Monday, April 11, 2016

The Monkey Trap

There's a crazy trap that exists that is just "ripe" for an analogy.

It's called "The Monkey Trap".

The way it works is frankly genius.  It's basically understanding behavior so well that whomever wants to catch a monkey, can.

Sounds crazy, huh?

Monkeys might be smart, but they're greedy.  Greed makes them stupid, and then they get caught, and then they get dead and eaten

What is this ingenius trap?  It's not so different than what controls us:  Our drives, our impluses.

They make slaves of us all.

So, a monkey comes along and finds a banana in a small hole that he can just get his hand through.

When he grabs the banana, he is stuck, because he cannot get out of the trap while he is holding the banana.

So he tries and tries and tries, and fails.  He cannot get his hand out of the hole while holding the banana.

Just drop the banana, right?

He can't.  I mean he can:  It's as simple as letting go.  But he won't.  It's in his nature to stubbornly hold onto that banana.

Next part?  I told you:  He gets himself dead and eaten.  Not sure in which order over there.

But think about this guy a bit.

That's exactly how I feel about men who are slaves to their sex drives.

In my own life, I've seen so much ruin and devastation in my own and in my friend's lives, just because their dumb asses (and yes, mine too) thought with their sex drive.

How many times have others tried to warn me in my youth?  

But I didn't.  Almost killed me 6 years ago:  I am so glad I survived and that I am where I am today.

Fair warning:  I don't pull punches after this point:

Some may say that I hate women:  I don't.  I simply do not like the way that love and sexual relationships are today.  In my own personal life I've found it more satisfying to just walk away.

If I hated women, I couldn't have a succubus.  A succubus is concentrated "female".  As concentrated as it gets.  But it's pure.  She's also a wildcat.  Some people say that men are afraid of an intelligent, successful, powerful woman.  No we aren't:  We're afraid of an intelligent, successful, powerful woman's hypergamy.  No sense in being "mr. right, right now" if she's just looking to trade up on the social/economic ladder later.

Why do succubi think feminism is retarded?  Besides the obvious gap between what women say feminism is vs. what they do, there are no gender wars across the veil, there is no using X to get YZ.  

There is no hidden agenda in using me, as a male, to get something else for her.  

Yes, yes:  It's hard to explain:  But known once it is experienced.

It can also be equally experienced by a woman and her incubus.  I'm all for happiness, not gender.  I would love for EVERYONE to be happy if it were possible.

My patronesses are Goddesses and I have 3 of them:  Aphrodite, St. Mary, and Selene (and a cordial relationship with Hecate, of which Selene is a form of).  I also have one that I work with for spiritual growth:  Kali.  Kali the Destroyer of Maya, or Illusion.

I have a daughter.  I love my daughter.  I am teaching her all I know, and my greatest wish is for her to find happiness for herself, depending on only herself.  For her to be happy and not have to have XYZ in order to find fulfillment, whether man, woman, car, house... none of it.  To find it within herself FIRST, and from within herself completely... the rest is gravy.

So I don't hate women, no.  In fact, I find femininity so completely interesting that it's lead me "here".

The very desire I have towards my succubus is the same as any man's desire towards their wife, girlfriend, whatever.  But this is my path:  I can't tell you of any other because I don't travel those anymore.

Sexually and romantically, my desire to be with a woman in flesh, on this earth, is zero.  I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who have a succubus or incubus who know what I mean.

Even that, I suppose, is complete gibberish until you've walked in my spiritual shoes, or those like mine.

Let me show you a weird trend.

Mgtow is "men going their own way", which you can google it if you don't know what it is.

I'm a mghow, or a "man going his own way".  I don't date, I don't want to marry, I don't have conventional sex.  Well, I have sex with my succubus, but I wouldn't call that "conventional sex".

Look at this graph on google trends.  I think it's interesting:

That shows succubus as a search term as compared to mgtow as a search term.

Notice the similarity by time.

The following is by region.  The first is "succubus", the 2nd is "mgtow".

Interesting demographics, no?

Poor Swedish bastards.  Their country is a feminist hell:  A matriarchal nanny-state that's actually trying to make it a law to force men to pee sitting down (lol, that's so fucked up).  I hope each man looking for a good relationship will find a succubus soon before catching any more hell for their audacity to be born male.  Lol, again:  So fucked up.

