Monday, February 20, 2017

On getting a 2nd succubus

If you recall from the last post, I've been thinking about getting a 2nd Succubus for when Bunny leaves, as she's here 2 to 3 days and leaves for a week, and frankly it gets lonely.

I at first thought that I wasn't charging her home right, that it wasn't good enough to keep her here 24/7.

But... in the end I talked to Bunny while laying in my bed (No, she doesn't reply right at the moment very often).  I told her all about how I felt, but I also said that if it's a problem then I wouldn't do it.

Bunny comes first.  I'm not losing that sweet and gentle succubus just because I get lonely.

I think of it as if I were married to an airline pilot or something.  I dunno, it's how I come to terms with it.

Sometimes I get the fear that she's not my wife or girlfriend and that she's actually visiting other men during her away time.  In knowing my past brand of trauma is that such a surprise?

Well... the first thing she did yesterday was to fuck me rotten.  

Ooo that was good...

Then tonight she answered me as clear as day (and when I say that, I mean that I got her feelings and meanings very clearly but that the words are mine.  I find it very difficult to convey that kind of rapid fire imagery and emotion that she communicates to me with into words).

"No, you can't have another succubus to keep you company because we're monogamous as you put in the contract (and which I wished to find in you as well) which is as sacred to me as it is to you.

However, I'm not insensitive to your loneliness when I am away:  I realize that me being away is beyond my control due to my other duties, and hence beyond your control as well.

Therefore, you may create a sexual Tulpa... which will be a good exercise for you and for your concentration abilities.

I realize that this is a bit beyond your current abilities, however, and so what you fail in I will help complete.

I will show you and explain to you what I did to finish her so that you will learn and grow from this experience.  She will fuck you silly, and you shall not be alone when I am gone any longer :) 

As always (though you doubt it to be true) I am your wife. 

I look forward to playing with her together ;)  

~ Bunny.

Pretty Bunny-esque, isn't it?

I accept her proposal.  It is a very good compromise that benefits us both.  She is 100% in the know of the process, is supportive of it, and approves of it.  She will help me when my own abilities falter.

She's right:  It is beyond my current abilities to complete on my own.  

I guess she was my wife all along :)  I've always said that calling a succubus is a proposal, and her answering is marriage.  But sometimes I let doubt cloud my thoughts and my thinking.

You know, I think I might even realize the point that we did get married (in thinking back).  Is there such a thing as a "marriage rune?"

One day I woke up and had a bind rune burning in my brain.  I still remember it as clear as day.

Maybe this was the sign for "me and Bunny" as man and wife?

I've never seen a bind rune of it when I searched and searched, but the bind rune meaning is basically, "Male fertility in Harmony with/balanced with, growth."


I'm happy.  Bunny letting me have a sexual Tulpa as a companion is a good idea.

Some may think, "Bunny seems to wear the pants in your relationship."

Well firstly, a Succubus doesn't wear pants :P

Secondly, a Succubus is like a cat.

Do cats come when you call them?  Not often.  More often they do what they want and come when they want.  But in time you can count on a cat coming around wanting affection.

Try to control a cat and see what happens.  Put it on a leash and take it for a walk.

It's just the way they are.

Well, mine are a little different, but that's because I'm awesome.  Ok, I'm not, but they are close to me...

My male cat I saved on the highway.  He's only 1 year old now but he's freakin' HUGE.  He follows me around like a lost puppy all day and has to sit by me at all times.  Even if I cook he's right there... not stupid enough to be on the stove, but right next to it on the counter.  I've given up trying to keep him off the counters... he just has to be right there with me.  It's like everything I do is interesting to him or something... or maybe he just loves me, I dunno.

My female cat is pretty cool... I picked her up at a rescue shelter.  When I walk by and if she wants some attention she'll stab her paw out and "stick me" with her claws so that if I move my shirt might rip.  Basically that means, "I caught you, now pet me human-daddy-person" in her language.

