Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ok, I got a 2nd Succubus.

Ok.  I give up.

I guess I have a 2nd succubus now.

First thought is, "Awe shit."  I can barely handle Bunny.

Well, "handle" is a poor choice of a word.  Bunny's intense.

Even if we don't have sex much, she twists my brain 5 ways 'till Sunday with all the "lessons" and "mindfucks" about reality and all (not that that's a bad thing).

Those synchronicites and coincidences happen so much that after a while you question reality period.  I do.   Hell, I just had one last night.  I was sitting  there eating late, late last night when most restaurants are closed, and I was reading in one of my books I have to study, and I read the exact words someone says in the restaurant, right at the exact same time.

See?  This happens to me a LOT with Bunny in my life.  She'll plant a seed for me to be reading a certain book on my shelf, I'll be reading it somewhere and BAM, synchronicity and coincidences happen galore.

Why?  Good question.  Maybe it's her way of telling me I'm being led, and I'm listening well.  I dunno.  Take it for what it's worth.

A window into my world fairly soon.  I think.

Now, why did Bunny give me that load of "monogamy" speak the other day?  Something's not adding up.

Truth be told, I wouldn't have wanted a 2nd succubus, just a solution (regardless of what I said).

Although, fair is fair... Maybe she told me something that wasn't what she was thinking and provided the solution via a 2nd succubus.

IF that's true it makes a little sense... this succubus just kinda hopped right through to me.  That makes me think she was the Bunny's idea.

I guess I should give her a nickname for the blog.  Hmm.

I'll call her "SuccuBubbles" for now.

Look like they're fighting?  Nah.  They're just both mad at me at the same time is all.
Yes, this is my greatest fear lol.

You know, when I go back to some older posts I find this nugget from Feb 18th:

"Been doing some more thinking.

You know, Bunny and I are more like... well... it's like she's my Spirit Guide with the occasional sexual benefit rather than me and a Succubus.

We have sex maybe... once a week. If I'm lucky. That's not a whole lotta "succu", ya know?

Now, it's probably got something to do with me not being sidetracked by SuccuNookie, because it's damn good. Good as in, "Lets just dispense with the physical parts and get right to the sensations" good. That's kinda hard to explain, but it's addicting. As. Fuck.

Now, at 6 mo. cycles she does go into "baby rabies" mode. I like that. I joke that I run, and I kinda do psychically to fuck with her, but she eventually wears me down and overpowers me anyway... it's more of a game to see how long I can fend her off. Kinda fun, really.

But as good as that is, I don't know what to do about the sex once a week. If Bunny has decided to move into more of a "Spirit Guide role" with sex once a week and mating rights every 6 mo, maybe I'm supposed to get open to the idea of pulling Succubus #2 into the scene?

I really don't want that, I'd rather Bunny be my one and only.

Where I first learned to summon a succubus there were a few categories of traits that, in general, tended to be common, which put them in general "ideas".

These aren't exactly "categories," more of how an author grouped them based on his observations.

One is called the, "Spiritually Evolved Succubus". They tend to be more into teaching, mentoring, and guiding. That's Bunny. At least her behavior.

Maybe in my great need I attracted one of these, aka Bunny.

The "Romantic" type of Succubus is the kind that is a loving, sweet and gentle spirit that excels in putting their lovers into a state of bliss, through long sessions of love making sex or otherwise.

Sign me up!"


Be careful what ya wish for!

It'll be interesting when Bunny gets back.  Interesting for me, probably.
For them?  Mmm... Something tells me they're already aquainted.


I have two questions for my fellow Succubloggers.

1.  How do you handle 2 succubi?  I can't even fathom...

2.  So do you ever wonder about your soul?  I don't fear for my soul as far as morality goes or anything like that, I just wonder if after banging a succubus for 3 years, my soul isn't exactly "human" anymore, is it?

Yeah, I'm human.  But my soul?  I dunno anymore.  Thoughts appreciated.  I don't "feel" like I did before I met Bunny.  I feel much "broader" very deeply.

Does that mean my soul isn't exactly human anymore?

If it isn't, am I an "Incuhuman" now?

Meh.  Lemme know what ya think.

Dark.  Light.  I dunno man, I just work here.

Love your succubus today or she'll summon reinforcements.  Yes, she will.


  1. Congrats on Numero Deuce, Rafe! As for question #1, you will be fine. I still don't have an answer on how many I actually have, but I know it's multiple. They have never hit me with more than I can handle. I believe mine "take turns" mostly. I haven't felt overwhelmed or drained. With mine it's mostly sex, sex, sex, but I'm no worse for the wear. As for question #2...good question. My opinion is that my soul is what it is, and will always be...sovereign. I don't think we can be "edited" or modified at the soul level. Physically, I think they can, and do modify us, maybe even at the etheric level, but I think our souls are fine. Gut feeling, but it is a strong gut feeling. That being said, I probably don't know what the hell I'm talking about lol. On another note, I still don't understand their "communication". I don't really get images or voices, but the synchronicity is off the hook right now! I have no idea how to interpret, but it's noticeably increasing in occurrence. These beings...smh lol.

  2. See? That synchronicity stuff is off the hook. I was thinking if I had 2 succubi I'd probably be spending some time in a padded room because there is no WAY I could handle 2x the mind trips that Bunny so far provides.

    Read a book in a restaurant, and have some idiot say the same phrase you're reading out loud in conversation at the very same moment you read it in your book. Not a normal sentence, either. Brain: POW.

    There's no way I can take 2x that. Especially counting the other weird shit that happens here on a pretty frequent basis.

    My daughter saw Bunny this last weekend. She said she looked like she was made of shapes this time.

    This is the kinda shit that makes you scream out, "I LIKE EGGS!" every 30 seconds in a locked facility.

