Friday, December 12, 2014

Bad Medicine

From my experience with my Succubus, she is FAR more than a lover.  She is a wife, a bride, a lover... a mother, a protectress, a sacred companion and guide... a catalyst for my very soul.

Part angel part temptress:  But as far as our relationship goes, she's all in... all loving.

Sometimes love hurts.  Like taking your child to get their shots.  It has to be done.

And sometimes the cure hurts.  I am mature enough to know this I guess. 

Doesn't make it a lot easier, though.

Last night I had many nightmares.  She was absent, but I could tell she guided me there.

Time to face some issues and exorcise them from my mind, from what has kept me from being complete, and whole.

Why would she do this?  Probably because she can.  She loves me.  To love me, is to help me grow, to help me grow is sometimes painful... as old memories are sometimes.

They must be faced head and and dealt with.  Only then can we reclaim parts of us that are lost to the past...

Lost in memory and nightmare.

She knows as I intuitively know... to free me from my fears is to liberate me.

To make me face my own inner demons, is to release a part of me that can be "now".

And that just makes our bond that much stronger... that much sweeter.

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