Sunday, March 26, 2017

Just found a Bunny quote.

I have no idea how this one didn't get posted.

Here it is:

"My breath, beautiful, blown against your sex.

I hear of a tiny yellow ring, shining mystery of promise. 

I'll explain:

Your promise is already, for it is deep, and already nested within me." 

 ~Bunny, Christmas 2016

I found it at the bottom of a list of things to do of all places.  I guess I grabbed whatever and wrote it down quick as I got it.

Anyway... when she comes through clearly that's how she sounds.
Beautiful, but there's a depth to it that takes a while.
That's also pretty descriptive of a succubus in a nutshell :)

Oh, found another one (I need to keep my paper scraps in one place):

"Beloved, it is not that we are as two wolves circling for power... we are as fire to incense: As the fire receedes after the lighting and is extinguished, the room fills."

~ Bunny, September 2015


Oh yeah!

Well, since I'm posting and it's short I might as well show off what I made for Bunny -n- Bubbles:

I'm wearing it at the moment.  I learned how to craft things with ice resin.  I'm still not great at it, but it's fun to make things.  Basically the pic is under the clear ice resin (it takes a day for it to solidify). The ice resin hardens and the art is preserved forever.

Here's a succubus pic I found on google I used and a claw/fang charm I found at the same place that I bought the frame.

Here's a close up.  It's not blurry:  My camera just sucks.
Plus the frame is only 21mm x 26mm.  Kinda tiny.

I redid the pic art for her horns, I didn't like the ones that were originally in it as they looked like another set of wings.  Personal preference I guess.

That was hard to do because her horns at the ends are only 1 pixel wide now.

It's not perfect but I like it anyway.

Bunny always says that us humans are "perfect in our imperfections".

Maybe she will see the necklace in the same light.

You know... a succubus is such a gentle female spirit with a beautiful, loving nature.
Yes, their love is like fire.  This is true as they are very intense.
However, it's a shame that they are misunderstood so.

They do, however, nip.  
And by nip I mean bite.
Well.  Mine does.  
Kind of a play bite.  Like what a cat does.  It's almost always on my fingers.  
It doesn't really hurt it's just startling... it seems to be a way for them to get your attention.
I think that they do it because they are trying to get you to pay attention to something that is happening... right... in... that... moment...  *bite* 


"I bite."

Now, the funny is that a lot of religious people would judge these ladies through a tainted lens.  They aren't evil.  They aren't bad.  My two ladies are harmless.

Case in point.  Kinda:

I was in Arby's because I wanted to try the new traditional Gyro (OMG it's awesome).
There was a religious dude there talking to another religious dude real loud.

I started following what they were saying.  I mean I couldn't help it, it was a pretty loud back slappin' kinda conversation about the Bible and Jesus (which I don't have a problem with).

But... we all think stupid shit sometimes, and succubi have an annoying habit of reading your every thought.

Dude said, "I put on the full armor of God."  And I thought, "I wonder if someone came in and capped his ass, would that full armor of God deflect it?"


"OW! (Curling my fingers up protectively)  I mean really?  Come on!"

I guess she didn't like me talking bad about God n stuff.  It was just one of those stupid, stray thoughts we all get.

Anyway, the experience leads me to this quote:

"By their fruits ye shall know them, not their roots." ~ William James 
(A philosopher and founder of American psychology)

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