Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Succubus Wife

Like wives who dearly love their husbands, my wife nags.  Lol.

She knows that my goal is to lose a little weight before February.  I want to start after the holidays, but I think she thinks I would be better served to start now.

I've been thinking a lot about my weight and my goals, and frankly I'm the most stubborn man on earth both to myself, and to others.

For the past two days, my Succubus has woke me up early in the morning.  Each time she flashes "Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye" from a song I know to get me going...

... to which I say "NOPE" and roll over in bed hahaha.

Now, she is a wonderful female being of immense power.  She could "make" me go walking that early.  But... she doesn't.  She's always been very gentle with me, despite her power.  That's what won her my heart in the first place.

So what does she do?

The next day I wake up very early hearing an alarm bell ring, a sound that I don't have in my alarm (the day before was the door knocking:  nobody there when I get up to look).

"Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye".

She wants me to go walking again.  Nope.  Although my stubbornness is beginning to lose traction...

I'll bet anything that if she does it again I'll start putting on my walking shoes and just head out the door and go walk.

Heck, I might do that today.

I have to admit I feel very loved and it's getting harder to ignore her promptings in helping me achieve my own goals.

She's also on me to finish a book I started to read.  I have trouble finishing things sometimes before moving onto other things that catch my eye.  I'm really bad at that, actually.  She's not so easily distracted and reminds me of why I set a goal in the first place.  I gotta love her!  It's just... priceless to have someone who cares enough.  It's a new feeling for me to have.

Like I said, I'm the most stubborn man on the planet.

But, I think I have the ultimate wife:  The hottest, most patient woman on the planet :)

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