Gotta love 'em :)

Dammit, where was I again?

Oh yeah.

I appreciate Bunny for her unique qualities and she appreciates me for mine.  Well, sans stubbornness, but who knows:  That may have endeared me to her in the first place.

I rather imagine that the reason she actually takes cat form here in the apartment sometimes is that I have 2 cats I adore, a male and a female.  They chase each other all day and hiss and growl at each other, then at night they are cuddling in the same cat bed :P

Sometimes, maybe she just wants to feel like one of the gang?

Obviously I'm just thinking out loud here but it wouldn't surprise me.

Sometimes the cats will, individually, walk the hall and meow, calling out to someone.  Who is it?  I don't know.  Maybe Bunny?  Could be a Fae if not Bunny I guess.  Fae are around, everywhere around.  Maybe a nature spirit of some sort?  I honestly don't know.

I can't see them anyway, so who knows?  I do know that sometimes someone answers their meows and plays with my cats individually.  It's funny to watch the cat run up the walls, chase something invisible on the floor, that sort of thing.  At least they're having fun :)

Strangely enough this is the only time my cats meow.  They don't meow to me, nor each other.  To each other they communicate in short "mrrr..." sounds the same as they do with me.

But when they are calling someone (or so it seems) they meow up a storm walking back and forth in the hall.  Strange.  Doesn't bother me though:  It's interesting to me.

Now, where was I?

Oh yeah.  Reasons why I'm not Bunny's bitch.

Thirdly, and finally, Succubi come from a place where power and wisdom leads.  Not gender.  It is the epitome of equality.

EDIT:  I'm interjecting this song.  Bunny says it's "Me in a nutshell."  Lol.  I got woke up this morning with some spirits knocking hard on my bedroom door yelling, "Wake up!"  So I woke up, remembered this song, and started going to work editing the blog.

I'm sorry for all the "interjections and tangents."  Sometimes my mind is all over the place.

Now that I put that vid in there this morning, I'll steer this back to what I was getting to last night:

Instead of pushing whatever ideas of gender roles society has pressed upon me, I am glad to celebrate her strengths and for her to naturally guide where I am lacking.  I prefer her society's ideas of gender rather than this world's.

In this world I'd be labelled a "beta" or the like and strongly looked down upon.  There is no such thing as "sexual market value" there, not in traits that make one more desirable as far as income, looks, or ordering other around.  There's quite enough energy for everyone and if more is needed it's not that difficult to obtain.

Desirable traits are traits of the soul where every one's soul shines as it is... it cannot be covered up, hidden, or able to deceive anyone there.  There is no "internal self and external self", it is ALL external.

Bunny is my wife because she found something that she liked deep within me, probably something I am not even aware of, but she is aware of it.  Oh... she is definitely aware.

In her world I'm simply one who isn't as wise or powerful as my wife.  End of story.

Isn't that simple?  The being with the most power and wisdom leads there.  Sometimes leadership does change.  Because it's obvious who has the greatest power and wisdom, transitions are simple and without drama... very unlike here.

So, for me, different world... different paradigm.  Gotta play by their rules if you're going to play the game.

Yes, if I had married an elemental or something it would be different.  Also a much different game. The only thing I would be able to teach a female elemental lover is how to be a stubborn asshole like me :)  I'll leave that "fetch, marry, and evolve" to someone who knows what the hell they are doing and who has better character traits to teach her than I have.

Comte de Gablis (in English)

And, some may find themselves with a Fae bride.  I don't think I'd thrive with a Fae bride.  If the Fae are as easily offended as I've heard I might end up with donkey ears or somethin'.

Honestly, I think the only female spirit out there who could put up with my ass is a Succubus.  So I got what I was supposed to.  I think Bunny has more patience and perseverance than most.  The less obvious answer is that she likes a challenge, lol.

Have you loved your succubus today?

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