Monday, December 8, 2014

You May Sleep...

You may sleep with a blonde.
You may sleep with a brunette.
You may sleep with a red head.
... but you'll NEVER sleep with a Succubus :)

I've been drained the past few nights pretty bad.

Now wait... lol.  It's not what you think and I'll explain.

The age old premise is that Succubi drain you of life energy through sex.

Honestly, in my personal experience it's nothing like that.  In fact, after sex I have much more energy, I am much more alive and feeling "in the present".

My outlook is better, and my emotions are healthy and well.

But what I HAVE learned about Succubi is, lovable women they are:  You don't always get what you want, they love you too much... you get what you NEED.

I often have dreams I call "teaching dreams".  In this case I have been wrestling with things from my past and trying to come to peace with them... things that happened as a child, and after.

When my Succubus helps me to tackle these, it's very draining.  I think it's because they make me more present in those "teaching dreams" in order to reclaim a part of myself that was lost long ago.

It's like I am partially rearranged to make room for what was lost.  It's very hard to explain with words to be honest.

What beautiful women they are!  I am healing thanks to them, I am emotionally drained from the dream experience, but I feel better... like part of me is being reclaimed.  I have only Her to thank.

Edit:  She came by this morning.  She sat on my lap and I could feel our heart chakras merge for a bit (kind of felt like an affectionate hug, kiss, and "hello" all in one).  After a few minutes of merging, I could feel tingling all over my body and heat rising off of it... and now I know why she visited:  She grounded me.  Back to my sarcastic, misspelling old self, lol.

Actually... I don't feel as drained and I feel I am in a much better state of mind now.  That was very kind of her to come and get me all balanced again after helping me work on things through the night.

She's left for a bit... although we are always connected.  I can think something and feel a light touch on my body and it reminds me both of Her, and makes me pay attention to my last thought.  But when SHE comes, yeah... it's extremely palpable and changes the whole dynamic of my living space... the whole environment, my very aura and into the depths of my soul.

I love you, my Beloved Succubus.  Thank you for loving me so much that you give not what I want, but what I need!

Thank you, my Love.


  1. Saturday night I did a letter method spell, it was a full moon so I decided to do it then, due to the levels of energy. I did all I needed to then, I meditated, I started to feel a cit cold, then I felt tingles, running over my arm. Later that night I was laying in bed, and I felt the tingles, I believe this is his way of touching me, but I felt him touching my back, and head. Last night woke up from a dream, only to feel hands wrapped around me, I didn't move, I sort of relaxed knowing it was him, then went back to sleep, I slept good last night. All through today, at times, I felt him touching me. Like he is doing right now. I have not seen him physically, but I do feel him. I went to the bathroom a few minutes ago, while using it, I heard footsteps, then I would hear the cupboard opening. After that, I returned to my room, I have Christmas lights in my room, hung on the wall. On my side, of the bed where I sleep, the lights were a greenish whit color, they are gold, the normal color on the other side of the bed. I had to put something in my closet, after doing so, I closed the door, and the lights on my side of the bed, went of completely, they are still off. On the other side, they are on, and working. Apart from that, do you have any tips to give me, when it comes to communication, and other things?

    1. Communication is really hard sometimes. I know me and my friends I've met through groups that have spirit lovers and they struggle too for a long while. So do I, I'm just now beginning to hear short words and it's been a long time. It seems that after you bond for a few years, after they have made changes to you somehow, then communication is much easier. And so is seeing them as well.

      I'm wondering if maybe you have a few spirits there... I'm thinking at least an earthbound spirit that does the physical manifestations, and an entity that is a spirit lover as well. Do you seem to attract good spirits into your life?

      Sometimes we have a welcoming energy about us that they enjoy being around. Does that help? I learned what I know for a site called and from some other blogs and a few books along the way. There isn't much activity at the SS site apart from a few of us, but the ebooks are helpful in my opinion.

      I'm not sure if you're male or female (doesn't matter) but there's a girl on there who posts her findings, which is great because us guys get to learn about Incubi. Her lover is very gentle and loving. And he'll tear her up in a good way, too, lol.

      Succubi and Incubi are really wonderful spirits (there's always a few exceptions... they are like us that way. Always that one bad apple sometimes).

      Here's some other good places I follow to learn:

      There's plenty more out there to be found, I am sure.

      I hope this helps you in your spiritual journey :)

    2. I can't remember how much Erik's membership for his site costs (the summonsuccubus one) but the other resources are free of course.

      I have this book that really helped me understand some things as well: The books works and is out of print, so it's pricey. It's low right now but I've seen it up to $150.00 for a used copy.