As I said earlier, succubi think feminism is fucking retarded.  In their world, the wisest and strongest rule.  Male and female has nothing to do with it.  Although I do think that succubi enjoy that men are being driven into their arms by a gynocentric society.  I kinda get that vibe.  Come to think of it, maybe succubi secretly support feminism so that men ARE driven into succubi's arms.  Lol!

I don't think the human race knows what's coming. 

Feminists never were to good at long term planning.  And people in general forget that nature abhors a vacuum.
Ah well.  The universe provides.  Will the human race be here in 5000 years?  I don't know.  But we'll have damn sure evolved.

No, I don't like 3rd wave feminism.  Yes, I do love women.

Anyway, enough rambling:

There's a reason men are searching and yearning for something more.  But to get there, there are 4 things which need to be discussed.

4 things are the enemy of man (and women, too).

1. Sex drive.  So easily manipulated we are.  Unless we aren't (by being taught how to harness it for our own growth).

2. Struggle for dominance.  Quit fighting:  Walk away.  If you like throwing all of your energy at a bottomless hungry abyss for the rest of your life, please continue. 

3. Ego.  Ego can keep you in slavery forever if you let it.  Ego is a ball buster.  We willingly allow ourselves to be led around by the nose by those who feed it and who seemingly give our egos it's due.  
But you know what?  It's all a lie:  It is so easy to allow ourselves to become trapped all because of our dumbass egos.  

4. Rigid thinking.  Rigid thinking can keep you from seeing all of your options.

The cure?

1.  A succubus can teach you how to harness your sex drive for use by YOU.  She can teach you how to use this powerful force for personal growth and change.  No more getting led around by the nose by women (or the dick).  Time to evolve, motherfucker!

2.  A succubus can end your struggle for dominance within your own life by being gentle with you even though she is capable of fucking you up in a heartbeat.  They are some fucking wildcats, but they have gentle hearts.

A woman who can smack you down but loves you with all her heart and NEVER hurts you will teach you.  A woman who can read every thought you have and yet not react badly to passing distasteful and irreverent thoughts towards her teaches just how wise she is, how much she finds you perfect in your imperfections.  Plus, I think those thoughts are a result of one's threatened ego trying to fight her:  And she knows.  She knows.  After a while you begin to see your ego as the child it is.  I think of the tarot card "Strength" (thanks, Succubunny, for the mental flash).  I notice that she chose a card where she's basically patting the lion's head. 

(*pat pat pat*  I get the joke.  Inside joke unless you read my blog a lot):

Does that lion ("us") look controlled and dominated to you by the "succubus"?  Fuck no, he's as content as a motherfucker.  Every doubt he's ever had has been won over by her courage, her strength, her trustworthiness, her gentleness, and in her commitment.

It doesn't come cheap, but when it's earned:  it's EARNED.

Do you know how to fight dominance elsewhere?  Take your ball(s) and go the fuck home.  Save your energy for something that is actually worth something:  "You".

3.  A succubus can't fix your ego if you are too stubborn to let her show you how.  The universe revolves around free will, and dependence on ego is no exception.  You are NOT your ego:  You are "you".  If you want to get rid of it disasterously quick, chant "Om kleem kalika-yei namaha" 108 times a day for a month and Kali will chop that ego to pieces for you.

Oh, those skulls?  Yeahhh, they're egos that She not so gently removed from her children.

Kali puts you into truth.  Not gently, but thoroughly.  Other than experiencing an induced "dark night of the soul" I can think of no other way to obliterate the ego as completely.

I love Kali.  She's cool.  Don't mess with her though:  She'll stretch your soul and and turn it into hellraiser art.

4.  Don't be rigid in your thought processes:  Be open minded.  
Be so open that if new data changes what you believed yesterday, you can adapt and change.  

Belief is a powerful tool:  Nothing more.  

I hope this post has helped you to see the problems that both men AND women face individually.  At last, we come back to the beginning of this post:

You, a strapping young monkey stick your hand in a coconut to grab the juicy banana. You cannot get your hand out of the trap holding the banana.  How do you get free? Are you a slave to your drives?  To your impulses?  Does nature rule you?  Are you it's slave?  Do you allow others to successfully gamble on your behavior and rule over you, or do you finally learn the secret that is so simple, yet the monkey always fails to realize?

