Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ectogenesis and the Female Soul

Ectogenesis is a word that conjures fear among women today who have heard of it.

What it is, is the development of an embryo in artificial wombs.

I read that some women fear this, as they fear that society will look differently upon them, and they will lose some of their mystique, or perhaps power in the reproductive process.

I don't know about the power, but I do know about the mystique.

You see, as anyone who loves a succubus knows, they are women to the core, but the are not physical women here.  Yes, we feel touches, we feel kisses, and we feel a hell of a lot more than that in lovemaking, but their essence resides elsewhere in their home environment (when they bring all of themselves to you, you'll freakin' know it).

But see... it doesn't matter to me much that she's not 100% physical.

She's a woman through and through.  To her core.

When she speaks to me during the day and through my daily life she offers words of advice, wisdom, a new perspective.  Yes, she also nags.  Heh.

And I wouldn't have it any other way :)  It's just her way of taking care of me.

Sex is part of a whole.  It's the icing on the cake.  It does not define us nor assign true value.

When I first summoned her way back then, I wanted sex, and I was lonely, so very lonely.

I got the sex, I'm not so lonely.  The sex was just a part of it, a part of her "introducing" herself into my life in a way I could understand.

I almost tend to think of it as... well... she was a sexual healer.  She gave me what I most needed at the time, and then she allowed her grace to descend and be part of my life, of my world.

Maybe, just maybe, one day men and women will realize that they are more than the sum of their parts.  That it doesn't matter how large a woman's breasts are, or if a man is hung like an elephant.

If a guy is built like a weightlifter or a woman a cheerleader.

Whether the man produces only a little income, or the woman breaks through 1,000 glass ceilings and becomes the CEO of XYZ corp.

None of that matters in 100 years:  They'll be dead.  But that soul matters, and it will be in evirons that those facts matter for nothing.


Even if ectogenesis replaces women as the carriers of the unborn, it cannot replace women.

It never will.

There will always be social pressures and changes that come with time.  These do nothing to who you truly are as a woman:  That part of you that is deep inside:  That part of you that is of source.

If you, as a woman, feel threatened by things like ectogenesis, it's time to find your feminine soul.

Once you can "feel" that part of you that is underneath the ego, the body, the thoughts... the pure essence that is timeless... nothing can shake the importance of you.

It is the part below the body, below your self image, below the self you project, below your feelings, your emotions:  That essence.  You know it, you just haven't come to terms with it, perhaps.  Or if you have, strengthen your awareness of it.  It's deeply in there, burried at the center:  Trust me.

Imagine that from birth, life has been writing all kinds of dumbass labels across a blackboard. Imagine you having written all those labels that you feel about yourself and who you are on that same blackboard.  Now here we are, with you owning all those labels and thinking it's you.


Wipe clean the black board, all of it.  YOU'RE the blackboard.  Nothing that was ever written on it was you.


The feminine soul is as beautiful as any other woman's, but in a precious, irreplaceably unique way.

Nothing matches your feminine soul, nothing ever could replace it.  Ever.

It is the part of you that lives forever, and always will be.

Male and female are all around us, in the stars, the planets, the universe.

We are but poor reflections of these, not the other way around.

Find that part of yourself, your feminine soul, and you will have stability so unshakable that nothing can make you feel less a woman unless you allow it to.

Male and female exist in eternal union, in the eternal dance of communion in both closeness and sometimes in distance, but always in perfection. Communion, and a blending of beings becomes an (because of blurred boundaries from communion) absence, which creates the longing for mutual communion once more.  The tension of separation is momentary and re-establishes boundaries of gender, the communion lasts must longer and is the most noticeable portion of the dance.

It IS the eternal dance.

Of these forces all others originate.

See yourself in the way that is true, and nothing will ever shake your feminine soul again.

It's good to know yourself, and to feel that which is below feeling.  Once you do, I believe you have found that part of yourself that is also eternal.

That part of yourself that is truly part of the eternal dance around us.

Your part that cannot die.

Where did I learn these things?  I'm sure you can guess which feminine soul taught me :)  The blog's about her, after all.




  1. I wish there were women who wrote this kind of stuff about men. Instead, they (and society in general) mostly seem intent on telling men how expendable and replaceable they are.

    1. This woman does just that.

    2. I've had a look at some of her stuff. She seems to be very much a traditionalist in favor of old-school gender roles. That's not really my thing. I'm actually a fairly feminine-minded guy, and also sexually submissive. In fact, one of the things that got me interested in succubi was the idea that they could be dominant and sexually aggressive, but in a loving and positive way, like dominant men usually act toward submissive women. This is generally known as "gentle femdom" - female dominance without degradation, humiliation, pain, shame, etc.

      I suspect that Dr. Helen wouldn't like me very much.

    3. Lets forget Dr. Helen and all gender politics for a moment.

      Total surrender is the key which unlocks what a succubus can teach and do.

      If one masters the state of total surrender with a Succubus, the resulting intimacy is staggering.

      Total surrender is also the state in which most people fail utterly, miserably, and completely with a succubus. They are unable to attain this mindset because of their own fear of letting go, and of giving up control to another.