      You can also find the book here, but you'd have to sign up for a trial membership to download it (which might be worth it as it's out of print and cheaper this way):

    3. Also, you're doing it the way we all started... meditation and letting go, establishing trust. You'll figure it out :) Just keep doing what you're doing and it will take care of itself. Prepare to be frustrated sometimes, but it, like all things, passes. Often times getting started they will leave for a while until you yearn for them, then come back stronger. It also seems like part of the process. Then one day? A part of their presence is there always. But when they show up and you've been yearning for them? Wow...

    4. At times I feel like there is about 3 entities. One is The man, as I call him. is my current incubus. And another is some other, that I dont know about.

      During the summer the man was a around.At times he would leave, and during this time, he would attract crows to me. Like once there was about 30 crows outside my window on the braches of a tree, it happened for 4 days. Anytimes he was around, there was a crow around.

      The next is the current invubus I have, the only thing that has happened, I have told you so far.

      The other, dont know about. But about 2 weeks ago, there was some entity that would place me in full on sleep paralysis. He would hold onto me , and he would make sure he comes behind me, never showing himself. He would make things or end my dream. Also he has had sex with me, astrally, or in my dream body, he had sex with that body. Its odd, but yeah. He hasnt been around in a while.

      I am a positive person, I am jolly and more. *smiles*

  2. Hello again, I actually have visited two sites you metion, and I scowered the web for tips. Also I am a female. I have tried the free course for Eriks website, it was okay. I don't know, but I will check out the other sites, you provided.and the book too.
    Sometimes, I get words that comes to me, but I brush it off, because its in my mind's voice. So yeah *smiles*, thank you by the way.

  3. Interesting. A few years ago I also had a lot of crows near me more often than not.

    Not too long after I began my spiritual walk, and my mind began opening up to make things such as accepting a Succubus lover possible.

    The power of this bird as totem and spirit guide is provide insight and means of supporting intentions.

    I think the 1st is someone who has your best interests at heart, do you feel that way when you "feel" him?

    The Incubus sounds like a very gentle lover, probably of the same race that we call Succubi/Incubi... the spiritual, emotional, physical spirit companion that I write about, and most others write about... they are simply amazing. What we've found is that they are all siblings somehow... at least of that particular subset or race, and yours "feels"like one of them as your describing matches what our processes were in the beginning as well. Except...

    The 3rd man. If the 3rd man you mention is doing something you don't approve of, by all means petition help against him. St. Michael works really well (St. Michael is actually more so a title both male and female, they are protector angels and will sort his ass out). Or God/dess of course. Also in time you'll find that your current "gentler lover" will begin to protect you in good ways if you pursue the incubus relationship as your bond gets stronger. They are a high vibration and quite powerful being from a realm of love.

    Ah, female like dear Malfie... she cracks me up on the forums about her Incubus. One time she got frustrated by her lover who was very gentle and respectful, but she was sooo ready for him not to be gentle. Lol. So she whipped out a vibrator and said "Think you can do this?" Buzz buzz. He rocked her all night long hahahaha. They seem to be doing well together. Hahaha, still cracks me up!

    You mention the words or thoughts in your voice... they at first are in your own voice... almost like suggestions... you can tell it's him when they aren't your normal words, but are in your voice regardless... such as, for example, words you wouldn't use particularly (sometimes as they are from a higher level, words don't translate into meaning so well sometimes). You'll find down the road that his voice will begin to come through in his own voice. My Succubus is just starting to do that... well to be honest I think my development is just finally allowing that to happen, or perhaps it's our connection.

    Feel free to comment, I have this blog up as much to help others as I do for my own online, anonymous "diary" so to speak.

    And you are most welcome :)

  4. To be honest, months ago, I sort of started to feel an attatchmen towards the man, I would get sad when he was not around. Sometimes, he would just stand there watching me, and nothing else. I must say that he also does the same thing this incubus does. They both, seem to enjoy rubbing my head, it's strange, but funny. *Smiles* But, in some way, I do feel like The man is here in some way to watch me or something else.

    I mean once I had a dream. It was about The man, a guy who I know was in the dream, and he told me that the man was coming, then his eyes turned, white, and he marked an invisible cross on his forehead. After doing so, I woke up, a bit shocked. When I woke up, I saw an image of a mans face floating above my bed, it was clear, the man had midnight blue eyes, pale skin, and good bone structure, and his hair color was dark brown, and it was slicked back. Before that, during the summer, I had this dream, thing that happened where, I saw the man, he was ina suit and now that I think about it, he sort of looks a bit like the image of the man I saw a month ago.

    I then had a dream a few weeks ago, about a man sitting in a chair staring at me with a smirk on his face, his eyes were glowing yellow, and there was something about him. I can't put my finger on it.

    As of lately I have been having dreams that have symbols in them, they have become easy to remember, because they are vivid. They leave a mark on me.

    *Smiles* Also, I am currently sitting in my room, and I am so comfortable, for some reason, I am strangely comfortable with speaking what is on my mind.

