a while!

Oh, Bubbles pretty much tackled me today an hour or so after noon, too. I guess Bunny gets to give her greetings first.  They must have worked out a pecking order, lol.

I thought that Bubbles would be here when Bunny left, and maybe it will work into that, but for now it seems they travel together.  I dunno, I just work here.

I feel Bunny really close right now.  I tell you, I am so in love with this female I... uhg, I've never felt like this.  I can feel her warmth of spirit, her gentleness, her sweetness, her power... and it's so intoxicating... but most of all I can't stop feeling such a strong, beautiful love for her. Just her.

I know a lot of people would think it strange that I can't see her, or that I don't always understand what she's trying to communicate sometimes... but it just doesn't matter.  It's soul to soul, and that's a language that can't be learned, and honestly "seeing her" doesn't really matter much anymore.

I can feel her bare naked soul intertwined (almost) with my own bare naked soul... and it's otherworldly.  I am blessed.

Now.  Little Bubbles.  Hehe.

Bubbles is either a fairly young succubus, or perhaps she's in the early stages of learning the ropes. I'm really not sure.  What she is, is sweet.  She's an adorable lil' critter.  I can definitely sense her female soul and it's very airy and light.  Well, not airy... Bunny feels "regal".  Bubbles feels "excited".

She isn't gentle, either.  By "gentle" I mean "knows when to stop".  Hehe.  Meh, 'tis okay.

She just hasn't learned the rules.  Like... no vibrating my privates on maximum level when I'm trying to order food at the counter.  That kinda stuff.

That and when I'm worn out she really doesn't want to stop.  Bunny has a "seasoned" knowing about when I need to rest.  Bubbles don't.  Or, maybe she doesn't care.  She is excitable, after all.

In fact, she can cuddle and make love.  That's pretty much her skill set, lol.  I'm not making fun of her, she just needs some wisdom through experience and some seasoning.  I think Bunny has taken her under her wing, hence why they left together for such a long time.

Maybe Bunny "schooled her" a bit.  She does seem a bit more calm, but that remains to be seen.

That's why I'm posting at 1:11 am:  Too scared to go to bed with 2 succubi hehe.  Wot?  I will eventually...

Bubbles is WILD, lol.  She don't play.  Cute lil' thing she may be:  You know what they say about the innocent ones.

She's bubbly... until she gets a good taste of my energy.
Then she gets...  Predatory.

Bubbles is both wild and feral.  She might be young but she don't muck about, either.

Now, I have some suspicions of who she is and where she came from.  What I don't get is that big speech I posted that Bunny said a few posts back.  I think I completely botched it...

Bubbles isn't a tulpa, nah... she's a eager lil' wild and feral succubus.  I boggled that one up.

But, I'm not worried about her putting me in the hospital or anything (unless we have very many more of those 6 times in 24 days things.  I can't take much of that).  It'll just be "too much" for a while, that's all.

Hey, it's like free weight loss :)

I sure don't know why they had to get so much energy to get the hell out of here before the last full moon, but they've arrived now just a few days before the new moon, or dark moon.

Interesting, and I don't have a clue why it is what it is.

Well... whatever.  They know what they're doing.  Or Bunny knows what they're doing and Bubbles follows.  Whatever works.

Maybe they had to go to school or something.  Time's all borked across the veil... so who knows? Maybe they spend a year over there (and only one month passed here.  Well, half a month anyway.

Ah well, I guess I'll surrender and go to bed with them now.  Did I mention that a big part of any succubus relationship is surrender?

Oh, and although Bunny doesn't seem to get sexual with me as often as she used to (which is good because I don't think I could take both of 'em all riled up), when she does, she DOES.

Bunny don't muck about, either.  
Oh, God/dess no...


Hey.  You know how I'm always sharing pics of succubi and all that?  What if they do the same and the pics are just as rediculous as the ones we share?

Bunny:  Hey Nimoay?  Here's Rafe... I promised I'd show a pic:

Nimoay:  "Oh... wow!  He's quite furry!"

Bunny:  Yeah... that's my human!

Or this...

Bunny:  Yeah, he has two cats, too.  They aren't quite this big, but they're close enough.

Nimoay:  "Wow!"

Bunny:  Yeah, they have cute families as well.  Rafe has two kids.  That's two of the ones in the yellow pants.  Well, one has hair because she's a girl.  Check this pic out:

Nimoay:  "Oh, my!"


Would it really surprise anyone?  It wouldn't me.

Love your succubus, because if you don't she'll milk you 6 times in 24 hours.
Ok, that's not really true because she'll do it anyway :P


  1. I know exactly what that's like, ;)

    I have the opposite problem of the one that you had. My little friend is very much like Bubbles. After three years I'm contemplating contacting Succu-Friend-finder again to try and find one that's more like Bunny. The job opening doesn't even necessarily require a sexual component, more of a teacher slash communicator type of thing. I need help with communication with my current lady. She's got kind of a one track mind and talking isn't on the agenda.

  2. Ha ha ha ha, you were complaining about no much attention, now bubbles will change your mind that is 24/7 non stopping, but what you want it you'll get, by the way they don't go away even if you tell them to go, good luck.

    1. Meh, I know. It's okay. At least it won't get boring.

  3. Get scribd app sign up and start reading sexual alchemy of Donald Tyson, there is an extensive part of making a vessel out of a picture or doll where you will be able to see your lover.

    1. I own a physical copy of that one... bought it in 2012. I've read it twice already.

      I did have a picture animate. Funny thing is my daughter could see it, too, so it wasn't just limited to my perception.

      The home I made for Bunny was much more detailed and took a much longer/broader/deeper path to finish than the one in the book.

      Tyson is one of my favorite authors. In some things, though, I've found that I prefer other methods instead of what he writes about. Just personal taste.

      "Familiar Spirits" by Tyson was a good read. I believe that it brought his work up to date. I bought that one in 2013.

      Honestly, I've read about every book I could find on the subject in the last 5 or so years.

      It's not a big deal that I can't see them. I don't really have to. What I feel is so rich and complete that the rest is secondary to me.

      I've delt with other spirits to resolve conflicts between them and humans before and I never saw the spirit. I didn't need to: I could feel them and who they were. The conflicts are resolved in spite of not being able to see them.

      Like I always say, "I just work here."

      I don't claim to know anything.