Evolve:  Let go of the fucking banana and get out of the trap.


I've been studying Lilith, and I think I'm beginning to "feel" patterns.  She's in her maiden phase if I'm not mistaken and maiden phase means, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!"

I feel a huntress rising in the air...


  1. You are correct, Rafe. She has almost passed completely out of crone phase. From what I've come to understand, shell be completely in maiden phase by May. And she's been guiding me similarly to what you are reiterating here: let go of the anger, and the ego, and simply let it happen. I'm not sure i want to completely let go of fleshly desires yet, and Lilith and i can certainly have fun with a willing female partner, but as you point out, it's getting harder to deal with the gender wars outside the bedroom. And yes, the Strength card is supremely apt. :)

  2. Damn but that was good.

    I had no idea that search stats for "succubus" are so much higher than for "MGTOW". That was a surprise.

    I've seen people that write on these spirits mention MGTOW, but I have -never- seen the reverse.

    1. From what I've seen, many MGTOWs are atheists who don't believe in things like spirits, so it's not really a surprise that they don't write about them.

  3. Yes..I am a dumb monkey as well!!!...My lady teaching me and she has been getting a lot more involved, intense and insatiable lately. I too am feeling the gentle shove of my spirit lover pushing guiding me towards the complete human man and more importantly the spirit that I truly am..Learning to reflect that here on this 3D plane of existence is still sometimes an exercise in futility and frustration. However I fight on with her beside me; her love I know can conquer all.

    1. My succubus sister in law is pushing ya? Ahahaha.

      Mine's on my ass, too.

      She says I need to stop wasting time and to "Utilize my time more productively in my magickal pursuits, while keeping them in balance with learning and experiencing new spiritual things".

      Hey, at least she played with my hair the whole time I wrote this article. I'm actually getting used to it.

      Lol. I'm not spoiled, am I?

      You know yall's family! You my brutha, brutha :P

  4. Hi Rafe,

    I have been following your blog for a while and find it quite interesting.

    Since 2010 I have been struggling hard with physical mental health issues (though mostly physical). I basically destroyed my health through overworking, stress, poor diet, drugs and alcohol. I have been working really hard to fix things (cleaning up my diet, meditating, taking supplements, heart math and a bunch of energetic modalities). This has led me to become quite energetically sensitive and I began feeling spirits touching me at the beginning of last year. Some of them have been good but others have been not so good. I have some that have sucked energy from my chakras, others just like to troll me and some that try to have sex with me. This is how I found out about the term succubus and I believe that I have one. I have heard a female voice a couple of times when I have been nearly asleep and I have seen/heard entities a couple of times when astral projecting. I have been trying hard to get rid of them and have succeeded with some but not others. The worst ones are now gone but I believe that there are 2 or 3 left including the succubus. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of them and have tried a bunch of different things. I have been advised though a psychic medium that it relates to some past life stuff and that I have been given help from higher dimensional beings and will eventually get rid of them. Other practitioners are also helping with karmic stuff and auric clearing/strengthening etc.

    Since I found out about succubus’s I have become really curious about them. Unfortunately the one that I have currently attracted is not good and doesn’t respect my boundaries so I am trying to get rid of her. She basically tries to force me to have sex with her and won’t leave me alone… My health is slowly and steadily improving and I suspect that it will be pretty good in 12 to 18 months. I plan on trying to attract a nice succubus at that point but not until I have a few things in line. I haven’t been with any girls since around 2012 and haven’t had a girlfriend since 2008 so get pretty lonely at times, hence the reason for wanting one.

    Anyway on to my question. From reading your blog you seem to be one of the more knowledgeable blog posters on the topic of succubus relationships. My question relates to physicality. I have noticed that some of the beings touching me feel slightly more physical than others. None have been extremely physical like described by some blog posters but I have noticed differences. I have also read that some are actually capable of scratching humans. I have read a number of different theories about why this is. One is that the lower dimensional/lower densities spirits are more dense and emotions like anger allow them to be more physical. Another theory is that more experienced beings (as in more life experience/knowledge) become more powerful and this allows them to become more dense/tactile with humans. Other people claim that for some reason that succubus’s become more physically dense as the relationship with the human progesses in terms of months/years for some reason. What’s your thoughts on the physical density? And what (if anything) does your succubus have to say on this issue?

