Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sex and Spirit

Sexuality in today's culture boggles the mind.

There's the puritan belief that all sex is wrong, lovemaking is the devil, and lust is one of the seven deadly sins.

I just watched a Gnostic dvd I bought on sex that frankly made me ill.  I'm not even sure why it pretends itself to be anything different than what's already out there in common thought:  Just cloaked in different "exclusive" labels and occult terms.  I saw no value, whatsoever, other than in treating sex as a spritual process.

I already saw sex as a spiritual process.

Then we find the opposite end of the spectrum:  Do what feels good, fuck the consequences.  If you accidentally get pregnant you can always get an abortion.  STD's?  Worry about that later.  If it moves, fuck it, or if a woman, ride it.  Ride it until you've gone around and around the carousel and yet expect no problems with spiritual intimacy later.  Sorry:  It doesn't work that way.

Sport fucking is what I call it.

Now lets talk about spiritual sex with a succubus.

To a succubus sex is a holy ritual, a celebratory dance for in a way, they ARE sex.  Its communion at the highest level between the succubus and her man that is felt and heard on a high vibratory level like a bright, glowing nova.  You two become as bright as the sun.

Succubi give pleasures through multiple DRY orgasms, and those come regularly and plentiful during lovemaking with her.  Sex with her is different for sure, but better in my opinion.

Do you know why succubi usually don't get you to ejaculation but please and tease, keeping you just short of that that point of release?

Because if you let that sexual frustration off it's game over:  End of fun time, end of the glow, end of communion.  They don't want that.

If every time a bell rings an angel gets it wings, then every time a lover is held in that "in between" place of lust, desire, and high arousal to where she is gently guiding, a succubus gets her wings.  And yes, it's hard as hell not to finish yourself off and staying in that agonizing stage of "almost" for so long without release.

So, if my natural instincts are one way and hers another (me with the instinct to ejaculate, and her instinct for a different purpose) why would I even like something like that?

It takes a relearning of what sexuality is, really.  It's not all about the ejaculation, it's about what is shared between a succubus and her man riding that level of excitement, passion, and pleasure for as long as it takes to break through and find that awakening.

If one can push through the need to ejaculate and ride those high waves of ecstasy and sexual energy, lovemaking can last a long, long time and create so much intimacy it's spiritually staggering.

Something to think about if you have a new succubus and are struggling with the wish for her to "finish you off".  She's trying to push you two towards a higher level of coupling.

She wants to share what she is and she's trying to show you what only she knows.

Sometimes I feel that the ejaculation here on this plane is just a shadow of what can be.

I also feel that they, as lovers and teachers (and as the Daughters of Kundalini) are constantly pushing us to that place that we've never been... and the realm where they, the succubi, dwell.

Call it a hunch, but I'd say they are pushing us to a state of being that is ecstasy itself.

Now when you are pushed to that limit of endurance and have to release yourself, don't.

See where it goes:  Your epiphany might be just around the bend.

Go farther than you've ever been.  Let her take you there.

Lovers and teachers, remember?

Funnest homework ever though.


  1. You're right, holding back is not easy. Sometimes all I have to do is move a certain way. I think it's better to stop if it is getting too hard to hold back, and start again later. It takes practice, and looking back I can see the progress we made.

  2. Thank you for commenting. Great advice!

  3. The sex just keeps getting better and better. I am a rookie at this I have been visited by what I think is a succubus for little over a year. The contact has been intense to say least. Just wondering since the beginning of this trip as I close my eyes and feel the presence I see a bright light that starts big and funnels down and dissappears. It happens over and over again. I like to concentrate on it and sometimes see visons inside it but they fade quickly. Sometimes this light swirls or look like fast moving clouds. Pretty wild stuff the whole time she touches me and driving me wild with excitement.

    1. Freakin' amazing what we feel with them, isn't it? I'm sure that words can't really describe your experience fully. The beauty is in the "communion" with these lovely beings and how it comes to us in special, unique, and individual ways. Thank you for your comment :)

  4. I figured I haven't died or had any bad luck since her presence. I didn't summon her so when she first started visiting me I thought I was going crazy. I even went to the doctor and he gave me meds used for Parkinsons disease when that didn't work after a couple weeks I said hell with it stop taking that stuff and go with flow. I have read your blog Rafe and when your experience matched some of mine to a tee I realized I was not alone I felt confort that it's ok to enjoy the experience. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    1. Hey, no problem.

      Spirit lovers really do change one's perceptions at to what is "real" though don't they, heh.

      They blow your worldview wide open about so many things.

      Once I came to terms with some of my experiences I realized that my mind and the way I perceived everything had changed.

      Once changed I couldn't go back to my old way of seeing things even if I had wanted to, which I don't.

      Too late, lol.

      So, I started this blog :)

  5. Hey I also got sick of the gnostic teachings, as I was one for a time, but absolutely, if succubus don't make you ejaculate as fast as they can, they are not sucking your lifeforce as many think they do.

    Hope I can master that, and also hope that when I have my ladies I could get healed down there, after so many masturbation abuse.

    The Lingam an many spiritual symbols have much to do with this, is creation, is the power.