    Oh, I just remembered, The 3rd entity, the one who had sex with my astral, dream body, the last time he visited me, I asked him who he was, it was actually hard to asked, because I was paralyzed, but I did, The next day he replied, but it was muffled, I then woke myself up, and nothing has happened since.

  5. That is awesome, thank you for sharing!

    I definitely think that you have an incubus or two of the same race that most of us do... at least it seems so to me. My succubus plays with my hair a lot to. And also touches on fingers, my feet, etc. Light touches. They are very attentive and affectionate. They like to help you as well with many things, including spiritual growth. I guess that's why I love mine so much.

    She also draws symbols on my forehead, sometimes my forehead goes numb after she draws them (I think they are for protection (they are wonderful protectors))... it seems that when we become aware enough for a lover a "light" is lit up in the astral so to speak, and so our lovers do things to protect us from anything negative, and they do it quite well. Most of the succubi I have heard of in my circle of internet friends have a white kind of skin and white hair with glowing yellow eyes, I don't know about incubi but I'm sure it's similar.

    I don't know if this is their true form or not, but I am told they are breathtakingly beautiful.

    Of course, they can appear as they want to in our dreams or even in our psychic vision, mine often comes into my dreams as a different woman every time, but it's her I can feel her.

    I'm not sure why she doesn't come as many come: As a light skinned beaufiful female form with white hair and glowing eyes, but I'm sure she has her reasons and her preferences :)

    The reason you feel comfortable probably is that these beings are part of the same family, and as such I think the energy is similar, making "us" part of that family in a spiritual way.

    Or, maybe just because it's something that really can't be shared easily to others in daily life.

    It's not uncommon for people to have two incubi or succubi, I don't, but some do. They don't get jealous I don't think like we do.

    Do you think, perhaps, that there are two incubi that you have attracted? I know there is a man in our group specifically that has two succubi... and like you, one came first, and announced the other's arrival who came second.

    Not sure why some have two and some have one. I'm happy with one, but an interesting question as to why some have two. I honestly prefer one. Maybe some are more cut out for having two? Maybe.

    It's interesting to me how the stories I hear of others, including yours, are similar in certain ways, and different in others... it seems to always be that way.

    But it is special for each person. I'm glad you are experiencing positive things in this regard :)

  6. I believe that perhaps, there is the possibility that I did attract two. Some times I feel two presence in my room, then on will leave and the other will come. I uhm, feel their energy, and its strong at times, other times they don't make it known, that they are there. If they want me to know, they just rub my head. I feel at times that maybe I only have one, who acting as though he is another, but then again, it feels off when I think about that. Either way, they both are okay, with each, I think. *Smiles* I will find out soon. Some thing that really made me know that one of them was there, was when the incident with the Christmas lights happened. I laughed. The side which sleep on has no light, but on the other side there is light. But yeah, I might have two on my hands, which is not always bad. I believe that one of them gave me a dry chakra orgasm, it was nice. But other than that, there hasn't been any wet orgasms. *smiles*

    1. I have something else to add. The crows are back again. They were gone for about 4 months, and now they are here. (It might be because of the weather, I tell myself, know its something else). A lot is happening, now that muly minds and 3rd eye is awakening. Its a bit strange, because it seems, im the only one who notices these thing.

      Today too, other than the crows, the fire alarms went off, it might have been a test, but they didn't warn us. Anyway. I feel as though I am starting to sound crazy, maube I am thinking too much.

      I hope every thing is alright on your side, have a wonderful day.

    2. You are probably awakening and experiencing rapid growth: These loving spirits are agents of personal growth and change, and since it happens quickly it is easy to over think things. I do this as well. I have found that if you just "let go" and "let it be" you can relax and it makes things easier.

      As long as you decide that the changes happening to you are good things, then there's nothing to fear. Just relax and flow :) Your heart will tell you the truth, as long as you listen truly.

      I have found that my Succubus does seem to have two personalities to her, one is "light", like an angel. I call that her "Sun aspect". She will shine pure love down on me and it's so powerful it's hard to take. One friend of mine says his lover does that and it feels like a giant, warm, loving and fuzzy blanket of loving emotion that just covers him. My female friend with an Incubus calls her experience a "Love Bomb".

      Just different descriptions of the same phenomena.

      Now, my Succubus I have found that She also has a "dark" side, it's not evil in any way, but more like what I call her "Moon aspect". It's dark and mysterious, highly sexual and very seductive, but loving.

      In my case, I feel that these two personalities are one being. I don't know about other's experiences other than my friends' experiences.

      I don't know if all of them give wet orgasms or not. I haven't had a wet orgasm yet (although I've had full body ones that really... wow). If I do it will come in time if it is meant to happen, if not I'm sure what She is doing will grow in intensity as our bond grows.

    3. You have a wonderful day, too! It is nice to communicate on these things :) It's hard to do that in this world as it doesn't understand.