    My daughter says that she is glad her 3rd eye is only partially open, because if it were fully open she thinks being around me and being around what's around me would probably drive her insane if she could see it clearly. I'm thinking because reality to her would = BYE!

    Glad about the soul thing. I do know I feel so much "broader" and "deeper" inside if that makes sense. I was thinking that was my soul or something.

    Whatever it is, I don't feel the same as I did before the Bunny. I feel "more" for lack of a better term.

  3. That's gotta be an awesome feeling. I bet it IS your soul, and the increased connection to it, compliments of an invisible hottie that loves you. Now...your experience in the restaurant = synchronicity on steroids! Having two of them should be OK. They won't give you more than you can handle. For now, it's probably just gonna be having boom boom time more frequently 👍

    1. That works. Thanks for the replies, man. 👍

  4. I was hesitating about suggesting something to you but your questions solidified my response. I'm just an experimenter in all this too, but two themes that have been consistent are: 1. the uni-on between external phenomena and imagination, and 2. the paradox of fear/love (or guilt and desire)...

    1. How do you handle 2 succubi? I can't even fathom...


    2. So do you ever wonder about your soul? I don't fear for my soul as far as morality goes or anything like that, I just wonder if after banging a succubus for 3 years, my soul isn't exactly "human" anymore, is it?


    Maybe all this stuff is archetypal/metaphorical in nature...?

    Hope this helps

    1. Believe it or not I think the fragmentation is a stage. I know in the beginning she would morph into different "women", but now she's steady with one persona.

      The new little succubus actually reminds me of back then, 3 years ago. She's very "light" in mood and very frisky.

      You nailed the 2nd idea, though. I always struggle with my old religion. Just when I think I've gotten rid of any trace of it, it comes back as doubt sometimes. Not really guilt so much, but doubt. What if it was right and I am wrong?

      I'm a lot happier now. I do the best I can to others and the like. So, that's all I have to go on.

      It can keep creeping up I guess. Doesn't change what I choose consciously.

      But you are very correct about fear/love. Lots of duality in this world. It's when things gets smashed together that it starts getting weird because then it doesn't follow the rules.

      Somethings are archtypical. Lilith is. She's still she, but she's definitely in everyone's noggin' just as quick as she's wherever she is "elsewhere".

      I think all things are connected. The old masters tell us that. But how connected? I'm connected to my toes, but not as intimately as to my fingers typing this.

      I think at some point we begin to ride a current, and once we're firmly on it some things are more easily conjured than others.

      Sometimes it does get weird. I mean, I can argue that a succubus is both inside of me and outside, but when I'm being ridden I can definitely vouch for the outside.

      So what called her in the first place, her inside or her outside?

      Both, I think. Probably works both ways, too.

  5. As always, an interesting topic and a well written post, Rafe. Just keep em' coming!

    As for handling two succubus, it's always about dividing the attention evenly between the two of them, especially if they are with you at the same time. Don't leave any of them out, emotionally.

    There's different kinds of exclusivity, and I think "Bunny" prefer the exclusivity of love and relationship, rather than lust, because the latter is momentarily while the former is the foundation that made her wanna stay with you in a longterm condition. So, while she's busy doing her "stuff", she offered you a solution for the physical enjoyment of sex.

    But beware, because they easily fall in love with us. Can you handle two succubus on an exclusive condition? At the end of it, it's a three way decision, but I see a good compromise on the behalf of "Bunny" while she's busy doing her thing on other planes.

    1. I'm not sure I understand it but I think so.

      "Bubbles" as I've taken to calling her, is definitely emotional, sweet, airy, light, and very sensual. She seems to dwell in those primarily and enjoys them.

      Bunny is more sophisticated, complex, diverse, etc. I'm not saying Bubbles is simple, but her "range" is more focused on those loving traits she enjoys.

      Bubbles said, "Goodbye :)" last night and I felt her fading away. As soon as she was gone I felt a familiar tingling on my head and then my hair being caressed.

      Bunny! I was like a squirrel on espresso!

      Anyway, she quizzed me on what I had learned this week. I had finished a book (Taboo: Sex, religion, and magick) and also started another one (The Chicken Qabalah), memorized the 10 sephirah of the Qabalah in order of decent, and also completed the palmistry and natal chart portions of the Hexagradior as far as ability prediction.

      I'm such a pet.

      So while I can't NOT love a spirit who spends time with me, I think we'll be okay. I have a feeling this was planned before I even started wanting a solution myself.

      Regardless, I still wonder about Bunny's talk with me I posted a while back. So much of it was just wrong. Maybe I misinterpreted her communication.

      Anyway, I guess there are many different kinds of succubi out there.

  6. Succubus are a pack they are many until you decide who do you want, they smell different the higher the fragrance the more evolved they are, the lowest or evil spirits they stink, to know this you need to use your Clairsalience abilities when you do this you will know who is around you, by the way if you have multiple lovers they take turns, and they do things differently. By the way Bunny can see you, hear you, and already you have a portal implanted on your body where she comes from her realm, if you felt the stiky things in your body like tape on you that is where Is, when you sleep she is next to you she respect your sleeping time, and she is not engage in Sexual time, you should be grateful she gives you space, not like mine she is always horny, and don't respect my sleeping time or eating time, and for me is very annoying I don't care she looks like klaudia badura I don't like the stiky things. Anyway Bunny is just using push and pull technique, and I see it is working on you. Also ask her if she is upset if you summoned lilith. Why of this? Well I thought I had a daughter of lilith, but about 3 weeks ago my room was filled with a sweet and delicious fragrance, and I asked who was there, and why? She answered me she was Asthoreh, and only was checking things out. So ask her again.

    1. Hmm. I'll have to do some investigation. Bunny answers me sometimes when I ask a question, but most often she shows me in some way.