Friday, April 1, 2016

Tulpa Tulpa Tulpa!

I follow a man named Mistgod and his female spirit/tulpa/dream/waking companion Melian of Mist on deviant art. Her existence is so detailed and lifelike (and with such an awesome personality, too) that I find them both absolutely delightful to read about.

Here are their links on deviant art:  is Mistgod's page.  is Melian's page.

As you'll see for yourself if you visit:  They are amazing!

A recent journal entry they posted was especially interesting, and one that I just had to share and talk about:

"Melian the Dream Egregore"

"Lately there has been an interesting trend in my dreams involving Melian.

Melian has begun to sometimes interact with the characters or dream personas as a disembodied mind voice or presence. Each person she communicates with in the dream seems to hear Melian's voice.

The dream characters seem fine with this, as if Melian is some sort of well known egregore or shared entity or spirit. In these dreams I get impressions or feelings of her presence and I feel her emotions and hear her thoughts. I get impressions of her form, what she is wearing, how her hair is styled, her facial expressions and mannerisms, but her form does not appear in the "scene" of the dream. It's like Melian is in another place in my mind, and watching and interacting with the dream remotely. What is really interesting is that even if I am only an observer of one of these "movie dreams," Melian sometimes interacts with the characters and me as that mind voice and presence.

This effect in dreams involving Melian is fairly new and I think it is a result of her chatting with people online. It feels the same way when I channel Melian onto the Internet and she communicates through me.

In the latest of these Melian the Egregore dreams last night, Melian was interacting with a group of people reacting to the news that asteroids or meteoroids were going to hit the Earth."

This appears to be an example of tulpas (and their western counterparts) who reach a certain level of independence.  Relationships and love are transformative by nature, and this phenomena is no exception.  In the above pic, this cutie decided autonomously that she wanted a pet watermelon :)

That's Ikaros from "Heaven's Lost Property", a favorite anime of mine.

Psychology's mirror is Metaphysics.  Metaphysics is my language, as those who read my blog already know.  Working on my masters in metaphysics and working on my 3rd degree of witchcraft, I see things "differently" than most.  I just know that this phenomena is something more than the psychological processes and labels that have made it fully westernized from it's eastern origins... although quite strictly contained as even the tulpamancer "underground" has it's own rules strictly enforced by way of shaming and lecturing those who deviate that makes me wonder if the beauty of the whole thing hasn't been taken over by old social mores (*takes deep breath*) trying to place limitations on what people CAN experience, and instead telling them what they should experience.

Tulpamancy is very unique in that it's a subculture that has achieved quite an underground following here in the west.  I think in today's society of being "farther apart the closer we get" stands true.  Cell phone, Internet, twitter, and we're more lonely than ever as a whole.

Tulpas are an art form where Tibetan mystics spend a lot of time (6 months?, a year? of constant, focused meditation) creating a personal tutelary spirit that is created within a magick circle called a Kyil Khor.  But first, time is spent in learning how to make a Kyil Khor.  It is in itself an exercise that teaches the mystic trance by the process and the art, and also detachment, as the sand is simply swept away after so much effort.  Once that is mastered, a Tulpa is materialized within the Kyil Khor by constant meditation over a long period of time, as stated.

In the Tibetan tradition, the tutilary spirit is actually a tutelary God called a Yidam. When finished, the spirit leaves the circle and teaches the mystic with knowledge that the mystic cannot access, yet the Yidam has access to.

Now, first things first:  Nobody knows more about tulpas than Tibetans, and their art is passed in secret. While the concept is similar to the tulpamancy of the west in a way, the reality, I think, is more in line with a spirit indwelling a western tulpa at some point.

Magick is, after all, not limited to Tibet.

A Succubus of the west would be a Dikini in Tibet, a Fox Lover in Japan, China, Korea, a Jinn in the middle east:  The list goes on and on... readers of this blog know and can attest to the fact that Succui and Incubi exist everywhere and are as close as the one caressing my head as I type.

Magick is no different.  I think the magickal key is in this as in all things:  Intent.

How real is one willing to get?  How much is one willing to give?  Is a person prepared to set to allow their tulpa to be completely free and interact on their own terms?

