Saturday, December 27, 2014

Well... OOPS!

I was driving along and trying out a new way to communicate.  If she taps my hand once, it's yes.  If she taps it twice, it's no.

So we're trying it out and it's working a bit.  Although she's tapping in different places, one hand once, then the other once.

I think, "Why can't you tap in the same place twice, would make it easier,"

I try again:  She taps my hand once, my foot once.

I said, "I don't think you have the power to tap in the same place is what I think."

Smugly I park the car and walk to the building:  Closed until Monday, Dec 29.


I get back into my car, turn the key, and it won't turn over.

Oh no!  I am startled, then a bit upset.  I don't time or money for this.

Finally, I decide all I can do is walk home as I have no cell phone with me to call for a tow.

I begin to set out, but a thought comes, "Try it one more time."

I do.  It starts as if it never had a problem.

*Big pause* as I sit there.

"Well, I guess you do have some power," I finally relent.

I go home kind of freaked out, lol.  Not in a bad way.

I go to bed later that night, and she makes love to me in the morning when I awaken, sweetly, and for a long, long time.

Just as she always says when I get all Ornery (One of her first communications to me was, "You are Ornery", lol)

"Don't sass the succubus".  I hear that phrase quite often.  I always hear the phrase in a gentle, melodic, and frankly "slightly amused" female voice.

Love ya bunny!

P.S.  Dear Love Goddess of my bedroom:   Let's have a lot more lovemaking today, I really loved this morning!!!

P.P.S.  It could be that it was coincidence that my car did not start this one time.  However, as a magician I don't believe in coincidence, only timing.  Honestly, I need some sort of towing service for my car anyway, so I just bought AAA :)


  1. That's an awesome story. I really wish I could have someone like that, but I've had no luck. :(

    1. Don't wish: Do.

      You can have someone like that. Takes a lot of getting used to and the learning process is rough. If you really are ready for something like that, there are ways. But it's a life changing experience. You won't be the same, by default people don't view people who believe in spirits "sane" in my experience so it's a hard lesson to be quiet about it (unless you want a straight jacket).

      The biggest hurdle is figuring out just who you would want!

      The 2nd hurdle is dealing with it when it arrives... they aren't wall flowers, and they will change you from the inside out.

      For me, this was the only path I wanted in time, as I decided I did not want a woman anymore after my divorce. I tried dating, and it just ruined me even more.

      Now that I've experienced love with a succubus, that killed the desire completely to ever have a woman. There are no women who can do pleasurable things to you like a Succubus can. And if they are serious about you, they aim to evolve you. So there are consequences.

      What I found is a blessing. It hasn't been easy.

      If you decide this is the path for you, check out the "My Spirit Lover" link on the front page. He has a book that has a ritual within it. It's up to them if they come or not.

      You may not be ready. Or you may find a lover from a different realm that what the ritual calls for. There are always options.

      Donald Tyson's book Sexual Alchemy has another way to summon. I bought that book when it was 60 dollars, it's 38 dollars now. I've seen it up to 150 before.

      I'd read "My Secret Lover's" book very completely before you try to summon. Even if you just read the book, there is a chance that you will attract a succubus like a moth to a flame. I'd figure out what you want beforehand.

      The book is an ebook and is very affordable. I think it's like 3 dollars. It's a very detailed 90 day journal of him and his succubus. It also has the ritual in it.

      It's a good read.



    2. Actually, I apologize.

      My Spirit Lover's book "First Contact" is free at the moment at the Kindle Lending Library.

      I'm afraid I don't know much about tablets, however.

      But, I hope the info helps you along your path :)

    3. The necessary Kindle App can be installed on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You don't need a Kindle!

    4. Forget it. You need a Kindle Unlimited account, which costs money. The app I spoke of is free, but you need the account to read this book. It's nice that it's only 4$ to buy the e-book.

  2. So I read a little bit of the "inside look" portion of the book amazon allowed me to see, and I thought it was pretty cool. except I have a concern. It didn't say which ritual he used, but I am familair with some, and they all require candles or something of that nature. I cant do rituals with objects like that. I still live with family and it would draw to much negative attention to myself so..idk. But I heard that these spirits don't really care about the ritual itself. They just care about your heart and you being able to accept them. Am I right or wrong?

    1. I'm sure you're familiar with the ritual then as there aren't that many around. They know when you're ready.

      Yes, it's about the heart, as what you want wants you. If you aren't quite sure yet, then neither are they.

