Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mating Season

So, it's that time again.  You guessed it:  Mating Season :)

Here I am, studying away, going about my errands, and I get this image flashed (except of her) in my mind:

Me thinking:  "Hey Bunny!  Eh, why are you decked out in black lace?  It seems like a special occasion?"

Oh shit... I know this tune.

(Me trying to run and get out the door for my errands, lol)


(Her mentally seducing me and luring me to bed with urgency, forget running)

See, I had just figured it out when I was thinking to run out the door:  It's her mating season.  So much for my abdominals:  They are going to be sore for days... there's really no way to explain it, not in any way that makes a lick of sense:  It's just different than regular sex with a succubus and it happens about once every 6 months.

A succubus during her mating season is about as gentle as a lioness in heat.  And your chances of running from one?  Haha.  Either way, it has it's moments...

And to be honest, I'm glad it's mating season (don't tell her: I think she likes just a little bit of a chase):  This lets me know it's still her, still my Succubunny.  I've only experienced this with her, so I know we're good.

(Her flashing a song in my mind as I get into bed and light incense:  *When u ready come and get it, Nanananah, Nanananah, Nanananah*)

The odd thing is... I had just bought "fertility" incense at the store earlier that day.  I have no idea why, I just suddenly thought it would smell GREAT.  Is that a crazy coincidence, or what?  I think she put the idea in my head to be honest...  She's tricky like that :)


  1. I don't mi'ladies follow any kind of mating season that i'm aware of.They just go at it and if it wasn't for me rolling on to my back they continue on and on not that i'm complaining.

    1. Yeah, lol. Maybe it's an individual succubus thing, or perhaps a certain type of succubus thing. I dunno.