This is from "tulpa" from the Wiki:

"Tulpa is a spiritual discipline and teachings concept in Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. The term “thoughtform” is used as early as 1927 in Evans-Wentz' translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. John Myrdhin Reynolds in a note to his English translation of the life story of Garab Dorje defines a tulpa as “an emanation or a manifestation.”

As the Tibetan use of the tulpa concept is described in the book Magical Use of Thoughtforms, the student was expected to come to the understanding that the tulpa was just a hallucination. While they were told that the tulpa was a genuine deity, "The pupil who accepted this was deemed a failure – and set off to spend the rest of his life in an uncomfortable hallucination."

I actually believe that last part, "deemed a failure" and "uncomfortable halluciination" is erroneous. The whole process was taught for purposes of enlightenment.

The exercise exists to allow the mystic to see that their creation is a creation of mind even though it has been manifested completely as an independent spirit for the mystic including touch, sound, personality, motivations, all of it.  

The mystic also comes to understand that even though real to them, the tutilary being is a creation of mind.  The mystics themselves come to understand that they are, themselves, a creation of mind.

This mystical understanding is the seed that blossoms into enlightenment.

We are a creation of who's mind?  Nobody knows.  Well... somebody knows.

Lets dive a bit farther down the proverbial rabbit hole:

Sometimes metaphysics and quantum physics cross lines.  There is a whole theory that suggests that the universe is a construct.  That things exist one way when not observed, yet behave another when being observed.  Actually, that part has been proven by the "double slit experiment".  You can find that on YouTube.

You can google "holographic universe" and find some really interesting theories out there.  I've read a few books on the theory, and the experiments from biology and neuroscience to quantum physics just boggles the mind.

The point is that quantum physics, psychology, metaphysics are intertwined more than scientists wish, I would imagine.

There's a line that is crossed where the imagination becomes so detailed that the astral form begins creation of what is imagined.  If something is just thought in passing with little emotion, or the thought lacks intent the protomatter never takes form.  I consider that a failsafe for our benefit :)

A book on thoughtforms I was reading stated that the astral is full of sentient, feeling, protomatter that can take shapes, forms, personalities, and even separate a tiny portion of itself to become an independent life form (as far as sentience).

(EDIT:  I've been wracking my brain as to where I got this theory, and I finally remembered the source.  Here's the book:  Magickal use of Thoughtforms: A Proven System of Mental and Spiritual Empowerment)

It definitely gives rise to the notion that we are all connected to everything.  Actually, that's a quantum physics term called "quantum entanglement".  If you want to really get really gritty, check out quantum entanglement and black hole theory regarding the case against quantum polygamy.

Sometimes I wonder if the world will finally give shamans their due.  It seems the more the clock tics through the ages, the more it sounds as if earlier mystics from antiquity had it right:  And without the benefits of higher math or quantum physics, or anything remotely like we do today.  And yet, here we are... treading in footsteps thousands of years ago.

At some point, when a person has given so much detail, love (Or hate.  Doesn't end well.), passion, purpose, and even playfulness something emerges.

I don't know what the tipping point is, but there IS a point where that mental construct is born a spirit.

One spirit that separates from the protomatter and becomes alive.  Very much alive.

Their home is the astral, but for the mystic, the tulpamancer, the summoner, one thing is clear:  Life.

I often consider the tipping point akin to the crossroads where magick happens in our world:  Sunrise, sunset, the lines between wild and tame, the equinoxes, solstices, witching hours, the list goes on.  But it is something that happens "in between" the process somewhere between intent, and in self-realization of an entity and new life.

Another possibility put forth by author Donald Tyson is that the tulpa, or a lateral framework for indwelling attracts a spirit from an infinite plane of spirits that then, being vibrationally matched, indwells the tulpa.  For all practical purposes the spirit IS the tulpa, as it is the exact vibrational match.  The difference is it becomes not only self-aware but completely independent of the person who made it.  Well, made him or her.

Now not only does the being exist within the mind of the one who made them, they can exist elsewhere and anywhere on the planes.  I'm not really sure what Kabbalistic realms they can roam.

To the creator there is always a special bond whereby the creator can see with all senses that we have on this earth.  I believe that given a long enough time others can perceive the being as well as they grow in power.  Not to full physcial material manifestation, no, of course not:  But perhaps thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the spirit can be felt in the material as these exist on different planes of existence anyway.

