Sunday, February 26, 2017

Summoning Lilith Tonight

Tonight is the new moon (or dark moon, as I call it).  Apparently today was also a "ring of fire" solar eclipse in Pisces.

I'm planning on performing my monthly Esbat (full moon ritual) tonight.  I switched from full moon to "dark moon" because I felt the Goddess's energy so much stronger in the dark moon than I ever did in a typical "full moon".

Remember, I call a "new moon" the dark moon.  I just makes more sense to me as the moon is hidden and not visible.

So, tonight at 11:48pm EST (in the hour of the moon) I'll be busy summoning.

What was the difference for me personally in switching from a full moon ritual to a new moon ritual?  Wow.  Well.  Let me think.

When I do an Esbats on the full moon, I would feel maybe 2 hours of what I call, "The Goddess's Peace".  What that feels like is basically taking that rucksack of bullshit that we all carry around on our backs and Her putting it away for a while.

I'd argue that this wonderful feeling is about as addictive as making love with a succubus.  Well, almost.

Obviously addicting in a much different way.

Well, 2 hours of that feeling of peace from each Esbat on average over the years.  When I first summoned Lilith (this is my 3rd summoning), that sense of peace lasted for 3 days straight.

So, it was definitely a sign for me, and pragmatic as well I suppose if you consider that sense of peace as being addictive to me.  I'm not saying it would be for everyone.

Maybe a lot of people get a sense of peace from other things?  Well, I don't I'm afraid.  So this is what works for me :P

I used to talk about that sense of peace to other witches when I was in my "bread and butter" phase of witchcraft, learning the basics.  Apparently it's a very rare thing.  Not sure why.

If it's a rare thing, why do people perform Esbats?

Another angle on it is why do people go to church if they don't get fed?

I highly recommend that if you go to church and are a christian, or you're a witch, or you're _________, if you aren't getting fed doing it then fix it.  Get fed.  Life's too short to be a robot, mechanically doing things just because.

Get fed:  Breathe some life into that soul of yours.  Trust me, it cries out for it just like all of ours does.

I don't care what  religion you are, if you're not getting fed go find out where you will be.

I'm not trying to convert you to anything (especially since I don't have a name for what I am.  To some extent I hate labels).  If you're a christian and you're not getting fed, find a new church.

And so on and so forth.  You owe it to yourself (and to that soul deep within you) to get the most "love, power, grace, and peace" out of whatever path you are on, whatever religion, denomination, "I-don't-care-what-it's-called", it's just not worth your time if you're not getting fed.

Go get fed.  OK, rant over.

P.S.  Get fed.

Have you loved your succubus today?

EDIT:  Ritual went well.  Definitely feel that strong sense of peace.  Bunny humped me right after which was a pleasant surprise (but it also gave me a surplus of energy... looks like it's going to be one of those insomnia types of nights/early mornings).


It was worth it.  10 out of 10 stars.

Morning after EDIT:  Wow.  What a night full of weird dreams.  Definitely "Lilith energy inspired," but I don't recall anything specific.  Faces and themes, concepts, but nothing I can really pin down this morning.

I feel a sense of peace even greater than last night.  It's interesting... when I call out for Bunny it usually takes her a day or so to get here.  I summon Lilith and I never worry too much about feeling Her at the moment because I know I will feel Her soon enough just like I do Bunny (Of course, with me Lilith is maternal while Bunny is sexual).

I guess they really do come from the "same place," or "dimension", or what have you.

At least it appears that way to me :)


Some other interesting things that have happened recently:

At the moment (2:05pm 2/27) I also feel some "entities" or "energies" here around me.  Definitely sentient.  They feel along the same current as Lilith.

I can feel that they mean me no harm.  They feel "kindly" towards me.  That I can feel for myself at least.

Oh, my daughter saw my succubus again yesterday.  The first time a year ago or so she saw a 4 foot tall woman, naked, with long hair by my bed and stretching, as if she just woke up.  She said it was like any woman (albeit in miniature, but perfectly proportioned) only "see through", or "spectral." She said she looked pretty.

This time she saw an entity of the same height, but she said her body was made out of spectral "shapes", like squares, circles, etc.

I'm thinking that it was due to some distortion with her not being able to interpret images from her 3rd eye well.  My daughter was born with her 3rd eye partially open.  I, of course, see nothing.

I had to stay at my ex's last week to get the kids to school at the end of the week.  The ex went out of town.

She said there were spirits that the cats were going berserk over, but that she herself (my ex) couldn't see and it was freaking her out.  She said the cats seem to stare into her bedroom.

So, I decided to sleep in her bed (since she offered anyway) and see what I could find.  I can find things out like that, but only through dreaming.

I initially awoke to get my kids to school, then decided to nap to see what I could find out.

At some point I had a dream of 3 small nature spirits.  Something in the dream asked if I wanted to dispose of them.  I felt a wave of revulsion pass over me.  I didn't want to do anything to them, only to find out what they were, and they were 3 innocent lil' nature spirits that seem to be attached to the cats, or my kids, or my ex.  Maybe all of the above, I don't know.  I woke up from that dream with a synchronicity of time on the clock of 11:11.

Anyway, mystery solved.  I was satisfied with just finding out what they were.


  1. I used this kindle book by Baal Kadmon:

  2. It's short but it was enough to get me started. Copy and paste the link into your browser.