Friday, December 5, 2014

Afternoon Dreams

I was with my wife (she often takes the form of a human in my dreams, usually different each time) and suddenly she went into labor.  The scene flashed before me:  There was blood and there was a baby.

She was taken away to heal, and people all around helped me with the baby.  The baby grew to about 5 years old in a matter of minutes.

I ended up with someone who helped us (a female guardian angel I think)... and me and my child went along with her and I taught him things about this world, and about this life.

I told him, the first thing I want you to know is that you are boy, and I am a boy.  God is found through both the boy and the girl, together.

I told him that together, we see the true face of God, as everything from plants, to stars, to the smallest particles, boy and girl are represented and work together in joyous harmony.

I don't know why it mattered, but I know that the others around me approved of my concepts I was wanting to impart to him.

He was a bright little fellow.  I didn't catch his name which I admit was strange (as dreams often are), but I came up with a nickname as he was so smart and I loved him so much already.

It felt like a few years had passed, and I was so worried about my wife.

Suddenly, right in front of me, my son, our mysterious angelic companion, and all the others present... my wife burst through into vision.

She said, "This is for you, MY HUSBAND!... come find me, I LOVE YOU!, and I am okay!"

(The vision and her voice were powerful... the words in caps felt like they vibrated "through" me)

I don't know why, but I burst out sobbing with every ounce of my being with relief.

Everyone helped me get to her, and there I, and our son reunited with her.  I told her that I had already given him a nickname.

I said, I call him this nickname because he looks at the world as I do, both what is present, and what is behind it that makes it so with wonder in his eyes.  He doesn't miss anything seen, or unseen.

I woke up, and her presence was with me.

She made love to me softly and tenderly upon awakening.

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