Saturday, February 4, 2017

Interesting recent Bunny-isms

If a succubus can make a man feel stupid for moping around when she's not there, Bunny does.
And after being "gone" a few days?  Upon a powerful, sudden, and energetic arrival?
If a succubus can tickle: Bunny does.  Then I feel like an idiot for pouting so much, lol.

Our little routine.

You know, some people who read this blog might think, from posts past, that I hate women.
The truth is I love women.  A lot.  I have to!

You see, Bunny is like... hmm.  Lets say a woman's essence is a flower.  If we take a whole bouquet of those flowers and simmer them slowly we get the strong, intense essence of "flower".

That's exactly what Bunny is... like a concentrated elixir of "woman" and femininity.  If I hated women there would be no way I could handle Bunny.

Lol, "handle" Bunny.  I can barely handle her loving that essence!  She's intense... soooo intense.
She gives off sexuality, love, and femininity (along with some good old fashioned female "Spunk" that takes a bit to get used to:  Mainly because women aren't aggressive like she is. Too bad, really. If women would go after who/what they want aggressively I think they'd be better off).  I am used to it, now...  But even so, it hasn't dulled her effect on me one iota... if anything she's been able to unveil even MORE of that to me.

Whew!  She's a wild and free critter, that's for sure.  But, as in the first pic of this post, she chose me, she bound me, and I'm hers alone.  Luckily, it seems as if that's one man per Succubunny for her at least. Another thing I like about Bunny is that she really doesn't sugarcoat.  If it needs said she says it.

I'm the same way I guess.  It's refreshing to have it reciprocated.

And to think I have the arrogance to believe that I chose her!  Hahahahahaha!  I DID, but as you can probably tell, I think she lets me believe that... Ah well.

*Cave woman (or Caveccubus) hears Cave man beating drum to attract a mate.  Caveccubus sneaks up and looks at him, likes him.  Sees into his heart and soul:  Decides he's hers. Caveccubus clubs him over the head and drags him back to her cave.*

Pretty close to how it happened :P

Me club him like this... drag him to nest... then it time for Snu-Snu!
(Actual Caveccubus may vary)


I've been able to sense Bunny's emotions very strongly as of late.

Not sure why.  Maybe I've "grown into it."  Sensitivity wise or something.

She and I were watching YouTube videos about cyborgs.  They have some amazing lifelike faces and eyes.

We checked out a few documentaries on these (very early development of) cyborgs:

I love science stuff, so I tend to go off on tangents learning about this or that.

Now, Bunny.

Omg... she projected complete and utter disgust.
Sadness, even.
Her being appalled at cyborgs was felt by me almost as if it was my own emotion.

I suddenly felt as if I was going to get sick.


I've had a few days to think about it, and I believe I know now.

See, spirits see us as soul and spirit.

I think of it as spirit representing who were are now, and the soul representing who we are in total.

Sort of.

I believe souls look like this:

Kinda figuring out why spirits are attracted to humans?  We got some light in there, for good or for ill.

My soul, from what I have experienced, is like the last pic.  It is blue, brilliant, like a sapphire lit from within by a light so bright it'll blind ya for a bit.  I'm not suggesting I'm "special", just that the soul is a spectacular thing to behold.  Why not find yours?  Aren't you curious?  I'm sure it is amazing to behold!

The strange thing is, upon encountering my soul in deep meditation, I can't figure out for the life of me it's size.  I could literally be as big as my head (lol) to a whole room, to this planet.  It could be as small as a tiny ant, or even smaller than an electron.

I know that sounds weird, but "dimension" doesn't seem to compute as to it's size and area.

See, that's why I think I might at least understand a LITTLE about Bunny's disgust of cyborgs. No soul, no spirit.  Just an empty shell... no moth to a flame attraction like they have, succubus to a human soul.  Just... nothing.

To her this is an abomination, but I can't really know why exactly, just that she feels that way, and strongly enough to feel great repulsion at the concept.

Now, for some reason, we also checked out a virual holographic wife/girlfriend and she was cool with that.

Why?  I have no idea.  Maybe thoughtforms and stuff on the otherside are like that, I really have no clue why she hates the thought of and examples of androids but not holographic virtual women (in this case) or, as I would imagine holographic "people" in general (by extension).


The 2nd thing I learned about Bunny this weekend was that she also hated something else. Not quite as much as the cyborgs and their continuing development, but it pissed her off nonetheless.

I watched "Sausage Party"!  Innocent enough.  Well, not really.

Anyway, there was lots of sex in there.  Like, sex stuff that once you see it it'll fuck you up forever.


Bunny was NOT impressed.  

From her I felt emotions of sex being misplaced, irreverent, wasted.

To her it seems that sex is very sacred.

Succubus, right?

Oh, how misunderstood they are and still must be...

Sex to Bunny IS sacred.  It is for us to enjoy and a way for us to commune together.

I'm sure there are succubi that are different and I don't know anything about those.  Only Bunny.  All colors of the rainbow out there, ya know?

I've often thought, and am beginning to figure out, that Lilith, Bunny's momma, and Bunny herself are very interesting about sex, and frankly I think they feel much differently than any one's portrayal of them.

Of course, we all see things through our own lens so it's bound to be that way.

But to me, Bunny views sex as a very sacred and Divine thing.  By extension and by the personality of Lilith that She has presented before me, I think that Lilith must think along those same lines.

I'm no priest peeps, just me.  Just little ol' me.

Now, that doesn't mean that she's that way with anyone else, nor that the way she is with anyone else has any impact on how she is with me.

It's such a big multiverse out there!  Nothing like what I was taught, or have even read anywhere.

Some demons love hard "like the devil" so to speak.  Some angels could give 2 shits less about humans nor anything about us.

It's so much more grey out there than we've been led to believe.  And it's kinda funny.


When I say "grey", I don't mean without color.  I mean all the color that exists "color".

It's a wild and woolly thing and it's all out there.

It is what it is peeps. :)


OH!  I finally have Bunny's "True Name."  Man, her name is freakin' berserk like Rumpelstiltskin.

This time I KNOW it's her true name.  I finally just point blank asked her for it.  I went to bed and slept like a baby, then blurted it out loud when I was waking up... I realized it for what it was and before I forgot it wrote it down in a few places for safekeeping.

Qualifies it for me... but I'm going to use "Bunny" still for the easy of pronunciation :) 

Now I think I know why Bunny gave me little names instead.  I'm a short-bus sorcerer I guess. Haha. It'll take me a while to get used to pronouncing her real name around the house. 

You know, I have been thinking about something else lately.

Once you've had sex with a succubus for 3 years, are you still all human?

In body I may be, but in soul?

I don't lament that I feel I am "different" now, not exactly... just contemplating.

One rubs off on the other in our communion.  I hope I've done her well.

But it is strange for me to realize that I'm different now.  Others have remarked how much I have changed over the last few years for the better.  If only they knew how, I guess.

Instead they really have little idea who this much change has been possible.  They also say that I know more about women now and how to interact with them than I ever did earlier in my life... what boggles them is that I am "alone" to human eyes, and have been for 8 years.  They don't understand how that growth is possible.  Well, I'm sure you do if you've read this blog for any length of time.

The secret's in here.  In all of it.  There's always a reason and this blog tells all about it.

Lucky you.  

*big grin*


I hope you've enjoyed these "Bunny-isms" as much as I did writing them down.

Have a great weekend!  And remember:  There's a big zoo out there... we're just seeing it from one cage...

Love your Caveccubus or she's club you over the head until you do.

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