      You can attract a succubus for a "friends with benefits" relationship, but it's going to be just that. Sex only. If that's what you're looking for, go for it. To attract one for life they know when you are ready.

      Think of ritual a minute... if ritual means nothing, why do magicians bother to do it? Why cast a circle of protection upon a painted canvas rug with Solomonic seals when summoning Goetia demons?

      The reason is don't and see what happens. The same applies although with different consequences... our lives are full of ceremony, of rites of passage.

      They provide the backdrop for the us, the actors, to express ourselves.

      Just a thought.

  3. Thanks Rafe. :) Recently I had a dream where I was in the restroom showering, and I saw the usual shadow below the door you see when someone is near on the other side. and I was like, oh I wonder who that is. And then the door opens and this beautifully naked blond girl comes in and stands by the door. My jaw dropped and I just starred at her as she slowly walks toward me and when shes very close to me, she says something like...and i cant remember if these were her words or not its been so long, but it was something like...oh my first love, and then we start making out and right when our tongues meet, I wake up. I was so mad at waking up then. Its like, did she purposfully tease me or did I just accedentily wake up? Do you have dreams like that?

    1. No she wasn't teasing you, but yeah you woke up by accident.

      Doesn't that just suck? Happens to all of us, man.

      Me and my friend who have a succubus lover share stories a lot. I was pulled out of my body and given 3 whole body orgasms. I guess my neck shifted uncomfortably in bed, so I told her, wait, wait, just let me adjust my pillow. I then snapped back into my body to adjust my pillow. Game over. Noooooooooooooooooo! Hehe.

      It's not as easy as just pulling you back out, I think things have to be all in place, so I ruined that one. But, I couldn't help it and didn't mean to.

      I think you met your lover.

  4. Maybe. its been off and on. I have a few ideas on how to improve my way of telling her that I am ready but will see. I will keep you posted. If she is there, I wish she would manifest in physical touching like what happened in "My Spirit Lover" and so many other blog accounts where you feel this static energy crawl over you.

    1. That takes a lot of meditation and work. It's usually not that easy that it just happens. Maybe for some, but not for most of us.

  5. It's usually not that easy that it just happens. Maybe for some, but not for most of us.

    Mine is getting more present and feels more manifested here as the days pass, but it takes a lot of meditation and self improvement spiritually as she leads.

    1. What form of meditation is your favorite to do? And we can email if you would rather me not comment on here more. its mattwill89 at Wowway.

  6. Today I was thinking that, since I am good at drawing, maybe I could draw her something to show my commitment to the process. Do you know of anything that I could draw that would serve that purpose? Any sort of ritualistic symbol...or anything?

  7. For meditation I don't really do anything fancy. Watch the breathing, relax the body part by part, go into a light trance and "feel" for her, or if I don't I concentrate on my heart center instead.

    As far as the art, I think that's a great idea! Kind of wondering if she put that in your head. Doesn't matter. Be creative, be artistic, just have fun and relax with the process, that's what matters.

    She wants you as much as you want her, but it just has to be right: She'll guide you there little by little. Your story is different than anyone else's, my story is different than anyone else's, etc.

    Just as you are distinct, so is she.

    Do what feels like love to you and you will find her in all her ways. Art is a wonderful expression of your intent.


    1. Thank you Rafe. Btw, what is your spirits name if she has one? You have never mentioned it in your posts.

    2. "Bunny" will have to suffice. Some things are best kept private :P

      Happy New Years, Matt! Don't drink and drive, play it safe :)

  8. Happy New years to you too my friend. And I understand.

  9. Ok, one last question...or two: When you first started your relationship with "bunny," How could you decipher her thoughts vs yours? And what sort of faith/religion have you developed since she first started revealing to you how this world really is?

    1. At first her thoughts came in my voice, then later a distant female voice. She would say things that I wouldn't normally say or think of, is the best answer I can give. It's highly subjective. Certain words, phrases, ideas. I always take them with a grain of salt as there are many spirits and influences out there, but after a while you learn their personality enough that you can tell fairly well.

      My religion I would say is now defunct. Part of it was that I realized that these beings are, for the most part (there's always a few) very loving, unconditionally so. They are indeed loving and gentle. Mine is VERY gentle and understanding with me. In time I started to realize through my interactions with her and with other people who entertain spirits is that there is a big difference between religion and spirituality. Religion is crowd control: Spirituality is getting closer to God. That's how I see things now in a nutshell. Everyone's walk is different, and there's no one person who can understand another's path to the Divine. Although, I can guarantee everyone's is riddled with their own blend of twists and turns and dead ends. Just how we grow.