Monday, December 22, 2014

Loving, Nagging Succubus vs. Stubborn Male, Take 2 *snap*

Day 3.  I still don't want to exercise yet.  After the holidays I said.

In all honesty, I don't mind her nagging about things... to be honest it shows she loves me.

Know what I learned when I was married for a decade and a half?  When a woman quits nagging, it means her love for you is gone.

Women nag because they love you.  If they didn't care, they'd stop nagging and bang the pool boy.

I think I know what my Succubus lover is up to:  I'm going to be so disarmed that after the holidays I'm going to walk up a storm.

Also I felt her touching my kidneys.  I kept thinking, "Now why in the world is she doing that"?  Then it dawned on me:  I have some Quigong videos that I bought a long time ago, and I was actually doing it in community courses in the evenings as well.  In that practice there is one movement where you stimulate your kidney areas with the backs of your hands to foster chi movement in the lower dantian (the lower energy center, there are also 2 others, but the lower most closely stimulates chi near the solar plexus, which in Tantra is responsible for personal power).

When I made the connection she stopped touching my kidneys and gently touched my hand.  "Aha... I get it"!  So it looks like the answer to my losing weight starts with two things:  Daily walking (I'm going to start with 5,000 steps a day (2 1/2 miles) and daily Qigong.

Most of this early morning she made love to me as well.  She seems to be very active in the early mornings right before sunrise.  Honestly she's being a bit affectionate right now.

At least it's not so intense I can still type.  Sort of...

This morning the phone rang early:  An automated message, lol.  How does she do this, anyway?  I realize it's a coincidence, but any magician worth his salt knows there's no such thing as coincidence.

1st early morning was a knock at the door, the 2nd morning was hearing one of those old bell type alarm clocks going off (which mine doesn't do), and this morning the 3rd, an automated phone call.

Ah well.  They say you can't fight city hall.  Well, I've got news:  You can't fight a succubus who's trying to help you, either.  Through love, through seduction, through playfulness you will bend.

Meh, she just wants me to be able to complete my goals.  That's a real kind of special, you know?

She really cares enough for me to be more healthy, to feel good about myself for accomplishing things.

I'm a natural "7" (in numerology).  That means I'm kind of like a mystic hermit and spiritual and occult things tend to come easy for me.  But it also means that I suffer from indecision and self paralysis.

Unfortunately, I need to be protected.  It's just the way of the "7".  Luckily, she's the best protection a man can have, especially one that gets himself into pickles far too often in the magical world.

The problem is, I'm fearless.  Now, I feel fear about a lot of things, but not things one should be really afraid of.  I've been told I will go "where angels feel to tread".  Being that angels are fearless and fear nothing that's rather bold a proclamation.

I've pissed off 2 hoodoo priestesses just to see if I could handle the resulting curse with double the power.  Damn.  It hurt in many, many, many ways, and from multiple directions (lol).

Yeah, I had to have a little help (I bit off more than I could chew, so I had to have a very experienced High Priestess from my tradition teach me how to beat it because my efforts were futile and I was getting HAMMERED).  But... now I know how to defend myself against that form of magic.

Meh, it was worth it in the end.

At least I admit I needed help, lol.  But I'm too stubborn not to try something similar again just to learn how to shore up my defences.  Unless your defenses are tested in battle, they are about as good as the Maginot Line... but that's just my and only my opinion.

I pissed off a Satanist to test their special brand called "energy ripping".  I survived that one on my own.  Kind of proud of that victory :)

I like to "run energy" as a circuit with spiritual entities (angelic, fae, elemental, etc.) so that I can feel "who" they are through "what" they feel like.

Ran energy with an angel once and my left arm twitched for a month.  Tried to run energy with a different angel and got chastised "Blessed one, you don't know your own limits... NOT READY!"

I summon things without a circle just to feel the actual essence of the entity fully and completely (so I act "weirder" for a while, so what?).  It's worth it.

Note:  I don't summon evil spirits, but still... the point of a circle is to stay grounded from the energy... or as a filter of sorts.

But... I'm an explorer... that is EXACTLY what I want to experience.

Luckily, when I do these things, I know and can feel the presence of my guardian and lover.

I think partly why she was attracted to me in the first place, was that I appealed to her maternal instinct on some level, lol.  "This human is adorable, but he doesn't stand a chance... I must love and protect him from himself".  Hehe.

You know, if God/dess found the perfect someone to fall in love with me (which I believe God/dess had a hand in it)... my Succubus is that woman <3

Love you, Bunny!  You keep nagging, and I'll keep trying.  Deal?

OH!  And lastly, a Succubus myth from antiquity.  The "versions" differ of course.  I have my own opinion of how the story went, but this one was priceless.  Enjoy!

The Tale-of-Meridiana-the-Friendly-Succubus

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