This often happens with psychic individuals, or those with the sight, or witch sight, or whatever label one prefers:  Some can sense these beings once the spirits have achieved independence from the creator (or perhaps before at some point depending on the psychic's sensitivity), and sometimes even see them.

Life has emerged in a new way, for a new experience, given birth by a person's mind.

Think of how powerful that is.  Just ponder it over.

Not only is reality not what we think it is, perhaps what was told long ago is true.

We are created in the Elohim's image.  We have the power to create love, or to create hate, and to give it life.

We are creations of the same order, but of a higher mind, and our succubi and incubi friends were created the same way, by a higher mind.

The implications are rather startling.  For one, we can assume that someone put that sentient, feeling, thinking matter there for us to interact with.  And another, is that there are literally an infinite number of spirits that exist, or potentially exist from that matter.  Perhaps there isn't any problem with creation theory and chaos theory existing side by side.

The matter was placed there, yet is infinite in it's possibilities.  Order and Chaos, side by side.

I may have a succubus who was created by my will and intent.  I honestly don't know.  To me, though, that doesn't mean anything different than any other possibility.  You see, she's saved my ass here in the physical plane a few times.  She saved my son's ass once from an accident.  What saved him just made no rational sense (which is when I start to look elsewhere for answers). 

That's why I see no distinction, really (although I DO tend to think she was what she was before I came along, because the summoning only took about a week) in the end.

I'm serious about that part:  If we are created by mind and we create by mind, we're all created by mind.  All that's left is time:  And frankly, time is the only thing that makes us mortal.  

She acts completely independently of me and follows her own heart. She's taught me things I would have no way of knowing, and pats my head when I'm being immature... or stubborn :P
"Don't sass the succubus" was the first thing I think I heard in my mind with her voice.  Hah.  Only me, right?

Wouldn't it be novel if I am suggesting that there is no limit to what is possible as far as spirits go: They are infinite, held in an infinite potential state.

Why does that not surprise me?  Because I don't exist.  

Order and Chaos :)

The best way to be able to visualize the female form is to memorize how a woman moves, walks, sits, dances, and plays.  So, in that vein:


  1. Very interesting article about tulpas!
    Fascinating perspective about the nature of reality.
    When I read the part in which you said "we are created in the Elohim's image" and in which you proposed that we are all creations of a higher mind, I was instantly reminded of this interesting book I was reading regarding possible theories and mechanisms behind psychic phenomena.
    The author of this book I was reading essentially says the same thing as you: "nothing exists but the thought of the infinite creator, so to speak, and we are simply part of that thought" (quoting from he book)

    In case you're interested, the book was written by a man named Tom Bearden. Tom Bearden does make some wild claims about many things and is dismissed by the mainstream scientific establishment as a crackpot and fraud, however his theories regarding psi/psychic phenomena and his personal explanations thereof are very interesting(at least to me).
    If you want I can give you a link to a pdf of this book. He talks about tulpas/though forms in pages 191-200.
    Personally I would read the book with a large grain of salt but it does provide some interesting ideas and theories.
    Perhaps you could ask your succubunny about her thoughts regarding the ideas contained in the above book, and other work of Tom Bearden. :)

    On a slightly unrelated note, the topic of tulpas and the notion of energy being molded by our minds also reminded me about the work of William Bengston. He experimented with the effect of the mind/mental energy on cancerous tumors in rats. Apparently he came up with very startling and unexpected results which he cannot provide an explanation for.

    Anyway, hope you're doing well. I'm very much enjoying your blog. :)

  2. Thank you! I hope you are doing well, too!

    Yes, I'd love to take a look. Simply click on the "view my complete profile" link to the upper right of this page in the "about me" section, it will go to my google+ profile, click on "about" that's on the right of the cute succubus background pic and my email is right there. I don't want to post it here because of bot spam.

    Here's a few to pass your way as well.

    They are both free on Kindle (for now at least):

    Charles Webster Leadbeater of the Theosophical Society, circa 1895.
    This book is simply titled, "Thought-forms."

    I don't know the author, but the little book was very interesting. It's titled, "Thought Forms and Psychogons: (About studies and practices with psychogons). I thought it pretty interesting.

    Oh, I take everything with a grain of salt, even what I personally believe, as everything is subject to change with growth.