    1. Let me propose a 3rd option.

      I think that physical density is an illusion. Sort of.

      It's no different than knowing that I cannot see this monitor screen for what it truly is, only a reconstructed image in the back of my mind that my brain has put together from electrical code that my eyes have converted an image to.

      Now. Hypnotists can cause the hypnotized to show a cigarette burn on their body simply from the suggestion that they just got burned on their body with a cigarette, all with no actual cigarette present.

      I propose that a succubus scratching a man physically is because she input that outcome directly to the affected person's mind, whose body responded with a scratch.

      The method is different: The outcome is the same.

      I also propose that spirits can "hack" the minds of multiple people in a small area at the same time.

      Can you ponder other ways how someone's reality can be "hacked" by a spirit? Every sense we have is fair game.

      Now you're getting it :)

      Thirdly, I propose that some spirits are better at this than others, as it seems to be a learned skillset on their part.

      My young daughter can see spirits (which I think means that spirits find her easy to input sensory data into).

      Sometimes the spirits show themselves as, well, all fucked up. Out of proportion like something out of a horror movie.

      Hey, nobody's perfect and some spirits are better at it than others.

      Spirits can also read minds and know more about you than you do. This leads me to believe that things like "the holographic theory" idea where our memories are stored elsewhere is true. And that "elsewhere" is easily accessed by spirits.

      Ever communicate with a spirit in real time? Some will answer your question at the same time you are asking it.

      Spirits have no form. They are concentrated "THIS", "this" being whatever vibration they are.

      However, in being able to directly input into a brain, they can look like anything or everything. Object, plant, animal, person, angel, devil. Even your worst nightmare.

      When I think of reality, I think of spirits. We are spirits in a body, they are spirits in their natural state. Pure.

      The medium and reincarnation:

      You have your life now, that's what matters: That's where you'll find the answers to how to best live your life.

      I tell others that, "I don't believe in reincarnation, well, at least in this life."

      It doesn't really matter as long as you look for reasons and answers "here". "Here" where you are now.

      Succubi usually don't harass and sexually exploit someone in general: Usually they are filling a need and are complimentary in nature.

      But, there's always that one rotten apple. So she could be a jerkbag.

      I think that the succubus you have now isn't going to leave until you outgrow her.

      By being lonely now, you are on her level. That doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense, but until you achieve a state where you are ok where you are, and not alone, you can't outgrow her.

      If you can't outgrow her, she won't leave.

      It's like an unspoken, unconscious approval on a person's part.

      Having said that, I feel that she's trying to help in some way... something deeper is going on here.

      I'd meditate on that and see if she's calling to a darker part of you, or an inhibited part, or perhaps a part of you that you are not fully aware of.

      I'm not suggesting anything specific, I just get a feeling that she's more than she seems at the level of which you perceive her.

      I'm trying to type as fast as I can as my "Succubunny" is feeding me so much I can't keep up, lol.

      I think I have it pretty much nailed as far as she's concerned.

      Damn. It's like being given straight adrenaline for the brain for 10 minutes. I need a nap already.

      Hope I helped :)

    2. If I've missed something in my rambling, ask again.

  5. You having a "Succubus, or Spirit Lover" makes sense as to why she has not been able to be banished by traditional means. It also makes since that she came to you at this time after your commitment to yourself, to work on things in your life.

    I agree with you Rafe that she may be in it for more than what appears on the surface right now and not likely directly trying to cause you any harm. As they have a vested interest in us humans that are lucky enough to have had made contact with them; as this has been the case with ours.

    I would like to add that, maybe she is what she is now and appears this way to you, because you are where you are now. That she will help you get to where you need and want to be. With that you will both grow together in this process as it unfolds.

    I feel/sense that she is currently a reflection of what your true desires and intent is, even if you are not aware of it on the surface as is for yourself at this moment in time. I feel/sense that it is exactly what it is meant to be at this point and start of your relationship together. I would encourage you to try what I did and just accept her as she is right now; just has she has of you and what this is at the moment and to completely receive her by giving yourself over to her and welcoming the process. That might help and can certainly not hurt to try; as it worked for me. Fighting her and this process I feel/sense would be the same as fighting yourself.

