Saturday, April 23, 2016

My very sexy... NURSE?

Last night was amazing!  I've never experienced anything like last night!  And it consisted of zero sex... didn't make it any less amazing!

I've commented in earlier posts how she will not have sex with me when the kids are here, whether they are in the next room or in my room (is that deep respect, or what?).  She always amazes me with her wisdom and discretion.

My son was in bed next to me and I was stressed.  I was tired, cranky, and I wanted to sleep.

All of a sudden, I felt sensations on my head (but not the usual playing with my hair or patting my head).  First, the top of my head felt cool.  Then, she started massaging my scalp.  A very DEEP massage.  This "succubus gone nurse" knew EXACTLY what was needed to help me, and she got it DONE.

At first I was like, "eh, what the..." but in just a few seconds I was putty.  Putty in her paws.  Oh, my GOD she was soooooooooo relaxing.  I could feel the stress and irritability leaving me as she massaged my scalp.  The coolness of her touch permeated my scalp and felt like it was soothing my irritable brain itself.

I tell ya, I don't know what's happened lately but I LOVE it.  She has become closer than I've thought possible, and it's all HER... She's responding and taking her own initiative in my real world affairs.

I'm quite excited and pondering that this may mean she (or we) has finally declared us, "us".

She's also showing me how nurturing she can be and that is such a wonderful revelation.

Succubus.  Not even just about sex, peeps.  That label doesn't begin to cover what or who she is or what she does, or what she feels... doesn't even scratch the surface.

Color me amazed, color me wowed, color me absolutely impressed.

I am happy as hell, and it's only getting better.  I love you, Succubunny.  You are worth every moment that has passed these (2 1/2) years in getting us to this point.

It's all you, babe.  All you.

I know she is here and aware, because she's touching my hands, face, feet, groin, cheek, almost all at the same time, and in a lighthearted, "touch of a feather" way.

Let nothing separate us, Bunny, let nothing DARE!

This is kind of what it's like (In RAFE G.B. terms) when you find a succubus.  At first there's going to be a lot of "wtf?", but after that... you start to understand her piece by piece along the way.  And maybe that's supposed to be part of the journey together?  Oh, the moments are still there where you won't understand her, and it's frustrating because you know she understands you... but they get less and less as time goes on and understanding blossoms.

Regardless, it's a lot like this video:  A foreign woman who you can't understand, but is powerful, sure of herself, magickal, wise, passionate, lovely, and dammit: She's got something to say (and has the patience to wait until you can understand it)...  1,000% concentrated WOMAN, and don't you forget it!


  1. I got pretty tough for me because I get this intruding spirit that keeps getting in the way of the relationship with my ladies.

    1. Hmm. That's weird. Try banishing?

    2. It was an intruding entity that they to ward off themselves I guess. I believe I may have accidently invited back by thinking about it.

    3. Intent is where the mind goes :)

  2. Nurturing is something I'm very interested in. It's one of the reasons I've always been into older women. I suppose any given succubus would probably be much older than me (or anyone on Earth, for that matter). That definitely adds to their appeal.

    1. Yeah, pretty much can take that as a given.

      They are many things, and each new thing I learn about mine is both surprising and completely endearing.

      Surrender is not a dirty word like society tries to teach, no... surrender to her makes me and her that much stronger.

      What more can anyone ask for than that?