Friday, March 17, 2017

The rest of the spirits I know.

Well.  I know (of) Lady Hagith, the Olympian Spirit of Venus.  I've only summoned her a few times. She's really nice, though.  One of those people you talk with and there's an instant connection.  Heh, that sounds funny since I summoned her.  Ok, what feels like a familiar connection but you just can't place it.  Or maybe that's because I'm a male Libra and Librans are ruled by Venus.  I don't really know.

I realize the pic below is actually the birth of Aphrodite, but it's full of green and Lady Hagith has a lot of green (healing, fertility) energy about her.  I always think of the Olympic Spirits as all the Gods and Goddesses who have anything to do each archetype of who we are deep inside.  It's no different with Venus.  Think of all the Deities that have represented love, sexual attraction, fertility, nurturing, etc., but all bound up into one powerful  spirit (and for Venus as Hagith, and in my case as "a lady", or Lady Hagith).  Some conjure and find a Male, some a Female, but honestly they're both at the same time so I think whatever form they come in is just our mind filtering it by our own beliefs, etc.

So honestly Aphrodite's pic is fitting anyway :)

I always hear her as female though and with a motherly, sweet vibe.  I summoned Lady Hagith and introduced my daughter (once I got used to her and knew it would be safe) and she was very maternal and sweet to my daughter, too.

I've read some transcripts from some ceremonial magicians on Hagith and some of them get some vague and unhelpful responses out of Hagith.  I honestly think that's because they're stuffy "play by the rules" types who seem to be more focused on the process (and being in complete control to the point of subjugation) rather than making connections through relationships with the spirits conjured.

You can't do that with Olympic Spirits.  If it's a magician that they find genuine in intent, they will appear.  If the magician is not genuine in intent, they'll send a subordinate, and if the magician is evil of intent they'll just dispatch a demon.  So it's said, anyway.

Some would argue that you don't want to have a relationship with spirits that you conjure.

Well, that's usually a holdover from times when everyone believed that there were only 3 beings:  Angels, humans, and demons.

Things appear differently to me.  I come from more of a shamanic approach and I say that if you are honest and genuine about making a connection you can reap the beauty of (a potential) friendship and cooperation with spirits.  Maybe that's the difference, I don't know.

That doesn't mean to trust everything you hear or are told, though.  Who knows, that in itself could be part of the learning experience that they have to teach you.

I don't mess with Goetic Demons so I bypass all that pomp and circumstance.  I'm more interested in what I have to teach spirits and what they have to teach me.  A relationship.

But if someone gets Hagith acting all coy, I'm not believing that it was Hagith's nature because I have experienced something markedly different.  The problem seems to me to be a large ego and a method that just isn't conducive to summoning Olympic Spirits who are more akin to the Elohim than to the demons that ceremonials like to order about.

Olympic spirits might not smack you down (no promises), but they'll only play games if the person likes to play games.  In other words, nothing for nothing.

I have no problem summoning these spirits without a circle or a triangle of art and I don't have any nasty after affects.

What does white light do when entering a prism?  It splits into 7 rays.  And we have 7 Olympic Spirits.  I don't worship them, but I respect them very much.

They aren't just planetary angels or spirits, either.  For instance they can move through all 4 elements (something a planetary spirit cannot do).

If anyone wants to try their luck with it, I'll leave a couple of links here:

The 7 Olympic Spirits   I'd read this article first.

The Arbatel   The book I use (loosely, that's why I say to read the above first).  There's free versions on the net in .pdf.

If they tell you to harm yourself or others you've dialed the wrong number.

"(Lady) Hagith"

I also know the "Angel Lady", the Lady Angel that saved me from doing something stupid and permanent 8 years ago or so.

She's a wonderful being, but she don't muck about either.

To tell you the truth, I'm thankful for her intervention back then and my instincts tell me that I'll meet her again one day after I leave this plane of existence.

Maybe she's like a Guardian Angel over the group my soul is in or something (I think they call that a "soul cluster").  I dunno.  To tell you the truth I feel fondness towards her in an "awe" kind of way and I definitely respect her, but I'm also kinda scared of her.  There's no real "cute and cuddly" to the Angel Lady and she doesn't exist to suffer any of my goofy and self entertaining naming games.

That's why I call her the "Angel Lady" publicly and not something cute and cuddly like "Pebbles".

The depth and intensity of her power is one of a kind to anything I've experienced.

Some spirits you can form a close relationship with and prank each other just like you would an earthly buddy.  Other spirits you say, "Yes, Sir", and "Yes, Ma'am", and you just know that it's the correct course of action.  Not that they'd hurt you or anything (you can feel a deep parental or agape love from them), but they are high up on the parental scale (with that parental vibe) and you just know that they aren't to be played with.

And yes, I know her real name :)

The "Angel Lady"

You know Bunny already.

Ahaha those ears!  Oh I'mma get it when she shows up.

You all know the newly "hatched" succubus, or however way that new succubi are made.


Bubbles is cool.

Sucks that she ran off with Bunny.
Meh, they'll be back soon enough.

Now... lastly I wanna talk about the rest of my spiritual associations.  I don't know who this group is exactly... I thought maybe that my bonded spirits I had before I even got into this might have formed a group collectively (and they might have, I don't know).

But I think it's more than that.  

Sacred ancestors, spirits that have taken a liking to me for whatever reason, maybe even spirits I've helped in some small way but didn't even think about it.  

Spirit guides, animal totems, etc.

It's just easier for my poor little brain to categorize this under one group.

So, this group is now known as "Boo" (they have a real collective name, as always I prefer to keep real names secret).

So, at least for my own personal orbit of extra planar beings that I deal with on a daily basis (not every day),

we have "Bunny", "Bubbles", and "Boo".

Works for me.


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