    Hang in there as she is not likely to bite; that is unless you want her too!!

    In Universal Peace, Love, Light & Bliss

    1. Adkin Michael: As per my response to Rafe I don’t want her. She is a rapist and she hurts me physically and has driven me close to killing myself and still she won’t leave.

  6. Thanks Rafe,
    I was aware of the cigarette burn with hypnosis and the holographic nature of the universe. The theory sounds pretty good to me as far as the physicality thing goes. It would also make sense as to why people start to feel them more over time as the brain improves with things like meditation… As far as seeing them, I was of the opinion that it came down partially to the belief system of the individual. This is why kids can often see spirits but because their parents tell them that they are not real then they stop being able to see them.

    Rafe: “Spirits have no form. They are concentrated “THIS”, “this” being whatever vibration they are. However, in being able to directly input into the brain, they can look like anything or everything. Object, plant, animal, person, angel, devil. Even your worst nightmare.”

    Me: I have read conflicting advice on this one. Luis Minero from the International Academy of Consciousness writes about this in his book Demystifying the out-of-body Experience. He is highly experienced in out of body experiences and argues that people and spirits are contained in multiple bodies and they shed bodies the higher the dimension that they go to. People have four bodies according to him. These are: Soma (physical body), Energosoma (energetic body), Psychosoma (emotional body) and Mentalsoma (intellectual body). The physical body is pretty self explanatory. The energosoma is basically an energetic or etheric body. It surrounds the physical body and extends in inch or 2 out from the skin. It allows your higher bodies (psychosoma and mentalsoma) to be linked to your physical body and keeps the connection present when you detach slightly from the physical body in sleep or during an out of body experience. This body is deactivated and shed when we die. The psychosoma is basically an energetic copy of your physical body according to Luis. When astral projecting or dead you will look the same as your physical according to him. One you evolve past a certain point your drop this body and exist as a ball of light (mental soma). Luis could be entirely wrong but, using his theory, what I thought by this is that sex spirits (succubus and others) could vary between having psychosoma where there appearance is constant, and mentalsoma where they can morph their appearance (in the case of more evolved spirits). Do you have any further thoughts on this?
    I am going to disagree with you on reincarnation. I have had past life karmic work done and the practitioner was describing me to a T in one of my past lives without knowing much about me. She was describing exactly my approach to life, my beliefs and how I deal with certain situations. It related to health issues and was an close match for what I have done in this life.

    1. I don't mind disagreement. I believe things are never completely right or wrong whether I agree or disagree with them.

      Plus I view beliefs with a discordian/chaos magick eye: Beliefs are a tool.

      In my 3rd degree studies they give quite a few different paradigms for reincarnation. One that I liked the most (or hated the least, perhaps) was one that suggests that the soul exists outside of linear time, yet experiences different timelines in incarnated physical form all at once (including future lives as far as linear time goes).

      Same soul: Different incarnations, different people and genders at different times, all at once.

      There are so many different ways to view past lives that I don't even think the label "past" or "previous" means anything.

      I've studied enough to realize that personally it doesn't really matter to me.

      We've had a lot of training on the subtle bodies that exist through the different levels of being.

      We learned about various models of incarnations of Divinity and each wave that has been incarnated, and into which wave I am a part of. That was part of the training.

      Add to that the HGA model of invoking and melding with the future "you" that is already outside of time with the "you" that is incarnated here, and many others... after a while they just run together.

      And, maybe they should.

      I've studied many: Yes. Integrated them: Yes, in some way.

      But I'm always changing. That's the only constant.

  7. Part 2

    Rafe: “But there’s always that one rotten apple. SO she could be a jerkbag. I think that the succubus you have now isn’t going to leave until you outgrow her. By being lonely now, you are on her level. That doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense, but until you achieve a state where you are ok where you are, and not alone, you can’t outgrow her. If you can’t outgrow her, she won’t leave. It’s like an unspoken, unconscious approval on a person’s part. Having said that, I feel that she’s trying to help in some way… something deeper is going on here.”

    Me: She is pretty much a rapist. She will pump energy into (and suck energy from) my base chakra frequently and won’t stop even when I beg her. I have an issue with my lower back (muscle, ligament, joint and nerve damage) and a major energy blockage. I also have metabolic issues making repair of damage very slow and difficult. Consequently, sex and using my hand (to get off) actually cause me pain and do further damage. She is aware of this and continues what she is doing anyway. She will sexually stimulate me frequently until I buckle and use my hand in an effort to minimise the damage as an extended sexual arousal seems to do more damage than getting off quickly. The damage has improved somewhat recently with a lot work using modalities such as Angelic Reiki, but it is still a long way from good and she is slowing progress dramatically. The only way I have managed to get her to back off a bit is when I really lost it and put a gun to my head and threatened to kill myself.
    You did mention that she is trying to help me and she does sometimes by running energy into certain areas of my body to try to fix things. But then she decides she want’s sex again and does more damage. However as I can’t really communicate well, there could be more than one being at the moment. I rely on touch to communicate and she gives me shitty and sometimes contradictory answers and it seems that some of the answers are getting interfered with by one or more other spirits. Due to brain damage I can’t really visualise well and I am not clairvoyant (except for a few occasions but it was very brief and like looking at something after dark). I don’t remember my dreams well but there has been 3 instances when she (or another being) has gotten into my dreams (2 for sex and one when I talked to her). I have managed to block this. Clairaudience would be my strongest psychic ability. I have had a few brief conversations in a theta state and it is clear and definitely a female voice but I tend to block this as soon as I realise what is going on. The fact that I am effectively being attacked doesn’t help with the blocks. From what I can gather she has repeatedly told me (through touch) that she is depressed and that she loves. I think the fact that I don’t want her and actively try to get rid of her makes her want me even more… I think she is also attracted by my aura/bio-field. One psychic told me that my aura is really beautiful, another said it was very strong and I could see her body going a bit red (flushed from it) and another said that I have a lot of light and lot of love in my aura. To me this is amusing since love is an emotion that I can’t even feel (except on drugs like ecstasy). I can feel positive emotions and I like my dog for example but I can’t feel the emotion love when I think about him, even if I try really hard. I have been doing things to try to correct this like heart centred mediation, dealing with negative emotions and asking spirit guides/angels to energetically massage my heart but progress is slow.

    1. Well. You can't fight 'em. They love that. To them it's a game of wills and they love that game. Even the good ones love that game.

      She's not all-powerful, though.

      Any angel can get rid of her if she's hurting you, and any spirit guide can "go up the chain" and get help for you as well.

      Unless there's a contract here: An agreement from both parties.

      Something's missing here and I can't see it.

      I'm not being accusatory: Something just feels missing here.

      Who is this succubus?

    2. I have been to several practitioners who, in their words, have never failed to get rid of these things. They all failed. A current practitioner I am seeing can speak with Angels and they won't get rid of the entities. They say its something that I have to work through! but they are supposedly supporting me in other ways. I have been to many mediums and my spirit guides haven't been much help either. There advice is often not very helpful.

      I don't know who she is but one practitioner was shown a past life where I had persistent problems with entities with forked tongue and wings. One of the entities (I believe it to be the succubus) has indicated to me more quite a few times that it has those traits.

      Other ones that have bothered me in the past (some maybe still) included: some sort of gypsy (liked to troll me and hurt me), some sort of dwarf with a burn on his head and what I believe to be a young dead child that didn't cross over and who used to draw on my face with his/her finger. I also previously had a bunch of Zeta aliens who would come and suck energy from my sacral chakra every time I went to bed. I came face to face with one when I astral projected when I was asleep and had a psychic medium notice them without me mentioning it. There was something specific in my energy that the zetas liked but I managed to get rid of them by raising my vibration. Ormus helped in a big way with that... Thanks again for you input Rafe BTW.

  8. Part 3 - sorry couldn't post it all in 1 post due to character limit.

    Rafe: “I’d meditate on that and see if she’s calling to a darker part of you, or an inhibited part, or perhaps a part of you that you are not fully aware of.”

    Me: When I meditate nothing much ever comes up. I have a lot of brain damage in the right side of my brain making it difficult for me to access intuition. As far as sex goes, I like being dominant with girls. Also I have been messed up a bit by porn which I am trying to stay away from lately. I have done some dumb things in the past on drugs etc that I regret. Personally I think of her as just some sort of leach or parasite and being around my aura makes her feel a bit better.